Thursday, February 07, 2008

Daily Digest February 7, 2008



AMHERST DAILY NEWS - Stemming the flow not easy

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Showdown on Afghanistan
Spector fails to live up to advance billing

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Alienating potential allies

BELLEVILLE INTELLIGENCER - No room left for failure in justice system

NATIONAL POST - Afghan showdown

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Harper, Dion play chicken

LONDON FREE PRESS - Teenage swarming a warning for us all

K-W RECORD - Free speech in Afghanistan

WINDSOR STAR - Whistleblowers protect us - let's protect them

SUDBURY STAR - Tories face possible revolt in Alberta

        Talks generate more confidence


CALGARY HERALD - Liberals must decide on Afghanistan

CALGARY SUN - Double challenge for Stelmach
He's here, he's there, he's everywhere.

GRANDE PRAIRIE DAILY HERALD TRIBUNE - Beware the greening of America
They talk a tough game but at the end of the day...

PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN - Big spenders continue to invest in forest sector

VANCOUVER SUN - Parliamentary vote on Afghanistan backs Liberals into a corner


Woes of Cormorant helicopters hinder rescues, air force chief says

'We are not in danger of losing in Afghanistan,' general says
Leader of Canadian forces has nothing but praise for troops

MacKay seeks NATO answer on sending 1,000 more troops to southern Afghanistan

France mulls troops for mission in south

Karzai denies tensions with West
Pakistan taken to task over al-Qaeda

Afghan peace comes at the point of a gun

The ever-changing faces of terror
Turkmenistan, partners to revive Afghan gas project
Reuters (02/07/2008)
Afghan peace comes at the point of a gun
Asia Times (02/07/2008)
Afghan Gov't Urged to Support Sentence
The Press Association (02/07/2008)
Miliband and Rice make Afghan visit
The Press Association (02/07/2008)
Where the sniping has to stop
The Economist (02/07/2008)

Judge rejects injunction to ban transfers of Afghan soldiers

Ontario Tories get refresher course on being conservative

N.S. premier mum on Senate vote chat with PM

Tories accused of stalling ad scheme review
Government wants vote first, opposition says

PM's line in sand fuels election fever

Tory confidence motion on crime bill could trigger election

Opposition asks for reviews of contract to Flaherty speech writer

Dion has uphill battle to win public trust

Baird insists he made 'right decision'

A war on two fronts
Afghanistan deadline could lead to Liberal infighting

PM stakes power on Afghanistan
Election based on mission not good for Canadians

Liberals gear up for budget showdown
Senior party figures look at defeating government over Flaherty's blueprint rather than Afghanistan

Can the Liberals win?

Afghanistan leaves Dion cornered

War without end
PM willing to make longer Afghanistan mission election issue.

Conservatives get another reality check on Afghanistan

Spector fails to live up to advance billing

Mulroney confidant says he knew nothing of secret cash payments

Weekly Afghan briefings to begin

Beware the greening of America

Why I am not an abortion doctor

By any means necessary
David Suzuki says he wants anti-Kyoto politicians thrown in jail. How did environmentalism become this totalitarian?

Upholding human rights is not censorship

The changing face of innocence

If Harper Wants an Election on Afghanistan, Let's Give Him One

Khadr illustrates peril of rushing to judgment


Détenus afghans: la Cour fédérale refuse la demande d'injonction

L'opposition demande des enquêtes sur le contrat accordé par Flaherty

Harper dépose une motion pour accélérer l'adoption d'une loi par le Sénat

Un projet de loi anti-terroriste est adopté aux Communes et acheminé au Sénat

Le gouvernement veut forcer le Sénat

Nicholson fait pression sur le Sénat

Certificats de sécurité: concert de critiques contre le projet de loi

Le départ de Bush soulage Harper


"More troops means getting to the finish line quicker. That finish line is a long way off, but we are marching effectively."


        Why the shift in the billion dollar assistance package from the budget where it might have been turned down to passage in one day?
        Why the deadline to the Senate to pass an omnibus Bill containing five former Bills without amendment by March 1st?
        Why the drive again to somehow get around not being able to call an election by creating he conditions for losing a confidence vote?

        What do you think will trigger an election?


From: "John Halonen" <
Subject: Politicians do Listen - Sometimes that is

From: "John Halonen" <>
To: "Joe Hueglin" <>
Subject: Politicians do Listen - Sometimes that is
Cc: "Layton, Jack - M.P." <>,
        "Pat Bamford" <>,
         "Bisson, Gilles2" <>,,
         "Grant Orchard" <>

Most of us wonder is our political leaders really do care about our concerns and thoughts in regards to making our Country a better place to live. Here is a small example of what we can accomplish with just an e-mail to elected representatives.  Perhaps there are some that do listen to the masses and are not just concerned for the elite or themselves.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Original Post & Proposal

Forwarded to All members of the Ontario Legislature, Conservative, Liberal & NDP

Subject: Ontario Premier to meet with Prime Minister Harper - Economic Summit

use your influence to contact our Premier of Ontario and include for discussion with the Prime Minister of Canada during the Minister`s Economic meeting this month.


North American Super Corridor


: Manitoba`s Premier has mentioned in his address to the legislature that Manitoba has been in discussion for five years on this subject, as to building a pathway to Hudson Bay to facilitate the movement of goods delivered via Ocean vessels to the mid-west US marketplace and Mexico.

Saskatchewan has addressed a possibility of building the pathway thru their province.

Ontario should be thought of as an alternative to the proposed route, via linkage to James Bay.

James Bay currently has rail traffic, and there is a highway sytem currently in place that could be upgraded to accomodate major movement of shipping goods.

James Bay is also much closer to population centres across North America and would allow for greater Ocean traffic to a port that would allow easy entry to most of our population in North America. Linkage is still available to mid west US marketplaces via current highway systems in place today. Even the distance to Winnipeg, Manitoba from James Bay is not that much greater than Churchill, Manitoba.


Least Cost and with current access .

Saturday, January 19, 2008

James Bay - Future Ocean Port - NDP Comments:

Thank you for sending this e-mail to MPP Miller; it is an interesting suggestion.

As well as providing NDP MPP Miller, critic for Economic Development and Trade, with your e-mail, by copy of this response I am sending your proposal to NDP MPP Gilles Bisson, MPP for Timmins – James Bay, as well as critic for Natural Resources and Transportation, for his information.

We will look very carefully at your proposal and discuss our position on it. As far as contacting the Premier to include this issue in his discussions with the Prime Minister, I suggest that you send your proposal directly to the Premier's office through his website –

from which you can e-mail him.

We appreciate you taking the time to look into this issue and send your information to us.

Margo Duncan, Executive Assistant to

Paul Miller, MPP
Hamilton East – Stoney Creek
Saturday, February 5, 2008

North American Super Corridor - NDP Resolution Passed

John, Paul Miller's office has forwarded your ideas to me on this issue.  Recently, at a combined federal/provincial NDP riding association meeting for Timmins-James Bay, we passed a resolution to work towards such a plan.  I will be discussing this further with Paul.
Thanks - Gilles

John Halonen

Subject: Our Man Dal sticks it to the Nips (even if they're not) ... Hyundai? NO way! (aka Dalton goes to Amuurican school)
From: "Efstratios Psarianos"

Not quite gramatically correct as a title (go ahead, knock 'em down those barriers!), but the article's worth reading.
Looks like Kid Dalton's larnin' his lessons from an Amuuurican playbook ...
McGuinty threatens barriers to Korean cars