Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Daily Digest February 6, 2008



CORNER BROOK WESTERN STAR - Taking on a new challenge Post a comment

CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - When aging parents step aside print this article
A system of community support is needed for dependent adult children.

HALIFAX NEWS - Another flag flap

HALIFAX CHRONICLE HERALD - Tory de-Klein in Alberta

AMHERST DAILY NEWS - Stemming the flow not easy

TORONTO STAR - Khadr's unjust ordeal

NATIONAL POST - Keith Martin's good fight

TORONTO SUN - Will Alberta Tories be our Patriots?

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Why didn't Tories tender contract?

SUDBURY STAR - China's paradox; Bigger economic
clout will mean it's more dependent on Western approval

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Shelter the homeless

Poland steps up

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Ottawa's silence over Khadr case cause for shame

CALGARY HERALD - Pollsters make it easy to bash U.S.
What large country would be a better neighbour for Canada?

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Look who's talking now

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Tax cuts, yes; transparency, not so much

VANCOUVER SUN - Lunar New Year brings happiness with focus on family and food

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - Drug legalization is not the
solution it's cracked up to be

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - B.C. Rail trial openness needed


Auditors probe Indian Affairs

Politicians imperil native college

First Nations leaders need to step up

No casualty projections for Afghan war: Canadian Forces

Privacy czars want condition on new IDs

Canadian firms gobble up global rivals

Our deal opens up aerospace market

Lost on trade
Instead of spending years negotiating trade
deals, Canada should unilaterally eliminate remaining tariffs

Rice and Miliband on Afghan trip

Senator sounds alarm over aid to Afghans

Lawyers say torture in Afghanistan is 'endemic' and won't end any time soon

MacKay expects blunt talk among NATO defence ministers on Afghanistan

NATO beset by finger-pointing, accusations of cowardice

France may come to Canada's aid in Kandahar

Extra UK firepower to Afghanistan,,2253152,00.html

Canada rejects role in Afghan jails

Taleban warlord Baitullah Mahsud is new public enemy No1

Fears over Russian nuclear threat

Rising inflation gnaws at China's ...

Justice delayed is justice denied

Lawyer defends Gomery's sponsorship findings

Critics say Que. use of private clinics to cut surgery wait lists is costly

Tory hold on Alberta apt to fade

The provincial ministers responsible for housing agree on an approach

Two years and counting
Stephen Harper sits down with L. Ian MacDonald to
discuss the surprises he faced in the last 24 months -
and the challenges that await

The Afghanistan election? It would be a political minefield for all parties

Tory motion sets stage for possible election over Afghan mission

Dion Will Propose Amendments to Afghan Bill

Dion vows 'civilized' Afghan debate

Conservatives warn Senate to pass violent crime bill - or else

Senate committee attacks $1 billion fund to help one-industry towns

Baird defends decision to shelve light-rail funding for Ottawa

Commons committee to probe Baird's role in Ottawa civic election

Tories threaten election over crime bill

Aid package could forestall election

Dion digs in on Afghan deadline

Harper may visit Quebec to mend fences

Spending-scandal minister to run for federal Liberals

No major tax cuts in budget, Flaherty says

House committee session ends in flash of anger

Reactor not given proper care: AECL

Isotope supplier responds to what it calls 'untrue allegations' in CMAJ article

Reactor was 'operating safely,' AECL official says

Knowledge of Schreiber payments would have affected Mulroney settlement: Rock

Spector testimony fails to resolve question of breach

'Cut a deal' with Schreiber, ex-aide urges

Follow the Airbus money: ex-Mulroney aide
Government should cut a deal with Schreiber 'to spill the beans,' Spector says

No settlement with ex-PM had Liberals known about payments, Rock testifies

Commission gags workers from criticizing Grain Act amendments

Tories award contract for Atomic Energy of Canada review

RCMP revamps disclosure policy in wake of controversy over income-trust probe

Anti-terror bill clears Commons, heads for Senate as deadline looms

Commons says government should seek clemency for Canadians on death row

Cap-and-trade scheme for C02 is all about politics
Stelmach was right to leave the premiers' meeting when he did

New law would ban water removal on environmental grounds

A `rural yahoo' talks back

Canadians want `franker' reports

The sensible minority

Maybe muzzles aren't such a bad thing for scientists

Un vote sur l'extension de la mission afghane ravive les scénarios d'élection

Un projet de loi anti-terroriste est adopté aux Communes et acheminé au Sénat

Faut-il enlever des éléments non pertinents de la preuve Chrétien-Gomery?

La GRC réécrit sa politique concernant la divulgation d'enquêtes criminelles

MacKay s'attend à des discussions franches pendant le sommet de l'OTAN

Flaherty dit que le prochain budget ne sera pas truffé de bonbons électoraux

Baird justifie sa décision de retirer le financement du train léger à Ottawa

La Chambre des communes réaffirme son opposition à la peine de mort

Les ministres des provinces chargés du logement s'entendent sur une approche

Les conservateurs mettent de la pression sur le Sénat au sujet du crime

La reprise des transferts de détenus menacerait des vies, disent des avocats

L'argent comptant de Schreiber aurait changé l'entente hors cour, dit Rock

Scandale des commandites
Chrétien veut blanchir son nom



The Tories are stepping up their fight
to pass their omnibus crime bill. They say they
may make the proposed act a confidence matter if the
Liberal-controlled Senate doesn't pass
the bill this month.

Can a vote in the Senate be considered
as a confidence vote that would trigger an
election? I would say no but I really don't know.

Can ad will anyone shed light on this question?


From: Caspar Davis
Subject: Have your say on the Federal budget!

PLEASE go to this link and make some good
suggestions, such as cutting military spending
and getting out of Afghanistan, addressing
climate change and the wealth gap and rebuilding
Canada's infrastructure and building good public transit.

The website asks you to rank a very loaded list
of priorities - which ignore all of the issues
above - and make it very hard to answer. These
guys are living on another planet from most of us.


The federal government has opened online
consultations for the federal budget, offering
individuals and organizations a chance to
identify priorities for the 2008 budget by going

. We know this is short notice, but if you have
anything to say about our government's budget
priorities (and we suspect you do), here's your chance

From: "Suan H.Booiman"
Subject: a global view on learning

H.Booiman C.C.D.H.
Fir Street
Columbia White
Rock V4B 4B1 Western Canada

February 6, 2008

Dr.Emery Dosdall,
Ministery of Education
Victoria B.C.

Dear Dr.Dosdall,

Wow, reading the story in the Vancouver Sun about
your findings about language in
Canada, is amazing.

That on the day that Premier Jean Charest and his
party announced that residents
of Quebec better speak French or be fined, the
repeat of Robert Bourassa's Fascism.

Of course learning languages is one of great
value, not only for the good of the
economy but also for the development of the brain. (Learned four in my good
time, after 50 years in this province can still read most of them but fear to
speak them

The Trudeau language enforcement in Canada is of no value for the economy but
only for the benefit to patronize a minority, did
anyone ever listen about that in
Ottawa, of course not, as Central Canada reigns the country, with the support
of our Western Provinces and their dependency on the Charest Council of
the Federation, that achieves nothing more that what Quebec wants. Such
again has been disclosed in Charest release yesterday for more administrative
power through an agreement rather than Constitutional change, as the first
would give him the opportunity to milk English speaking Canada forever.

Unfortunate our Premier, Gordon Campbell, so pre-occupied with his own
agenda that he does not see the enormous economic loss our province has
while feeding Quebec. British Columbia would be better off with an English
official language - English to be present every where without denying the
use of other languages - with the encouragement in learning other languages
for the improvement of our provincincial economy. The majority of
immersion students loose interest later in life, after grade 12, costing us

C'est la guerre.

Respectfully yours,

Suan H.Booiman

From: Caspar Davis
Subject: Consequences of Globalization and Neoliberal Policies

This is a very long article, but it is essential reading.

It tells the history and the current state of
neoliberal globalization. It summarizes much of
what I have learned (and often tried to not-is)
over the last ten or twelve years. It is vital
reading for anyone who cares about the future of
the human race and the planet. Knowledge is the
only possible antidote I can see for the
galloping destruction of all encompassing corporate greed.

From: "Rebecca Gingrich"
Subject: Fw: The Ride

Christine sent me this--it is phenomenal

> Take a listen to this -- the last part is so very, very true.

> The Ride---We are on quite a ride.... Turn up the sound . This
>clever piece

> originated in Australia . It is so very well done most folks don't

> how much info he is sharing!

> Just click once on the link below or paste it. Speakers on.

> Photos by NASA. Enjoy Your Journey....!!!