Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Daily Digest February 27, 2008


My thanks to those who sent back the READ pop up.

This is abbreviated except for the budget.

I've asked a couple of questions one of which I think
would be of general interest to know the cost.



No cure for election fever
Fixed voting dates may actually deepen problems such as public apathy, low turnouts

War and politics
The chief of the defence staff has led Canada's government by the nose for long enough

Put health care back on Ottawa's agenda

Fantino slams `discount sentences'

Court supports wheat board

After delay, PMO aide agrees to give testimony

Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling

AECL gets cash boost ahead of possible sale

New arms-length Crown corporation to administer EI surplus

Conservatives made million-dollar offer to MP Cadman: book

Liberals still want answers on proposed 2011 extension
Advisory panel chair Manley to be asked to explain why 1,000 NATO troops required

Manley on the Afghanistan mission
Audio: Excerpts from Manley's discussion with the Globe's editorial board (30 minutes)

                                   THE BUDGET

Compromise no longer forgotten art

Artfully clever scheme achieves Tories' goal

No-frills budget reflects Tories' political and fiscal realities

Pothole budget

Flaherty has little for Ontario

With a slim surplus on the horizon, budget provides no rainy-day shelter

Money for green tech but not for car plants

A savings fund but no capital gains tax break

Budget too little for an election
Cape Breton Post, Canada - 37 minutes ago
There are two ways an opposition party leader can justify voting against a government budget: for the bad things it does, or for the good things it doesn't ...
Liberals won't force federal election until they can win: Campaign ...
CJOB, Canada - 3 hours ago
OTTAWA - Stephane Dion sported a pink tie Wednesday to mark anti-bullying day but that didn't stop his rivals from ganging up on the perceived weakling in ...
Liberals mocked over budget stance, Canada - 4 hours ago
By Juliet O'Neill , Canwest News Service
OTTAWA - The Liberals were accused of lacking credibility, of being cute, being flaky, and being "terrified of an ...

Canadian dispatch
Grist Magazine, WA - 5 hours ago
More than a year ago, I wrote about Stephane Dion's election as Liberal leader, and was guardedly optimistic about what it meant for Canadian ...

Harper's budget: the real opposition responds, Canada - 5 hours ago
Declaring the Conservative government's budget "a grab bag which does nothing," Stephane Dion announced his Liberal Party's bold plan to oppose it: they ...
Liberals back away from forcing election over budget
Western Star, Canada - 8 hours ago
OTTAWA — Liberal Leader Stephane Dion has chosen to fight another day rather than force an election his party could be hard-pressed to win. ...

Canada Liberals not to vote for gov't budget
Xinhua, China - 8 hours ago
OTTAWA, Feb. 27 (Xinhua) -- Leader of Canada's Liberal Party Stephane Dion said Wednesday that his party will not defeat the government on the federal ...

Liberals won't force federal election until they can win: Campaign ...
The Canadian Press - 9 hours ago
OTTAWA - A top Liberal campaign strategist says the federal party will wait to pull the plug on the minority Conservative government until it's sure it can ...

'We'll find a way to not defeat the government': Dion
CBC North, Canada - 10 hours ago
Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion said on Wednesday that his party won't defeat the government on the federal budget presented Tuesday, but also won't vote in ...

The Post editorial board: A solid, conservative budget
National Post, Canada - 11 hours ago

Liberal leader Stephane Dion dismissed yesterday's 2008 federal budget as "modest" when it comes to novel measures. To us, this is a selling point: Like ...
Report: Snap Canadian election unlikely
United Press International - 11 hours ago

OTTAWA, Feb. 27 (UPI) -- A Canadian opposition leader said he won't challenge Prime Minister Stephen Harper's minority Conservative government to an ...
Budget 2008 an uninspiring cure for insomnia
National Post, Canada - 11 hours ago
Chris Wattie/ReutersFinance Minister Jim Flaherty delivering his budget to the House of Commons on Feb. 26, 2008. OTTAWA -- The only budget search was all ...

Local Budget Reaction
Discover Moose Jaw,  Canada - 15 hours ago
That's the kind of budget the Conservative government promised and Tuesday, that's what the Conservative government claims to have delivered. ...

A prudent mixture that helps corrode the Liberal legacy
Globe and Mail, Canada - 15 hours ago
Stephen Harper declined yesterday to buy off Canadians before a possible election campaign, but it wasn't because he didn't have money. ...

Federal Budget 2008 Prepares Canada for Economic Slowdown
980 CJME News Talk Radio, Canada - 15 hours ago
By Benson McCulloch
There will not be a federal election as a result of the Harper government's budget. Liberal leader Stephane Dion confirmed that moments ...
Canadian budget: 'A grab bag that does nothing'
Agoravox, France - 16 hours ago
It is official now: Canada, or at least its federal government, is beyond boring. The federal budget that has just been brought down by Stephen Harper's ...


From: Paul Arnold
Subject: Saving Your Way to Prosperity

Saving Your Way to Prosperity
David Chilton, renowned Canadian author and financial planner, in his best selling book, The Wealthy Barber, advises young people that the key to building wealth and future prosperity lies in saving 10% of everything they earn and investing their savings in a compounding interest vehicle.
In this week's Federal Budget, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced the creation of a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). This program will allow young Canadians to build for their futures by investing their 10% into a savings vehicle that will see all of their compounding interest earnings grow tax-free. Better yet, later in life when their TFSA account has grown to hundreds of thousands of dollars, the investor will be able to draw their money out of their TFSA with absolutely no tax liability.
What a tremendous opportunity for young Canadians to build their wealth and prepare for a prosperous and financially secure future. I intend to encourage my two sons to open their personal TFSA as soon as they become available.
Paul Arnold


$5 000.00 tax paid dollars into a TFSA.

What percentile of the young people I wonder would have these dollars available to save?  Will it have to be their monies or can their parents put in the cash?  Will they have to have incomes of at least the $5000 before it can be put in?  When can it be started?

Just a couple of questions of a parent with two children debt ridden from university and another with three children and a mortgage.

"a $1 million life insurance"

There may be someone(s) out there who could guesstimate the cost of such a policy.
Tories tried to sway vote of dying MP, widow alleges