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Daily Digest February 25, 2008




CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - Weighing the negatives and positives of P3
In considering public/private partnerships, government must ensure that the quality of public service isn't compromised.

HALIFAX CHRONICLE HERALD - Balancing act at Canada Post

AMHERST DAILY NEWS - The Kosovo precedent

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Castonguay is certainly right on this one

        Pay equity remains an elusive goal

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Truth in advertising

         Against the faith

        That's all folks

BELLEVILLE INTELLIGENCER - Canada should reject Kosovo's declaration of independence

TORONTO STAR - Tory's travails not over yet

NATIONAL POST - Debunking the song tax

TORONTO SUN - Voters want leadership, not elections

SUDBURY STAR - Prayer in legislature should have meaning

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Teens and guns

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Poll projections don't tally up to gov't change

REGINA LEADER-POST - More security, no more safety

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Funding due for a fix


Aboriginal groups say they want partnerships to help build clean energy

Aboriginal territory can't go on with medieval police detachments: chiefs

Welcome to the North American Army

U.S. military urges Canada to maintain combat role

Where was our 72-hour preparation? Canada, U.S. sign military cooperation agreement on the QT

IMF forecasts gloomier economic times for Canada

Oil patch split over partial moratorium

Afghans long on memory and short on forgiveness

U.S. Seeking To Humiliate Serbia Over Kosovo, Russia Charges

Wars of secession

The Real Story Behind Kosovo's Independence

China Rising

Russia's NATO envoy says U.S. wants to divide and rule

HPV Vaccine: It's Not Just for Girls Anymore

FOX News Whistle blowers. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Literacy drive hurt by ESL struggles
As immigration increases from non-English speaking countries, our education system risks greater failures

Ont. cities to receive $150M for infrastructure: McGuinty

B.C. to seize drunk drivers' vehicles

Conservative leader indecisive: critics

PC leader's behaviour raises alarm

Let's move on, Tory says

'It doesn't matter which party wins, only that we elect them'
Voters in Alberta must reverse apathy trend and cast a ballot

Critical week in Ottawa with Afghan debate, budget

Afghan mission most important debate facing nation: MacKay

Parliament putting patriotism over partisanship on Afghan mission, minister says

Dion signals Liberals will accept two-year extension of Afghan mission

MPs debate Afghan mission extension

Tories and Grits nearing compromise on Afghan mission

All eyes on Opposition Liberals as Tuesday's budget approaches Video

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Experts predict Conservatives will table tame budget without any major tax breaks

Conservatives' fate hangs on budget
Flaherty likely to ignore Ontario's pleas to boost aid to manufacturers

Budget buzz

Flaherty has little room to run in tomorrow's budget

Politics and the dark arts of budget-making

Forget politics, this budget needs a dose of reality

Liberals MPs unlikely to vote against budget, say top Grits

Tax relief should still be Flaherty's top budget priority

Canadians at ease with Conservative government - just not a majority: Poll

Opposition MPs demand action on Omar Khadr

Grits need makeover to succeed

NDP going nowhere at breakneck speed

Layton itching for an election to shift balance

Tell troops to stand down
If I were Dion, I'd march my troops down the hill and stay in the valley for a while.

Overlooked exchange at ethics committee could be hugely significant

Panel of pundits talks spring election

PM 'has every right' to ask GG to dissolve Parliament on anti-crime bill: Tory Senator

Tories, Libs to target all ridings lost by five per cent margin

Feds to consider tax break for volunteers

Putting a 'For Sale' sign on AECL

Time to unravel accountability rules that stymie public service: report

Carbon tax could generate $50B a year: Suzuki

Forget global warming: Welcome to the new Ice Age

Biodiversity 'doomsday vault' comes to life in Arctic

Canada in Afghanistan: The New Conquistadores
by David Orchard

If General Hillier Wants to Be a Politician, Let Him Hang Up his Uniform

Catalyst for middle-aged radicals

Can the world afford a middle class?

Politicians still exploiting flaws in ethics rules

Prime Minister Harper should take a tar-sands tip from Premier Campbell


L'opposition réclame le rapatriement de Khadr

Les Canadiens à l'aise avec un gouvernement minoritaire

Schreiber de retour devant le Comité de l'éthique

MacKay voit les soldats supplémentaires comme du renfort

Raúl Castro aux commandes à Cuba

150 millions et une critique au fédéral

Le FMI prévoit une croissance moins forte

Flaherty promet un budget prudent qui contiendra quelques surprises

Un organisme reproche au fédéral ses compressions d'impôts "irresponsables"



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Subject: Re: Daily Digest February 24, 2008
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 21:27:31 -0500

To Peter Ineson through Joe Hueglin
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

re; Military Cross Border Assistance. by Peter Ineson.  (article follows as a cut and paste)

   Currently, the history of American armed forces going into foreign countries, is not nice. They tend to stay.

    They also, still have that  particular president. At the same time, we have a prime minister  who is such a wannabe American, he would probably ask them to stay. Maybe such a scenerio is stretching it, but do we Canadians want to take the chance? We lost a lot of good people, including Isaac Brock the last time they came militaryily.

   If I heard right, the people of New Orleans were not exactly happy with the American military assistance. Maybe some good guys were necessary in the form of outsiders, there.

   Be on the look-out for a manufactured disaster, if this agreement gets past parliamentary approval.

   But it didn't get to that stage did it?

   Is the possibility of such an agreement why it is so important to dis-arm  the Canadian public?

   Add to that that EDS of Texas and Resolve Corporation of Cleveland Ohio holds the information on where Canadian guns are stored, addresses, names
and numbers, through privatization of the  census and gun control apparatus!

   Do you still want them to drop in, and stay.

   Last I looked, they were still friends and neighbours, except corporately. Why change this?

   Remember the expression, 'good fences make good neighbours?

               Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

the letter or article;
From: Peter Ineson
Subject: Military Croos Border Assistance
To: Joe Hueglin

How quickly one forgets.......when Hurricane Katrina swept the US Gulf Coast was the Canadian military who went into the United States of America and provided much needed assistance to the many millions of people who were in dire need.
When one thinks of "international cooperation" you shouldn't have tunnel vision - when one nation offers assistance to another in time of need - one shouldn't be concerned if the best provider is a member of that countries military. Rather one should be thankful that the government of the offering nation actually cares about the people of it's neighbour.
Routinely, Canadian and American power utilities send assistance crews across borders to deal with massive power outages caused by ice storms etc....Should we deny our citizens electrical power because the US Army Engineers can't come to the aid of Hydro Ontario?
That which the pundits wish us to fear is nothing more than the formalization of the ability of one nation helping another in time of need. I swear Joe, in the case of several of your pundits " if brains were dynamite they couldn't blow their noses". Perhaps it's their over inflated ego's clogging their "minds".

At 08:48 AM 24/02/2008, you wrote:

Agree with what you say "almost" entirely.........I still routinely cross many borders with my Canadian Passport and I do believe that all nations have a right to determine who enters their country - no one has the absolute right to enter another country and we far too long took for granted the privileged status we held with the USA.
Regrettably, Canada has not adopted strict international entry requirements into our country, such as Australia. Quite frankly, I'm not at all pleased that Canada is nothing more than a country of convenience for those who want all we have to offer but wish to maintain multiple citizenship status' in other countries and I include the Liberal Dion in that group.
Remember, international terrorism flourishes only because "we" (democratic nations) believe in civil liberty. Entry into the Netherlands is no different than entering the USA, entry into Cuba is easier than entering the USA (for Canadians), now try entering Zimbabwe, Israel, China, and a myriad of other nations where "preclearance" or visas are required. Perhaps you would like to try lying on the beaches of Haiti.
One of the proudest moments I've experienced was when on the island of Dominica a tour director stopped at a small hospital and pointed out that it was a "gift from Canada" and that tour director had no idea if anyone in our group was, in fact, Canadian.
As for our military, once the current commitments have been satisfied, they should be deployed in the defense of our borders against human and drug smugglers, illegal aliens as well as our sovereignty over our borders.
When the sniper teams are finished in Afghanistan perhaps they could be deployed against the drug smugglers along the BC interior border.
Thanks for the personal response and I apologize for the rant - I happen to believe in Canada and being a real Canadian - by the way + 7 deg. beautiful sunny day here on the Best Coast!

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Cc: "Air Farce" <>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 20:17:22 -0500

                            Rene Moreau
                            219 Bowood Ave.
                            Toronto, Ont.
                            M4N 1Y7
Letters to the editor
Toronto Ont.
 To the Editor; ( and FYI to all others)
re; A lament for a nation of sell-outs
Boy, does it get interesting when the little press we get about the dangers of selling everything of value to the neighbours' corporations, comes from the corporate sector!

    I can understand why it's done though. In subjugating or sucking a country dry, it is very important that the attacker have full control of any objections! Then when the people write in agreement, or with further stories of the lying, cheating and el toro poo-poo, necessary to steal a nation, they corporately,  sort, or edit any input, that doesn't fit their goals.
    To top it off, they can then say, 'Well we ran the articles in our paper, it isn't as if we killed the subject, is it?'

    The quote, some time ago, by Pierre Elliot Trudeau sums it up beautifully, apparently because he saw what was coming. I am not going to repeat it here, but will give it to anyone over the phone.

    That should really put off Echelon, the American spies that watch Canadian activists, unregulated and unwatched.

    Not too long ago, in the time of the soft-wood lumber dispute when a tax was imposed on 'Canadian' Lumber companies, who were, in far too many cases,  actually American companies, dressed as Canadian, (e.g. Alabama-Pacific, Georgia-Pacific, Weyerhauser, Domtar, Abitibi-Consolidated, etc., etc.) and they formed their own opposition to the tax, even though they got the money back in their  American identity, we smelt a rat.  To the corporate world, however, such a move would be, an 'astute, brilliant move. They even have an American quote, "Never give a sucker an even break".

    History will show that the biggest suckers the world has ever seen  are Canadians, it seems.

    'We let our leaders pass laws that free up business to the point that we wonder if they have been lobotomized, and when we can give them proof that the 'think tanks' and lobbyists are planting moles in their midst, to 'control' them,  these moles can control the flow of information to the ministers. Letters to the editors get 'edited out' and the people, seeing no objections to the  scam, think, 'hey it must be just me.'
     It does become problematic, though,  when the big guys assume control and use the names of the little guys as cover for their antics. Something along the line of how American corpos use the names of 'Canadian'   bad, mining and oil companies, (like Petro-can for instance,  that they now own,to complain about  Stelmach, premier of Alberta, daring to say that royalties should be increased as Americorp helps themselves to Canadian gas)  as cover for their  sleaze and flim flams. The good news is that much of the world is aware of the scam and takes 'Canadian' ownership' with a 'pinch of salt' or as a lie, in other words. (e.g. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, run by Gerald McCaughey, American, Canadian National Railway, run by Hunter Harrison, American, Molson Breweries, run by Coors) It goes on.

    Meanwhile, Canadian corpos sell everything they own. Because they can!   And NAFTA says they must!

And our politicians and media are told to shut up on the issue. And they do! Being divided and conquered, into left and right!

    And all this is done in silence? Like the holocaust?
    Where went the Canada so deeply prized,
    They'll ask  in days to come,
    to the corpo/financials, through apathy, it was privatized
    till little was left but a crumb.
    So our kids will pay daily, for what was once their's,
    through taxes and tolls, and insurance,
    and curse what we left them as heirs.
    since we took no stance.
Corporate Magna Carta, anyone?
                    Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)