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Daily Digest February 23, 2008



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - A serious thirst


        P3, only if you can see

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Afghan compromise is a credit to Parliament


BELLEVILLE INTELLIGENCER - Time to get tough on drunk drivers

TORONTO STAR - Bridging the gap on Afghan role

NATIONAL POST - Dion backs down

        Who's fooling who?

TORONTO SUN - Troops deserve united front

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Stop rattling sabres, Boris

WINDSOR STAR - The high cost of promises

SUDBURY STAR - Crime bill ignores important realities

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Honourable compromise

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Dion rather unsympathetic character

        Best to look for new nurses within province

CALGARY HERALD - More equal is not equal

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Cautious climate on emissions

VANCOUVER SUN - Phasing out capital taxes will make B.C. a haven for clean, green businesses

         There's no excuse to short-change children in care



Canadian soldiers want 'clarity of purpose': Hillier

Canada urged to double troop strength
In absence of NATO reinforcements, Canadian commander
seeks brigade of 5,000 to keep Taliban at bay in Kandahar province

Texans protest against planned NAFTA superhighway

VIDEO embedded in article.

Canada, U.S. agree to share troops in civil emergencies

Bombardier may move CSeries work to U.S.

Federal cash for Bombardier jets hinges on Mirabel

Kosovo's future; New state's beginnings rooted in war and economic ruin

Russia warns it will use force to back Serbia

Manley panel member says no to deadline for Afghan withdrawal

Taliban are worn down, say British troops

A new class of lawyer

Ontario PCs in limbo as Tory receives lukewarm support

Tory puts off making decision

McGuinty wants equal EI pay for Ontario workers

Working poor get $100 to help pay rent

Wildrose Alliance's Hinman full of surprises

Stelmach gets credit for beating low expectations

Oil, environment and government must work together

Appointments could signal impending election

Complete debate quickly, MPS urged
'Clarity Of Purpose'

Afghan buck-passing never quite stops

Quick, someone tell Stéphane Dion he won for a change

Liberals will seek independent opinion if Tory attack ad airs

Dion Doesn't Want Canadian Election on Afghanistan

Tories continue to target Dion with 'bogeyman' ad campaign
Canadians growing more comfortable with Stephen Harper, poll suggests

The Art of War, Harper style

Timing is everything, and nothing

Canada's nuclear fallout

Tories to fund training of foreign groups to help investigate child predators

Ottawa opens up classified files on five terror suspects

Emissions for the poor, tax breaks for the wealthy

Offshore oil a no-go for B.C. despite the value

Why the carbon tax is really just a load of hot air


Josée Verner s'attaque aux bloquistes

Afghanistan: Duceppe demeure inflexible

Mission à Kandahar: le général Hillier veut une mission de combat

10 000 personnes auraient déjà signé une pétition pour renforcer la Loi 101

John Tory en réflexion

La motion Harper harponnée

Le libre-échange Canada-Europe - Charest l'Européen

La revue Nature accuse le gouvernement Harper de mépriser la science


NORAD/NORTCOM Vision 2020 1 October  2007

        Well, the Civil Assistance Plan is no longer completely an unknown.  The National Post  ran an article Becky drew to may attention that she found four minutes  after writing she'd seen none. "Canada, U.S. agree to share troops in civil emergencies"

         Charles Tupper sent anther article later that set me on a hunt for Vision 2020.  Turns out it was written 1 October, 2007.  Again, though it sets out directions for
        Canada as well as the 'States, nothing could be found doing what General Renaurt, General, USAF, Commander, NORAD and NORTHCOM , wrote in the
        PURPOSE statement of his "Vision 2020" document "the vision will communicate to the citizens throughout our area of operations".
NORAD/NORTCOM Vision 2020 1 October  2007

         Rather than this there has been no communication either of "Vision 2020" or the "Civil Assistance Plan" that flowed out of it.

        The upshot is both are providing grist for the speculation mills of those who mistrust the motives of the governments of Canada and the United States.
        Well, enough about this for the time being, but here's something else to think on.
        As we all know from what we are told matters are improving in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.  Government and Official Opposition Parties are in agreement
        Canadian Forces remain in Afghanistan until 2011.  That is if 1 000 extra troops and six helicopters are provided by others to supplement our 2 500.
        How come for why, out of the clear blue did Major Richard Moffet, deputy commander of Canada's battle group who was among those consulted by the Manley Commission say that "Canada needs to double its current troop strength
        of  2,500 to keep the Taliban away"? 
He continued " 'Easily you could have a brigade of 5,000 Canadians here just for Zhari, Panjwai, Arghandab,
        Shah Wali Kot and Khakrez, because to be honest, we haven't been to a few places in Panjwai yet.'
        Was he frustrated because he told The Honourable John Manley, P.C.,  Derek H. Burney, O.C., LL.D. The Honourable Jake Epp, P.C., B.A., B.Ed., ICD.D., LL.D.     (Hon) , The Honourable Paul Tellier, P.C., C.C., Q.C. and Pamela Wallin, O.C., S.O.M.  what he knows to be true and was ignored and cares enough to have        committed what may well be professional suicide?

        Frankly I can't think of any other reason for him doing so.
        You may,  however, and if so let me know.


At 07:31 AM 23/02/2008, you wrote:
        From: "Rebecca Gingrich" <>
        Subject: CAP
        Joe--since this has been ongoing since 2004 you will realize that both major
        parties are in favour of it. That is probably why there is no mention of it
        in the msm, the Liberal mouthpiece. The Liberals talked the talk about not
        wanting the US in Canada, but, as with any political party, they talk out of
        both sides of their mouth. Now we know the truth--but not through our
         Pravda-like msm but because of foreign news.
        I wonder why Mexico is not included in this agreement though.
        As for 'conspiracy theories'--how long before there is a major 'attack' in
        Canada and the US troops will feel bound by this agreement to enter our
        country? Sadly, they will forget to leave. Canada will become just like
        Okinawa. How convenient for the rulers of the planet. We won the war of
        1812, but lost our country. Manifest Destiny indeed. Sadly our politicians
        do not have the courage of our ancestors. They prefer to roll over and play
        dead. I guess signing our country away is so much easier than fighting for
 Other than the DD this is the only place I have
        read anything about this abomination.


At 07:35 AM 23/02/2008, you wrote:
         From: "Rebecca Gingrich" <>
        Subject: [On-Guard] msm playing catch-up?

         Canada, U.S. agree to share troops in civil emergencies

At 12:45 PM 22/02/2008, you wrote:
        To: "NO TO NAU": ;
        From: Charles Tupper
        Subject: NORTHCOM Furthers NAU Police State Agenda

         NORTHCOM Furthers NAU Police State Agenda
        Lee Rogers

        The criminals in the U.S. government are continuing the push for a militarized North American Union police state. According to an announcement on U.S. Northern         Command's web site, an agreement has been signed between U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) and Canada Command (CANADACOM) that allows the military     from either nation to support the armed forces of the other during a civil emergency. This agreement helps to further erode the sovereignty of both nations by allowing a foreign       military to support that nation's military during any type of civil emergency. Essentially, Canadian military forces would be allowed to support U.S. military forces during a  declaration of martial law. This is just another step towards the formation of a North American Union martial law apparatus which USNORTHCOM unveiled with the public   release of their Vision 2020 document. The Vision 2020 document outlines plans for USNORTHCOM to seek closer ties with various military institutions, government bodies          and private entities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico leading up until the year 2020.
         Canadian recruitment offices swamped by volunteers

        U.S. To Canada: You're In The NAU - Just Shut Up And Accept It Already

        So P3s are getting a big push from Ottawa. Why? Officially it's to develop an efficient market of faster and cheaper projects, a laudable goal.
        But for projects owned by the private sector (i.e. P3s), Ottawa will cap its contributions at 25 per cent, down from the usual one-half or one-third.   Sounds like Ottawa will be capturing the benefits first, while – problematically – steering the provinces into less transparent financing.