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Daily Digest February 11, 2008



CORNER BROOK WESTERN STAR - Plan only goes part way

CAPE BRETON POST - War politics heats up again

HALIFAX NEWS - No evidence to support legalization of drugs

HALIFAX CHRONICLE HERALD - Losing that sport spirit

AMHERST DAILY NEWS - Forced vote won't give answers

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Archbishop is elegantly wrong

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Replacing ourselves

Infectious hospitals

KINGSTON WHIG STANDARD - Not what we're fighting for

Weather experts muzzled

BELLEVILLE INTELLIGENCER - Martin case shows uncaring government

Smitherman needs good policy to deal with home care services

NATIONAL POST - Have charter, won't travel

NIAGARA FALLS REVIEW - Conservatives playing political games

K-W RECORD - Abuse at schools cries for solutions

SUDBURY STAR - Harmonize two sales taxes

PM must press Israel for answers on bombing

Chirping in; Justice for crime isn't
always a matter of punishment at all costs

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Free speech for all

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Campaign cash comes with strings

PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN - Tagging citizens

Gov't restricting access to health care

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - A smarter way to reduce crime


A heavy toll for Valcartier

Canada seeking up to six reconditioned U.S. helicopters

Ads that stress action, compassion work best for military
Research suggests two primary drivers stimulate interest

Investigation into a shootout between Canadian soldiers and Afghan civilians

Radio troubles, firearms laws stymie U.S.-Canada border teams: report

The battle of high-tech titans
Microsoft and Google are gearing up for an epic struggle for dominance

Underground smokes
Smuggled cigarettes fuel illegal trade and cheat taxpayers

Organized crime has major role

Canada should steer clear of Kosovo

Europe in the house of war

Al-Qaeda sets sight on the next battlefield

VIDEO - al-Qaeda in Pakistan plans election chaos

War by the rules

France may not send troops to help Canada in Kandahar: report

Canadians 'winning' in Kandahar, general says
Detailed assessment by top commander shows
decrease in ambushes in key districts

Stay the course or face 'dire consequences,' Afghanistan ambassador warns

Kandahar governor survives bomb attack

Former Taliban commander Mansoor Dadullah captured in Pakistan
ambassador goes missing
Myths About Afghanistan
The Washington Post
Opium Fields Show Failure of U.S. Economic-Aid Efforts
Afghan militant 'captured'
fears 'end of Nato'
The Scotsman
Britain Intensify Push for Civilian Envoy to Afghanistan
The New York Post (02/11/2008)

Dangerous offender hearing underway for man who knowingly spread AIDS

Immigration wait times growing, stats reveal

MacDonald ´disappointed´ in MPs, now urges them to support his accord deal
Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald says those
MPs should be congratulating province on getting a ´good´ deal

INFRASTRUCTURE SURCHARGE | comment | Making tough choices will build a better city
Making tough choices will build a better city

Sask. MLAs, MPs meet in Regina

Tories still torn over Casey but everyone loves Ellen

Tories won't promise Afghan combat role would end in 2011
Won't 'tie the hands of a future Parliament': Van Loan

Too early to decide Afghan mission end date: Tories

Liberals meet to plan response to Afghan motion

Canada's Afghan NATO crisis PM's fault for denying need to end combat: Dion

Dion hints budget might be election's trigger

Grits plan attack on PM's Afghan proposal

Grits hash out Afghanistan plan

Dion devising Afghan plan
Liberals set to lay out alternative proposal for future of mission

Afghan mission must change or fail: Rae

Immigration wait-time surge angers Liberal

Liberal candidate Fighting Back

Conservatives worried about economy, want early election
The economy´s something that scares all of us,
and the longer we hold off, the more the fears of
difficulties will increase´: one Tory

Tories prepare to deliver slim, sparse budget

Harper's capital gains promise fades from view
2006 pledge to give investors a break slipped off
agenda, but business groups recently have taken up the torch

Harper's capital gains promise fades from view

Candidates from the NDP say they sovereignists

Crime bill crisis phoney: It's the economy, people

Tory government should ´cut deal´ with Schreiber, says vice-chair

Register Crown corporation lobbyists, says Government Relations Institute
GRIC says Crown corp lobbyists are unfairly
lobbying government without ´burden´ of the lobbying regulations.

Harper should be careful what he wishes for

Rookie Dion still looks like he's not ready for prime time

Dion's ploy will get soldiers killed

All politics, no science, for Harper

CBC-Globe report finds no evidence to back up Mulroney testimony

Federal budget date set for Feb. 26, but few new measures expected

Civil servants skeptical about $275M 'cost saver'

Day expects new terror law to face court test; insists it will survive

Bill C-3 doesn't deliver justice

"Unacceptable and disturbing," says opposition

Farming carbon as a cash crop

David de Torquemada

Research shows there's lots of room for doubt

The Sad Legacy Of David Suzuki

Europe's crusade against capitalism

Managing scientists

Some people deserve to die
Canadians should quit wringing their hands about
capital punishment - the worst killers should get nothing less

Equal rights for charter schools
Despite facing many barriers, they offer a solid education in innovative ways

Orwell was right about language threat

Poste refusé à Ottawa

Dion prêt à faire campagne

Dion durcit le ton sur la mission afghane

Harper à Québec - Québec et Ottawa devraient
signer sous peu le protocole d'entente de 216 millions

Enquête sur une fusillade entre soldats canadiens et civils afghans

«Inacceptable et inquiétant», clame l'opposition

Certificats de sécurité: un «système odieux», dit un avocat

Des candidats du NPD se disent souverainistes

Baisse des embuscades en Afghanistan

Un lourd bilan pour Valcartier


Canadians 'winning' in Kandahar, general says

The headline speaks of "Kandahar". The name of
both a city and a province. Read the article and
afterwards decide which of the two might be true.

In places just beyond the Canadians'
zone of control, the Taliban have established a
parallel court system, enforced curfews, and mounted road checkpoints.

But Gen. Gauthier described his troops
in a dilemma similar to that faced by a hospital
triage nurse, deciding which patients require the
most urgent attention: "You have to
prioritize," he


From: "Claudia Hudson"
Subject: to stop junk mail

Subject: RE: "YOU NAME IT" competition
From: "Efstratios Psarianos"

Hahahaha ... who exactly proclaims that Mr.
Harper's divine? Certainly no one I've ever read or heard ...

Also, bear in mind the source is for "The Cult of
Harper". Seems to me that The Toronto (Red) Star
can be more justly accused of being a High Church
of Trudeau. And they made him their god (Him
their God?) even before he went to Heaven. And
this despite the fact that in these modern days
His Son can't work miracles, let alone raise his Party Lazaruslike.


P.S. Plus, there's already a St. Stephen.

From: "Suan H.Booiman"


Did read your message about lack of response and if the Digest
is worth sending. Sorry not being a financial supporter, obvious
have little to claim, but.... yes but, do appreciate and read as much
as I can daily and use your information for my letter campaign,
which, considering the lack of response, has little or no impression
on the receivers. Why, well for one reason only that when elected
they become sheep restricted to what they can do and say, in a
what the world looks at, as a democratic society.

Canada on the arrival of Trudeau and the presence of Bourassa
has the backing of Fascism, a place where there is a rising lack
of responsibility. Does not matter what colour government arrives
in Ottawa, it is Upper and Lower Canada that set the tone and
carry on with the political corruption that creates their strength.

As a Canadian Citizen it is a lonely country, as the value of
citizenship has been reduced to nothing more than an insurance
policy, plus that the country's legal power has lost the understanding
of justice. My studies prior to 1969 of Canada showed me a country
of and for the people, even still being in Holland preparing to
immigrate. Since the 1960s starting with the quiet revolution
Canada has be forced to listen to the minorities that are in and
coming to this country, would like to say OUR country.

You,as a past Member of Parliament, must have seen the major
changes that have taking place without any form of public consultation,
a system unknown to dictatorships. Now we harassed by the
politicians behind the Quebec fascist demands and the fear of all
later elected politicians to offend Quebec, even today Harper is
so desperate to please Quebec no different than Mulroney.

Well here I am preaching to one that knows, apologize for that.


From: "Suan H.Booiman" <>
Subject: covering face

H.Booiman C.C.D.H.
Fir Street
Columbia White
Rock V4B 4B1 Western Canada

February 11, 2008

The Hon. Russ Hiebert CPC MP.
Secretary of State for Intergovernmental Affairs
as well as Western Economic Development.
House of Commons,


Times are changing. With your lack of communications with the people in
your constituency one can only wonder where you stand for, even as your
invisible EDA so bravely held a meeting to recognize your accomplishments.

With this do dare to address you in a matter that can effect the security of
OUR country, yes did say OUR with capital letters, as we are wondering if
indeed it is still our country or a divided
Nation for minorities, the result of
Trudeau and Bourassa's fascism.

The Netherlands has decided that it has a good reason to formally ban the
use of any face covering, no they did not say burka, any face covering, so
the people facing those individuals know that it is a male or female.

So challenge you to present a private members bill demanding the same
for Canada. Maybe Mr.Day, also from British Columbia will assist you
in expressing the view from the WEST.

Looking forward to your response.

A British Columbian,

Suan H.Booiman

From: Shannon Tobin
Subject: Cons and the election

I know it is rhetorical but I can't help but attempt to answer the question.

The reason the Conservatives are trying to force
an election is because it is perhaps the best
shot they got at gaining ground on the Liberals.
We all know that polls can be biased by who is
making the poll. A good poll is good press, and a
bad poll is bad press. Here is what I am thinking
the Conservative party is going to do. If the
Liberals force an election the Conservatives put
Dion in his worse position yet. Being unable to
fight off the attacks prior to the election that
he is not a leader. An election would bring that
fact to the forefront. My prediction is that the
first thing the Conservatives will focus on is
Dion's lack of opposition to previous opportunities to force an election.

Regardless of the policy Dion attempts to promote
it is pretty much dead in the water. No matter
the issue that theme will be present.
Afghanistan: pull out and become a non-combative
participant (Conservative spin, Dion is flip
flopping from previous statements. How can we put him in charge of our troops)

Then you got Dion's poor public persona. Dion has
bad English, and talks over everyone's head in
French. I am thinking the media is starting to
avoid giving him sound bites and getting them
from Iggy instead, which accentuates Dion is not a leader.

So if Dion doesn't take door number 1(Crime Bill
timeline to the senate) to the election he loses
credibility. But gains the chance to attack the
Conservative Budget. If he doesn't take Door #2
to the election(Conservative Budget) he loses
even more credibility but gets to focus this
election on Afghanistan. If he avoids an election
all together, well the Liberals will prove they are not leaders.

From a political strategy it looks great for the
Conservatives, horrible for the Liberals, good
for everyone else. Plus arguing that the public
doesn't want an election, well thats like saying
the public doesn't wants a prostate exam. We all
know it, but it eventually happens anyways.

Those are my two cents.

From: "Rebecca Gingrich"
Subject: NEP

Joe--something not mentioned in this article promoting federal control of
oil and gas in Alberta--It was the federal government that created and
signed NAFTA--an agreement that makes it mandatory for Canada to ship the
agreed upon amount of oil and gas to the US even if we are short. That
doesn't indicate to me that the feds are more capable of handling resources
than the provinces are.
This journalist also misses the point on the angst in Alberta over the
NEPoil and gas were to be sold more chaply to the East while at the same
time Albertans and other Westerners paid inflated prices for goods from the
East. The NEP was a money grab by the federal Liberals--nothing less--and
Albertans refuse to be sucker-punched again.



When oil crisis hits, fantasyland will become nightmare

From: "Real Gagne"
Subject: Re: NEP


Whatever the merits or demerits of NAFTA, and there is bound to be
endless argument over this, you are bang on about the continuing anger
in Alberta over the Trudeau government's money grab with the NEP, which
decimated the province's economy for a decade and caused thousands to
loose their homes and livelihood. In my view, should the federal
government (of any political stripe) attempt the same kind of stunt
again the result would be, in Thomas Hobbes memorable phrase, "nasty,
brutish, and short." This is the elephant in Canada's house of cards
that no one talks about.


From: Jacob Rempel
To: <>
Subject: MacKay's statistics

Dear Editor, Halifax Herald

MacKay: We're doing good in Afghanistan

The report writes:

"The Central Nova MP, in a lunchtime speech at the
provincial Tories' annual meeting in Halifax, said that
because of Canada's help, four million refugees have
returned, six million children are in school, infant
mortality rates are down and employment is up."

These statistics are impressive. Is there reliable
corroborative information somewhere?

Jacob Rempel
155 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver, Canada V5Y 1T6

From: Peter Ineson
Subject: NS PC Convention

Peter MacKay gave an excellent presentation on
the status of the Afggan Mission to the largest
convention dinner in recent memory with in excess
of 450 delegates packing the hotel's largest ball
room. Slightly more than 600 attended during the
3 days, according to the data I saw.

Peter provide often media neglected details on
the progress being made in Afghanistan in areas
such as infrastructure, security and education.
The mission is not just about fighting a well
funded and organized extremist group of religious
fanatics trying to take over a nation of people
but allowing the people of Afghanistan to have
some of the basic freedoms that we seem to take for granted.

A collection was taken during the convention for
the families of service personnel and that amount
is to be matched by the PC Party of Nova Scotia.

I'm sure the Communist Party of Canada (oops - I
mean NDP) would much prefer to see people
enslaved and put to death for failing to
precisely follow an extremist minorities
"religious" edict rather than allow their
daughters to learn to read and write. It is the
Laytons and Dions of the world who give these
Taliban types on going hope of success.

How many of your readers truly believe that a
child's right to read and write is not worth standing up for?

From: "Rene Moreau"

To Joe
from Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

re; the National Energy Board , and Gary Lunn's
Ministry of Natural Resources and Statscan.

All of these entities can be run, let alone
infiltrated, by the neighbour's corporate moles
and the media keep quiet! One of the most
prevalent ploys,5 th column, that they've been
using for years to grab Canada's businesses and
resources, doesn't even seem to get a mention in
the alternate press, let alone the mainstream.

Remembering who to blame doesn't work. Louis
Turpin, American ran up a debt of six Billion
dollars as head of the Greater Toronto Airport
Authority. He just quit and went home to the U.S.
and then we found that Ontario had made his
flim flam, self-regulating, in a fit of

We must find ways to blab about Sam Slick,
corporation, now, AND START CLEANING HOUSE!

Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

Subject: New Brunswick attacks New England Power Grid .. Seeks to conquer Maine
From: "Efstratios Psarianos"

Hey heeeey . .Who here said that Canadians wasn't
a conquering nation? New Brunswick's making
lovey-eyes at Maine to incite it to dump New
England and come over to Canada's friendly climes. Read on ...

"Repent! Renounce your faith in the Founding
Fathers", sez NB's Shawn Graham. "I mean, you
weren't even a founding State back in 1776, for Heaven's sake!"


New Brunswick premier to pitch energy plan in
Maine ; The province could be able to help if the
state leaves New England's power grid. ...


Subject: press release - very sad announcement in a rich province

by Beverley Smith
-_the purpose of the credit_ - on the government
website we are told the purpose of this credit is
"to provide incentive for the parents of these
children to continue to work" - In other words
this is not really for children but to enable
parents to earn. Its bias is to favor parents
leaving not staying with their children. Since it
targets the very poor, we also have an irony that
even those not able to earn much are still being
urged to leave their children, even if giving
subsidized daycare for the very poor might cost
government more than it would cost to assist one
parent to be home with the baby.
-_the purpose of the credit_ - is to encourage
'self-reliance' It is ironic, since if you are
taking care of your own kids not having someone
else do it, you are taking care of your own,
self-reliantly so to speak. But that group is not
helped. The group helped is the group that is
away from the kids, earning and that is the type
of self-reliance being celebrated.

How about that? A government that admits what its
true motivation is in getting a child care system
up and running. Here in Quebec, we've had a
similar system since .. ooooh, 2000 or so. And
the justification behind it is "to help busy
parents attain a better 'work vs health' balance.
I've always thought that the (unspoken) point
behind it all is to get women with young children
back to work, rather than staying home, in the
face of labour shortages. In a sense, it's a mark
of progress: the true intent is to a large degree
to encourage stay-at-home Moms to get back to
work ("economic progress"), but it's marketed as
a way to help harried mothers find some balance
in their lives ("social progress"). Mind you, I'm
being cynical here ... I'm assuming that that
"getting Moms to work" was the real reason for
this having been approved, as opposed to having
been set aside as a "nice to have but we can't
afford it". The reverse can be legitimately argued.

Moral of the story, in many cases: do something
and package it nicely though disingenuously, and
get a grateful audience. Do the same thing and be
straight about why you're doing so, and get a
sour one (to some degree). Nor for nothing do
marketing folks do their thing. After all, if
perfume and cologne weren't to be marketed by
association with glamour, romance,
masculinity/femininity and all that, how many
people would buy them as deodorant instead? Form matters, not only function.