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Daily Digest January 9, 2008



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - Strange bedfellows

CORNER BROOK WESTERN STAR - Talk is cheap, and non-productive View comments2

Parties dig in on climate

HALIFAX CHRONICLE HERALD - Carbon tax gains traction

AMHERST DAILY NEWS - Equality for some, not for all

        No time for smokescreen

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Finding a fair solution is a tricky business

OTTAWA CITIZEN - A tax even the Right might like

         Holding back the tide

TORONTO STAR - Straight talk on climate

NATIONAL POST - Dion's Prairie parachutist

K-W RECORD - Understanding gamblers

WINDSOR STAR - Wasting tax dollars

SUDBURY STAR - Harper must talk war; Prime minister
needs to sell the Afghan mission to the Canadian public

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - No need for ban

REGINA LEADER-POST - Poor cousins in town

CALGARY HERALD - Hot air greets carbon tax plan
Politicians from all parties trying to score greenhouse gas points

What makes someone put a cat in a microwave?

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Drug test policies in a legal haze

         Setting the bar in chest thumping

PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN - Taking dealers to court

        Carbon tax requires political courage

VANCOUVER SUN - Fresh look is needed at doctors' basic training
Reducing the time students spend in medical school might cut costs while increasing the supply of physicians

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - Consumers should fight iPod and MP3 levy tooth and nail

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - A compelling case for a carbon tax

         Winning Chinese tourists


Pentagon plans to send more troops to Afghanistan

Army wants to buy more big guns, but muzzles defence contractors

New Helicopters for Military Could Be Delayed 30 Months
580 CFRA Radio - 2 hours ago
The Canadian military will have to wait for the long-awaited delivery
of the new CH-148 Cyclone helicopters. The Canadian Press reports
he new helicopters to replace Canada's aging fleet of Sea Kings
will likely be delayed up to 30 months.
Delay in replacement helicopters affects Sea Kings
Delivery of new helicopters to replace aging Sea Kings delayed up ... Canada East
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Primary envy

Canadians increasingly pessimistic about economy: poll

'Iranophobia' a creation of U.S. foreign policy

Premiers to PM: It's the economy . . .

Panel shows Ottawa not interested in fair royalty deal, N.S NDP say

Alberta's next election will be all about leadership

New vantage point changes Wall

How long should Canada stay in Kandahar?

Focus on foreign policy

Poll suggests Tories jumped to seven-point lead during Christmas holidays

Dion urges Harper to mend fences with premiers at Friday meeting

Two huge decisions are looming for Dion

Out of Kandahar by 2009, Liberals say

Northerners plan protest of Liberal appointment

                 EXPLODING TOPIC
Nuclear watchdog demands inquiry to clear name

Telephone call termed `abrupt and demanding'
Minister tried to apply pressure to restart reactor, agency says

Nuclear watchdog rips Tories
Commission chief accuses minister of overstepping his authority over shutdown of Chalk River reactor

Fire Lunn, release report on Atomic Energy of Canada, Dion says

Dion demands AG report on AECL be released

Office of the Auditor General: Special Examination Report pdf [371 KB]

Fire Lunn over isotope crisis, opposition says

It only gets worse for Lunn
Natural resources minister takes Homer Simpson approach with ill-advised letter to top nuclear watchdog

Read letters between Linda Keen and Minister Gary Lunn (PDF)

Concerns raised over replacing key Canada reactor
Reuters Canada - 4 hours ago
By Allan Dowd VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) -
The Canadian firm running an aging nuclear reactor needed by the
world's medical community is falling short on plans to replace it,
according to an auditor's report released on Wednesday.
Canada's recent isotope crisis has US exploring alternatives
CBC News
2 earthquakes didn't impact isotope reactor: AECL CBC Ottawa - National Post - CBC Nova Scotia - Globe and Mail
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Sask. candidate's appointment causing tensions
OTTAWA -- Some Saskatchewan Liberals say they're insulted by party leader Stephane Dion's appointment of an NDP defector to run in the upcoming federal byelection so they're planning to elect their own candidate.
Dion defends Beatty appointment
CBC Saskatchewan
Dion defends appointment of candidate in upcoming Saskatchewan ...
The Canadian Press - National Post - StarPhoenix - The Amherst Daily
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Bilingualism given short shrift, watchdog says

Fed donor rules exclude gays

Ottawa asks court to ignore experts' affidavits

Fertilizer key contributor to global warming

Honesty missing in Canada's green policy
Governments loathe to tell Canadians the truth: If we want to cut emissions, we must accept either a carbon tax or a mandatory cap

Emission cap deals now huge business
Tories look to market to force polluting firms to reduce emissions

Environmental extremism must be put in its place in the climate debate

Spineless stupidity grounding women ski-jumpers

The culture of entitlement is what killed Stefanie


Québec n'espère plus l'argent d'Ottawa

Dons refusés

Immigrer pour travailler au noir

Toujours difficiles à obtenir

Dion et Dumont aux antipodes

Les causes seront financées jusqu'au bout

Réacteur nucléaire de Chalk River - La patronne du nucléaire accuse Ottawa d'ingérence politique

Mémoire déposé devant le comité Manley - Dion: sortir de Kandahar mais rester en Afghanistan

Blackburn veut protéger les réservistes

L'opposition n'attend pas grand-chose de la rencontre des premiers ministres

Stockwell Day promet une aide fédérale plus rapide aux provinces sinistrées

Aucune personne n'a été interdite de vol au pays depuis le mois de juin

Crise des radio-isotopes: la démission du ministre Gary Lunn est réclamée

Les conservateurs ont pris l'avance pendant les Fêtes, selon un sondage

Jean Charest et Dalton McGuinty se rencontreront afin de faire front commun

Les représentants de l'industrie n'espèrent pas grand-chose du plan fédéral

Le Parti libéral du Canada embauche un nouveau directeur au Québec

La Défense veut des canons, mais exige le silence des futurs soumissionnaires


From: "Robert Ede"
Subject: for 2008

RE: For 2008 I've decided that no one actually good
and smart will ever get elected. The system must
change and I'm going to live in the jungle.
best regards

I agree but will stay on your DD list

From: "Ray Strachan"
Subject:  re Canadian Democracy

Mr Hueglin
I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment in regards to the leaders of our political parties overriding the political process.I am a 75 year old retired Train Dispatcher and am sure I have seen and lived through the best years of our countrys existance. I did not set out to be a political anylist but for whatever reason a picture has formed by way of  a process of putting a jig-saw puzzle together and I dont at all like what I see. What I see happening in The United States is truly unsettling, they have lost their country to the neo-con Zionists and therefore losing their personal freedoms at an accelerated rate,but ,as a matter of fact I can still tune in to a seattle radio station 1090 am each evening and hear open discussion outlining the terrible things wrought by the Bush admin. and their masters. What has happened in Canada is that there is not ONE Canadian politician who can utter any criticism of Israel. That also goes for News reporters.  I watched and heard Peter Mansbridge interviewing Karlheinz Schreiber. At one point Schreiber told Mansbridge "I  work for The Strauss Family, I go around The World with suitcases full of money,the money is used to get people elected which The Strauss Family want to be elected".,Mansbridge let it pass as if it meant nothing. Really we have already been taken over and I truly believe it is too late to reverse the grip that we are in. We have drifted into Fascism in North America because we have been conditioned to PITY The Fascists ever since WW2.
Raymond Strachan

From: John Kruithof
Subject: David Orchard -

With David Orchard back in the news, now is a good time to get a handle on what he stands for.  My firsthand experience with David was during the 2003 leadership convention, at which I was an Orchard delegate.  There, in concise form, the Orchard team distributed policy positions on ten vital aspects facing Canada.  To me, that document still represents the vision David has for our country.  Those positions reflect Progressive Conservative values, but not exclusively.  They straddle PCP/CPC/Liberal/NDP/Green principles. 
I think Orchard has some difficulty fitting into any particular party because his solutions do not readily align with right/left/centre concepts which so many political apparatchiks are hung up on, but realistic approaches requiring life-long commitment towards achieving, which is so different from the empty PROMISES, PROMISES that parties make and the electorate falls for.
John Kruithof
Ottawa South

From: "Suan H.Booiman"
Subject: Quebec
To: Canada West Foundation <>
Cc:, Calgary Herald <>,
 Calgary Sun Paul Jackson <>,
 Edmonton Sun <>, Hallifax Herald <>,
 Montreal The Gazette <>,
 National Post <>,
 Ottawa Citizen <>,
 Ottawa Sun <>,
 Peace Arch News Editor Lance Peverley <>,
 Star Phoenix Saskatoon <>,
 The Now <>,
 The Province Editor <>,
 Toronto Star Editor <>,
 Toronto Sun <>,
 "VS. Editor" <>,
 King Maurice <>,
 Globe and Mail Neil A Campbell Executive Editor <>

                                                         Suan H.Booiman C.C.D.H.
                                                             204-1220 Fir Street
British Columbia                                   White Rock V4B 4B1                              Canada
January 7, 2008
Mr.Roger Gibbins
President and CEO of the
Canada West Foundation.
Dear Mr.Gibbins,
Quebec fallen of the screen in the WEST.
Reading again your article in the Calgary Herald of December 23 just found the time
to reflect to it.
Does it really make any difference if Quebec is on the screen or not?
Harper's favoured province, sorry STATE, the Nation within the
Canadian Nation? Living Trudeau's arrogance.
Harper has proven his birth as an Ontarian that the WEST has
no place in Francosized Ottawa, the media has been so clearly
supporting that statement, as well as the CPC Members of Parliament
duct taped by their leader. Reading daily more stories of the
demands of French heritage funded by Ottawa across the Nation,
under the name of bilingualism.
We will see and read more in the near future, with an election coming
up, how desperate Harper is to buy favouritism in Quebec.
There is an old hymn, music by Winfield S. Weeden (1847-1904)
words by Judson W. Van der Venter (1855-1939) Harper must be
singing daily:
                                I surrender all.
Apologize if this does offend you referring the Christianity.
To tell you the truth, for me, could not careless if Quebec is there
or not, as a citizen, whatever that means, have no voice in this
democratically elected dictatorship as we live by Trudeau's heritage
of arrogance.
All comes from the EAST, as Harper said: The Lord is coming to look
at bilingualism, Bernard, a Quebecois by heritage, how wonderful.
The Nation since the Quiet Revolution have been ruled by 9 Prime
Ministers, 6 of whom were Roman Catholic and 4 of those from
Quebec. Two of the Protestant were not long enough there to make
a difference, as the last, well the present one, is willing to sell out
this Country to Quebec French politicians and bureaucracy.
A British Columbian,
Suan H.Booiman
From: Bill Longworth

Hi Joe--Here is an important issue I pass along.  Hopefully it will gain greater attention in your daily journal.
Bruce Allan is on the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Committee and new Canadians
(specifically Hindi's/ Indian's) want him fired for his recent comments
outlined below;
"Subject: Our National Anthem
I am sorry, but after hearing they want to sing the National Anthem in
Hindi - enough is enough. Nowhere or at no other time in our Nation's
history, did they sing it in Italian, Japanese, Polish, Irish (Celtic),
German, Portuguese, Greek, or any other language because of immigration. It
was written in English, adapted into co-founding French, and should be sung
word for word the way it was written.
The news broadcasts even gave the Hindi version translation which was not
even close to our National Anthem.

I am not sorry if this offends anyone, this is MY COUNTRY - IF IT IS YOUR
COUNTRY SPEAK UP ---- please pass this along .
I am not against immigration -- just come through like everyone else. Get a
sponsor; have a place to lay your head; have a job; pay your taxes, live by
the rules AND LEARN THE LANGUAGE as all other immigrants have in the past --
It's time we all get behind Bruce Allen, and scrap this Political
Correctness crap.  His comments were anything but racist, but there are far
too many overly sensitive 'New Canadians' that are trying to change
everything we hold dear.
ARE WE PART OF THE PROBLEM ???  Think about this: If you don't want to
forward this for fear of offending someone, will we still be the Country of
Choice and still be CANADA if we continue to make the changes forced on us
by the people from other countries who have come to live in CANADA because
it is the Country of Choice??????
Think about it!
It is Time for CANADA to speak up. If you agree ? Pass this along; if you
don't agree -- delete it and reap the ill wind because of your complacency!
Bill Longworth

From: alan heisey <>
Subject: Re: Daily Digest January 6, 2008

j, i doubt that jacob wants a speech from me about rep by pop: i concentrate on the unfair differences between populations in saskatchewan's rural and urban ridings until corrected recently by a new democratic government after a particularly poor tory one was removed from office.

what happened was that rural ridings, dominated by good farming folks were of substantially smaller populations than their city equivalents. So it happened more than once that a minority of voters - rural - were able to elect governments. this was because our federal government and courts allowed - and still allow - variances of plus or minus 25% in populations and that is a difference between one riding having 75,000 voters and another one having 125,000.

a group of citizens appealed such huge variances to our supreme court which defended the variances under their weird doctrine of "effective representation". Finally a tory government was so bad that it lost anyway and the new democrats who came in changed the variances to plus or minus 5% with the exception of two northern ridings!

contrast this with the U.S. supreme court in the 1960's deciding that the constitution meant what it said when it wrote that one persons' vote should be of the same weight as anothers. now in the u.s. house of representatives all variances are closer to one to two per cent. you may not think that matters, jacob, but i do and so cannot possibly accept a conservative national government setting out to discriminate baldly against the voters of ontario by short changing us some 10% in elected m.p.s after the next redistribution. cz

ps jacob, the people of ontario voted 63% against proportional representation in the recent referendum! cz

From: Rubie Britton
Subject: These are good.

DO NOT KEEP SILENT when your own ideas and values are being attacked. ...If a dictatorship ever comes to this country, it will be by the default of those who keep silent. We are still free enough to speak. Do we have time? No one can tell." -- Ayn Rand, Philosophy: Who Needs It
"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by thegrace of God, I will do." -- Edward Everett Hale

As ever,

From: alan heisey <>
Subject: Re: Daily Digest January 7-8, 2008

j, other indisputable fact, tories are in and grits are out, BIG DIFFERENCE!, cz
On 2008 Jan9, at 1:38, Joe Hueglin wrote:

        The views in the article that follows are based on facts, on fact that indisputably prove in one critical area the Conservative Party of Canada, to-days "Tories"
        in the media, and the Liberal Party of Canada are alike.

Subject: 101 Dumbest Moments in Business 2008
From: "Efstratios Psarianos"

Hahahahaha ...
Want to take the Business Masters Of The Universe down a peg? Check out CNN's "101 Dumbest Moments in Business 2008"

From: "Rene  Moreau" <>
Subject: Re: Daily Digest January 7, 2008

Letters to the editor; and
FYI to all
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re; Dion anointing Beatty sends wrong message, Jan. 5th.
Also this quote from the article.

While Saskatchewan's current sole Liberal MP Ralph Goodale wouldn't comment, news reports have suggested that he instigated Dion to raid the NDP caucus of Beatty, the first First Nations woman to hold a cabinet position in Saskatchewan, because he didn't want Orchard as the party's candidate.

    Considering Ralph Goodale's checkered past as one of the most pro-corporate of the  finance ministers, (next to Paul Martin), Ralph apparently let his name be used, as the originator of the idea,  in the removal of ALL restrictions on foreign investment by Canadians after the 30% and then 20% limit  had been instituted.  That was only one of many  of his decisions for the corporate world.
     If the American corporate/financial entities wanted Canadians investing elsewhere  so  they could  buy  Canada up for what was 68 cents on the dollar  at the time, what better way than to con Goodale and his handlers through their moles in his office to  go along with their wishes. And it worked!
    It stands to reason that if you are pro-corporate,  like Goodale, you're not pro-David Orchard.
    At a time when  politicians can either be bought or 'controlled' by  think tanks or corporate types through most of the military  and Machiavellian moves  used  these days, it isn't surprising that they would work so hard to 'marginalize' David Orchard.
    It might be a very good idea to check out his , Goodales, current handlers and moles to see who's working against  David Orchard.
    Also, in  Stephane Dion's office, look for the handlers and moles, because in the article by the Canadian Press, mention was made about  Dion's action by  one David Smith, co-chairman of the liberal campaign defended 'Dion's' decision to appoint Beatty. Further down the same article,  it said  that 'Dion was not available for comment.' --- so whose decision was it? Actually.
    Now, just for the fun of it, try to talk to Stephane Dion. From past experience, I would say your chances are  non-existent. He seems to be too well cocooned, from public contact. So who actually made the decision?
    Don't believe me. Try it yourself, contacting Stephane Dion. They won't let you.
    Then remember the things done by corporate and in the name of corporate,  and start thinking in terms of a leash on corporations, or Corporate Magna Carta!
                               Yours truly,
                               Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
Every so often a gift is handed to activists the world over. This situation is a gift to those who have felt that  our government is being managed from within  by moles in a classic 5th column manoeuver by corporate-financial entities, who see David Orchard as  opposition to their wishes.