Friday, January 25, 2008

Daily Digest January 25, 2008

Manley panel not told of change to detainee policy
Committee only learned of military's halt to transfers when documents filed in Federal Court this week

Forces kept Ottawa in the dark on detainees

Lawyers say applying Charter rights in Afghanistan would violate sovereignty

Ottawa stumbles over transfer of Afghan prisoners

PMO 'lied' about Afghan prisoner transfers: Dion

PMO backtracks on detainees

Ottawa feared Taliban would exploit detainee policy change

Tories need to be open on Afghanistan
Detainee issue a perfect example

Gospel according to John

Thank you, John Manley and Co.

Manley report fails to justify our risky role in Afghanistan

It's Harper's job to explain this dangerous mission

Harper's unwise Afghan blackout

We've heard a lot of this before

Decision on Afghan detainees catches allies off guard

Marines not a solution to Canada's troop woes



CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - Are we seeing a U-turn on patronage?
The recent appointments of two high-profile Liberals only feed the suspicion that patronage is still


MONTREAL GAZETTE - Our troops are soldiers, not jailers

        Let Dion be Dion

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Prisoner's dilemma

TORONTO STAR - Harper's unwise Afghan blackout

TORONTO SUN - Let open courts be the rule

WINDSOR STAR - Afghanistan
Selling the mission's merits

SUDBURY STAR - The Manley dilemma; He offers an Afghan compromise that all sides can live with

        A free and fair trade deal for Ontario

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - A system for patients

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Converting food to fuel threatens global stability

CALGARY HERALD - Elizabeth May's big blunder

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Little change in policy climate

         Canada's fiscal good fortune

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - A new push to the right


Video: Kevin Libin talks about the Rethinking the Reserve
Post writer Kevin Libin explores some of the issues surrounding Canada's troubled native reserves

Optimism turns to gloom in Karzai's hometown
Surge in bloodshed viewed as beginning of bigger war

The British have made matters worse, says Afghan President

UK rejects Karzai troops criticism

US Afghan poppy drive a 'failure'
A former US ambassador to the United Nations has criticised President George Bush's attempts to eradicate the opium poppy fields in Afghanistan.

Taliban wield the ax ahead of new battle

Black turbans rebound

Afghan deaths blamed on U.S.

Gomery lawyers urge court not intervene in inquiry issue

Terror trial delay angers judge

Alberta green plan puts PM 'on the spot'

'What is right' will decide Afghan mission: Harper

Harper says economy's fundamentals strong

No need to independently review firing of nuclear w
atchdog, Lunn says

Comment: It's been two years, what will Stephen Harper do next?

Leadership approach laid bare

Liberals agree with Tories that UN anti-racism conference a 'political circus'

Greens to hold national convention in Nova Scotia

Green party leader blames bad press release, Tories for woes

Greens show they're not ready for power

Mulroney tax records may be subpoenaed as committee chair talks tough

Ex-Mulroney chief of staff to tell MPs about cash at 24 Sussex

Ottawa running healthy $6.7-billion surplus

Prentice hints that Ford plant is eligible for federal aid
Says shuttered Windsor facility may qualify under hardship fund if Ontario agrees

Change more than bulbs: Gore

It's time to protect the unborn victims of crime

Adhering to a faith does not make one a fanatic


Révélations explosives attendues

Le flou persiste

Harper s'encense

Affrontement Québec-Ottawa

Des jeunes en faveur de la mission

Du comptant au 24, promenade Sussex

Le Parti vert tiendra son congrès en Nouvelle-Écosse

L'économie devient la nouvelle arme de Harper

Les révélations sur Mulroney font saliver l'opposition

Détenus afghans: la version du gouvernement Harper démentie

Le Canada a demandé d'aller à Kandahar

Le gouvernement Charest hésite à vLe gouvernement Charest hésite à venir en aide aux soldats réservistes
enir en aide aux soldats réservistes

Accusations de Flaherty sur le fardeau fiscal: Charest contre-attaque

Subject: Half Truth: Truth or Untruth?

        "Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive"  Is this saying or aphorism or whatever it may be applicable to the
        detainee question?  To other questions?
        Is half truth closer to truth or untruth? Three articles were sent out to columnists today relating to this question.  The third article is well
        worth looking at for the pictures used as illustrations.
        A Letter to the Editor, the National Media thing and the Digest over the last 13 hours leaves me ready for the weekend away from all this
        creative stuff.
        Back at you on Monday, all things being equal.


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Publisher comments

"Permission-based" email??

Your correspondent was thrilled to receive just before Xmas an email 
from somewhere in the Ottawa headquarters an email inviting me to:

"Click here to watch the Prime Minister's Christmas message", a 
charming thought since this was, to the best of my recollection, the 
very first time I had had any such contact directly from the chief!

But then followed, in somewhat smaller type, a somewhat puzzling notice:
"This mailing system may only be used for sending permission based 

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Never having been asked to give permission to receiv e email from 
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the next heading:

"Report abuse

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Whew, says I, publisher of a zillion emails to thousands of 
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This, little chillun, is a classic illustration of how many 
professional communicators are being tied up in knots about what and 
how they may communicate via email with total strangers!
If you receive unsolicited mailing pieces through the post office, as 
you probably have through your adult life, reflect on how the clearly 
easier form of communicating by email is being hobbled by the ersatz 
concept of having to have permission before you email anybody 

In practice, of course, separate, formal permission is not being 
sought in advance, but rather by the curious and elaborate  format 
now intruding between my prime minister and me about whether or not 
he has secured permission in advance!

(He hasn't, the party hasn't. and there may be a need to have joining 
the party and listing your email address being taken as giving 
permission to get whatever the party chooses to send you! Hideously 
elaborate, but where the privacy nutbars, taking a lead from old 
Europe, apparently, would have us all go!)

One great advantage of email compared to direct mail is that one can 
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It also makes eminent good sense to avoid mis-directing email 
messages to those who do not want to receive them, to note on the 
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Unfortunately, the concept of getting permission is plugging up all 
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While your street address and phone number are available widely there 
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That is why I have deliberately listed all email addresses for 
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card list)
        •       An organization's collection, use or disclosure of personal 
information solely for journalistic, artistic or literary purposes."

To: National Media <>
Subject: Half Truth: Truth or Untruth?

Did the Government know or not know about the change in handling detainees? Are Canadians being fully informed or living in a penumbra?

Whether half truth is closer to truth or untruth is subjective. The following deal with half truths, you judge to which they are closer.

Please inform me by writing REMOVE in the "Subject:" line of a return post should you choose not to receive posts of this nature in the future.

Joe Hueglin

In the article "Ex-Tory staffer behind pro-mission group" Josh McJannett, a former Conservative staffer, now quasi-lobbyist is ia quoted as having saying "he was on the steering committee" of a group, "Canadians for Afghanistan" that held a press conference yesterday. "On the steering committee", yes but also acting in this capacity, spokesman contacting an Afghan paper "Our main objective is to garner public support in Canada for our Afghan mission, Josh McJannett, executive director, Canadians for Afghanistan, told Pajhwok Afghan News.",

As far as Canadians are led to believe Canada refused to join the U.S-led war in Iraq. True in that there are no "boots on the ground" as in Afghanistan but do these involvements make the perception were left with a half truth? "The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has helped train more than 30,000 Iraqi security forces in neighbouring Jordan, and has had top level advisors operating within the Iraqi interior ministry. As well, Canadian frigates continue to operate alongside the U.S. aircraft carriers in the Arabian Gulf that are a primary staging platform for bombing raids in Iraq." These and that "Canadian General Takes Senior Command Role in Iraq "

•Canadian troops are promoting democracy in Afghanistan •Canada refused to join the U.S-led war in Iraq •Canada said "no" to the U.S. missile defence program. An excellent presentation with which you may agree or disagree.