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Daily Digest January 17, 2008



CORNER BROOK WESTERN STAR - It's time for a break

HALIFAX NEWS - Short-term thinking

HALIFAX CHRONICLE HERALD - Prosecuting hate speech

AMHERST DAILY NEWS - Freedom a fleeting thing, even in Canada

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Better governance and education for natives

        Van safety needs to be reviewed

        Here come the Marines!

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Gary Lunn's nuclear meltdown

         Minority report

TORONTO STAR - Why did Keen have to be fired?

NATIONAL POST - Caledonia redux

TORONTO SUN - Inquiry needed in slushgate

K-W RECORD - An old war and its alleged crimes

WINDSOR STAR - Foreign travel

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Gov't handling of isotope crisis earns black eye

CALGARY HERALD - Natives voting with their feet

What's the real effect of the Big Banks' drop?

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Urban aboriginals take rightful place

        U.S. growing greener

EDMONTON SUN - Using the dead as weapons

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - A version of sword of Damocles

PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN - Climate change slippery slope for B.C. Liberals

VANCOUVER SUN - The widespread gap between first nations and others shames us all

         Canadarm sale is a time for pride, not for laments

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - Shattering glass ceiling makes perfect sense

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - Native education a key to future


7 Canadians suffer minor injuries from blasts in AfghanistanComment

Canadian military probes Afghan civilian death; villagers angry at mistake

NATO's spine 'made in Canada'

Proposed sale of Canadarm, RADARSAT to US weapons maker has critics up in arms

Defence firm, job applicant to settle case over U.S. hiring rules

Envoys given manual on `torture awareness'

Prime example

High-graders jeopardize future logging
Remanufacturers call softwood-lumber deal 'warrant to a slow death'

Subprime fallout

Cut personal taxes, government told

NATO ill-suited for battle with Taliban, Gates says
U.S. Defence Secretary sparks outrage with suggestions Canadian, Dutch and British troops incapable of fighting counterinsurgency

Allies 'stepped up to plate' in Afghanistan: Gates

CTV News: Tom Clark explains the fence mending 1:54 and other videos.


 Harper tries to calm the game

Nurses foresee a greater role in health care

High court blocks damage claim by disabled vets

Not-so-dear Danny: PM's letter angers Williams

Premier Dalton McGuinty should call for an inquiry into the $30M slush-fund fiasco - but don't hold your breath

Let's be friends
Almost five years after taking office, Charest and McGuinty are finally starting to work together

Ontario steps up war with Ottawa over auto aid

'Saskatchewan's back': Harper

Pakistan's envoy takes aim at Dion

Pakistan government blasts Dion for suggesting NATO intervention

 Election expenses - Liberals call for conservatives to withdraw their suit

Layton says U.S. criticism may push Canada out of Afghan combat role

Minister put Dion at risk in war zone, Liberals say
Critics want Conservative fired in security flap

Help review Mulroney tax files, MP urges Fraser

Despite casualties, Quebeckers back troops

                                                     L'affaire AECL
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Documents show history of problems
Managerial and systemic 'deficiencies' at AECL go back more than a decade, say Auditor-General's reports

Firing of nuclear watchdog head could silence other public servants: critics

Lunn fires nuclear safety chief 'in dark of night'

Harper's nuclear fallout

Fired bureaucrat has deep well of support

Harper defends firing of nuclear watchdog head

Where, O Where, Has The Minister Been?

Lunn defends late-night move to fire nuclear watchdog
Nuclear safety boss had been scheduled to testify before Commons committee

Documents show history of problems
Managerial and systemic 'deficiencies' at AECL go back more than a decade, say Auditor-General's reports

Legal battle over firing likely to turn on question of cause

Ousted regulator just doing her job

PM blasted for firing of nuclear watchdog
Extraordinary late-night tactics show Tories `will stop at nothing' in vendetta, critic charges

Ottawa moves to emulate U.S. on new fuel mileage standards

Ottawa to introduce 'made-in-Canada' fuel economy standards Video

Critics slam Tory fuel economy targets

Feds announce funding hikes for Inuit-specific health services

Scientists predict future Prairie droughts will worsen due to warmer temperatur

Plan to cut gas-guzzling hinges on political factors in U.S. and Canada

Blair urges Canada not to flinch in face of soldier deaths in Afghanistan

Sale of Canada's leading satellite developer not ethical: engineer Video

Ex-premier convenient scapegoat

Close more farms!
'Buy local' is just the latest bid for protection from our tiny, shrinking agricultural sector

Complacency over Canada's decline

Tory crime policy big on deterrence, not detail

Barley plan lacks price transparency

Getting burned in past teaches bankers nothing

Allowing too many rights ends up making a wrong

Are politicians ready for a recession? Probably not

B.C. looks to sell the Mideast on wood

Retailers fuming over smoke rules


La vente du fabricant vivement critiquée

Ottawa veut sa norme

Harper tente de calmer le jeu

Ottawa met de l'eau dans le gaz

Isotopes nucléaires - Lunn peine à justifier le congédiement de Linda Keen

Dépenses électorales - Les libéraux demandent aux conservateurs de retirer leur poursuite

La base militaire de Borden: «un calvaire pour les francos»

La critique des États-Unis pourrait encourager à quitter l'Afghanistan

Après l'Afghanistan, Dion souhaite une intervention au Pakistan

Le Pakistan critique Stéphane Dion

Torture: les État-Unis et Israël sur une liste de surveillance canadienne

Hélicoptères de combat canadiens, pas avant 2011

Blair implore le Canada de ne pas reculer en raison de la mort de soldats

La Cour suprême du Canada dit non à un groupe d'anciens combattants

Ottawa veut établir des règles beaucoup plus sévères d'économie de carburant

Sept Canadiens sont légèrement blessés dans des explosions en Afghanistan

Ottawa met 3,3 millions $ pour réduire le mouvement frontalier des drogues


PAJHWAK AFGHAN NEWS - Non-partisan coalition to push for Canada's Afghan mission

        You may have heard of  "A broad, non-partisan coalition has formed the 'Canadians for Afghanistan' to launch a nationwide campaign
        to support Toronto's (Canada's) mission beyond February 2009.  I hadn't until reading of it in the Afghan paper I check every night.
        Interested about something of which I was ignorant I googled 'Canadians for Afghanistan'  and found nothing.
        This line "Josh McJannett, executive director, Canadians for Afghanistan, told Pajhwok Afghan News." led me to google the name.
        It came up at .
        One article "Canada's New Government Supports Four Alberta Publishers" dated EDMONTON, December 21, 2006

        states a position in government that led to a position in Summa Strategies Canada, Summa Communications and Summa Research,
        a boutique firm unique to the government relations and communications industries, as a consultant with qualifications for clients
        listed here .
        Why trouble you with this information? 'Cause, to use an American expressiojn, "I'm from Missouri",  From reading through the
        background of the executive director of Canadians for Afghanistan, though quite impressed by the quality of the website, I don't accept what was said to the Pajhwok News.  The statement that "A broad, non-partisan coalition
        has formed the 'Canadians for Afghanistan' " just doesn't ring true.

        You may feel I'm aggravated at being unaware that "In a short span of few months, the 'Canadians for Afghanistan' has generated
        a wide-spread   support base in the country," until reading of it in the an Afghan newspaper.
        There being no mention of it found in Canadian newspapers has led me to make the judgement the Afghans are being sold a bill of goods.

        Anyone who knowing I'm wrong, please share your information. I'd be pleased to be proven mistaken and that the Afghans are not being misled.



From: "Phyllis Wagg"
Subject: RE: Repo replies to Phyllis Wagg

Phyllis Wagg answers Marjaleena Repo
Where does the leader get the "right" to select candidates?  Where in law does it give that "right"?  It does not.  The Liberal Party Constitution gives the leader the "privilege" of deciding who will be the candidates.  If anyone should know, David should, that party constitutions have no real validity in law because they are private contracts between members of a private club.  At least David was shrewd enough to use the term "power" and not the term "right' as you have.
If David believed in a democratic nomination of candidates why would he withdraw on behalf of an aboriginal woman?  Why would he not want to give the members of the riding a democratic choice?  Was it not because he wanted to cater to the "wants" of the leader?  Is that not what you have admitted? 
It is far more important today to get those women into Parliament with the ability to perform and play a positive role. Tokenism is a disservice to women.  You appear to be admitting that David supports tokenism.  Does he really?
You have indicated that you find the term "sycophant" offensive. Maybe I should not have used such a strong term but it was clear in the last two interviews I have seen that David was trying to play on both sides of the fence, just like Ralph Goodale.  It gets more and more difficult to respect politicians when they are so inconsistent.  This is a warning that David, by trying to be a loyal Liberal, is becoming exactly what many of us dislike most about Liberals.

From: "Peggy Merritt" <>
Subject: Re: A C/C/N EXTRA: Watch dog or lap dog?

Hi Joe: What a rant!  Most of this dribble ignores the fact that the
problems at chalk river have been around for several years. Yes,
under the Liberal watch.  If Ms Keen was the watch dog on SAFETY
surely this includes preventing the system from breaking down
causing a medical emergency. Anyone in Ottawa knows how appointments
come about but nice people don't talk about it. Shades of         '
YES MINISTER' As far as Gary Lunn is concerned he was just doing his
job when the person responsible for the problem should have
gracefully resigned. The Government reacted in a courageous manner
when it was discovered that the safety problem was not as urgent as
the press or President liked to describe and got things up and
running again. The spin the press are putting on this is appalling
and another example of their lack of accurate reporting of the
issue  The way I see it  Peggy

From: "Rene Moreau"
To: "Joe Hueglin" <>
Cc: "Polaris Institute" <>,
        "Air Farce" <>,
         "Connie Fogal" <>,
         "Liberal party administration" <>
re; Can't wait until the Manley Commission Reports.

    Boy, Joe, you sure know how to get some-one going!

    Did you know that the Manley Commission includes Derek Birney, Paul Tellier, Kevin Lynch?

    Kevin Lynch was the fella who was responsible for selling the last 19% of  Petro-Canada to Americorp, with Citigroup  getting the biggest chunk. For his reward he was given a job with the World Bank or the IMF! He is currently the clerk for the Privy Council, and the commission reports back to him.

    Paul Tellier sold C.N. to Americorp with the result that   OUR railway that we paid for, is now in the hands of one Hunter Harrison, foreign American!

    I have a feeling you would know more about Derek Birney than I do, but he's been mentioned  for years. If you could tell me what you know about him , it would help. If he's in that lot, it can't be good.

    John Manley, of course, is, by all the usual criteria, in line for a charge of treason, for playing a large part in the North American Union attempt and the CPP, along with Thomas D'Aquino of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives. Harper the American Wannabe, would of course reward him with the Commission job.

Of course most of this occurred under the Liberals. Significant is it not?

Thanks Joe, for the chance to vent.

From: "Ross Bateman"
Subject: RE: Daily Digest January 16, 2008

Dear Joe: Perhaps I missed it...but I think that a National Post article of January 15 is well-worth republishing.  The title: 'Human Rights' Vs Magna Carta. Thanks...always enjoying your postings.   Ross Bateman

'Human Rights' Vs. Magna Carta
Ezra Levant, Special to the National Post 
What follows is excerpted from a transcript of remarks delivered by former Western Standard publisher Ezra Levant before the Alberta Human Rights Commission in Calgary on Jan. 11.


Williams says Harper told him N.L. support not needed to win election
I find that ... ahem ... unlikely. Mr. Harper's smarter than that (especially in the face of NL's loudmouthed ding-dong ... there ARE insistent ways to express oneself without declaring another to be History's Greatest Monster), and a PM/Minister can't say that kind of thing out loud (even if provincial ones are much more free to ... and they do!)

Payback time for McGuinty
Same old, same old.

Charest is no longer on the PM's 'A' list
Piffle. But he HAS gotten the message that the Tories have alternatives in Quebec (Mario Dumont's ADQ) if he allows his Ministers to bad-mouth the federal government for little good reason. (Last month, Mr. Harper visited Mr.Dumont in the latter's riding without inviting Quebec Liberal Celebrity Loudmouth (and Minister) Claude B chard, whose riding is next door).
Mr. Harper did the same thing to Danno Williams in NL a few months earlier ... he announced a federal program/grant/whatever without advising the NL government of his doing it on NL soil. A wordless way of saying "You're a jerk and you won't get my best scheisse-eating grin with me beside you." Clear enough?
Saskatchewan Liberals angry at appointment of candidate by Dion
Normally, I'd say that it's his prerogative (for reasons that I explained last week) but that he'd better know what he's doing. But appointing someone from a rival party (the NDP in this case, even if it IS the provincial one) is always tricky. She'd better be good, this candidate; otherwise ... uuuhhh .. he'd better know what he's doing.
Angry Sask. Liberals to fight for runoff
A Liberal Party nomination dispute in Saskatchewan enmeshed in politics, race and gender has become more complicated - and confrontational.

Goodale Bears Brunt Of Disgruntled Liberals In Nomination Flap
Precisely how DOES one get Liberals gruntled, anyway?
Liberals still keen on ending Afghan combat mission despite positive visit
These days, they're actually sounding more reasonable with their shifting their position to "we should perhaps stick around in a less-dangerous zone, with our NATO allies taking our place in southern Afghanistan". That position has substance and can be debated, whereas their previous "we've done our part, let's ship out" was not. In the meantime, the NDP (and the Bloc?), with its "Powdered milk, not Panther tanks", twists in the wind.
Canada must shift focus in Afghanistan, Dion says
'The military forces of Canada have a role to play after February, 2009,' Liberal Leader insists while on whirlwind tour with Ignatieff
"Pavement paving, not Panther tanks".
NDP camp divided on toppling government
NDP says it could vote against budget despite aid package
Harper assistance stance is blackmail: Layton
Ah, the clashing loyalties. Does one bring down the Tories for the benefit of all Canadians (presumably)? Or does one support it for the benefit of one's union/proletariat clients/taskmasters (oops! stakeholders, I mean)?
Tax cuts could lead to a deficit in 2008: report
Yikes! And to think that a few years ago the controversy was all about the federal government raking in too much money and leaving too little to the provinces. Oh, will we EVER find balance and happiness? (I suspect not ... vague dissatisfaction is the lot of an ever-better-educated people).

Europe's environment chief has admitted that the EU did not foresee the problems raised by its policy to get 10% of Europe's road fuels from plants.
So much for enlightened policy-making. I guess that they'll have to grope their way out of the dark all on their own now. And why didn't this guy bring this up at the recent Bali Conference, I wonder?
Media ignoring findings of qualified scientists
Hahahahaha ... A "Dog Bites Man" story, in the best tradition. Guess that was short of Britney Spears and two-headed-chicken stories this week. Also, notice that there's no mention of "Media focussing on American ex-VPs who blow their campaigns and lose to guys who come across as nitwits".
Politics ruled by white men
Yeah, so? I mean we invented it, right? (<--Disclaimer: Joke!)

Phyllis Wagg

I accept that those of us in the Progressive Canadian Party are on the "fringe" as the editorial states, but I would like to point out that our objective is to create a political party that will represent Canadian voters who are on the "fringe" as well.
To be fair, though, a convention based on identifying parties as "at the centre" (ie, having decision-making and negociation power like the Tories and the Liberals), "away from the centre" (ie, perpetually-minor, somewhat-ignored parties like the NDP), and "at the fringe" (ie, little or no power and/or prospect for power, like the Greens, the Commies, etc) does have its merits. I mean, consider an alternative: in, out, and waaaay out.

Mind you, nothing is forever in party affairs. Parties can shift from one status to another quite rapidly (witness the fall of the federal Tories in 1993, the rise of Reform in the same year, and the rise of the Saskatchewan Party in the 90s).

From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re; U.S Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports troubled. Jan. 12, 2008

    Funny, ain't it, when the Americans companies are troubled about the working of our rather stupid and infiltrated  government moves and decisions?
     80% of the lumber companies in B.C. and Ontario are American owned, but our media have been told to shut up on the issue, and to never print letters to the editor on this.  The end result of course, is that our people and government don't know they're getting screwed.
    Even when David Emmerson, the minister for International Trade appointed by 'Harper the unknowing', despite  his being in complete and total conflict of interest having been the  C.E.O. for Canfor Lumber  which brought in an American C.E.O. to run Canfor.
Conflict-of-interest-wise, there's world of difference between "was CEO (or whatever)" and "is CEO". A stronger case could be made of "is a shareholder", meseems. As for "brought in an American CEO", so did Abitibi-Consolidated (North America's biggest newspeint-maker), now Abitibi-Bowater. Should whoever ran the place before be ineligible for ministerial responsibility too?
Add to this that  his office at International Trade says he does not have to reveal if he holds dual Canadian-American citizenship, while in office, to citizens of Canada.
Guess we'll have to assume that the PM knows what he's doing and that he keeps Mr. Emerson in line. And from what I understand, our PM has been pretty good at keeping Ministers in line so far.

    Is this what they mean when they talk about rape with consent? Or does infiltration cause  brain death?
Sometimes it does, I suppose. Blood infiltration causes strokes and brain death, fluid infiltration causes hydrocephaly and other nasties, etc. Plus, bullet-induced lead infiltrations cerebral jellification (as in Jell-O making). But metaphors aren't the point, so let's move on.

    It would seem it takes the Americans to tell us things are getting so out of hand that we are infiltrated to the point that our, Canadian lumber prices are way lower  than they need be and our government are so  conned  they would give $1 billion  dollars to these FOREIGN, AMERICAN COMPANIES  TO HELP THEM SURVIVE, AND WE  THE CANADIAN TAXPAYER, FOOT THE BILL! 
Seems to me that what's been announced is the foundation of a fund aimed at re-training and other kinds of assistance. I don't think that this means cash for companies, but I don't know that.