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BELOW (30) TO JANUARY 3rd, 2008


         "First MacKay. Now the Liberal Party. David, I don't know what to say" are the closing words of the blog entry sent to me tonight.  What do I say? Read the
        poem this link leads to. . It's one in which I've found solace and in which you will as well.

Liberal Party of Canada Announces Joan Beatty as Candidate

The Orchard Movement for DMCR Ends
Thank you to all of you that supported David Orchard in his attempt to seek the nomination in Desenthe-Missinippi-Churchill River. The letters, emails and phone calls in support of an open nomination were astounding.


The following are posted in the order received.  An apology should one you sent have been overlooked as I backtracked.

From: "Claudia Hudson"
Cc: <>
Subject: opiniion re Al Heisey

Hello Joe,
Since you have invited a response regarding  Al Heisey and his participation in the Neo Con party I gladly accept.
I shall be blunt and state that the people of my country are at war, even if most are unaware of this grave matter Perhaps I should be more correct and say that the leadership of my counrty is at war with the Canadian population. Both the Liberal Party of Canada and the Conservative party of Canada support the Security, Prosperity Partnership (SPP) which is the great step to a North American Union (NAU) The NAU equals the disappearance of my nation state. In my mind, anyone who supports either of these parties are treasonous in their actions. This includes Mr. Heisey who attempts to change a Zebra's stripes to spots
Dion  will not deal with the SPP and Harper has his membership dumbed down and in a straight row. For example, at the local market the other day I met a professional gentleman who had served with me on the PC executive in Brant. As two old Tories. we connversed in a civil manner until he informed me that he is the Campaign Manager for the local Conservative candidate. I asked about this deadful SPP. He went into bully mode telling me there was no such thing. I tried to explain that I had in my possession a copy of a letter from Minister Bernier outlining how wonderful the SPP is. I was out shouted--so much for civil discourse from a Neo Con!. This contretemps reminded me of a scene from Stones from the River by Ursula Hegi, a novel of the thirties in Germany.
The Canadian Action Party and the NDP speak out against the SPP. Connie Fogal of CAP and Peter Julian of NDP have both been guests on American Patriot Radio about this issue. Peter Julian is the only sitting MP touring Canada to explain the meaning of the SPP to Canadians. I ask Al Heisey to realize what is happening to Canada and to do it NOW--there is so little time left to stand on guard
Claudia Hudson  
From: Jacob Rempel
To: "Joe Hueglin" <>
Cc: <>
Subject: Re: Year End Review

To Joe Hueglin and Al Heisey,
I read all the way through Al Heisey's opus.
It's interesting how after a hundred and fifty years the matter of rep by pop is once again an issue, and once again part of the Quebec/Ontario balance/imbalance, with the added complications of Ontario demographics and western growth.
As well, Al raises the matter of internal Conservative democracy and accountability, which is also a very legitimate concern, of interest to all Canadians because political parties are essentially public institutions accountable to all of us. Dalton Camp used to write about how important parties are in the processes of public affairs, and all parties still have the problem of an almost closed shop leadership establishment which resists input from the members.
You two and I are about the same "retirement" age, and we choose three different partisan options where we expend and contribute our remaining modest energies on the peripheries of party organizations. I have been more politically promiscuous than you two, beginning with CCF , moving with the Liberals for a while, especially with Trudeau and later John Turner, then withdrawing till I found compatible purposes with David Orchard in 1998 in the Progressive Conservative Party dropping out again till I saw some hope in Dion's Canadian vision, and supported his leadership campaign. ( Like you, Al, I hope he will help restore the rep by pop principle for the electoral map.)
 I really do believe in party loyalty, like Al apparently does in the new Conservative entity, and Joe too with reservations in the Progressive Canadian Party. I am an example of the politically promiscuous eccentrics, 
Enough solid members must stay within each party to ensure its survival and viability. Frankly, I would like to see the new Conservatives evaporate, but I know they won't, so I'm glad they still have members with older more progressive ideals.
It's important for each party to work out a careful alternative policy for Canadian people to evaluate, then vote for or reject. When I was a young CCFer at the U of S, my favourite professor was Rhodes Scholar Prof. Charles Lightbody, a Progressive Conservative who like Dalton Camp was a loyal party member but appreciated the dialogue among parties. Like John Diefenbaker, he appreciated much of what the CCF of Tommy Douglas did for Saskatchewan and Canada.
At our age(retirement?) and the present national and world situation, I think we all need to step back from hard partisan rhetoric, and make our contributions to party opinion and policy with the perspectives of elders who value
the most essential Canadian ethos --- expressed in the best older red tory nationalist views, liberal democracy principles, and social democratic values. And yes, even small radical Canadian parties often have insights and proposals which can improve the Canadian nation. Consider the Green Party and the Canadian Action Party. 

Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 11:26:18 -0500
From: "Robert Ede"
To: "Citizens Centre" <>, "Link Byfield" <>
Subject: a country habituated to left-liberal thinking

Got your Citizens Cetre for Freedom & Democracy Nov 2007 Progress Report and enjoyed the enthusiasm you express towards the Rt Hon S. Harper.
Canada IS "habituated to left-liberal thinking" and addicted to "social policy ... (t)hat they can get citizens in other regions to pay for".
IMHO, on the Senate issue, your key point and most important issue is really "Who/(what mechanism) should have the authority to make the recommendations to the Governor General (s.24) on appointments to the Senate?"
All the other concerns Canadians have about the make-up and responsibilities of the Upper House are secondary to re-claiming the Senate's independence FROM the Lower House's (temporary & political) leadership.
No matter whether Senators are elected at large, nominated by Provincial legislatures or some other way, until the power to appoint is wrested FROM the PMO (that usurped it, to subsume the Upper House's power over the Lower House), we'll still have a 'bad' Senate.
Part and parcel of this, is wresting the power to appoint the Governor General away from the PMO too!
Hold at-large elections for Governor General (my suggestion: at every other General Election with the term to start 365 days after the writs are returned).
With an elected Governor General (controlling His/Her own independent Privy Council -another institution of the Executive that needs wresting from the PMO's usurpation) we would enjoy the return of a Constitutionally-established, democratically-sanctioned Higher Authority to check-&-balance the actions of the (temporary & political) Legislative power.
Best of the Season
PS Ask Senator Brown his opinion on the purpose of the $4,000 real property & net-worth Qualifications - and his opinion on adjusting that 1867 $ value to 2008 equivalency (~x60 or x80)

From: Ron Thornton
Subject: Re: I have no choices...just one possibility by default...

Hi Joe:

You know, sometimes we get a chance to follow a party with our hearts as well as our heads.  I did that once, but the Reform Party as I had envisioned it and how Preston Manning saw it (and to be honest he did not really hide his views, we just ignored them) proved two different things.
Having already done that, and got the t-shirt and buttons to go with it, I'm not interested in be part of another party that tries for my heart and then for my wallet, but in the end is not the least bit interested in what interests me.  I am fed up with broken promises, but I don't see any party that isn't willing to do that.  I read what you say about the Progressive Canadians, and I don't see much different in the rhetoric than what any other party comes up with.  What are the details, Joe?
The Greens?  They want me to embrace the man-made climate change hoax. 
That will never happen.  Attacking those who disagree with them isn't exactly a scientific approach, unless fascists are now considered scientists.  Reason and truth should prevail, but it doesn't in this "debate."  Anyone who can fall for this, without wondering how forcing some nations to pay to continue as they are in order for others nations to increase what they are doing fails any logical litmus test.  So much for the Green Party.  I prefer those who lead with some sense, not follow mindlessly.

The NDP?  Greens with better P.R.  No thank you.
The Liberals?  Hey, they have elected a man of integrity and substance, they say.  Yup, he is full of some kind of substance, I would agree, but he has nothing to offer those who seek a real leader.  In 12 months, you don't change the entire character of a party, yet they think we are stupid enough to think that it can. They might convince some, but those folks would have been Liberals anyway.  Again, intelligence and reason is what I'm interested in, and they is not much here.
The Conservatives?  I think they are led by a real leader.  I think they are led by someone with some smarts and political savvy.   I don't think they are led by someone who really gives a damn what I think, which is alright except the party still thinks they deserve a piece of my wallet.  One goes with the other.  I now see things through for realistic eyes, I'm afraid. What Reform taught me is that in the end it all comes down to  "what is in it for me" to give of my time, money, and talents?   At present, I don't have an answer, but maybe in time.  In the meantime, it is the only party at present that even has a hope.  The rest, I'm afraid, are in my eyes inept or just plain nuts.
No wonder I've stepped back from taking an active role in politics.

From: "Suan H.Booiman"
Subject: alive

Hi Joe,
Glad to see the Prog.Conservatives are still alive, am sure the
Liberal will support the party for their own good. Yes, will have
hard time voting CPC but there is little choice otherwise, the
PCP has been no good to the WEST even with a large MP
representation one time, we were corrupted. With the PCP
looking for votes will give the Liberals great support in
Central Canada.
Happy New Year for you and your family, that God will bless
all with good health.

From: "R. Gagne" <>
Subject: Re: Choices


All the best in the new year to your and yours.

As for the uninvited solicitations, most of us who have been active politically somehow seem to get into the data banks of all political parties, I've never been certain exactly how. For instance, I have somehow gotten onto Jack Layton's mailing list, even though I have never supported the NDP since its formation, although I did support the the CCF party when Tommy Douglas was its provincial leader.

My usual response to any hard copy solicitation is my shredder or the delete button on my keyboard if the missive happens to come via e-mail.


From: Caspar Davis
Subject: Re: Choices

Hi Joe,

How telling it is that even in their appeal for funds, the "Conservative" party has nothing positive to say but instead attacks the institution that, despite the ravages wrought by two decades of budget cuts and the imposition of business-oriented managers who have no understanding of the CBC's purpose or importance, still does more than any other institution to connect ordinary Canadians with each other and to build a national culture.

Of course if your goal is union with the US, that is not a good thing.

Best wishes for a Green 2008,

Caspar Davis

From: Garnet Shoup
Subject: Garnet just hit you with an icy snowball

Garnet just hit you with an icy snowball in Black's Great Canadian Snowball Fight!
Have your revenge and throw one back - or hit someone else!
Watch Garnet's throw and then share in the holiday fun!

From: "The Democracy Party of Canada"
Subject: ** re: Choices

I think all of this is quite hilarious.  I've never solicited funds and won't, until we're registered.  As for the piece about the CBC writing scripts for Liberals, I was always fond of the old Reform/CA view that we should sell off the CBC as it's become too much of a burden to the taxpayer.  Maybe one of the Liberal billionaires (Stronach or Martin) can buy it -- then they can rename it the Liberal Broadcasting Corporation, which it seems to have always been anyway.

Are you suggesting the Cons are any different in their view
 than the Reform/Ca "

I haven't followed their strategy too closely.  Now that they're in power they're probably only too happy to stack the bureaucracies, crown corps, etc. with "their own".  This may include the CBC, but in the meantime they'll let some of their MPs attend Rick Mercer, 22 Minutes, Air Farce, etc. to make fools of themselves.  I suppose that this may convince some Canadians that they're more "gentle" than the old Reformers.   sjg

From: "Rene & Tish Moreau" <>
Subject: Re: CBC News responds to Conservative fundraiser

To Joe;
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re; answers to solicitations for funds.
    This would apply to all solicitations, whatever the party.
    Say, just for the hell of it, all citizens who care enough to write or get involved, were aware that the infiltration level in the offices of our elected officials is getting way out of hand! Say also that they wanted some protection put into the system to prevent this.
    Why not, instead of giving money blindly, demand that the party prove that  their people have been checked out for corporate loyalties or dual  American-Canadian citizenship, while in office.
    In the way of examples, I give you Mr. Flaherty's office management, (minister of finance), who laugh when asked about dual citizenship but don't answer the question, and got Mr. Flaherty to go along with a call for harmonizing the GST, Canada-wide, in order to help the manufactures of Canada , mainly branches of U.S. companies,to cope with the higher  Canadian dollar, that was hurting their sales, SO, WE THE TAXPAYERS PAY.(Toronto Star, November 29, page B6. Stephane Dion's office, leader of the opposition, whose moles don't even try to hide their affiliations. Or, for more, examples, a minister of defence who doesn't have to reveal his dual-citizenship while in office and a minister of International Trade, who's office can call back and say that it's none of the citizens business whether he holds dual while in office.  I could go on.
    Have you ever heard about the problem in the main media? I don't read all the papers but I haven't heard of any.
    Currently, we don't seem to have anyone or any group that is charged with watching or regulating such obvious 5th column maneuvers, or mole planting. The end result is that corporate/financial entities  and foreign countries can have their way with our governments, federrally, provincially, and municipally, and when a citizen sees this and wants to report the problem, 'Who ya gonna call?'
    If you have an answer, PLEASE, let me know, or call Joe, at  Niagara Falls.
    Meanwhile, the withdrawing of contributions to parties that allow themselves  to go unprotected from outside influence, and currently that would be all of them, might just make a difference!
    Joe, and all others,  could you pass this on to others where you think it may be appropriate.  Many will tell you that this is just the ravings of the "'wacko fringe' just  ignore it". It wouldn't be the first time they've said that.
    Please, where possible,  confirm receipt, as not all the e-mails can be depended on getting out  with Echelon  (American  monitoring  group) snooping around.

                    Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

From: Paul Arnold
Subject: You're Invited.

Hello from Paul Arnold…Hope you had a wonderful Christmas season!!!

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Canada's Minister of National Defence The Honourable Peter MacKay and Canada's Minister of Natural Resources The Honourable Gary Lunn

You are invited to attend.

Hope to see you there.

Happy New Year






   GARY DEL VILLANO, 206 Government St Victoria BC V8V 2K9 
Cell 886-2637



Tables of eight or ten are available. For table purchases paid for with one cheque or credit card, the person buying the tickets will get the tax receipt.  An individual cheque or credit card number is required for each person wishing a tax receipt, which will be issued later for 2008.



Subject: RE: A WISH PASSED ON . . .
From: "Ken Chapman"

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Joe.  2008 promises to be an interesting year politically.
K.J. (Ken) Chapman

. . . nae doot aboot it!

Were ye in power in Ottawa woulds't
ye hae the election here be before or
after that o' the Yanks?


Alberta will drop a writ in Feb - early middle or end of the month...not sure when yet.  Means a March election here and politics are alive again in Alberta.  I expect a Federal election in May.

From: Chris Dumfries
Subject: Re: A WISH PASSED ON . . .

I see you've been taking a few days off lately......reminds us all how much we need and enjoy your service.
Happy New Year. CD

(Thanks Chris, every battery needs recharging)
From: Dirk Testerink
Subject: Fw: "Season's Greetings," plus A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

To All My Liberal and NDP Friends:
Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, interpersonally-sensitive, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2008, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make Canada great. Not to imply that Canada is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only Canada in the Western Hemisphere. This wish is made without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wishee.

To All My Conservative Friends:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From: "Judith Roe"
Subject: Re: A WISH PASSED ON . . .

Thank you for this.
One thing that he didn't mention was the Masonic connection.
May the light shine on you and yours and guide all of us in the New Year...Judith

From: "Rosalie Piccioni" <>
Subject: New Years Wishes to all

From: Jacob Rempel
Subject: Bird and Fortune

 British comedy team Bird and Fortune, explaining
1. how the market works, and
2. the genius of the Iraq war...

(Thanks Jake, most laughs in a long time. Brits at their best!)
From: "R. Gagne"
Subject: Re: A WISH PASSED ON . . .


What an interesting perspective. Thanks for posting this.

And a new year brimming with blessings for you and yours.


From: "Maurice Brossard"
Subject: Happy and Bleue Year 2008 !

Hello Mr. Hueglin.

I am a PC candidate on the south-shore of Montreal.  I wish you a Very  Happy and
Bleue Year 2008.

I read, every morning, your  daily digest ! I really appreciate it  and  it's a gift every day !   Thank you very very much !

It will be a great pleasure to meet you and  shake your hand !

Maurice Brossard
Candidate comté BROSSARD – LAPRAIRIE

From: "Suan H.Booiman"
Subject: 2008

Happy New Year to all
That health maybe on your road.
Miep and Suan Booiman

From: Eugene Parks
Subject: for the digest
Few political parties have been foolish enough to present views on health and the environment that can be effectively attacked during a general federal election. That is until now.
Last summer, Mr. Harper prorogued Parliament to derail Bill C-78, the proposed Canadian Environmental Assessment Act that would have enhanced climate protection in Canada. As an alternative, Mr. Harper went to Montebello Quebec and talked with George Bush to further integrate Canada into US objectives.
Then taking Mr. Harper's views International, Environment Minister John Baird went to the Bali world climate conference and echoed Bush-administration talking points. In Bali, Mr. Baird publicly worked to derail agreements for absolute worldwide greenhouse gas emissions caps; and he succeeded.
At the same time in Canada, the Harper government put both healthcare and the environment at risk by mismanaging the Chalk River medical isotope facility. The Minister of Natural resources, Gary Lunn, failed to act when it became known that the facility was running without adequate nuclear safeguards. No attempt was made to either make alternative arrangements for medical isotopes or to immediately fix the nuclear facility.
Evidently, Harper's government is actively working against environment protection and ignoring healthcare. His cabinet's blatant capriciousness led to a medical crises and an environmental-health risk from a nuclear facility and embarrassment on the international stage.
Nevertheless, Mr. Harper and his ministers continue mouthing concern. For the environment they point to money for new parks, for health a new computer system - both promised but as yet undelivered.  Positive actions taken consist of giving new names to a few restarted programs that they initially cancelled.
Our founding constitution mandates parliament to provide "Peace, Order and Good Government". Canadians culturally affirm that mandate. We expect "Good Government" to include environmental protection and quality healthcare.
Canadians judge governments on their contribution to quality-of-life issues.
We know there is no mandate to use the office of the Prime Minster to advance a Bush-U.S. agenda against Canadian values and expectations.
Accordingly, Mr. Harper's action may result in the upcoming federal election being the first general election in which the environment-health file is prominently debated and affects the outcome.
Eugene Parks
Victoria BC
Eugene Parks, Product Manager

From: "Rebecca Gingrich"
Subject: Secret Trials in Canada

Joe--a friend sent me this article.  I had no idea this was even happening--but sadly, am not surprised.  I have always said that the 'Security Bill' was really to control us.

Secret Trials Bill Stalled in House Likely Due to Public Pressure!
by Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada

The final Parliamentary vote on the "new" security certificate process, Bill C-3, expected to take place earlier this week, was postponed at the 11th hour, and will not be considered until the week of January 28, 2008.

Public Safety and Security Minister Stockwell Day

Congratulations to everyone who marched, participated in community delegations, sent emails or phoned MPs - together, we have won the first round in the fight against new security certificate legislation! But there is still much to do.


From: TCalMack
Subject: Re: Choices

At least the NDP didn't solicit you.

From: "Elections Canada / Élections Canada" <>
To: <>
Subject: New on the Elections Canada Web Site

Dear Subscriber:

Please note that we have added a news release to Elections Canada's Web
site entitled: Chief Electoral Officer of Canada Announces Fourth Quarter
Allowances Paid to Registered Political Parties.

The news release can be found at:

From: Henry Atkinson

Subject: Your 5-minute guide to protecting your identity

Here are 16 steps to protect yourself and six ways to clean up things if
you are a victim of identity theft.

From: "Suan H.Booiman"
Subject: one billion dollars
To: CBC Ombudsman David Bazay <>

                                                         Suan H.Booiman C.C.D.H.
                                                             204-1220 Fir Street
British Columbia                                   White Rock V4B 4B1                              Canada
January 3, 2008
Mr.David Bazay,
CBC Ombudsman
Dear Sir,
A New Year and new cost. With the CBC getting a billion dollars of tax money
one can only wonder what Canada does get for that money. In view of the writers
strike in the USA we see more and more repeats with very little new Canadian
The irony is that many of the artists in the USA are coming from Canada, more
recent Michael Bublé and getting no recognition in this country. Celine Dion
became famous because of turning to the English language and going to the
USA, like so many before her.
How many more billions does it take for the Toronto bureaucracy to rise to
the occasion and present programs with recognizable artists without getting
the approval from Quebec first, as they seem to be dictated to offer French
on English CBC channels.
Am sure will get all the excuses as a reply because no one dares to question
the overrated cost of the CBC, plus advertising proceeds.
Like to read your comments please.
Suan H.Booiman