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Daily Digest December 8-9, 2007



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - On the offensive

CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - Leadership on the crisis in agriculture print this article
We need a concerted lobby by our elected provincial and federal representatives to solve the problems in agriculture.


        Still going down the road

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Special courts for the mentally ill make sense

OTTAWA CITIZEN - An unfair amnesty

         Politicizing childhood

OTTAWA SUN - Putin's power raises alarm bells

BELLEVILLE INTELLIGENCER - Province needs to find ways to reduce gas use and pollution

TORONTO STAR - Remove bricks from welfare wall

        Renew diplomacy on Iran's nukes

NATIONAL POST - National Post editorial board on the conviction of Robert Pickton

TORONTO SUN - Putin's power raises alarm bells

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - New numbers for being poor

WINDSOR STAR - The border: Guns and taxpayers

SUDBURY STAR - No gift; Compensation for natives doesn't make up for decades of cruelty

        No sex please, we're Canadian (add your comment)

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Defence spending

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Big picture missed

         Schreiber fiasco occupies one ring of political circus

CALGARY HERALD - Lunchbox police not needed

        RCMP's new backup policy expensive but worth it

         Clearing the air
        Carrot approach best way to get those old clunkers off the road

CALGARY SUN - Earnest Ed grows into job

Crime prevention initiatives important

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Honouring General Pierre

        Ottawa wallow

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Passport to ID theft

        Goal is to improve, not to shame anyone

PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN - Charter lacks weight

         Liberals stick long knives in watchdog

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - Tell us the best way to ease women's big work burden

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - A simple cure for hospital deaths
Study finds, for example, that more thorough sterilization of equipment can reduce fatalities


Court dismisses Metis land claim worth billions

NATO and Afghan forces launch offensive

Uphill battle to train local police in Afghanistan

How we put our foot in it, in Afghanistan

Cannabis is the new drug of choice for Afghanistan's former opium poppy farms

NATO ministers offer helicopters for Afghanistan, but no more troops

Toll rises in Taleban town battle

Soldiers 'seize Taleban leaders'
Two senior Taleban leaders have been captured in heavy fighting for the southern town of Musa Qala, the Afghan defence ministry has said.

NO decision has been made to keep Australian troops in Afghanistan beyond next year, the federal government says.,23599,22894176-421,00.html

Canada openly proclaims NAFTA Superhighway
Readers bombard Newsweek with evidence after adverse story on Ron Paul

Tuque a reminder of friendship

Final disgrace for Bush & Co.

Angina symptoms can vary

Two-tier trauma
Canada's locked-in thinking on medical care needs hospitalization

Federal finance minister urging provinces to dramatically cut corporate tax

On the road to higher security- Ontario's new driver's licence is designed to "foil fraudsters and identity thieves."

Ottawa, N.B. sign infrastructure deal

McGuinty tells Harper Canada must have hard targets for emission cuts

Quebec clings to old assimilationist ideal

Quebec Liberals advocate pledge for newcomers

Neither the Liberals nor the ADQ serve needs of anglophones

Venue of the Queen in Quebec City: Ottawa has resisted

Dion suggests ways to assert Canadian sovereignty while on trip through North

Harper pitches Tories' approach to Quebecers

What is it they're trying to hide?' NDP asks for military export data

More aid for Quebec possible, Harper says
Battered manufacturing and forestry industries would benefit – in ridings Tories would love to win

Harper to help manufacturing, forest sectors before next budget

Harper in Quebec to woo ADQ supporters
Prime Minister's visit angers some Charest Liberal cabinet ministers

PM makes new friend in Quebec
Comment; ADQ leader says 'significant' action required

Tory connections lead to top jobs

 Harper slyly goes 'outside' for cover on tough files

Is the Tory ship becoming a Titanic?

A four-point program to revitalize the Liberals

Tory troubles not enough to get Dion ahead

Tories tell pollsters 'definitely' no moratorium on government research

Dion's polluted reputation
When you're Canada you lead" on the environment, Liberal leader says. It's not what he did

                         L'affaire Schreiber
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Schreiber scandals sees Tory support slide

Mr. Mulroney's latest story is perfect, and probably necessary

Mulroney sure to put on a good show

How the Mulroney-Schreiber Affair Really Matters to Canada

Mulroney to be peppered with committee Airbus questions

Mulroney's 'no service' charge

Mulroney to face tough questions on Schreiber

Harper to change rules so slain cop can be considered for medal: MP

Ottawa expands list of vehicles that qualify for green auto rebates for 2008

Prentice unveils new guidelines on foreign takeovers

Changes to security certificates approved

Canada announces $7.5 million for global climate fund in Bali

U.S. won't commit to mandatory carbon cap

Green trade talks go nowhere in Indonesia

Australia 'stalling Bali talks'

No climate deal without U.S., Baird says

Hundreds across Canada rally to demand Ottawa take action on climate change

McGuinty slams Harper's climate stance

Tories to tell UN conference: so long, Kyoto, hello Montreal

Tories not off hook on climate

Climate-change action: PM & other saboteurs

Activists demand quick action on climate change

Dion, Layton rip Harper over Bali talks

Canadians take leadership role on climate change

Harper right to oppose Bali proposals
Climate plan simply a scheme for income redistribution driven by Western liberal guilt

Science clear, 'let's move on' says Nobel-winner

Smokers light up in N.S. town to protest tough anti-smoking proposal

Schadenfreude applies here

 Freedom of the press attacked

Clampdown driven by an unmentionable fear

How will history remember them?

Parliament hits the skids

Free speech takes a hit

The real scandal

Revoke this licence to enable
The first step to cleaning up Canada's worst neighbourhood is to scrap its abhorrent safe injection site

Canada faces grad student crisis: report

With no fault, there's no sanctity

The plight of divorced dads

Concentrating on foreign aid

What it means to be Canadian

How do we fix the ethics deficit?
Preston Manning, For the Calgary Herald


Venue de la reine à Québec: Ottawa a résisté

Des manifestants demandent à Harper d'agir contre les changements climatiques

Dion a des façons d'assurer la souveraineté canadienne dans le Grand Nord

Harper à Rivière-du-Loup: Dumont écarte une association avec le PC

La stratégie d'Ottawa critiquée

Les talibans chassés de Musa Qala

Dumont nie toute alliance avec Harper

Le Canada en perte de crédibilité

Harper veut aider les régions

Dumont écarte une association avec les conservateurs

Baird persiste à Bali: le Canada ne signera aucun accord sans les Etats-Unis

Le Canada remettra 7,5 millions $ pour la lutte au changement climatiques

Mulroney pourrait répondre dès jeudi aux questions du comité de l'éthique

Harper rassure discrètement les sondeurs: pas question de moratoire

Le PLQ veut un "engagement moral" des immigrants sur les valeurs québécoises

McGuinty réclame des cibles fixes de réduction des GES pour le Canada

Ottawa octroi plus d'argent au Nouveau-Brunswick pour ses infrastructures

Martimes: la somme de 12 millions $ investie pour aider l'industrie du boeuf

Ottawa allonge la liste des véhicules éligibles à des rabais "verts"

Climat: optimisme prudent à Bali

Techniques de reproduction - Coûteux siège social fédéral à Vancouver

Plus de 60 % des Québécois souhaitent que leur province se dote d'une constitution interne qui affirmerait ses valeurs.

Des soldats canadiens assiègent une usine talibane