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Daily Digest December 15-16, 2007



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - One step forward, two steps back

CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - An important task, but little time to do it

Bernard Lord is the ideal person to head up a committee on bilingualism, but he doesn't have much time to work with.

CAPE BRETON POST - Teen drug abuse leaving the closet


AMHERST DAILY NEWS - Put the blame where it belongs

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Rights of marriage

BELLEVILLE INTELLIGENCER - Tories showing no leadership on environment

TORONTO STAR - Opposition fails to defend Ontario

        Bali a step back from the abyss

        Speed the RCMP fixes

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Tories must ditch Mulroney

WINDSOR STAR - Earning parole
Good advice for the feds

         Mulroney's envelopes

OWEN SOUND SUN TIMES - Tories leading us to climate disaster

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Stop Taser 'creep'

        Muslim feminism

CALGARY HERALD - Respect, not accommodation

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Heed Gore's warning about odd-man rush

         Vintage Muldoon

        Poor welcome

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Testimony requires some suspension of belief

VANCOUVER SUN - Pluses and Minuses for Conservative Prospects

         Parliament must commit to a rapid reorganization of the troubled RCMP 

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - Proposed overhaul of once-proud RCMP is years overdue

        Soft sentence for pimp makes mockery of law

        Giving out free crack pipes to addicts is clutching at straws 

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - Canada's future and immigration
The face of our newcomers is changing, and with it the nation-building challenge


New travel rules leave Native Americans in limbo

Canada in Afghanistan

Hillier sees more sophisticated Taliban foe

Canadian sweep finds large Taliban weapon cache

NATO allies agree to 5 year Afghanistan master plan
NATO allies with troops fighting in Afghanistan have agreed to develop a master plan for efforts to stabilise the country over the next five years, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said.,22049,22928380-5006003,00.html

Musa Qala residents want no police in the district

Allies urged to find new roles in Afghanistan

Canadian troops dish out goodwill to disabled Kandaharis in spirit of Eid

Defence department red-flags 52 military contracts

More soldiers choosing civilian life

Recession Odds: Greenspan 50%, Merrill 100%

Anatomy of a credit crunch

GST on new homes nets $2 billion windfall, report says

Evolving Whiners into Winners

Kosovo independence could encourage Quebec

US missile shield 'could spark Russian missile strike'

Bye, bye Belgium?

Chemo for breast cancer often unnecessary: study

Suicide warning called for on stop-smoking drug

Canadian jurisdictions follow N.S. smoking ban lead

Embattled Tory fights to hold on to his job

Panel to probe hours, daycare to make politics more family-friendly

N.L. decision doesn't surprise Casey

Harper needs to woo the women and seniors vote

Ottawa MPs blast Tory MP Poilievre's $35-million bridge announcement
Grit David McGuinty and NDP MP Paul Dewar say federal money supposed to be used for light rail.

                        L'affaire Schreiber

Tax experts dissect Mulroney's late filing

Tories would love this whole fishy mess to go away

Did Mulroney help, or harm, his image?
Former prime minister's mea culpa draws mixed reaction and, some say, raises more questions

Sadly, Mulroney fails to offer the right answers

Former deputy doubts Mulroney's testimony

Many PMs, but few regrets
Humour, pride abound, but contrition in short supply with ex-leaders back in public eye

MP weighs in on CBC-planted question debate

Schreiber debacle bogged down by politics print this article
Both Mulroney and Schreiber have testified, and received different treatment depending on the MP asking the question

Canada Revenue Agency won't say whether it will review Mulroney's taxes

CBC reviewing claim reporter fed questions to Liberal MP

Warehouse of boxes may contain vital facts

OTTAWA, Dec. 13 (Xinhua, China) -- Former Canadian prime minister admits mistake in taking cash

Mulroney-Schreiber and the Polls

Mulroney effectively stands down his accuser

GST falls to 5%, other taxes cut under new law

Defence department red-flags 52 military contracts

Dramatic restructuring of RCMP urged in report

Atomic Energy chair steps down

AECL chair resigns amid controversial reactor shutdown

Atomic Energy of Canada head resigns in wake of isotope fiasco

PM rattles structure of company responsible for isotope production
New CEO, chairman named as government searches for accountability

AECL served a purpose, now it's time to sell it

Convenience trumped nuke safety

CTV's Question Period: Health Minister Tony Clement's%20Question%20Period:%20Health%20Minister%20Tony%20Clement&clip_id=ctvnews.20071216.00226000-00226731-clip1&subhub=video&no_ads=&sortdate=20071216&slug=isotope_reactor_071216&archive=CTVNews

Climate delegates eke out `weak' deal

Isolated Canada grudgingly accepts Bali deal

UN climate conference sets deadline for new pact

Bali deal reached

Bali climate deal launches talks

Tories melt under glare
Climate change. Canada stands down at the eleventh hour as U.S. backs road map

Baird's embarrassment in Bali
We're a Top 10 polluter, yet we undermined the climate talks

Pakistan reports first bird flu cases

Topics for free public debate increasingly restrained

The one we love to hate was our best leader in years

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his essay and to debate the issue. Join the Conversation at that time or submit a question or comment in advance.

Lobbyists: Like bats in the attic of democracy

Challenges ahead for iconic force

Sometimes, jail can prove to be someone's salvation

Reaching out to voters

The arguments may be drivel but that's no reason to censor them

Don't tell Doug Finley...
..but reporters have been planting questions with MPs at committee hearings since the dawn of time.

Flips, flops, flip-flops, and hot air

Bigotry, terror masked as faith

Conservative minority government's planned "Democratic Reform" ignores demographics

 Is workplace daycare a workable solution?

Ode to the Senate

Murder elicits the extreme
The killing of Aqsa Parvez needs to push the debate forward so it doesn't happen again

Was the killing of Aqsa a Muslim act?
No culture has a monopoly on fatal disagreements between fathers and daughters

Tory bill muzzles minorities

Let's stop pushing policies that turn women into drug-addicted chattel

We're more diverse than ever, so where can we find common ground?
With one in five foreign born, the shared values needed to build a nation are found in the Charter

The new totalitarians

Toss out tax-cut baubles for the rich

The nanny state is alive and well

A discussion we shouldn't even be having

It's the Tar Sands, Stupid
Canada home to global warming's new ground zero.


Le réacteur nucléaire de Chalk River est de nouveau en opération

Les Canadiens font face à des bombes de plus en plus puissantes

Acceuil mitigé de l'accord négocié à Bali par les environnementalistes

Acceuil mitigé de l'accord négocié à Bali par les environnementalistes

Mulroney mis en doute par son ancien vice-premier ministre

Les troupes canadiennes distribuent des vivres à l'approche de l'aïd

Le Canada s'est rapproché de l'administration Bush en 2007, dit le Parti vert

Bali: Stéphane Dion est triste de voir ainsi le Canada critiqué

Un groupe de travail recommande des changements à la structure de la GRC

Mulroney mis en doute par son ancien vice-premier ministre

Le Canada déçu de l'accord de Bali, mais optimiste

Une déception partagée


Bali a bust, or not
The document does not commit countries to specific actions against global warming. It was limited to setting an agenda and schedule for negotiators to find ways to reduce pollution and help poor countries adapt to environmental changes by speeding up the transfer of technology and financial assistance.


Attention News Editors:
Scientifically baseless attack on PVC could hurt consumers, resulting in use of riskier and less affordable materials

    VANCOUVER, Dec. 13 /CNW/ - Recent activist attacks on PVC, one of the
most sustainable, useful and affordable plastics available, are without any
basis in scientific fact and could hurt consumers by forcing retailers to
adopt the use of riskier, less affordable materials, Greenpeace co-founder and
former leader Dr. Patrick Moore says.
    "Environmental Defense and other anti-PVC activists are engaged in a
fear-mongering campaign that's attempting to convince retailers like Sears to
de-select PVC without a shred of scientific evidence," said Moore, a
Greenpeace co-founder and Chairman and Chief Scientist, Greenspirit Strategies
    PVC is commonly known as vinyl or polyvinyl chloride. It has recently
come under attack by Environmental Defence Canada.
    "It's completely unacceptable for these activists to call PVC 'toxic'
when PVC's effects on health and the environment have been investigated at
every stage from manufacture through use and on to final disposal - in all
cases vinyl has been shown to be safe and environmentally sound," said Moore.
    "The most rigorous risk assessment ever undertaken by the European Union
on plasticizers used to make PVC flexible was conducted over 10 years, and
concluded these widely used additives should not be classified as hazardous
and pose no risks to either human health or the environment from their current
use," said Moore.
    "Anti-PVC activists are pushing retailers toward untested, less
affordable and potentially riskier materials and that's bad news for Canadian
consumers," said Moore.
    "PVC is one of the most thoroughly tested plastics available. Because it
is easily cleaned, affordable, durable and safe, PVC has many important
applications," said Moore.
    "The best way to deliver affordable, safe drinking water is through a PVC
pipe. The best way to insulate electrical wiring is with a PVC coating. In
hospitals, floors and wall coverings use PVC widely. PVC is a durable,
cost-effective siding for buildings because of its low maintenance and long
life. Building with PVC saves on energy and material costs," said Moore.
    "Alternatives simply don't match the safety, affordability and
flexibility of PVC," said Moore. "That's why PVC continues to be a very
popular choice in many applications," he said.

For further information: Dr. Patrick Moore, Phone: (604) 681-4122

The Hill Times, December 17th, 2007

Prime Minister Harper unwilling to show leadership on environment
Canada has recently lectured India and China several times to clean up their environmental climate record. However, Canada has the worst relative energy-efficiency record of our G8 partners and is dramatically less efficient than our European allies. Canada is No. 8 in the world in absolute total greenhouse gas emissions.

Those facts created a problem for us at the Bali climate conference. The meeting was about an absolute total worldwide cap in greenhouse gas emissions. In absolute terms, our friends in the G8 produce more emissions than the rest of the world combined. The bulk of the worldwide emissions problem is principally from eight countries, including us. Therefore the solution must start with us. We are in no position to lecture others unless we act.

In contrast, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is calling for absolute "intensity" targets, which would allow countries to emit more so long as they are efficient at it. We are embarrassed enough by being a major emitter but additionally, Mr. Harper is stating in front of the world that Canada's position is that we should be allowed to emit more so long as we are efficient. Mr. Harper is offering an excuse for his policies that will make the climate situation worse. He is not willing to show real leadership.

The world sees right through Mr. Harper's hypocrisy. His duplicitous drenched arguments are embarrassing Canada.

Eugene Parks

Victoria, B.C.

Also published as "Why China and India Laugh at Stephen Harper's Climate Targets"

Canada's "New Government" and its reshaping of Confederation
by Joe Hueglin

The Harper Government is indeed a "New Government." Stephen Harper sees the government he controls as new in this sense: it is the only government in Canada since The British North America Act (BNA) 1867 to accurately interpret the division of powers between the Parliament of Canada and the provinces.

From: "Alan Dayes"
Subject: RE: Daily Digest December 14, 2007

The comments by Ron Thorton are excellent. It is good to know that there are people in the world that can think for themselves and are able to put things into real perspective. He has it right.
Alan Dayes

From: "Efstratios Psarianos"
Subject: Jet packs to come next year

The world progresses, and this year hasn't been wasted
About bloody time! I've been waiting for these ever since they were announced in my early-70s elementary-school books. And where exactly are my helium backpacks, the ones that would enable to me to float around? And what about those robots that were supposed to do all my work for me ... WHERE ARE THE DAMNED ROBOTS?!?
Uuuuhhh ... sorry. I've been carrying this for 35-odd years. I get excited sometimes :-S
Jet Packs to Come Next Year!
Futuristic jet packs could be sold to the masses as early as next year, with a company already taking orders for "personal flying machines," according to a recent report from Fortune Small Business (via

Jet Pack International in the U.S. is planning to release a $226,060 jet pack, which could travel 16km without refueling, early to middle of 2008.

The company is taking pre-orders for the T-73 Turbine Jet Pack, which will be sold to qualified individuals who have undergone extensive training by the company.

"Everyone wants things to evolve to the point of 'The Jetsons,' and I think it could," Jet Pack Chief Executive Troy Widgery told the magazine.

From: "John Halonen"
Subject: Re: Daily Digest December 14, 2007

North American Super Corridor
     With more public knowledge becoming available regarding the super transportation corridor between our most northern frontier, thru the US, to Mexico ( Manitoba & Saskatchewan now in a competitive mode ), it is somewhat surprising that Ontario has not stepped into the mix.  With James Bay so close to major highway systems that are already in place one would assume that it would be the least cost scenario.  When discussions are held behind closed doors then apparently all available options are not discussed, or are the interests of some perhaps the major reason for current defined routes.
John Halonen

From: "Marie Hooey"
Subject:  Thyssen industries

Thyssen Industries
Marie Hooey
In the December 6th, Below 30, Jacob Rempel's post was about Naomi Wolf's new book, "The End of America, Letter Of Warning To A Young Patriot." I have just started to read this important book. Ms. Wolf spoke publicly the other day about the legacy of modern-day tyranny. Here is a good article in which she speaks of the 1930 fascist coup attempt in the U.S. funded by German industrialist Fritz Thyssen.
Read: America's Fascist Coup Owes to Bush's Nazi Grandfather
You can read more about Fritz Thyssen - prime sponsor of Hitler - and Prescott Bush at:
Yes, this is the same Thyssen Industries which Mr. Karlheinz Schreiber represented and which, Peter Mackay worked for, for a short period of time. Mr. Shreiber said Thursday that Thyssen was hoping to groom Mr. Mackay for an executive position with Bear Head, the armoured-car factory that Thyssen hoped to open in Cape Breton.

"We thought, OK, we need somebody there from Nova Scotia, and in the future we should recruit people," Mr. Schreiber said.
See also: BBC: Bush's Grandfather Planned Fascist Coup in America which includes a
You Tube visual commentary by the journalist who uncovered the confirming documents.  It is a very interesting presentation at:

From: "Peter Benner"
Subject: more on uranium

Canada's role in depleted uranium weapons worldwide

The Government of Canada is in non-compliance with the statutes and regulations of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), prohibiting the use of Canadian uranium in depleted uranium (DU) weapons

WHO 'suppressed' scientific study into depleted uranium cancer fears in Iraq
Radiation experts warn in unpublished report that DU weapons used by Allies in Gulf war pose long-term health risk

From: "Rebecca Gingrich" <>
Subject: RE: The new totalitarians

"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for
people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."
-Noam Chomsky

This statement is made by a man I greatly admire.  He states it in all
honesty--but our governments really don't want 'freedom for all'--they want
us all subjugated to them.  They will decide what is acceptable for us to
say.  Shades of 1984 and yes, we do not even notice!

The new totalitarians

From: "Rene Moreau"
Subject: Re: Daily Digest December 14, 2007

To Joe;
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
and FYI to all others, remembering that Link Byfeild also speaks for the right wing, almost exclusively, as does Macleans.

re; Link Byfield and Macleans
    Since Ken White and Paul Wells and the bunch from the National Pest took over Macleans and turned it over to a weekly magazine, that used to be Canadian, for the use of the ultra right wing types,  free speech no longer exists there.
    Try for instance to print anything that says that corporations are getting out of hand and need a leash. Include examples of the problems there-in and why it's  getting  so serious that the agenda of the United Nations has been changed to the extent that decisions made there are now  'corporate-friendly'.  I have the 5 page report on this phenomenon, if any-one is interested.
    Such information will not see the light of day at Macleans. Free Speech indeed, is only if it goes along with the pro-corporate agenda!
            Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

From: "Robert Ede"
To: <>
Subject: 2.1 Million or tax audit

Mr Coyne,
Good piece!
As a result I've got two ideas for Mr Myron Baloney to clear his name (in lieu of a $30 million inquiry):
1) give back the $2.1 million settlement (since everyone now knows he's not innocent)
2) submit to a full REVCAN tax audit from 1993 to date
I'm sure he'll pick the former
Robert Ede,
Thornhill ON