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Daily Digest December 13, 2007



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - Pulling our strings

CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - Beef industry gets an early Christmas gift print this article
Federal and provincial funding for the beef plant in Borden-Carleton has come at a critical time.

CAPE BRETON POST - Pickton verdicts short of satisfying

HALIFAX NEWS - Keeping race matters in proper perspective Post a comment


MONTREAL GAZETTE - Murder does not reflect Muslim values

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Women in danger

BELLEVILLE INTELLIGENCER - Sex offender registry failing women, kids

         Teenagers battle stereotypes in pursuit of their goals

TORONTO STAR - Aqsa's tragedy challenges us all

NATIONAL POST - Kyoto double-talk

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Getting rid of distractions

SUDBURY STAR - Limits to Taser use reasonable

        Spies like lies; U.S. deals with evidence that Iran isn't building nuclear weapons

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - A matter of choice

        Of life and death

REGINA LEADER-POST - Of Trust and Teachers
We're obliged as a society to take whatever steps we can to protect young people from exploitation by those in positions of trust.

CALGARY HERALD - Killing one's own child is the ultimate 'dishonour'

GRANDE PRAIRIE DAILY HERALD TRIBUNE - Cracking down on hate crime
Time for more action and less talk on the issue

         Alberta, P.E.I. tie for worst openness in government: Democracy Watch

EDMONTON JOURNAL - End Taser 'usage creep'

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Evolution of the Taser

PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN - Uncertain future for forestry

VANCOUVER SUN - RCMP's Taser report is a good first step in restoring public trust

         Safeguards are needed to ensure steady supply of medical isotopes

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - Religious differences can never justify domestic violence


Ministers meet for Afghan talks

Divide and conquer plan to beat the Taliban
Give up your weapons and come over to us, Taleban leaders urged

Karzai 'already in talks with allies of former Taliban

Dismantling the Taleban is the aim
If, as the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown claims, "we are winning the battle" in Afghanistan, then why should there need to be a "shift of emphasis" as a senior foreign office official put it?

GMO Seeds: 'MNCs Gaining Total Control Over Farming'

Lice from fish farms could decimate B.C. salmon

End mandatory release of convicts, panel urges

Prisoners more violent than in the past: report

SCC ruling means end of the road for Monsanto suit

RCMP officer defends Tasers as an 'important tool'

Equalization battle far from over: Williams

Embattled Conservative leader vows to stay on and face leadership review

Quebec ready to step in if feds dump gun registry, Charest says

Ontario unveils $1.1-billion tax relief package

Probe into Liberal polling dings Tories instead

Harper gaining ground among N.L. voters: poll

Federal Tory support climbs in Atlantic Canada: poll

Harper's priorities out of step with voters

                        L'affaire Schreiber



Mulroney's turn

No need for inquiry: Mulroney

Mulroney explains cash payments from Schreiber

Schreiber allegations are 'completely false,' Mulroney says

Mulroney admits taking Schreiber cash, denies kickbacks

Schreiber's credibility, not stacks of $1,000 bills, focus of Mulroney testimony

Conservative MPs kind to Mulroney while following a script

Analysis: Barabara Yaffe on Mulroney scandal

Back here on Earth

The story changes

As low as they come
Karlheinz Schreiber casually ruins people's reputations and even their lives.

Not enough has changed in Ottawa

Politicians bearing cash generally up to no good

Did Mulroney remember the GST?

Mulroney's turn

What Mulroney....

Schreiber suit may hinge on jurisdiction

Schreiber will 'say anything, sign anything, do anything' – Mulroney
Former PM denies key Schreiber allegations as parliamentary committee grills him on cash payments

Only a public inquiry can discern the truth

Government retreats on copyright reform

Can't you just smell it?

EU and U.S. trade charges of blocking Bali talks

Gore tosses bodycheck at Canada, U.S. with hockey analogy at UN climate talks

Polluters' policy 'nothing new,' Liberals say
McGuinty accuses Tories of 're-gifting' existing rules

Canada's chief of security calls police on protesters

Baird blasé about Quebec's emissions plan

Bali big talkers litigious at home
Provinces likely to challenge any emissions targets

EU, U.S. at odds over Bali talks

A new call to reason

Canada lacks credibility, recognizes Pierre Marc Johnson

Canada, B.C. apart on climate change
Bali conference shows Harper government increasingly stands alone

Tolerance of diversity still a work in progress

Nikita and Danny – masters of high drama

Putin pursues power for life

Claim of massive agreement misleading

Agenda overtaken by climate change

Canada lost its credibility on world stage

Why I said no to Manley
I declined to appear before the panel on the Afghanistan mission because I believe it was constructed to come to a pre-determined conclusion

Mulroney admet avoir fait une erreur et veut tourner la page

Les commentaires de Mulroney sur Schreiber montrent une évolution

L'opposition reste incrédule face aux explications de Mulroney

Extraits de la déclaration de Brian Mulroney au comité d'éthique des Communes

Al Gore décoche un tir contre le Canada à la conférence de Bali sur le climat

Québec prêt à maintenir le registre des armes à feu si Ottawa y renonce

Chronologie de l'"affaire Airbus"

Repentant, mais toujours batailleur

L'opposition reste perplexe

Le Canada manque de crédibilité, reconnaît Pierre Marc Johnson

Il n'y a pas de scandale dans la gestion des sondages d'Ottawa, dit Paillé

Le Québec figure parmi les 10 nations qui gaspillent le plus les ressources



        Are there circumstances "Liberty City Seven" and the "Toronto Terrorists" that are similar? Are there differences that will lead to convictions?
        The Digest will be irregular in timing and in fullness of coverage from now until after New Years as preparations for Christmas more and more
        take precedence.



Liberty City Seven Shows Terror War Is Fraud

Lee Rogers

In a stunning defeat for the federal government, seven Miami men dubbed the "Liberty City Seven" who were accused of plotting to join forces with Al-Qaida to blow up the Chicago Sears Tower in 2006 were let go. One man was acquitted and a mistrial was declared for the six others after a federal jury ended up in a deadlock. What makes this case significant, is that the FBI actually utilized a paid informant to infiltrate the group posing as a fake Al-Qaida member in order to convince the men to blow up the Chicago Sears Tower. The group itself never made contact with any real so called Al-Qaida members and never acquired any weapons or explosives. Prosecutors even acknowledged that the alleged terror cell was aspirational versus operational. The FBI actually tried to create a threat that didn't exist and the jury's actions confirms that there was not adequate information to convict these men. Since the public isn't buying the phony war on terror, the federal government with help from the establishment media tries to invent phony terror threats.

The following is taken from an Associated Press article covering the event.

Prosecutors said the "Liberty City Seven" ­ so-named because they operated out of a warehouse in Miami's blighted Liberty City section ­ swore allegiance to al-Qaida and hoped to forge an alliance to carry out bombings against America's tallest skyscraper, the FBI's Miami office and other federal buildings.

The group never actually made contact with al-Qaida. Instead, a paid FBI informant known as Brother Mohammed posed as an al-Qaida emissary.

The defense portrayed the seven men as hapless figures who were either manipulated and entrapped by the FBI or went along with the plot to con "Mohammed" out of $50,000.

The group never actually made contact with al-Qaida and never acquired any weapons or explosives. Prosecutors said no attack was imminent, acknowledging that the alleged terror cell was "more aspirational than operational."

When the arrests of these men first became public, the arrests were made a national joke by John Stewart mocking the press conference with then Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Gonzales and the Feds had admitted at that time that the men had no means to carry out a terror attack yet still considered them a viable terrorist threat.

The deadlocked jury combined with admitted statements from the federal government is obvious proof that there was no terror threat from the "Liberty City Seven" and that this whole situation was provoked by the FBI. Other incidents like the Fort Dix Six raise additional questions about the federal government's credibility on the subject of this phony war on terrorism. The war on terror isn't real and if it was the government wouldn't need to send FBI informants to entrap a group of crazy people hanging out in a warehouse.

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