Saturday, December 01, 2007

Daily Digest December 1, 2007




HALIFAX CHRONICLE HERALD - Bare knuckles over Bear Head

        Black eye for N.S.

OTTAWA CITIZEN - The ethics of brain gain

TORONTO STAR - Leadership vital in war on AIDS

         Disclosure is healthy

NATIONAL POST - Brian & Stephen: Breeds apart

Man of principle

SUDBURY STAR - Silent right; Court decision allows police to ignore suspects' desire to keep quiet

CALGARY HERALD - Incurring wrath of fanatics

         Licensing a Pandora's Box

CALGARY SUN - Big problem under attack


EDMONTON SUN - No magic, just tricks in Annapolis

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Not just a family issue

VANCOUVER SUN - Desperate need for help outweighs HIV numbers game

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - No exceptions on death penalty
The government's failure to oppose the execution of Ronald Smith betrays a Canadian principle


Dealing with the loonie

Standard of living not what it seems

China's show of strength ups military ante

No link found between cholesterol levels, stroke deaths

Tory linked to anti-gay letter refused nomination

The ongoing muddle of N.S. energy policy

Ball now in your court, Williams says to PM

Ottawa likely to act soon on treaties, Campbell says

Tap U.S. for oilsands bill: Mar
Alberta's new D.C. rep calls for sharing cost of emission cuts

Shortchanged seniors should be compensated for accounting glitch: Layton

Harper ends tour through N.L. recognizing survivors of sea tragedy

Don't exploit Mulroney-Schreiber affair for political gain, Dion warns Grits

Dion has to hope for fortune reversal
Comment; Liberal boss open to attack from without, within

Dion says Liberals ready for a spring election

For Dion, a year of living dangerously

Stéphane Dion unveiled

Harper 'sabotaged' climate change efforts: Dion

Clement names co-chairs of key AIDS panel

Federal rules to track imported firearms shelved, police association says

Border guards unprepared to bear sidearms, will cost government millions

Ottawa invests $1.5 million to study biofuels, assessment of best crops in B.C.

Agriculture Minister Targets End Of Barley Monopoly In August, 2008

Canada won't be dumping ground for nuclear waste - gov't

Leading global industries urge drastic measures on greenhouse gas emissions

Politicians aid terrorists by overstating threats
Dangerous to toss around terms like 'weapons of mass destruction'

The rich and powerful need not fear RCMP

Future citizens pay for P3 mistakes

Views about ex-PM blur this saga

Onions and influence: The salesmanship of Karlheinz

French-rights group told to 'grow up'

Anglos don't seem to understand accommodation crisis
Hearings in English underscore differences between Montrealers and other Quebecers

The changing face of HIV/AIDS
As doctors and others on the front line in Alberta mark World AIDS Day, they wonder if complacency has set in

Canada does not need another house of hooting rabble
Elections not the way to accomplish much-needed Senate reform

Our not-so-secret shame: Poor children in need
It's tough to be a kid here, let alone an aboriginal child; maybe if children could vote the politicians would pay attention

People poaching – it's the Canadian way

The Harperites on Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Do These People Have No Shame?


Dion choisit de taper sur le clou de l'environnement pour rallier ses troupes

Les agents frontaliers non armés coûteront des millions au gouvernement

Ottawa est sommé de compenser les aînés pour des erreurs sur l'inflation

Les demandeurs du statut de réfugié - Les États-Unis ne sont pas un pays sûr, dit un juge fédéral

Les libéraux ne resteront pas assis

Mulroney-Schreiber: un «théâtre de guignol», selon Giorgio Pelossi


From: "Rosalie Piccioni" <>

Hi Joe,    Re:  From: "Suan H.Booiman"    
                     Subject: UK Memorial - FALSE RUMOUR
The Snopes urban legend website is a favourite, because there
really are many e-mails bearing falsehoods.  Snopes has set a few
people straight.
However, where the Holocaust is concerned, many are trying to deny
that the Holocaust ever happened, and I appreciate the comment
made by Dwight D. Eisenhower; I doubt that reference to such a remark is
a fabrication.
Those who saw the "Camps" and the walking skeletons in
them are probably still having nightmares at the strike they witnessed
against humanity. 
I heard first-hand from a dentist of Scottish origin that the Holocaust
was a lie.  That was at least 15 years ago, but since then I have
read, in many sources, and heard from the mouths of many Arab people
(no doubt Muslim), how their agenda is to push the Israeli Jews into the
sea.  No doubt, not all Muslims are of like mind ... many are friends of
the Jews having lived side by side in peace with them. 
But neither would accepting denial be wise. There is the constant threat
being heard that "the Holocaust is a lie." And that IS a THREAT.  The
Holocaust happened, we must remember, and we must also say "Never again."
Such should not happen again to the Jews - and not to any other people.

From: <>
To: "Editor DAILY DIGEST" <>
Subject:  taking back spent nuclear fuel
The Harper Cons have taken Canada into the US led Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, a profitable export agreement for Canada's uranium mines. As part of this club, members agree to store any waste from nuclear fuel they sell to other members. Canada -- the biggest exporter of uranium -- would be responsible for repatriating the waste from its exports.
I must add that the Saskatchewan NDP government apparently likes the expansion of uranium mining. And the new Saskatchewan Party government likes it even more, as does the Alberta government. I think that the Alberta Liberal Party leader expresses serious reservations, Stéphane Dion has expressed reservations as well, as has the Green Party leader.
However, Minister Gary Lunn says, "We have absolutely, explicitly stated that under no uncertain circumstances will Canada ever be taking back spent nuclear fuel at any time from any country."
This is an obvious admission that every country in the Partnership is aware of the very dangerous reality of nuclear waste transportation and storage. All the agreement partners want to return uranium waste to the source countries like Canada, and the main source country (Canada) says it won't accept it back for storage. Excuse me, but why not accept it back if the partners including Canada think it can be stored safely. Will the uranium customer countries buy from Canada if Canada refuses to accept the waste back? They all know the dangers. There needs to be no discussion at all if storage is not a safety problem. A remarkable contradiction in a major agreement.
We can understand why private sector nuclear energy interests want to want to make money with nuclear power investment. After all, the corporate executives and board members apparently think about nothing except next three months profit.
However, it's hard to explain why an elected government of Canada, whose first obligation is the well-being and protection of millions of citizens, is willing to allow and even subsidize corporations and investors in uranium mining, transportation, processing, exporting, domestic power production, and waste storage. All this when it's more costly than other energy and more dangerous for the next thousand plus years. 
For sixty-five years, all political parties in the House of Commons and in the Saskatchewan legislature have failed to protect us and the world against the dangers of uranium mining and in use in industry and war. Having nobody blameless, I call upon all Canadians to hold every party and every government accountable from now on with respect to the nuclear industry.
Jacob Rempel, Vancouver