Wednesday, November 07, 2007



                          The term "legacy party" is an interesting one.  There are two, the Reform and the Progressive Conservative.

                          From which is there a legacy of top down decision making that removes two nominated, in the field, candidates
                          on the one hand and takes over a Riding Association such as below?
                          Though you may disagree - and please do so - my view is these actions are the legacy of neither.

                          Being of assistance during the birthing and homecoming of Abigail, our seventh grandchild, has got in the way
                          of my usual activities.  Hopefully there well be a Digest tomorrow.



Membership to remain a secret print this article
The Truro Daily News
By Jason Malloy

TRURO – The makeup of a new management committee for the local Conservative riding association will remain a mystery.
The committee was set up following the impasse between the Cumberland Colchester Musquodoboit Valley Riding Association and the national party. The association had backed Bill Casey as its candidate for the next election but Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that wouldn't happen because Casey voted against the Tory budget.

"As far as I can tell it's a secret committee," Casey said.

The association has $35,000 for the next election, the largest it has ever had according to the fifth-term MP, who will run as an Independent.
"We don't even know who's in charge of the money," he said. "It's a weird twist of their interpretation of democracy to suspend the (decision-making of the) elected members of the board, appoint an advisory committee without a democratic process and then not even tell people who they are."
National president Don Plett said the identities will not be made public.

"Many of them have asked that their names not be published so we're going to respect that," he said.

It has put out an open invitation to board members to join the management committee and said it has resulted in some difficult decisions because members are strong Conservatives who have been loyal to Casey. "We don't want to create a divisive situation there between the two groups," Plett said.
There has even been speculation that the new management committee is comprised completely of members of the former Canadian Alliance/Reform parties.

"I believe that battle has been fought," Plett said noting when he was at a meeting two weeks ago in Wentworth he couldn't have determined which "legacy" party the people represented.