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is back

Investigation will scrutinize dealings between
former PM and Karlheinz Schreiber
(VIDEO: Harper responds to Mulroney controversy on page /\)

CTV News: Robert Fife with Harper's surprise move 4:58's%20surprise%20move&clip_id=ctvnews.20071109.00221000-00221668-clip2&subhub=video&no_ads=&sortdate=20071109&slug=harper_schreiber_071109&archive=CTVNews

Harper announces review of allegations against Mulroney

Transcript of Harper news conference

The new affidavit (pdf)

Timeline: Three decades

Stephen Harper's stunning blunder

him loose was PM's only option

dilemma: back Mulroney, or back down

casts long shadow in Harper circle

alleges Mulroney sought Airbus cash

wants ethics committee to probe Mulroney payments

dismisses calls for inquiry into Mulroney affair

grills Tories on Mulroney libel settlement

dealer Schreiber hit by new Canadian setback

Case Mulroney-Schreiber
Harper announces review of allegations against Mulroney

Pas d'enquête publique No public inquiry

Harper wants an independent opinion

Le Devoir Case Mulroney: Harper wants to know

Tories won't take questions about what they know about Mulroney and Airbus

Mulroney adviser asked Schreiber to transfer
Airbus funds, affidavit alleges

Schreiber alleges Mulroney sought Airbus cash
> Allegations pull Mulroney supporter into spotlight
> Legal tack won't help Mulroney settle this issue

Harper announces review of allegations against

PM- Mulroney to be

> PM announces probe into Schreiber allegations

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Killing a peace negotiator

He challenges us all to forget history at our peril

Lest we forget
A story of courage

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Taliban stage a coup of their own

The defections worry Afghan army

conference on economy in works

Federal-provincial conference on economy in

> Loonie's grip starting to choke Canadian economy

It's loonie - something's got to give

> Harper urged to take action on

> Trade surplus shrinks as dollar hits

> Look on bright side, PM says, amid growing economic fears

Rising Demand for Oil Provokes New Energy Crisis

Cash-strapped cities welcome McCallion's move

Ballard founder won't give up on his dream

Forestry's red ink shutting down sawmills
'The dollar is obviously kicking the teeth out of
the forest industry right now,' consultant says

Sino-Canadian relations dealt severe blowComment

Slayings highlight need for crime bill: minister
'I want to get something done,' Nicholson tell Board of Trade

'We're finding firearms wherever we go'

Mulroney adviser asked Schreiber to transfer Airbus funds, affidavit alleges

Saskatchewan's new leader makes nice with Ottawa

Harper rejects the idea of Charest

N.S. premier endorses Charest's call for meeting on dollar

Alberta Tories over the top with new bills

Darkness again and a silence

New poll puts Tories closer to majority

Harper agrees to meeting on the dollar

PMO clears media requests, some Cabinet ministers not allowed to talk

Dion to promise benefits to poor and working class
Appeal to voters sets anti-poverty goals

Debate over abolishing Senate full of sound, signifies nothing
More likely, Layton and Harper out to embarrass Dion

Harper's happy talk
Biz buddies hear his vow to keep cuttin'

Liberal reaction to Harper's Mulroney gambit

Ottawa blasted for killing long-gun registry contract
$10-million thrown 'into the trash can'

Harper rejects financial aid for cities

Harper to reintroduce Senate reform bills even as he flirts with abolition

From Nova Scotia to Flanders Fields

Lord Durham's deletion a danger to democracy

New tax cuts hurt us all

Transfer GST-cut money to cities, mayor urges
The real fiscal imbalance is between the province and cities

Tax incidence in Canada, 1990-2005

Harper's media misanthropy
PM's distrust of media suspicious, possibly a 'deal breaker' for next election

Harper condones corruption on strictly partisan terms

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper
demonstrates continued ultra right wing
affiliations by blocking pro social justice Toronto candidate

The land is complacent

Erasing history

Why he did it
posted by Garth Turner on 11.09.07 @ 10:04 pm |

Harper demande une évaluation indépendante de l'affaire Mulroney-Schreiber

Stéphane Dion promet de réduire le nombre de Canadiens dans la misère

Le partage du souvenir de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale devient plus pressant

Assurance-emploi : le Bloc et le NPD critiquent le mutisme de Dion

Ottawa accusé de démanteler le registre des armes à feu

Stephen Harper hésite entre la réforme et l'abolition du Sénat

L'armée afghane a besoin de meilleures armes

Les défections afghanes inquiètent l'armée

Harper rejette l'idée de Charest

Les blessures invisibles

Affaire Mulroney: Harper veut savoir

Solution ou ségrégation?

Affaire Mulroney-Schreiber
Harper veut un avis indépendant

Affaire Mulroney-Schreiber: Pas d'enquête publique

Stéphane Dion prépare la guerre


The hour is late or early depending upon
how you term going on 2:00 A.M. EST.

The post from James Carson will be responded to - not now however.

There having been a 180' switch on the
Mulroney-Schreiber affair Mike Watkins' thought
bear watching. My reason for doing so is the manner
in which the Prime Minister employed the
word "consensus" in relationship to Afghanistan.
While most of us would take it to mean
general agreement his meaning was not this
but rather a majority in the House of Commons.

There may well be duplication in the
coverage of "Airbus is back "but time constraints
precluded me from checking every link out.


From: "Dr. James Carson"
Subject: RE: Legacies?

I fail to see why the brain trust of the
Progressive Canadian Party, or Canadian
Progressive Party cares in the slightest how the
party apparatchiks of the CPC operate their
candidates. Or their former MPs. The PCP or CPP
(whatever) could and should have been able to get
both Turner and Casey to join your caucus. Why
spend time in your forum discussing these latest?
james carson, vancouver centre


From: Michael Watkins
Subject: Mulroney

Regardless of one's own political perspective,
most all would accept as a truism that Prime
Minister Stephen Harper is a very
deliberate,exactingly precise man, one who
chooses his almost-always tele-prompted words with extreme care.

Given this, Mr. Harper's chosen words today on
the Mulroney-Schreiber affair raise more
questions than they were perhaps designed to deflect.

Harper said that he and Mulroney "did not discuss
Mr. Mulroney's dealings with Mr. Schreiber during
that visit.", in August of 2006.

Harper did not say that he had *never* discussed the Mulroney-Schreiber affair.

Likewise, Harper went out of his way to say that
"Mr. Mulroney has never spoken to me on behalf of Mr. Schreiber".

Harper did not say that Mr. Mulroney had never
spoken to him *about* Mr. Schreiber.

"On behalf" is a curious turn of phrase to use,
one that implies a much different meaning than
"about". Is Mr. Harper using a Bill Clinton
language device here? Will we see a debate on
what the meaning of "is" is evolve in this case?

Will Harper come out and simply state that he has
*never* spoken to Mr. Mulroney about the
Mulroney-Schreiber affair? Can he state that without equivocation?