Friday, November 30, 2007

Daily Digest November 30, 2007



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - Looking a gift shop in the mouth

HALIFAX NEWS - Immigration contract stench getting worse

HALIFAX CHRONICLE HERALD - N.S. finds right dosage

AMHERST DAILY NEWS - Accessibility for everyone

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Fight AIDS war on many fronts

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Poor sense of numbers

BELLEVILLE INTELLIGENCER - Open system ensures trust in our police

TORONTO STAR - Testing Schreiber's tales

NATIONAL POST - Brian's turn

TORONTO SUN - Premier needs to find his target

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Breaking poverty's grip

SUDBURY STAR - Denouncing radical Islam; Too often in the West, we are silent to its worst outrages

         Impaired driving needs its own vaccine

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - MPs out of their depth

        Never surrender

CALGARY HERALD - Turning off the drug taps will help defeat Taliban

         Seeking truth in numbers
        Method of defining the poor not always a fair measurement

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Declaration of dependence too hard to fight

PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN - Reasonable doubt

         Liberals offer vague plan on protecting children

VANCOUVER SUN - Bickering by bureaucrats won't help families in crisis

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - AIDS awareness the only real 'passport' to having safer sex


Prime minister approves status change for native group in Newfoundland

Crippling opium industry key to defeating Taliban: former Canadian commander

Ottawa to announce major cash injection to clear land mines in Afghanistan

NATO could fail if Canada quits Afghanistan

Mission costs up sharply, MacKay says

Aurora flap wings MacKay

Dutch to keep troops in Afghanistan until 2010

Ottawa to change car safety rules to ease U.S. imports

It Ain't Pretty

China breaks its promise of press freedom
Chinese state continues its censorship and media-harassment policies despite vows to Games officials

Federal court strikes down refugee agreement

Feds mull options after judge slams deal sending refugees back to U.S.

Temporary ceasefire? print this article
War of words calms for now, but return to Williams-Harper spat could be easy as ABC

Williams, Harper agree to disagree

Harper, Williams meeting ends with no resolution to Atlantic Accord spat

'He didn't bring me solutions': Williams on PM meeting

Dion admits Liberals overreacted in demanding veiled voters uncover faces

Mulroney talked to Tory cabinet minister on behalf of Quebecor: CBC News

Dion hints there could be a spring election

Dion attending Bali summit for Earth, not political gain

Opposition demands debate on joining nuclear club

Tories defend decision to join world nuclear group

McCallion challenges Flaherty on city funding
Municipalities need more help from Ottawa, mayor says

Canada's ministers for seniors vow to continue fight against elder abuse

Canada Lobbyist Oversight Body Reviewing Mulroney, CBC Reports

Conservatives defend wireless decision

Minister from Quebecor

No help for struggling manufacturing sector before next budget

Laws governing RCMP, CSIS put Cdns at risk: Zaccardelli

Kyoto framework is still best hope ...

Ottawa says new Kyoto must be team effort

The Environment
Our special page of environmental stories, including our ongoing series Climate Change: The Deniers

Military nurse recalls 'intense' Afghan tour

The slop on our trays

Tasers helpful when dealing with violent suspects

Facts omitted by detractor of Taser use


Téléphonie sans fil
Quebecor se défend

Partenariat pour l'énergie nucléaire
L'opposition éclate

Extradition vers l'Allemagne
Sursis provisoire pour Schreiber

Williams et Harper restent inflexibles

La survie des conservateurs grâce aux libéraux achève, laisse entendre Dion

Ottawa doit annoncer un grand investissement contre les mines antipersonnel

L'opposition réclame l'abandon de l'entente sur les pays tiers sûrs

Ottawa et Québec cherchent des solutions à la crise forestière

Schreiber entame son numéro

Taser: le sénateur Kenny rabroué par les policiers

Club nucléaire: l'opposition demande un débat


        Although the matter may be solved, the larger issue is one of harmonizing vehicle regulations between Canada and the United States. Automakers in       Canada have been calling for such harmonization and an end to Canadian-specific rules on such things as bumpers and daytime running lights.


From: "Suan H.Booiman" <>
Subject: UK Memorial - FALSE RUMOUR
Hello All (what internet can do to you)
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From: Eugene Parks
Subject: RE: Daily Digest November 29, 2007

For the Digest:
First advisor to Prime Minister Harper: Brian Mulroney (an unregistered lobbyist who just got a billion dollar spectrum allotment for his company)
Second advisor to Prime Minister Harper: Tom Flannagan, and American – what the h* are Americans doing interfering in Canadian politics!
Third in command: Sandra Buckler (who worked for Mulroney)
Fourth in command: Peter McKay (who worked for Schreiber, and was directly involved in the company with the botched deal under investigation)
Fourth in command: Nicholson (who works or worked for Mulroney and was contemptuous of parliament when he tried to get Schreiber out of the country)
The cabinet of Mr. Harper is so deep into the Schreiber-Mulroney affair, one hardly know where to begin.
Spin that Sandra B.
Eugene Parks
L'affaire Schreiber

Schreiber escorted home

Schreiber to seek bail after extradition delayed

PM Harper among powerful politicians who want Schreiber extradited: Greenspan

Schreiber soap opera likely to continue for some time
Businessman's end game is obvious -- delay his deportation indefinitely

The Schreiber Files
Maclean's full coverage of the ongoing Mulroney-Schreiber saga

Peter MacKay told father not to associate with Schreiber

MacKay denies knowing Schreiber before Thyssen job

Tories rightly wary about revelations
MacKays were big backers of N.S. project

The committee mob scene on Parliament Hill

Schreiber teases and confuses in sordid Mulroney melodrama

Schreiber lures MPs with crumbs

Politicians have reason to worry

Afternoon television

MacKay stuck in the middle

A few things to chew on

Schreiber says Mulroney raised his case with Harper

Behind the testimony
National Post, Canada - 10 hours ago
German-Canadian arms dealer Karlheinz Schreiber appeared yesterday before the House of Commons ethics committee. Initially, he refused to answer questions, ...

Pasta explanation 'nonsense'
Globe and Mail, Canada - 15 hours ago
OTTAWA ­ Karlheinz Schreiber's assertion yesterday before the House of Commons ethics committee that it was "nonsense" that former prime minister Brian ...

Mulroney aide confirms PM wanted arms deal
Edmonton Sun,  Canada - 16 hours ago
By CP A former top aide to Brian Mulroney says the ex-prime minister personally directed him to oversee a project that's now at the centre of a $500000 ...

Mulroney intervened in project at heart of payments scandal, ex ...
The Canadian Press - 19 hours ago
OTTAWA - A onetime top aide to Brian Mulroney says the ex-prime minister intervened in a project that's now at the centre of a $500000 cash-payments scandal ...

Mulroney mum on declaring cash
Globe and Mail, Canada - Nov 29, 2007
Around the time that former prime minister Brian Mulroney accepted $100000 in cash from Karlheinz Schreiber in a New York City hotel room, ...

MacKay finds himself stuck in the middle, Canada - 14 hours ago
By STEPHEN MAHER Ottawa Bureau OTTAWA ­ Brian Mulroney, Karlheinz Schreiber and Elmer MacKay were once close friends, men at the pinnacle of power, ...

Ties that grind
Winnipeg Free Press, Canada - Nov 28, 2007
BRIAN Mulroney and Stephen Harper worked together to create the new Conservative party and government. "Without (Mulroney), it wouldn't have happened," says ...