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Daily Digest November 15, 2007


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ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - They're just not getting it

CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - Getting the ground rules straight print this article
If our legislators are going to open up the debate about Sunday shopping, everyone should be clear on the legal boundaries.


         Musharraf's Waterloo?

OTTAWA CITIZEN - A threat to society

BELLEVILLE INTELLIGENCER - High-risk take-down is the sole option

TORONTO STAR - Mulroney inquiry needs sharp focus

NATIONAL POST - Stephane Dion and the art of (not) listening

TORONTO SUN - Time to get adoption law right

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Let the RCMP do its work first

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Focus the inquiry

REGINA LEADER-POST - When the weapon has wheels

         Inquiry will clear the air

CALGARY HERALD - Responsibility will save Senate
No need to abolish chamber, merely make it accountable

        Public safety main concern

CALGARY SUN - MP seat shift addresses inequity

When Jan. 1 comes along, it's lighters out

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Harper puts Canada back on inquiry alert

         Safeguard cyber-privacy

EDMONTON SUN - Alberta gets more clout in Commons

VANCOUVER SUN - Investigations into airport Taser death must ensure tragedies like this are not repeated

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - Poverty belongs on national agenda

         Getting tough on drunk drivers 


'Credible' case of torture found in Afghanistan
Taliban fighter beaten after being handed over to Afghanistan authorities, Foreign Affairs says

Opposition claims cover-up in alleged detainee abuse

U.S. confirms high-tech driver's licences will be allowed at border

U.S. security turning border into parking lot, envoy warns

U.S. border delay kept fire crew from blaze

Bank won't rein in loonie

Learn to live with it

The Petroloonie
The Bank of Canada can't keep down a dollar that's now tied to oil

Who can save the American dollar?

Russia ups missile threat;jsessionid=OO0UVGEJCLPIHQFIQMGCFFOAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/15/wrussia115.xml

Canada announces tougher sanctions against Burma

Afghanistan, Iran, India, Pakistan and pipelines.

Day orders taser review

No more two-for-one deals for pretrial jail time, justice ministers urge

Two-for-one deals? Great thing for a hamburger chain to offer.
For criminals getting credit for at least two months for every month in remand? Not so much

Jail funding too confining

Justice ministers agree on protocol for Amber Alerts that cross boundaries

Mulroney ties to party an 'inconvenient truth'?

Brian who?

Proposed rule changes for committees rile opposition

Dion may be down, but he's not yet out
Liberal leader loses to Super Mario in recognition survey

Feds hit McGuinty with scathing letter over seats increase

Slowly, the Liberals grow less afraid of their own shadows

True Grits or twits?

Dion needs to reconnect with party's greatest asset

Casey's web of support  "Big Brother is watching," he jokes.

                          L'affaire Schreiber
                            all 633 news articles »

Schreiber extradition challenge denied

PM handcuffing Mulroney inquiry: opposition MPs

Liberals Call on Parliament to Examine the Harper Government's Role in the Mulroney-Schreiber Affair

Stephane Dion shows leadership in calling for Parliamentary committee to review Lettergate

'He's the opposite of inflammatory'
Meet David Johnston: Given a sweeping mandate to shape a controversial public inquiry, the University of Waterloo president has a tough task ahead of him

Mulroney contradicts himself on Liberal vendetta

Bigger Than Airbus, Says Schreiber

Video: Schreiber's shady past

Schreiber says he paid cash to avoid paper trail

Brian Mulroney, Airbus Sleaze and Cash Galore

Toews dragged into scandal
Resurgence of Airbus affair puts Tories in hot seat

Mulroney sues Liberal for statements

Mulroney review will consider bid to recoup cash from ex-PM

Letters to the PM don't go missing
Chretien's former mailman explains how it works

Mulroney and Schreiber -- the politics of old men

Probes net low returns at high cost

Canada's new government haunted by its old ghosts

Tories not on hook for Mulroney furor, Canadians say in poll

Former Nfld. premier innocent in Airbus affair, Crosbie insists

News media botched scandal story print this article
Schreiber-Mulroney dealings covered inadequately for far too long a time

Mulroney wants a pricey probe over money he has yet to explain

One central disturbing image

Harper puts Canada back on inquiry alert

Sorting out the truths

Monster inquiry suits Mulroney fine

So what's stopping you, Brian?

Veteran journalist says she's prepared to testify

Conservatives to shift focus to crime bills

Tories transfer funding
'Shell game,' Critics say. Money for residential school victims goes to summer jobs program

Harper wants to add 2nd voting day

Unclear if $2.5B scholarship program actually helped the most needy: study

Let us approve summit sites, military tells government

Tory plan would create 22 new ridings, but nobody knows just where

Flaherty to appoint sole regulator panel by year's end

How urbanization changes green policy

Sometimes allies, sometimes enemies

The Horror And The Folly
Torture didn't work in Renaissance Europe. And it doesn't work now

Oh Canada: Scandal and Farce


Ottawa accorde 15 jours de sursis à l'homme d'affaires Karlheinz Schreiber

Craignant une élection précipitée, les libéraux s'abstiennent encore de voter

Un jour de vote de plus aurait un effet marginal sur la participation

Les ministres provinciaux de la Justice défendent l'utilisation du Taser

La GRC devrait revoir l'utilisation du pistolet électrique, selon S. Dion

Gilles Duceppe traite le ministre des Affaires étrangères de petit con

Affaire Mulroney-Schreiber
Mulroney poursuit un député

Arctique: les blâmes pleuvent sur Ottawa

Mulroney: l'opposition critique les délais

Schreiber lié aussi aux libéraux


Denial of Legacy

To Reformers, Mulroney represented everything that was wrong with Canadian conservatism. As Harper told party members during a 1991 Saskatoon rally, "We are here to fight Brian Mulroney."

That all changed three years ago when Harper was trying to become prime minister. To win, he needed Quebec. And to win Quebec, he needed Mulroney.

Hence the rapprochement. Hence the movement of Mulroney loyalists into the centre of the new government. Hence Harper's decision to entertain Mulroney at Harrington Lake last year, a decision that featured in the affidavit filed last week by arms dealer and alleged fraudster Karlheinz Schreiber and that ultimately forced Harper to call a full-scale public inquiry.

Harper is trying hard to insulate himself. He has ordered his ministers to have no contact with the former prime minister. But it's not that easy. As Mulroney often liked to say: "You dance with the one that brung you."

        The new Government of Canada is now shunning the most successful Leader of the Party of Macdonald and Cartier since Sir John A. died three months after
        winning his fourth consecutive election in a row in 1891.
        You may hold the view that Martin Brian Mulroney played no role in the two Legacy parties becoming one.  It may be your belief  he was of no assistance in
        the new Conservative Party coming into power. To you the saying "You dance with the one that brung you."" is not relevant because the facts are "He's not
        the elder statesman of the party. He's a former prime minister back in 1984 to 93.
" and ''Different party, different time. It wasn't my party when these        things happened, and it's not now,'' ;
        Brian Mulroney is a part of the legacy of the Party of Sir John A. Macdonald.  Deny him as an elder statesman. Claim he is not a part of your Party now as some
        do in the articles below. Know this, however, through denying him you give up thereby claim to the entire legacy of his Party from 1854-2003.
Mulroney ties to party an 'inconvenient truth'?

Brian who?


Letter to the Editor

The focus: images not issues
Victoria, B.C., Thursday, November 15, 2007, by : Eugene Parks

    During the 1993 election, Kim Campbell's personal attack on Jean Chretien's face was resoundingly condemned by both the media and the public – ending the Mulroney era. But in just 15 short years, the public and the media are now tolerating paid adverting by Harper Conservatives aimed at assassinating the character of Stephane Dion – an action unprecedented in Canadian political history outside the confines of an election period.

    If we are going to be subject to Harper's never ending trashy-talk advertising, could the media balance this with the facts of Mr. Harper's actions?

        * He ended all government environment-climate projects (cancelling the government's green project),
        * reversed position on Canadians on death row in the U.S.,
        * cancelled the Kelowna accord,
        * cancelled Pine Beetle prevention funding,
        * cancelled RCMP training courses,
        * agreed to a 15% export tariff on softwood lumber
        * is failing to mitigate the dollar-evaluation monetary crises that is costing tens of thousand of manufacturing and forestry jobs.
        * On the social side, he has failed to provide any meaningful healthcare initiatives or improvements.
        * He has cancelled funding for the arts, social development partnership programs, the Canadian wildlife service, the CBC, youth employment, adult literacy programs, and climate awareness funding (to give you the short list of cancellations).

    The Government of Canada's duty is to focus on good governance, providing fair and equitable programmes for all citizens.

    In contrast, Harper's government is fixated on demeaning Stephane Dion, pre-programming voters for an election campaign dealing not with issues of consequence to the electorate. Rather we are being prepared for a Harper Conservative campaign "who makes the best Prime Minister?" in terms of image formulated from personal attacks.

Eugene Parks

        Rana, Abbas,
Conservatives want next ballot question to be: who makes best Prime Minister? November 12, 2007, The Hill Time

From: "Peter Robertson"

Subject: RE: Daily Digest November 14, 2007

            Don Harron got it right:  We have a choice between the "Regressive Conservatives" and the " Fiberals". 
            I used to visit the Royal Ontario Museum to see the dinosaur skeletons.  Now I can visit Parliament Hill for our Canadian version of Jurassic Park.
            Peter Robertson.

From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
Subject: As posted to the Globe & Mail forum re:
"Tories not on hook for Mulroney furor, Canadians say in poll."

Brian Marlatt, from White Rock, BC, Canada wrote:
'Another time, another party,' quoth former CA/Reform MPs distancing themselves from Progressive Conservatives who they otherwise claim 'merged' with their party. Of course, it isn't the former PCs who are being investigated, and for good reason since allegations of personal wrong-doing (yet to be proved) can not extend to the historic party. But it is revealing that the Harper Reformers, who so desperately wanted the true Tories Conservative branding and so eagerly encouraged the background support and imprimateur of the former prime minister, are so ready [to]ditch Mr. Mulroney and to admit that their's is 'another party.' Good news for Canada and genuine Tories if the unholy alliance, the marriage of duplicitous convenience, is coming apart.

From: Michael Watkins
Subject: Re: Daily Digest November 14, 2007

James Carson wrote:

    Re; Warner, it is clear that Warner was determined to set his
    own policy agenda, contrary to conservative policy and basically
    dared the party to do anything about it.

Where did Mark Warner step outside party policy? Can you illustrate
where he is off message?

Warner is reported to be concerned about traditional large city
issues including housing, poverty, AIDS. Legitimate concerns for a
big-city riding.

Lets see what the CPC policy declaration has to say:

- The CPC policy declaration contains, at times vague and notional,
  elements on housing (70.i-v).

- There is no mention of "poverty" in the CPC policy declaration
  except in relation to foreign aid (106.iv).  Does the CPC believe
  poverty exists in Canada or only on foreign shores?

- Or how about AIDS? Oops, Mr. Warner apparently cares about a topic
  that the party has declared taboo, as "aids" is referenced only in
  relation to "aids to navigation" and lighthouses.
  Mind you, when it comes time for a vote-grabbing announcement,
  Harper is all over AIDS. You'll recall early this year his
  sit-down with billionaire Bill Gates, announcing funding for
  AIDS vaccine research. Is Harper off policy?

YET... the policy declaration, contains, as its very last policy,
the claim:

    The Conservative Party believes true democracy involves vigorous
    participation by all citizens in the affairs of the country. We
    will commit to broad consultation with citizens across Canada to
    further the ongoing policy development process and ensure
    Members of Parliament have the fullest input from all Canadians.

If the input of the EDA means nothing, then Canadians at large can
be assured their input means nothing to Harper either, unless its
of course tied to votes in big chunks.

Lets get real here. Political parties care not one whit about input
from their EDA's, from various policy committees, from citizens
themselves. This is especially true of the CPC where Harper and his
proxies have total control on what gets thunk and said.

The party policy declaration doesn't limit Harper, for he is a
one-man-band, able to invent new policy on the fly. Policies don't
have to make sense, just earn votes, since he hasn't the personal
charisma to sell good but difficult policy. A few examples of
Harper's self-made policies or established party policy violations:

1. Abolish senate: No policy convention has EVER approved that, yet
Peter Van Loan made the unenforceable threat this week just the
same. Speaking of going against established or understood policy,
Harper breaks his own word in appointing Michael Fortier to cabinet
via the senate, despite Harper's own election "promise" on Radio
Canada (TV) that he didn't believe in such moves.

2. Free Votes: Harper's use of "confidence" of late has essentially
made it impossible for CPC MP's to benefit from policy 7 "make all
votes free, except for the budget and main estimates".

3. Tax Relief: No where in the policy declaration did members of the
party agree that cutting the GST was party policy. Income, business,
capital gains, and payroll taxes are specifically mentioned - in
line with generally accepted economic thinking, but not the GST.

Instead, Harper has used the GST tax cut as a wedge issue between
both him and the Liberals, and him and the old PCPC guard including
Mulroney. Its a populist vote-grabbing move that doesn't make sense
compared to alternatives, and isn't "party" policy.

Back to Mr. Warner, even when Harper does go off page and invents
his own policies, he doesn't follow them. In the 2004 election he
said "We want to clean up internal party politics, beginning with
grassroots democratic control of the nomination process".

How does that statement square with National Council this year three
times doing Harper's dirty work in denying the grassroots their
choice of candidate?

The Toronto Centre EDA selected Mark Warner as their candidate and
did so based on a fair evaluation of the candidates in context with
their riding's needs, expectations, opposition, and demographics.

The CPC National Council apparently knows better than the people who
live in Toronto Centre.

That's not real democracy.

Democracy isn't the goal of course, and if you are a CPC candidate,
you already know what to do. Shut up and smile.


Anti North American Union protests planned in 7 cities for November 17th

Organizers are planning to protest the North American Union in 7 cities on November 17th. Protests are planned in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Yakima, WA.

The nation wide protest march is in opposition to the Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) and establishment of a North American Union between the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

The website dubbed 'March for America' states:

"The SPP is a "hostile takeover of democracy" by the leaders of the United States, Canada & Mexico in collaboration with un-elected and unaccountable corporate elite "working groups" who are integrating and "harmonizing" policies and regulations between the three nations without any public forum or congressional oversight."

Critics have charged that the Bush administration has been attempting through Executive Initiative to replace U.S. representative government with a North American Union. The SPP was not authorized by Congress.

They see moves that have increased the power of the Executive Branch of government as a tool to be used at the behest of an international oligarchy. 

The proposed plan for a North American Union on the Council on Foreign Relations wevsite, calls for a 15 member council that includes five members from each nation, which will set the agenda for the president instead of Congress.

The plan also calls for replacing Congress with a North American Parliament and a North American Court to replace the U.S. Supreme Court as well as a new continental perimeter and a continental tariff. It also calls for integrated Homeland Security and Customs.

Former Mexican President Vincente Fox has said recently that he supported massive immigration into the U.S. in order to integrate the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, to further the long term goal of a North American Union. Visit the USA Daily Forum to discuss this and other issues