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Daily Digest November 1, 2007



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - Getting a pizza the action

CAPE BRETON POST - Tax cuts come in a vacuum

HALIFAX NEWS - Plot thickening in mentorship mess


MONTREAL GAZETTE - Tighten up security at the border now

         Ten-year passports make sense

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Importing the best brains

         Managing the equipment


TORONTO STAR - Dion's credibility hangs by a thread

TORONTO  SUN - Parents need to smarten up

NATIONAL POST - Secure our borders

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Tax cuts are not visionary

K-W RECORD - The virtues of the federal tax cuts

WINDSOR STAR - Flaherty's tax plan

SUDBURY STAR - Cutting taxes good politics

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - You earned it, keep it

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Raucous debate format stresses image, not ideas

REGINA LEADER-POST - Too much volume, too little substance

CALGARY HERALD - 'Little Oil' makes its case
Junior oil and gas sector feeling brunt of royalty hikes

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Politicians keep sowing seeds of distrust

PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN - Tory taxes contain B.C. message

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - Homeless aid before tax cuts


Charges against Alberta Metis set stage for new court battle over hunting rights

New aboriginal affairs minister pushed to kick protesters off disputed land

Heartbroken Ontario cottagers blame feds for 'bungling' First Nations leases

Musharraf faces up to an emergency

An administration corrupt to the bone
Michele Ouimet La Presse Kabul

In-depth: Canadians in Afghainstan

Battle For Kandahar 'Vital'
'Organized Attack'; Canadians fight Taliban to secure provincial capital

Canadian troops halt Taliban Afghan offensive

Afghan police in Kandahar province have been searching houses for Taleban fighters after three days of clashes with Afghan and Nato-led forces.

NATO forces push Taliban away from Kandahar city

Taliban overrun another district


Military stockpiling unapproved vaccine

Six years since the Taleban fell, Afghanistan's main national road is not safe enough for aid convoys to reach those most in need in some parts of the country.

More retailers cut prices

Northern pebbles new pawns in Arctic chess game

Codify priorities in law: human rights and poverty

Good for the goose, but not for Turkey?

I'm no medicare foe: CMA boss

Canadians face longest health queues

Defence lawyers upset by Commons' crime bill pact

Parole system overhaul due

Police can keep questioning unwilling suspects, top court says

Increasing the PST by one point is a political game no one wants to play

Religious school funding issue not over: Conservative MPP

Ontario cool to Ottawa's call to cut corporate taxes: Ontario government officials have also called on Ottawa to rethink their plan to cut the GST by one percentage point, and they have said they have no interest in harmonizing their provincial sales taxes with the GST.

Commissioner to review case of censored report

Debate left many issues untouched: Swenson

Sask. Tories launch suit over funds
Name trustees, Saskatchewan Party

Stelmach plan fails to grasp big picture, Manning says

All's well that ends well – for the oil barons, anyway

Perplexing poll shows Harper stalled
Tories failing to turn satisfaction into voter decision

Harper's team dumps city-friendly candidate

Tory candidates forced to withdraw

Federal Tory candidate for Toronto Centre says he has been removed by party

Harper's real record on the environment
David McGuinty, National Post

Tone it down, Ottawa tells top soldier
'Marching orders' issued over Hillier's controversial remark

Aide denies Hillier was leashed by Ottawa

Opposition parties unite to fight big-box daycare

Tories criticized for not helping manufacturing

Liberal caucus in restive mood
Some MPs didn't want to abstain again, others confused by Dion's GST musings

PM attacks, Liberals only cower

Harper expected to make appearance at Yarmouth rally

Harper's way, or no way

Tories decide to stop opposing death penalty for Canadians convicted abroad

Grits blast Tory reversal on death-penalty policy

Tories playing politics with Quebec military college: Bloc MP

Quebec underwhelmed by Ottawa's mini-budget
Quebec finance minister says GST cut will slash provincial tax revenue

Ottawa still flush, experts say
Tories could offer more goodies ahead of a possible election, say Finance watchers

How to fix the GST mistake

Budgets should be like this

Ho, ho, ho -- Santa brings savings for good little taxpayers
Weak, divided Opposition doesn't dare play Grinch

Flaherty's jaw-dropping tax cuts

Canada shaves unemployment insurance premiums

Grads who wind up sick or out of work go through student loan hell: report

Doublethinking PM

Jabarah case still a mystery

Spare a minute to stand for our soldiers

Murky and monied with Mulroney

CBC launching 'vendetta' in cash probe: Mulroney spokesman

Mulroney cash payments dubbed 'almost unbelievable'
Rules were stringent, former Mountie says

The watchdog barely barks

Deux candidats conservateurs reniés par le parti

L'importance des bonnes habitudes

Le maire de St-Georges veut faciliter le travail des professionnels étrangers

Les fonds sont rares chez les libéraux

Dion pourrait ramener la TPS à 6%

Le gouvernement aurait exigé que le Général Hillier modère ses interventions

Violent combat près de Kandahar

Une administration corrompue à l'os
L'administration du président Karzaï est corrompue à tous les échelons, de l'humble fonctionnaire au puissant ministre. Les gens ne se cachent même plus pour exiger un pot-de-vin. Le Canada soutient ce gouvernement à coups de millions. Dans le quatrième et dernier volet de sa série sur les ratés de la mission canadienne en Afghanistan, notre envoyée spéciale donne un aperçu d'un phénomène qui a pris une ampleur sans précédent.



Conservative officials have been actively resisting Warner's emphasis on housing, health care and cities issues, he said, even blocking him from participating in a Star forum on poverty earlier this year and pointedly removing from his campaign literature a reference to the 2006 international conference on AIDS in Toronto – which Warner attended but Prime Minister Stephen Harper did not.

Barr, like Warner, is shocked and angry – furious at being told he wasn't campaigning enough and, more importantly, that he was failing to enter information from his canvassing into the central party information registry.

        A grave, grave matter, not feeding data to the central computer.
        As all candidates in good standing do, or not?
        Anyone know?

From: Ted Speers.

Good reporting, Joe. Let us have the truth, otherwise we can not pressure to improve the stated conditions. It is our money and our reputation whether in Iraq or Ottawa. The conditions of imprisonment are horrendous, if this is what the New Canadian Government condones in passing captured prisoners forward through "No Reply" or no action, even in a foreign country, it is time for changes in Ottawa. Much can be done and must be done.
Ted Speers.

From: "Bernard J fFnestone"

What do they  expect - civilized behaviour from savages ? Dreamers !
Colonel BJ Finestone, CD, CdeG.

From: "Mark Whittle"

Shameful abuses by the local thugs. That's what happens when anarchy rules. Stephen Harper should get after Karzai. Tell him to clean up his own back-yard before we start putting more Canadian soldiers in harm's way. ~ MAW

From: "John Dowson"

Being tortured is at least better than having your head sawed off and placed on a pole on the main street because you taught girls in school, or played soccer in shorts. It only proves that these people live in the 15th century and want to remain in the 15th century. They don't like us they don't want our help. We should just leave them to their Mullahs, and skedaddle.
Why doesn't the Bloq run candidates in all 308 ridings. Their platform would be, Vote for the Bloq member and we'll support Quebec leaving Canada. I would stand for that platform. John

From: "Garry Holland"

This is good stuff, Joe;
Very helpful, in my opinion, and material which I will definitely promulgate.
Wish I had spent more time on my French, when in University; have almost zero ability now to translate.
Many thanks

. . . thanks. Means a lot to be told it's "good stuff".

Shoot more than one arrow that goes ". . . I know not where"


From: "Claudia Hudson"

Subject: End Game video in full
This is by Alex Jones and is over 2 hours in length. It is a quite a shocker for those who come for the first time to what is happening to our way of life

From: Michael Watkins

> "We want to clean up internal party politics, beginning with grassroots
> democratic control of the nomination process."
> Stephen Harper while campaigning for the 2004 federal election.
> Conservative Party president Don Plett would not reveal the precise reasons
> for dropping the two candidates, citing privacy issues. He would only say
> there were certain concerns and because of those concerns the party needed
> to take action.
> Reality October, 2007

Michael Watkins

Over the years its been made clear that Harper has never cared for
"grassroots democracy" -- not as Preston Manning's policy sidekick,
not as head of the libertarian/anti-government National Citizens
Coalition, not as leader of the Canadian Alliance and certainly not
as leader of the Conservative Party or government.

What nominal support he offers democracy is merely pretense; a
platitude for the masses.

Taking the point to its logical conclusion, Harper doesn't much care
for "democracy", not by any common definition of the word. Harper
certainly doesn't believe in representative democracy, as the
people's representatives are muzzled before, during, and after
election, and made to conform in every respect, cookie-cutter-like,
to templates set by an unelected bunch from National Council and the
ever-ready election war room.

Usurping the people's choice apparently comes naturally to Harper.
We've got Fortier and Emerson and Khan as concrete examples. And
within just a few weeks recently, a hat-trick of electoral district
associations are being dictated to from afar (or essentially have
been replaced) and condescendingly informed that they may not select
their own candidates.

While CPC president Don Plett might be taking the heat for the more
recent examples, the Manitoban Harper hitman answers only to his
master in the PMO.

With a Prime Minister who has at every turn demonstrated that the
only voice which should matter is his own, its clear that Stephen
Harper practices autocracy, not democracy.

From: "Rebecca Gingrich"

Joe--far be it from me to defend Harper, but this man sounds like another
Garth Turner. And sadly, any report from the CBC is suspect, to say the
least. Sorry, but AIDS is a one trick pony and that is not a platform to
base your candiacy on. You see what Turner has turned out to be so why
would any party want another big mouth defaming any good they can do(except
the Liberals that is)



A person would think, after all the priorities are dealt with, there would more issues about
HOMELESSNESS dominating the headlines at the post. Though Canadians were at one point
in time, a hospitable people, there seem to be more and more of our youth "dropping out" and ending in the helplessness of HOMELESSNESS in the trenches of our Country.


Building and refurbishing affordable housing, funding high-quality child-care spaces and providing dental coverage for the working poor should all be high priorities. So should hastening the phase-in of the child benefit and increases in the minimum wage to $10.25 an hour, both measures the Liberals announced in their budget last March.

From: Ron Thornton

Hi Joe:

Harper is a former Reformer, while Plett is one of your good ole Progressive Conservatives.  I learned back in 1998 that this talk about the grassroots holding democratic control of anything, by any party, is nothing but bullshit.  Party politics consists of three kinds of people.
1. There are the head honchos of the party who run the show and who benefit the most.
2. Those who are part of the process for what they can get out of it.
3. A bunch of poor bastards who are obviously pathetically bereft of friends, or just lacking the worldliness to know what saps they are allowing themselves to be by working so hard on behalf of those who wouldn't piss on them if they caught fire.

Joe, if any politician comes to me talking about grassroots politics, my first instinct would be to consider such a person a liar.  Then again, if such a person was a politician, what else should I suspect?

Yoda Manning taught me well.


. . . a query.

Where did Plett hail from, never saw his name to my recollection.

But then these years I have seniors moments.


To the best of my recollection, Plett arrived on the scene at the time Manning was scuttling the Reform Party to create the Canadian Alliance. 
He was termed a "PC'er" at the time by Reformers who did not think that a good thing.  I know Plett was active with the provincial party, apparently associated with Vic Toews, though I have no knowledge of his federal PC involvement up to this time. Then again, neither do I have any knowledge of him being involved with the Reform Party, at least prior to the Canadian Alliance initiative.

From: Charles Tupper
Subject: Why does Stephen Harper have a problem with nationalism if he is a Canadian patriot? Maybe he's not...

Listen, watch or read what Stephen Harper had to say to the Council on Foreign Relations in September.

A Conversation with Stephen Harper [Rush Transcript; Federal News Service]

A Conversation with Stephen Harper (Video)

From: Glen Turner

Joe -
First it was Emerson and Fortier, in complete disregard of what Harper
said in his campaign, and in opposition.

Then came Casey in Nova Scotia, in complete disregard as to what Harper
said in his campaign, and in opposition.

Harper said in 2004 - "We want to clean up internal party politics,
beginning with grassroots democratic control of the nomination

Now, there's Mark Warner (who was acclaimed by the CPC at one point)
who's been dropped in Toronto Centre......and in Guelph, Brent Barr.

He won the nomination for the CPC in March, and has now been dropped.

Is there something missing??

Like "beginning with grassroots democratic control of the nomination
This must be hard to explain - from the people who tout the CPC as the
model of 'grassroots' democracy.
It speaks volumes about the CPC and their leader - he, who has the
Cabinet so muzzled that they don't even take a stand against such
centralized control.
You know, this from Harper, who ranted on about the power of the PMO.....
....but only when he was in opposition, of course.
INCREDIBLE hypocricy.

So much for the "grassroots".

From: "Rebecca Gingrich"


From: Rubie Britton
Subject: WATER!

As reported by the Huffington Post yesterday, across the United States "the picture is critically clear - the nation's freshwater supplies can no longer quench its thirst. The government projects that at least 36 states will face water shortages within five years..."
Additionally, "the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a United Nations network of scientists, said this year that by 2050 up to 2 billion people worldwide could be facing major water shortages."
For much more you can go to the full article at:
As ever,

From: "Elections Canada / Élections Canada" <>

Subject: New on the Elections Canada Web Site

Dear Subscriber:
Please note that we have added a news release to Elections Canada's Web
site entitled: Registered Political Parties' Third Quarter Financial
Returns for 2007 Now On-line.

The news release can be found at:


From: "Rene Moreau"
Subject: Re: Daily Digest October 29, 2007

To Joe
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re;  John Manley being hired by Harper
   Not too surprising really. Take the person in Canada most in line for a charge of treason, next to Thomas D'Aquino of the Council of Chief Executives, for their work on pushing for the North American Union and Security and Prosperity Partnership, and who else would Harper chose to get a pro-American conclusion?
   John Manley knows how the citizens feel on the issue. He even said we, the activists are all crazy, when I reminded him of the charge!
               Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

From: Zeb Landon
Subject: Policy discussions actually take place

Dear Joe,

I sympathise with Al Heisey, who, in spite of all his long dedicated history supporting the old PC party in the GTA, seems to have been put out to pasture since the merger, for having aspirations of discussing policy.

I like careful, well-debated change, respecting and leaving alone all the best parts in "tradition".  That was my idea of "progressive conservative" in a positive sense.

Having policy discussions gives a party and its leader some proper "thinking" to choose from.  This has often interested me in the past.
For example, in an LTE in the Brantford Expositor I once made a "Suggestion to Stephen Harper" (when the first cut of GST was proposed) that a better choice would be to set up a transfer of the one cent of GST to municipalities across Canada, --to precisely the same municipalities where businesses generated the sale tax revenue.  Give a small break to property-tax payers, and give to municipalities a new regular revenue stream to reduce their waiting on the unpredictable quirks of grant handouts from higher levels of government.
The old PC Party had a balance or equilibrium between grassroots and leadership impulses, but I don't see that in the new Con Party.

Don't ignore that it's not a party than can bear the free competition of ideas or of
democratically competing personalities, as I remember them revoking the membership
card of someone who had honourably run for leadership.  A kick in the teeth for trying.

The policy discussion has been interactive and friendly at my local riding association. But that's now with another party.  If some day that should not work out, well, I have lots of other interests.  The world beckons!

   -- Z. Landon,  (Past Pres., 2001-3, Haldimand Norfolk Brant Federal PCs)

From: "Suan H.Booiman"
Subject: Peter Doody

Your story about Chretien not being responsible for appointed actions
please send a copy to his Lawyer Peter Doody, you will find a e.mail
opportunity by putting on Google Peter Doody, I did and did ask him
where the college is where lawyers learn the ability to protect criminals
with the message "you honour my client did not mean to", like their
 to Chretien and the golf balls arrogance. or as in this case blaming
the Commissioner's relation with the media. All and all making our
justice system the source that one day people taking the law in their
own hands as we see among the gangs. Who can blame them?
Of course there is always the chance to blame the next government.

May hopes dinner with Layton will end their rift
Eh? Sleeping with the NDP, now? (The Green Party sleeping, I mean). But, but .. what will the Liberals think, they who renounced running in Pictou-Antigonish-Guysborough so that Ms. May could have a clear shot at dislodging Peter MacKay? There's hurt feelings in the air tonight ...
Also .. is this the beginning of a new political alignment? A Green-led Green-Liberal-NDP fusion-party? Seems to me that green+red+ornage would give some icky brown or something ...
Liberals picked wrong wedge
Actually, they're the bad woodsman.
Liberal MP's resignation blunts attack on Tories
Blunt, wedge, bad woodsman .. Told ya so!
Does any one but me see anything of political significance in this sentence?

Huh. I'd figured that this was about Jean Charest pounding the pavement to promote a Montreal-based carbon-exchange. And here I thought that Toronto'S TSX was the competition ... A new gladiator in the arena, folks?
The Premier was the only Canadian on hand to sign on to the International Carbon Action Partnership, which aims to create a global market for buying and selling greenhouse-gas emission rights.

(The acceptance of provinces signing international agreements with other countries weakens the position of the Government of Canada.  Not a concern of Canada's New Government.  It was of all other governments either Progressive Conservative or Liberal.  It furthers the argument provinces oughtto have complete control of their competencies as they define them in the British North America Act Section 92)