Tuesday, October 02, 2007


                          Many of us over the years have family, friends and fellow politicos in other provinces we continue to keep in contact with.
                          Winning in Ontario is important both psychologically and practically.
                          There is need for a positive, easily understood by the AVs - the Average Voters issue to become fixed in their minds.
                          One is presented here.

                          Will it if put into play be THE WINNING ISSUE?

                          I dunno.  There may be another that's better.

                          This I do know - running with "Gas Tax Accountability" sure in blue blazes will be a positive.

                          So, inform those in Ontario you know of what's below - as well as John and Lasch if you're of a mind.
                          For some in Ontario this will be a duplicate, sorry but collating thousands of addresses is too time consuming.

Gas Tax Accountability

                                   Think back to the last weeks of the last time the PC Party came from behind to win an election.
                                   NO MORE QUOTAS...NO MORE QUOTAS... NO MORE QUOTAS was the message driven home.

                                   Though not in The Common Sense Revolution this created a tide that swept our Party into office
Gas Tax Accountability
                                   Now there may be another policy that affects more voters . . . but I've no idea what it is. If you do
                                   please share.
                                   Another issue may have more locations to reach directly to those affected . . . but every motorist
                                   in Ontario pulling out of a gas station after paying for a fill up is a potential supporter of
                                   this promise
                                   A promise that in four years can be verified by stats TAX IN = SPENDING OUT and so can
                                   lay the groundwork for ELECTION 2011.
                                   Buy in.  Get your workers out to gas stations with the message. Let the decision makers in the
                                   Province-wide campaign know this is the tack to take . . . and get your own campaign in motion.
                                   John Tory <john@ontpc.net>                John Laschinger <john.laschinger@ontpc.net>>

                                   Accept this challenge - either act on this OR suggest a more positive course of action!

                                   Either way let me know, eh?

                                            Joe Hueglin
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Progressive Conservative Party Leader John Tory today said a PC Government will reduce gridlock by investing every penny of the gas tax into improving roads and transit in Ontario.

"There's only one thing more frustrating than paying skyrocketing gas prices - knowing the gas taxes you pay aren't going to roads and transit. They're going to fuel Dalton McGuinty's wasteful spending," said Tory. "Ontarians are paying more at the pumps and they're long overdue for some peace of mind. More importantly, they are long overdue for some real leadership from government and they have not seen this from Dalton McGuinty."

Tory pumped gas today at a busy station in downtown Toronto. He said a PC Government will increase transportation and transit spending so that 100 per cent of gas and fuel taxes paid by motorists are spent where they're intended. This would mean an additional $1 billion spent on transportation and transit building, repair, maintenance and improvement within five years. In the current fiscal year, Dalton McGuinty is only planning to spend $1.97 billion on transit and transportation yet the government is expected to bring in $3.14 billion from gas and fuel taxes. Meanwhile, for every dollar motorists spend at the pumps, 14.7 cents goes to the provincial government.

"Ontarians deserve truth in taxes not their gas taxes going into a logo change, misleading advertising campaigns or some general revenue account where Dalton McGuinty wastes it on year-end spending sprees," said Tory.

The PC Party 'Leadership Matters' plan includes a comprehensive transportation plan for Ontario that will:
  • Improve transit infrastructure and invest in Ontario roads;
  • Reduce gridlock and minimize greenhouse gas emissions caused by gridlock;
  • Expand GO Transit's network to reach unserved and underserved communities and implement a service standard at GO Transit to ensure better accountability and on-time performance;
  • Plan, build and finance rapid transit systems in the GTA and across the province and build roads and transit we need in Ontario; and
  • Invest in Northern roads and bridges, the lifelines for people and businesses.
Tory added, "People are frustrated. They want a Premier who will provide real leadership. A John Tory PC Government will provide Ontarians with real truth in taxes. For better roads, highways and transit, leadership matters."

Backgrounder – Truth in Taxes – The Gas Tax


When you buy an expensive blender and take the box home, the last thing you'd expect is to open that box and find a cheap toaster inside. What you pay for should be what you get. Anything else is simply dishonest. Applying that basic business principle to government means putting an end to misleading practices and offering truth in taxes.

For example, provincial gas tax revenue is supposed to build, repair and maintain our roads, bridges, highways and public transit systems.

In reality, all the gas tax money goes into the general revenue pot, and Queen's Park spends only part of that revenue on what it's being raised for. In other words, you're paying for the fancy blender, but getting the cheap toaster.

For John Tory, truth in taxes means rejecting the cynical path – and eliminating 'bait and switch' schemes to label a tax with a specific name while spending the revenue elsewhere.

Truth in Taxes – Real Results, Right Now

  • Dalton McGuinty thinks it is ok to delay and dither on transit spending. In his so-called plan there is no new funding until 2011 – the year of the NEXT election.
  • John Tory will show real leadership by investing more in transportation projects starting in year 1 and growing that investment each year until Ontarians finally have 'Truth In Taxes'.

Truth In Gas Taxes – Why it is vital

  • Transport Canada estimates the cost of congestion in Toronto alone is $1.6 billion annually.  By 2021, commute times within the GTA could increase by more than 50 per cent, increasing the cost of congestion by $7 billion a year.
  • Drivers in Southern Ontario are now having to spend an average of almost $2,000 over the life of their vehicles in repairing damage to their cars caused by poor road conditions.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions double when speeds drop from 55 to 30 km/hr, and hydrocarbon emissions triple at speeds less than 60 km/hr compared to a constant speed of 80 km/hr.
  • One busload of passengers takes 40 vehicles off the road during rush hour, saves 70,000 liters of fuel and avoids over 175 tonnes of emissions a year.  Trains and other rapid transportation initiatives offer additional options for consideration. 
  • Dalton McGuinty admits that he will not spend a single new penny on transit until 2011, the year of the NEXT election. That is not real leadership. John Tory will invest more money in transit, roads and bridges every year of his mandate. Because Ontarians deserve a better transportation system and they deserve to be told the truth when it comes to taxes.

Truth in Gas Taxes – What it will mean

  • In the current fiscal year the government expects to bring in $3.14 billion in revenue from gas and fuel taxes. Dalton McGuinty only plans to spend $1.97 billion on transportation. That means Dalton McGuinty will not be spending $1.17 billion of taxes meant for transportation.

Real Leadership Means Having a Plan, Keeping Your Word and Providing Certainty

  • By fiscal year 2011-12 a John Tory government will spend every penny of revenue of the gas and fuel tax on transportation. This certainty will allow municipalities, ministries, transit authorities, industry and workers to plan effectively.
  • Dalton McGuinty told us that the Greater Toronto Transit Authority would be the one to draw up the transit plan – He set it up and then proceeded to draw up his own re-election plans. That isn't real leadership.
    • "One of the board's first goals will be to develop an investment plan that is consistent with the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe," said Public Infrastructure Renewal Minister David Caplan. (Liberal Press Release – April 24, 2006)
    • "GTTA will bring the province together with municipalities to develop a seamless and integrated transportation plan for road, rail and transit" Harinder Takhar (April 24, 2006)

The Dalton McGuinty Gas Tax Gap



Gas and Fuel Tax Revenue

$3.14 billion

Transportation Spending

$1.97 billion

Difference (negative)

($1.17 billion)

What Others Are Saying
  • "On average, motorists pay $7.35 to the Ontario government every time they buy a full tank of gas.  Frankly, motorists should have the right to have more of their gas tax dollars reinvested in road improvements." (Kris Barnier – Canadian Automobile Association, Ontario)
  • In Ontario motorists pay 14.7 cents a litre in provincial taxes on gas and the government puts less than half of it back into roads, bridges and highways. Instead of using it for general program spending, the government should reinvest the gas tax revenue to improve Ontario's roads.  This policy is a good step towards a Gas Tax Accountability Act." (Kevin Gaude Ontario Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation)