Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Daily Digest October 31, 2007


Measuring the impact of proposed tax measures

More of a trick than a treat

It's nice, but it's only a start
Next epiphany should be that rich are overtaxed

Tories betting on solid economy

Tax Cuts Total $60B

Minority all but begging for an election

Too rushed for the House

A year of lost income and trust
Ralph Goodale, National Post

Finally, tangible tax relief

Tories didn't get an election but still came out ahead
Here's hoping they didn't give out too much, too soon

Tax cuts pass easily as Liberals abstain

Impact of cuts unnoticeable in real life of taxpayers

Liberals will feel effects of mini-budget for months

Business groups laud focus on tax, debt

More tax cuts unlikely, Flaherty says

Quebec is very disappointed with the economic statement from the federal government

Conservative MPs advocate mini

Good politics sometimes makes bad policy
GST cut will go over well with Canadians, but lower income tax is better idea

Santa comes early

Tax cuts and debt repayment not the solution to nation's problems, says Alternative Federal Budget

Liberals would consider rescinding Tories' GST cuts, says Dion



Chaos theory and the political butterfly effect

CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - Catching the eye of corporate Canada print this article
In the information economy, a business doesn't necessarily have to be across the street from its clients.

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Flaherty makes everyone a winner

         Partisanship mars premier's message


        The market approach

BELLEVILLE INTELLIGENCER - Expect oil, gas prices to rise as peak oil has arrived

TORONTO STAR - Liberals should defeat mini-budget

NATIONAL POST - Respecting the taxpayer

K-W RECORD - Well-timed tax cuts

SUDBURY STAR - Standing up to China; Canada should boycott Olympics over human rights abuses

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Further disrepute

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Mid-term budget wrong medicine for Canada's ills

CALGARY HERALD - A life lesson not learned

        Jim Flaherty's power play
        Giving taxpayers their money back is always popular

GRANDE PRAIRIE DAILY HERALD TRIBUNE - Business ~ Halloween massacre: Income trusts, one year on

        Ottawa ~ Treats from Flaherty

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Ottawa treats on Halloween

        Help for homeless

EDMONTON SUN - Flaherty gives best treats

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - GST going in the wrong direction

VANCOUVER SUN - Conservatives give taxpayers early Christmas presents
The minority government's message: Keep us in power and the good financial times will keep rolling

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - Tax cuts are good news for over-taxed Canadians


Bryant to visit Caledonia protest site

Canadian Forces in fierce battle near Kandahar City

Pakistan in new Taliban peace process

Defence falling short in meeting soldiers' mental-health needs

Yanks shouldn't smart about the loonie soaring higher than their buck -- after all, they're superior in soooo many ways

Khadr's Canadian lawyer barred from hearing

Canadian competitiveness stuck in neutral
Survey ranks economy 13th out of 131 in 2006, down from 12th in previous year; business competitiveness is in 14th place

More toys recalled due to excessive lead

Lessons from Kosovo

"Hell no, we won't go!' say U.S. diplomats

U.S. Army recruiting reaches historic lows

Rumsfeld Flees France, Fearing Arrest

Test alternative treatments

When will we realize that alcohol is a drug?

Fun food bad news in fighting obesity

Too much TV bad for children's health

Vitamin D cuts colon cancer deaths - study

Ultraviolet light a potential 'double-whammy' cancer killer

Canadians add 'CAM' to health care arsenal
Complementary and alternative medicine inspires $5 billion worth of faith among patients

Police call for national strategy on street gangs

Mounties say witness protection would cost $24M

Stelmach pushes ambitious fall agendaComment6


Tories drop 2 would-be Ontario candidates
Mark Warner, Brent Barr no longer party's picks

Our next Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre - Experience and Understanding

Tories dump Toronto candidate

PM vows to move on retail prices: 'Government will take action'

Finance minister's office plays down PM's warning to retailers on prices

Warrant seeks to see if minister, future Ottawa mayor met

Opposition MPs call for inquiry into Mulroney's financial affairs

PM again sticks it to Liberals

Billions set aside for additional spending

Satellite to guard Arctic
December Launch

Federal departments blowing smoke on green plans, report says

Spy agency went too far, watchdog says

Non-citizens' rights
The recent addition of special advocates to the security certificate process does little to protect the accused

Federal Court deals CF-18 smart-bomb upgrade another blow

Critics call for closer eye on CSIS following constitutional violations

Rights of al-Qaeda terrorist violated by CSIS, report says
Government Committee

Hotter weather, fewer deaths
Man-made global warming will take thousands of lives. It will save many more

Burning the poor
Carbon taxes in Europe have resulted in massive job losses

New global warming villain fingered: Trees

This time the wolf is real, but nobody's listening
Doomsday environmental warnings have become so commonplace that people have started tuning them out. They do so at their peril

Christmas should be 'downgraded' to help race relations says Labour think tank

The forgotten Norseman
Otto Sverdrup discovered much of Canada's Arctic-- then sold it to us. So why don't Canadians know his name?

From desperate separatists, a Hail Mary pass

Broomstick for Suzuki?

Brian Mulroney: The payments and the taxman

The untenable position of Jack Layton

We need national daycare
The Conservatives' $100-a-month plan just isn't working for Canadian families

Let dairy farmers sleep - we'll buy somewhere else
Agricultural marketing system rips off consumers

Hunger a global equalizer

Politics of dissent never black/white

Elementary, my dear Watson

Information and privacy: the pillars of democracy
Access to information and privacy legislation are often seen as post-Watergate phenomena. But the underlying principles are ages old

Empathy for global tragedies only runs so deep

Ask not what newcomers can do for you …


Les libéraux évalueraient la possibilité d'annuler la baisse de la TPS: Dion

Le Québec est très déçu de l'énoncé économique du gouvernement fédéral

Pas de surprise à Ottawa

Affaire Mulroney-Schreiber
Nouvelles allégation

Guerre en Afghanistan
Les civils fuient les combats

Afghanistan: violent combat près de Kandahar

Ottawa élimine certains visas

Les députés conservateurs défendent le mini-budget

Le Québec très déçu du minibudget fédéral

Baisse du fardeau fiscal de 10 milliards par an

Voir aussi

Rapport de la vérificatrice générale du Canada - L'armée ignore si des médecins opèrent avec ou sans permis

Énoncé budgétaire - L'opposition critique mais ne renversera pas le gouvernement


"We want to clean up internal party politics, beginning with grassroots democratic control of the nomination process."
Stephen Harper while campaigning for the 2004 federal election.

Conservative Party president Don Plett would not reveal the precise reasons for dropping the two candidates, citing privacy issues. He would only say there were certain concerns and because of those concerns the party needed to take action.
Reality October, 2007