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Daily Digest October 28, 2007



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - There's no life like it


MONTREAL GAZETTE - Who dreamed up this latest nonsense? Kim Jong Il?
Political leaders are groping around desperately for traction with the mob

OTTAWA CITIZEN - The big corporation tries to save our souls

BELLEVILLE INTELLIGENCER - Tax-anything-that-moves trend is bleeding taxpayers to death

TORONTO STAR - A 3-point strategy for better housing

         Pressing Iran to disarm

LONDON FREE PRESS - Cities entitled to take on retailers

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Protecting Canada's sovereignty -- round three

WINNIPEG SUN - Part 1: Fallout Zone
If the world was created in seven days, Sun Media looks at how climate change could undo the work in seven ways, all this week.

CALGARY SUN - Ed's stuck in his own vise

EDMONTON SUN - World didn't end for Big Oil


Returning soldiers suffer mental health problems

Suicide attacks turning Afghans against Taliban

MacKay calls for more NATO troops in the south

CTV's Question Period: Defence Minister Peter MacKay 9:06's%20Question%20Period:%20%20Defence%20Minister%20Peter%20MacKay&clip_id=ctvnews.20071028.00219000-00219628-clip1&subhub=video&no_ads=&sortdate=20071028&slug=qp_mackay_071028&archive=CTVNews

CTV's Question Period: Military experts on the Afghan mission 9:52's%20Question%20Period:%20%20Defence%20Minister%20Peter%20MacKay&clip_id=ctvnews.20071028.00219000-00219628-clip1&subhub=video&no_ads=&sortdate=20071028&slug=qp_mackay_071028&archive=CTVNews

U.S. annexes Canadian landmark in tourism video

Soaring loonie a warning in disguise
It may be signalling it's time to restructure our economy. Or else...

'Dismal outlook' for lumber market

Indian 'slave' children found making low-cost clothes destined for Gap,,2200590,00.html

A conflict waiting to happen
Creation of a virtually independent Kurdish state in northern Iraq was certain to provoke Turkey

British cabinet minister detained at U.S. airport

Afghan burden tasks Nato allies

Afghan role dominates Nato talks
Nato defence ministers are holding a second day of talks, after the alliance secured more resources for efforts to provide security in Afghanistan.

Dalai Lama begins visit to Canada

Will Bush really bomb Iran?
The rhetoric is getting stronger, the sanctions tougher and military planning more detailed. Iran is now the focus of attention in Washington

Public health care can be made even better

Research shows links to heart disease, death

Smoking out the facts

EIGHT deaths have been linked to the cervical cancer jab which will be given to every 12-year-old girl in Britain under Government plans announced last week.

Welcome to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Web site.

Vaccine Safety Group Releases GARDASIL Reaction Report

Privacy probe into Toronto transit cameras could be test case: experts

Security process like 'a medieval court'

New royalty scheme will fuel inflation in already overheated economy
Middle-income earners falling behind, TD Bank report points out

Alberta Conservatives support Stelmach's royalty regime at convention

It's time to nuke Ontario
Our power-hungry province must have a decision on realistic energy source soon

Tory has an uphill climb in the 905 area

Political musings from a master

Layton's dream for Canada's future

No plan to replace Hillier, says MacKay

Tory crime bill echoes fed-up focus groups
Sentencing is a top concern, Privy Council report says

Liberal MP faces barrage of queries
Paper: Allegations over campaign costs

Liberals reviewing claims B.C. MP broke election finance rules

Hard-hearted reporters rise in unison in spontaneous ovation for Tory ministers

Press Gallery undeterred by PM's snub
Five Tory MPs attend annual dinner

High demand delays passport renewals

Tories tight-lipped on nuclear plan

Tracking your wasted money
Plotting $600-million bailout of VIA Rail prompts quite a thirst for fine wine

'Self-serving' Gore film useful, astronaut says
Oscar-winning movie gets kids thinking: Bondar

Ideology vs. national interest
Harper ignores difference between personal biases and sound foreign policy

'Liberal' and 'Conservative' are no longer used to describe ideas, but merely ways to attack

The sorry state of railway safety in Canada

'It's a short walk from bullying to genocide'

Nail down lid on this Pandora's box

When silence is not golden

Forcing 'newcomers' to speak French or English is simply a form of fear

Shop around? Thanks a lot, Mr. Flaherty

'Multiculturalism' ghettoizes new Canadians


Le gouvernement Harper dépose son projet de loi pour inderdire le vote voilé

Le Canada demande formellement aux E.-U. de laisser Arar voyager librement

La Cour suprême du Canada se penchera sur le cas d'Omar Khadr

Énergie nucléaire: le PC se fait discret

Les surplus à Ottawa provoqueront des baisses d'impôt

MacKay ne bronche pas devant les manifestations

De longs délais avant d'obtenir un passeport

Commandites: VIA Rail a dépensé 2 M$ pour se défendre

Nombreux troubles mentaux chez les soldats canadiens

Plus de bilinguisme chez les officiers est nécessaire

Harper appuie les familles, alors que les opposants manifestent

Bob Rae déjà en campagne


'Self-serving' Gore film useful, astronaut says
Oscar-winning movie gets kids thinking: Bondar
                          Canada's first female astronaut in space says the Oscar-winning documentary about climate change featuring
                          Al Gore may be self-serving, but it still should be brought into classrooms to promote critical thinking.

True, but only if the other point of view is presented as well:

                          PART I of A CONVENIENT FICTION (21:42)

                          PART II of A CONVENIENT FICTION (25:48)


From: Jacob Rempel
Subject: swords or plowshares

Henry wrote, as a memo to Liberals ...
"Quemadmodum gladius neminem occidit, occidentis telum est"
("A sword is never a killer, it's a tool in the killer's hands")
 Lucius Annaeus Seneca "the younger" ca. (4 BC - 65 AD)
To Liberals, Cons, NDPers, et al ...
Friend Lucius is right, of course, but does that make it okay
to spend billions of bullion on swords, and make billions of
dollars selling the swords to millions of angry men here and
abroad who do kill ??? As Canadian arms manufacturers and
their thousands factory workers are doing ??? With the silent
but apparent approval fellow citizens and government ???
Maybe these angry men would be happier if we supplied
them with plowshares and a market for their products.
Thus anger might be assuaged more easily and more
permanently, without bloodshed and more hatred.
... Jacob Rempel
Remember the poem
Tubal Cain  in the
Grade Six High Roads to Reading school text?

Tubal-cain the son of Lamech and Zillah, "an instructor
of every artificer in brass and iron" (Gen. 4:22; R.V.,
"the forger of every cutting instrument of brass and iron").

by Charles Mackay
Old Tubal Cain was a man of might
In the days when the Earth was young;
By the fierce red light of his furnace bright
The strokes of his hammer rung;
And he lifted high his brawny hand
On the iron glowing clear,
Till the sparks rushed out in scarlet showers
And he fashioned the sword and spear.
And he sang "Hurra for the handiwork!
Hurra for the spear and sword!
Hurra for the hand that shall wield them well,
For he shall be king and lord!"

To Tubal Cain came many a one,
As he wrought by his roaring fire;
And each one prayed for a strong steel blade
As the crown of his desire.
And he made them weapons sharp and strong,
Till they shouted loud for glee,
And gave him gifts of pearl and gold,
And spoils of the forest free;
And they said, "Hurra for Tubal Cain,
Who hath given us strength anew!
Hurra for the smith, hurra for the fire,
And hurra for the metal true!"

But a sudden change came o'er his heart
Ere the setting of the sun,
And Tubal Cain was filled with pain for
The Evil he had done;
He saw that men, with rage and hate,
Made war upon their kind,
That the land was red with the blood they shed,
In their lust for carnage blind.
And he said, "Alas! that ever I made,
Or the skill of mine should plan,
The spear and the sword for men whose joy
Is to slay their fellow-man."

And for many a day old Tubal Cain
Sat brooding o'er his woe;
And his hand forebore to smite the ore,
And his furnace smoldered low.
But he rose at last with a cheerful face,
And a bright courageous eye,
And bared his strong right hand for work
While the quick flames mounted high!
And he sang, "Hurra for my handicraft!"
And the red sparks lit the air;
"Not alone for the blade was the bright steel made!"
And he fashioned the first ploughshare.

And men, taught wisdom from the past,
In friendship joined their hands;
Hung the sword in the hall, the spear on the wall,
And ploughed the willing lands;
And sang, "Hurra for Tubal Cain!
Our staunch good friend is he;
And for the ploughshare and the plough
To him our praise shall be;
But while oppression lifts its head,
Or a tyrant would be lord
Though we may thank him for the plough
We'll not forget the sword!"
Tubal-cain the son of Lamech and Zillah, "an instructor
of every artificer in brass and iron" (Gen. 4:22; R.V.,
"the forger of every cutting instrument of brass and iron").

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