Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Daily Digest October 17, 2007



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - Those wacky editorialists

No election, please

HALIFAX CHRONICLE HERALD - Waiting for shorter times

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Throne speech likely to be a crowd-pleaser

         China's system is a powder keg

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Throne speech hardly grounds to force election

        The family unplugged

Harper's agenda lacks bold vision

        Action needed on poverty

NATIONAL POST - Running from their own war

K-W RECORD - Harper deserves a little more time

WINDSOR STAR - Throne speech

SUDBURY STAR - Manley won't get Tories off the hook

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Take a pill, Mr. Dion?

        Made in China

CALGARY HERALD - This incentive is a bribe

Dion's flip-flop has Tories salivating for an election

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Speech no hill to die on

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Sex ed still falling short


VANCOUVER SUN - Americans should justify further intrusion into Canadians' lives

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - Tasers should only be used in dire situations

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - Strike mirrors forestry's fall


Aboriginal youth must be included in the political process

Gov't urges dismissal of challenge to Afghan detainee policy

DND cancels training for Afghan officers after some disappear, seek refugee status
Soldiers were brought to centres in Ottawa, St-Jean to learn English

Russia against U.S. attack

Push is on for Arctic nuclear-free zone

Historical scab-picking

The best medicine money can buy

Imagine: a universal health system without waiting lists

Ex-Hells Angel serving life for role in killings gets day parole
A former Hells Angel serving five life sentences for participating in one of the most cold-blooded crimes in Canadian history is a step away from being paroled.

Phoney nannies scheming way into Canada?

Multiculturalism under the microscope ...

ALBERTA Tories have held the reins too long

Why Alberta needs a new tax on bitumen - Under the existing royalty regime, Albertans can wait more than 20 years before they see a dime of revenue from their non-renewable resources. Worse, the current system provides no incentive for orderly, sustainable development and bringing projects in on budget

SASKATCHEWAN PC party still has 'soul': Swenson

Riding the campaign trail
Bus, custom van, SUVs all bear witness to leaders' aspirations

Campaign can turn nasty quickly

 ONTARIO Tories pit centre against right

Road map to recovery

NOVA SCOTIA Premier should have learned his lesson

Questions over Tory election spending highlight Commons return

Angus Reid Global Monitor : Polls & Research
Canadians Review Performance of Harper's Tories

Allegiance will be earned by competence, voters say

Derisive laughter from Conservative benches pours down on Dion

 Take it or leave it, PM tells rivals

Shut down the buses

What's next?
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Liberals back down from election over throne speech, but new showdown looms

Crime legislation has priority: Prentice

GG's cutting remarks
Speech calls for tax breaks, Afghan extension

Prime Minister says passage of Throne Speech will be mandate to govern

Harper's five priorities have morphed into five themes
Speech conveys a sense of how the PM sees the country and how he means to lead it

Liberals weigh Throne Speech tactic: report

Dion pledges to 'make parliament work'

Blueprint for an election
The plan: Broad tax cuts// Strengthen Arctic sovereignty// Kill off Kyoto//Extend Afghan mission to 2011

Conservative platform a blueprint with a centrist touch

Spending to be curbed
Approval of provinces would be sought

Quebec wants a side deal on federal spending powers

Poison pill has distinct Quebec flavour
PM would be able to argue Bloc is breaking its promise to uphold Quebec's position

Government vows to fight pollution but drags feet on Kyoto

Push to extend Afghan mission

Tax cuts will wait for budget, Flaherty says

Harper offers few details on tax reliefComment19

Media Advisory: Labour on Throne Speech

Speech from the Throne: Another vote against First Nations

Harper would seek provincial approval on new national programs

Ready to govern? Tories say yes
New priorities reflect party's long-term goals

Dion won't force vote: MPs

Tories issue challenge
Throne speech dares Opposition to back gov't or risk election campaign

Speech from the Throne leaves students wanting more

Responses to Tory tactics range from outrage to shrugs
A Liberal MP calls the Tory outreach plan 'sinister,' but members of some ethnic and religious groups regard it as merely archaic

Canada should stay in Afghanistan until 2011: throne speech

Tories want troops to stay 2 more years
Government seeks to extend Afghan mission until 2011

Controversial anti-terrorism measures remain priority for Tory government

Conservative water strategy still murky following throne speech promise


Dion's Quebec team in disarray
Liberal Leader faces two high-level resignations as all parties insist they are election-ready

Harper's agenda poses challenge with crime law

Conservatives want to provoke the Liberals, woo the voters

Harper should stop fishing and get to work
Throne speech not worth election, House has job to do

Stephane Dion, tax cutter

Conservative water strategy still murky following throne speech promise

Canadians fear national security measures threaten privacy

 Afghanistan in the Speech from the Throne

Stephen Harper's Second Speech from the Throne
That great whooshing sound you hear is Canada as we know it being flushed finally down the crapper.

The Looming Legacy of Stephen Harper

John Crosbie . Friends and neighbours
Brian Mulroney reveals in his autobiography an appreciation for the immense value of healthy relations between Canada and the United States

Why we should stay

A fresh promise to limit spending

Canadians finally have bid a merciful farewell to official multiculturalism


Le gouvernement Harper tient le coup

Le pouvoir de dépenser en question

Les libéraux ne feront pas tomber le gouvernement sur le discours du Trône

Ottawa a l'argent pour offrir de bonnes baisses d'impôts, dit Flaherty

La commissaire à la protection de la vie privée critique la GRC

Environ 2000 manifestants demandent de ne pas réduire les impôts

La sénatrice Hervieux-Payette devient lieutenant politique au Québec

Harper tend la perche à l'Opposition

Le gouvernement conservateur n'est plus le «nouveau gouvernement»

Harper: droit devant



Prime Minister Stephen Harper with Defence Minister Peter MacKay during debate of the Speech from the Throne

By the time he finished a 45-minute speech in which he declared he would not bring down the government,
the Liberal leader was deluged with derisive guffaws. Prime Minister Stephen Harper joined in as his troops sniggered openly at Dion.

Hubris or hybris (Greek ), according to its modern usage, is exaggerated self pride or self-confidence (overbearing pride), often resulting in fatal retribution. In Ancient Greece, "hubris" referred to actions taken in order to shame the victim, thereby making oneself seem superior.

In its modern usage, hubris denotes overconfident pride and arrogance; it is often associated with a lack of knowledge, interest in, and exploration of history, combined with a lack of humility. An accusation of hubris often implies that suffering or punishment will follow, similar to the occasional pairing of hubris and Nemesis in the Greek world. The proverb " pride goes before a fall" is thought to sum up the modern definition of hubris.[5]