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Daily Digest October 14, 2007



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - Shame on non-voters

HALIFAX CHRONICLE HERALD - Sudan faces deeper crisis

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Little need for tougher takeover rules

OTTAWA SUN - Stop crying wolf

TORONTO STAR - Foreign takeovers demand attention

         Bureaucratic gridlock

TORONTO SUN - Focus on energy, health and cities

LONDON FREE PRESS - Faith-based schools debate isn't over yet

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - First Nations blockades enjoy double standard

CALGARY HERALD - Turkey needs to admit a genocide happened

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Seeking cover on Afghanistan

VANCOUVER SUN - Survey provides keys for defusing violence leading to spousal killings

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - Organ donor system is a mess; a fix is long overdue
Creation of a national registry will help meet growing demand -- and save lives


Our role in Afghanistan really about ties with U.S.

Security questions

Buffett predicts a long flight for loonie
To remain above parity over the next five years

Construction starts on Canada's first large canola diesel plant

Sun sets early on the American Century
Even hard-headed realists in the U.S. power elite fear the Iraq war has crippled America's ability to lead

Defiant Burma keeps up arrests

Che Guevara, a pop hero 40 years after his death, was the Osama bin Laden of the 1960s

Canada's Food Guide branches out
The official rule book on healthy eating is now online in 10 languages

Justice system falls short for victims: poll

Sex offenders can be treated: experts

`Phantom' residents to lose status

Bashing begins in Saskatchewan campaign
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Is Ed folding under pressure?

Ontario's old politics don't work anymore

McGuinty wins, and now political ghosts stalk Ontario

Ready for more hikes?

Grits getting too comfortable?
The governing party is already showing signs of arrogance and 'Second Term Rot'

An uncivil election
Shout-fest over school funding never rose to the level of an honest debate

Tories looking for mandate from Throne Speech

A list of demands that the opposition parties want Prime Minister Stephen Harper to address in his throne speech.

# Question Period: Jim Prentice, Industry Minister 6:58,%20Industry%20Minister&clip_id=ctvnews.20071014.00217000-00217421-clip1&subhub=video&no_ads=&sortdate=20071014&slug=qp_thronespeech_071014&archive=CTVNews

# Question Period: Stephane Dion, Liberal leader 7:54,%20Liberal%20leader&clip_id=ctvnews.20071014.00217000-00217419-clip1&subhub=video&no_ads=&sortdate=20071014&slug=qp_thronespeech_071014&archive=CTVNews

# Question Period: Jack Layton, NDP leader 6:24,%20NDP%20leader&clip_id=ctvnews.20071014.00217000-00217423-clip1&subhub=video&no_ads=&sortdate=20071014&slug=qp_thronespeech_071014&archive=CTVNews

Showdown: Harper sets his election trap
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Time to take finger off the election trigger

Martin: Picking Manley for panel defuses Afghan issue
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Can Harper take Quebec?
Polls and by-elections are bearing glad tidings for Tories. But as is usual in Quebec, message is mixed

Duceppe hits hard with Quebec identity to beat back Tories

Harper poised to redistribute power

Stephane Dion: Champion of Corporate Tax Cuts

Feds back coal project

Global warming airing everywhere

Clean Air Act up in smoke

Government appallingly slow on energy legislation

Nature's future fury
Climate change will be costly in ways we've not yet seen, say insurers

Corcoran: Gore's Nobel a victory for junk science
Global warming theory has been in political and scientific trouble for some time, but who knew it ...

Terrorist support of Kyoto cited

Three better terms for 'democracy'

Chretien attacks
Biography reveals long-running conflict with Paul Martin over leadership

Canada's economic capital deserves a province that cares

A picture and a thousand words
Why taking a step back in time may put us on the best path to the future

Giant web puzzles experts

Lessons from the Ontario election
The issues of integration, cultural differences, religion and race are important in canada's largest province as well as here

How do we stop what we cannot comprehend?

Indian website draws marriage partners averse to dowry tradition

Veterans win hard-fought battle over plaque

Time to stop being polite
Canada losing its identity


Duceppe obtient l'appui de 94% de son parti à la veille de la rentrée

Une mince victoire du Oui n'aurait pas suffi, dit Chrétien dans ses mémoires

Sondages défavorables: les candidats québécois du PLC sont en formation

La montée du dollar force l'agence des douanes à enfreindre ses règlements

Les Premières Nations demandent l'aide de l'ONU

L'aile parlementaire du Bloc réunie à Trois-Rivières

Mémoires d'un dur à cuire


From: Ron Thornton <>
To: Joe Hueglin <>
Subject: Re: Daily Digest October 13, 2007

Hi Joe:

You are a heretic in the Church of Gore?  Well, it beats being a fool. 
All indications suggest this a bogus scheme, and I congratulate you on coming down on the side of the angels and those with real intellect.

Meanwhile, Ernest Raymond offered an alternative to the MMP proposal recently rejected in Ontario. A seat in the legislature for any numskull party as long as they their candidates pick up 1% of the combined vote province wide ?  Actually, I'd raise the bar to 10%.  At 10%, you can argue that sufficient folks actually care.  At 1%, you can only argue that enough goofs took out their crayons and marked in 107 separate elections in favor of 107 different people who hail from the same banana
I have always felt this notion that the votes cast for these different people can somehow be added together to represent something meaningful as delusional. Reviewing these 107 electoral races is not exactly like comparing apples and oranges, but similar to trying to compare a Golden Delicious to a Granny Smith.  They might all be apples, but not exactly the same.

That low threshold is the only real flaw I see in Ernest's suggestion.


From: Jacob Rempel
To: "Editor DAILY DIGEST" <>
Subject: .... join forces, in some mutually advantageous way, with the Canadian Alliance

Ernest Raymond wrote about his experience at the fateful convention when McKay promised not to merge the PC Party with the Alliance Party. Ernest Raymond wrote:
"I am sure Prentice did not win because of his principled and steadfast unwillingness to promise Orchard that the PCs would NOT join forces, in some mutually advantageous way, with the Canadian Alliance."
I too was on the convention floor. To support Prentice was an impossible choice for those of us who resisted completely the idea of merging with the neocon Alliance party.

We knew that Prentice was open to the idea, and that made it impossible. He has now demonstrated that he loyally backs Harper's neocon agenda, both the obvious and the disguised parts of that agenda.

...Jacob Rempel
Fron: "Keith Coghlan"

HI Joe:

Just a note to Ernest Raymond from the OCt 13 Daily Digest .

Its on the Ontario referendum and his comments:

Ernest feel you are right with that suggestion. I was one of the few people in Ontario that attended one of the meetings of the Citizens Assembly that were held across the province.

In fact even managed to get enough nerve to speak. My point to them was that there are already enough politicians in Ontario and whatever reform was chosen not to have a large increase in the number of MPP's.

I think this really was one of the main reasons the option was defeated. Adding 22 more MPP's was just too much. In addition the reducing of the ridings had people concerned over the service they would receive from the local member. Not that I have found many of the local MPP's that responsive to any enquiry.

Just like your comment I think if the Citizens Assembly had gone for a small increase of maybe 6-8 MPP's the yes vote would have been much greater.

Lower the ridings to 100 or 105. Add 15 or 10 list MPP's and I am sure that would have received greater votes. Now you would not have been able to have the Provincial parliament match the total vote % vote accros Ontario. But at least you would have been able to get a few more parties into the parliament and have a few more voices.

I feel that the Citizens Assembly listened to much to  the political types of the major parties and some of the top "scholars" on this and in the end was taken in the wrong direction.

But so many people in Ontario are just not interested in politics or have tuned out completely.

When you have around 48% of the eligible voters not taking part in a election, is that really a show that the current system works and that people are happy with it.

What we have in Ontario is really two parties that have been able to enjoy the power of government. Perhaps after this election it will be down to only one party and that party or parties will never willing give up even a small piece of that power.

The system is broke and we continue to expect that the people you have aided in its low standard will fix it.

Take care and keep hoping for change

Keith Coghlan
Belleville Ontario

From: "Robert Ede"

Subject: Denying a falsehood + new terminology- "mankind-blamers"

Committing oneself.
In public.
On reason, or on faith, on purpose.
To deny a falsehood, even a widely-held falsehood, a gov't-sanctioned falsehood, a UN -declared-as-truth falsehood is still the right thing to do.
To deny truth (via a convenient lie, told repeatedly and ever more boldly) is commonplace and a well-known propaganda technique (tell a big enough life, enough times ...).
To deny, in public, on purpose, the falsehood-presented-as-truth is honourable.
But don't adopt your adversary's spin doctor's nomenclature of "denier" - because denying a falsehood is not the same as "being in denial" (as the phrase goes) it's simply disagreeing.
On reason, on facts, on guts ... for whatever reason ... it's simply disagreeing.
Do not let the greenhouse gas/ no cars/ 3rd world first/ UN is wonderful/ the science-is-settled "zealots" define you.
THEY are the ones that need a name - but the movement is a coalition of so many types of lefties+ gov't-grant money-grubbers + hangers on + run to the front of the paraders (like Gore and Suzuki) that it's hard to characterise them with a fitting sobriquet (I'm thinking along the lines of how the HomoSex crowd calls hetero's "breeders"  ie negative, but accurately, all-inclusive)
I'd say most folks (rich, broke, smart, stupid) agree on fighting pollution, fighting waste, fighting sulphur, noxious gases etc in the air, fighting inefficient harvesting and over-treating plants/crops/ vegetation with "chemicals" and fertilizers that flow off/over the land into streams etc and into our bloodstream and organs.
Let's work on those things.
Forget space, forget bio-science/cloning ... let's work on Nicola Tesla's ideas of free electricity, transmitted at no charge.
The Stern report came out last yr when I was sojourning in London Ont - it's primary recommendations were to stop clear-cutting forests and stop using coal-burning power plants - I'm fine with that.
But if China's opening a coal-burning power plant every couple of days/weeks (can't recall the news report) and IF we ARE in a finite global system, nothing we do to reduce coal-fired here in Canada will balance the expansion there (let's hope they are using the most modern, cleanest-burning techniques and fuel - not just the cheapest ... but I'm not counting on it)
I too, do not agree with the IPCC (?sp?) and the Suzuki's & the Gore's -- I believe it is the sun.
I believe the sun is primarily responsible for the irrefutable changes to climate on earth.
The " refutable observations" made by "mankind-blamers" (my just-made-up, negative and inclusive term for the greenhouse gas crowd) to excite the general-public and media-types ARE probably caused by man.
Whatever happened to the 'common knowledge' idea that the sun is hotter than a generation ago and ... why are we using such a heck of a lot more sun block than when we(I) were(was) kids?  - A few years ago EVERYBODY was saying the sun is hotter - now it's all about CO2 and everything climate-wise is mankind's fault .... who orchestrated THAT mind-change.
Love to all on the DD - Karen & I are off to Turkey, Patmos & Israel til the 31st
PS  Harper's just going-along for the ride, for now. He knows the public+media is wrong - he's just not going to "go to war" on the topic, at least not just now.
In fact, the 2050 et al, package that Rona Lee Ambrose got ambushed on was "just right". Mostly pollution and a regard for the "currently-fashionable" view on greenhouse gas.
PPS Watch the movie 'Soylent Green' (circa 1972), Charlton Heston & Edward G Robinson have a fleeting conversation about "the greenhouse effect" in it

Robert Ede,
The Post's series on scientists who buck the conventional wisdom on climate science.
Here is the series so far:
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