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MONTREAL GAZETTE - Language rights need special treatment

        Al Gore is out of his league

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Resist complacency

        A cause for peace

OTTAWA SUN - PM does Dion a favour

TORONTO STAR - Tory deserves a second chance

        Gore worthy of honour

NATIONAL POST - Here comes the knife registry

K-W RECORD - Afghan panel has vital role

        Be careful with subs

WINDSOR STAR - Ontario schools
The junk food report card

SUDBURY STAR - Grits exploited the wedge issue

        The ills of pills; Many people likely unaware of effects of various drugs they're taking

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Invitation to intolerance


CALGARY HERALD -  Stelmach moves to soften blow
Premier tries to restore calm in a troubled, uncertain oilpatch



Aboriginals invite UN inspectors to check on Quebec reserves

Land-claim deal is worth $300 million

Breakthrough in treaty-making marred by chiefs' discontent with Campbell

Canadian troops rush to scene of market bombing

U.S. won't let Ottawa terror suspect's lawyer interview Al-Qa'ida lieutenant

Cross-border shoppers should watch how they pay: consumer group

Ladders out of poverty

Burmese daze
Since the troubled country now officially named Myanmar is such a closed society, reliable information about it has been hard to come by. Karen Connelly helps fill that gap

Extend dental coverage, doctors urge
30% Not Covered; CMA head calls for more funding

I won't make torture inquiry public: Harper

Refugee influx blamed on U.S. crackdown

Campbell quiet on Senate talk

Majority within reach as Tories enjoy 'best numbers in years'
Conservatives hit 40% popularity, poll shows

Not all bills will be confidence matters, Harper says

Harper rushing into election to avoid allegations of party misdeeds: Dion

Non-partisan panel to weigh Afghan role
PM moves to defuse election issue
PM's friends give him the shiv on the big issue

Naming of Manley sparks controversy
Senior Liberal the focus of criticism that Harper is trying to delay debate on Afghanistan mission

'Boy Scout' Manley is helping Harper, Liberals moan
Naive, or simply altruistic, the former cabinet minister's love of public policy has drawn him to the limelight

Don't give Throne Speech free pass, NDP's Layton urges Liberals

Tory ex-aide offers PR, lobbying
Helped minister shepherd new ethics package

Bloc MPs ready for election call

Liberals say they won't vote down Harper government over throne speech

Federal Tories high hopes for avoiding boneyard of Quebec

VIDEO; Global National: Exclusive: Majority?

Harper's 'political guru' described as 'street fighter'
Doug Finley linked to bribery probe

A sticky ideological wicket for Harper & Co.

The work of an evil genius
Single stroke has taken the fury out of explosive issue

PM's choice of Manley catches Liberals off guard

Liberals say they won't vote down Harper government over throne speech

Jewish groups defend PM over holiday cards

Dion says he'd cut corporate tax rate

Final call will be made in Brussels
Options require support of our NATO allies

Atlantic accord may not hold up to future scrutiny

Defence overruns are soaring
40% of projects go over budget Valcartier roof work jumped $33.5 million

Second top bureaucrat moved out of Defence

Rising dollar puts border agency at odds with own regulations

Embarrassing themselves

If only there were a Nobel prize for deception

Honouring a panic-monger
Giving Al Gore the Peace Prize has subordinated science to hype

The rise of the Goracle

Gore and peace

Gore's Nobel win has sides lined up
Environmentalists praise his selection for peace prize; others call his record antithetical to concept

Chretien memoir likely to rip open old Liberal wounds

Chretien attacks Martin

Foreclosure NatioIn Cleveland, the subprime loan crisis has cut a devastating swath, leaving neighbourhoods looted and vacant. But some are asking why complaints about the predatory lending practices that led to the crisis fell on deaf ears until stock markets began losing money, Kristin Goff reports.

Grits didn't win, PCs lost

Eugenics fuelling mindless debates

Olympic Gold
(and that's just the tickets)

We need you to be part of us

Dear Diary: Stephen Harper

Schools adapt to a secular world

Addicted to controversy
Psychologist wins $5,000 cash for debunking 'myth' of drug addiction

John Tory's loss was our gain
If we're going to get half-baked liberal ideas anyway, we might as well elect half-baked Liberals

Red Toryism rising
John Tory went down hard this week but it wasn't his moderate brand of conservatism that voters rejected. In fact, the spirit of Red Toryism is being embraced by leaders the world over

On Sept. 24, maverick MPP Bill Murdoch came out swinging against his leader's school policy. The Tories never recovered

Dithering On Defence
Why did Paul Martin refuse to sign on to George Bush's missile-defence plan? In a new book, Janice Gross Stein and Eugene Lang wade through his waffling

Electoral reform will rise again

Keeping things interesting


Duceppe fouette ses troupes et se pose en défenseur des valeurs du Québec

Sondages défavorables: les candidats québécois du PLC sont en formation

Certains magasins américains offrent un taux de change très désavantageux

Mémoires: Chrétien explique la décision du Canada de ne pas envahir l'Irak

Afghanistan - Harper refile le dossier à un comité

Le débat est devenu trop partisan, soutient Harper

Les Premières Nations demandent l'aide de l'UNESCO

Harper refuse d'intervenir

Attentat-suicide dans la province de Kandahar

Une majorité à portée de main


        An agnostic is " One who is doubtful or noncommittal about something". .  Having through the study of history I have
        been long aware of the impact of shifts in natural forces on the affairs of mankind. Accepting the proposition that the worm had turned, so to speak, that man's
        actions were reshaping climate and glaciers and depth of oceans was never accepted.  That it was wildly exaggerated, that it was potentially harmful was not
        my position either.
        At Youtube        Al Gore
        states without equivocation or reservation his seven point pledge if implemented would "literally solve the climate problem". Faced with an either or challenge
        research was undertaken and a decision arrived at.
        The Nobel Prize being given to Al Gore leads me to present to you for your consideration the decision I made and reasons why..

Taking Gore's 7 Point Pledge: An act based on Faith, not reason.

The climate is changing.  Nothing unusual about this, it's been in a state of flux throughout all the eons of our planet's existence.  At issue  is the extent to which human activity is a causational factor in the current warming that's being observed.  Until the Live Earth weekend I was a truth seeker, a skeptic, weighing the evidence being presented by those believing that rapid climate change in the form of global warming caused by human emissions is upon us, that catastrophe is certain to come if action is not taken, and taken now.

Faced with the decision of signing on to Al Gore's ''7 Point Pledge' or not,  I chose not.  I have consequently become what True Believers call a Denier. Here's why.

Climatic change has been taking place forever. Long before human technology began spewing greenhouses gases into the atmosphere conditions have varied from the intense continental glacier forming cold to the heat leading to the deposition of what over time became seams of coal..

Every clock tells the time accurately twice a day when viewed at the right minutes, so synchronization of reality and theory can occur without anything being proven thereby. Arriving at the conclusion that it is  "very convincing that we're starting to the see the effects of human activity on Arctic ice cover." because "we now have a consensus between observations and what the models are telling us." is nonsensical.  Yet on the bases of often conflicting models and observations it's claimed that with certainty the prime causation factor for the present warming has been diagnosed, an accurate prognosis of outcomes into the future has been made and the actions necessary to avoid this human created catastrophe determined. All questionable assumptions.

Reality is many variables influence climate change in addition to human activity. Non-existent until the 1800's were the works of Man credited with being the dominant influence in what is presently occurring.  Variations in the sun's radiation, the orbit of our planet, the effects of cloud cover and other natural phenomena are mentioned at times but generally in this context: "The dramatic loss of Arctic sea ice in recent years is the result of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions combined with natural cycles.".  "Human-induced" emissions stated, all variables in nature lumped together and no quantification of contributions attributed.

Reality is human activities other than gas emissions have impact on climate as well. Deforestation of mountains affects the dryness of winds going up mountains. Yet this is not mentioned when snow caps are receding.  Heat produced in urban conurbations, though a variable independent of greenhouse gases, may not be considered separate from them. Human-induced emissions having been diagnosed as the cause, the minds of Pledge Takers are blinkered. Other coexistent causational factors either do not enter into their considerations or are given little weight.

Reality at times is warped in order to fit their hypothesis.  Beyond a doubt there was a warming period in Greenland when crops were grown and a Little Ice Age in Europe when rivers froze over. Convenient to the diagnosis of rapid human induced warming these variations did not appear in a graphing purported to prove this as so. Analysis  of the cause and effect correlation between temperature rise, sun radiation and gases into the atmosphere well illustrates the inadequacy of interpretation that must be accepted to hold to Al Gore's position. Rather than temperature rise regularly following increased gases going into the atmosphere, close examination shows temperature rises first indicating it is the cause not the effect. Observed data not conforming to confirmation of the diagnosis is either unnoticed and doesn't enter consciousness or is ignored as irrelevant.

The Scientific Method, submitting a proposition to critical empirical observation before accepting it as validated, is the basis upon which Western Civilization developed.   the highest standards of living ever known.  The Dark Ages were not reason based but faith based societies.  Those questioning accepted truth were deemed heretics.

To-day a faith-based mind set is present in those applying the term "Deniers" to those taking issue with these assumptions: human-induced greenhouse gas emissions are the cause of climate change; radical actions must be taken to stave off the civilization destroying effects they have set in motion. To the True Believer, the Pledge Taker the writ is in.  Diagnosis, prognosis and necessary treatment have all been accurately arrived at.  All  that remains is taking the prescribed action in the present to avoid catastrophe in the future.

The placing of copies of Al Gore's Academy Award winning movie "An Inconvenient Truth" in schools across Canada by governments is passing on to students an environmental catechism to be accepted without question.  Only through comparing the thoroughness of its content, assumptions and conclusions to the observations of others, such as Dr. Steven Haywards DVD "An Inconvenient Truth Or Convenient Fiction?", can our children develop the capability of critical analysis that has shaped our way of life.

Unprepared to sign on to the "7 Point Pledge" without examination I came to the conclusion that with so much unresolved conflicting data and interpretations continuing to come forward (including recently the DNA of butterflies being deep within the Greenland Glacier) acceptance based on Faith is inconceivable.  And so must argue that while acting to reduce personal usage of energy and being supportive of technological efficiencies makes sense, 1. To demand that my country join an international treaty within the next two years that cuts global warming pollution by 90 percent in developed countries and by more than half worldwide in time for the next generation to inherit a healthy earth; thereby committing our society to massive change does not, until a clearer picture of what is involved other than human-emission of greenhouse gases is arrived at.


The '7 Point Pledge' announced by Al Gore to rally support against global warming

Arctic Melting Linked to Human Causes, Long-Term Review Finds

Arctic Melting Linked to Human Causes, Long-Term Review Finds

Inconvenient Truths for Al Gore -- 4: Moulins =

Scientists find clues to ice cap longevity: study

"An Inconvenient Truth Or Convenient Fiction?"Part I

"An Inconvenient Truth Or Convenient Fiction?"Part I I



From: Ernest Raymond

Dear members of the DD,

I too was on the Convention Centre floor at the 2003 PC Leadership Convention, Mary-Sue, trying to convince individual Orchard supporters to come to the Jim Prentice side of the yard when the word came down that Orchard and McKay had signed a deal that included the infamous promise and a Blue-Ribbon Panel investigation into the FTA - all of the main priorities that Orchard had sought.

It SEEMED like a perfect deal for Orchard and his people but my immediate reaction was to blurt out "McKay is lying" to which a McKay supporter ripped into me with unabashed venom. I apologized for my outburst and congratulated the Orchard supporters for their "successful" negotiation.

I will never forget that moment.

Watching and listening to McKay as he attempted an uncomfortable strut across the convention stage made me feel sick to my stomach and I walked out half-way through his speech which reminded me of some slightly-less-than-average highschool prettyboy presidential acceptance speech.

I am sure Prentice did not win because of his principled and steadfast unwillingness to promise Orchard that the PCs would NOT join forces, in some mutually advantageous way, with the Canadian Alliance. Cooperation was a cornerstone of Prentice's candidacy, as was it McKay's. (Chuck Strahl was constantly loitering outside the convention hall and talking to McKay and Prentice people)

Anyway, I was unaware that McKay's slogan was BELIEVE... interesting... I was focusing first on securing more votes than Scott Brison, and then securing the votes of Orchard supporters in case Orchard set his delegates free.

I thought you might like that little recollection of mine Mary-Sue.

On a different note, I would like to offer an alternative to MMP for the members of the DD to consider:

Keep the FPTP system, but give ONE SEAT to each Party who gets at least 1% of the popular vote (appoximately 1/107) in an Ontario General Election. The seat(s) granted would be a seat(s) that are over and above the 107 regional seats, slightly expanding the legislature to accomodate more points of view.

The proposed system would give a VOICE to each party that would have won at least one seat if their support was concentrated in a single riding.

Other advantages are that the feared "radical finge" party "taking over a significant block of the legislature" sentiment about MMP would be all but eliminated, but it would give a VOICE to fringe parties that are able to mobilize their supporters, and I think that would be a good thing. I would much rather have a radical fringe party exposed to the light of day for everyone to see rather than have their sentiments fester under the cover of dark.

I see no flaws in this proposed system, can you?


From: "Rebecca Gingrich"

Subject: DD

Joe--Lee Morrison(Reform--Sask) DID NOT TAKE THE PENSION when he retired from politics.  He also stated that the pay the MPs receive is an obscene amount.


(An honourable man)
From: Phyllis Kaffko

Hi Joe,
Just two observations:
One, regarding the selection of the panel to recommend options re keeping our military in Afghanistan, I want to thank Mr. Ian Berg of Calgary for speaking up against the obvious error of not including any experienced military professionals on this pane plus I commend him for mentioning the ridiculous choice of John Manley, who in my opinion is misguided and way overestimated on every aspect of his knowledge, intelligence and judgement.
I would also like to comment on the media's statement that Ontario has spoken about liking things the way they are, by electing the Liberals and Dalton McGuinty;  That is totally an untrue statement.
The fact is only about 25% of Ontarians said that is what they choose.  Just as many who voted, voted against the Liberals by voting for others.
The rest of Ontarioans DID NOT VOTE AT ALL.  By not voting, what some of them were saying is that not only do they NOT want Dalton and friends, they couldn't care enough about the others either to go out and vote.  That DOES NOT MEAN they choose the Liberals.
Right or wrong?
P. Kaffko

From: "Rosalie Piccioni" <>

Subject: Re:  Panel/Afghanistan/John Manley,etc.


   As I see it,  Mr. Harper has an innate ability to choose the right person for a job.  When we look into his choices, it's easy to see why the person in question was selected.

   I agree with Ian Berg that someone with a professional military career would add to the panel in investigating the Afghanistan mission   At the same time, present world problems need people informed on what we read about in the media and on what is not "seen" by the average person - what goes on behind the scenes.  Pamela Wallin is one such person.  Political buffs know John Manley as a politician.  But he has had vast experience in many areas too.  Some of his "qualifications" for the job:  law ( including tax law); involvement in the necessity for security following 9/11;  experience in federal budgeting; is a family man who, as a family man would understand the emotional pathos of seeing one's son or daughter going to war; experience that give an understanding of any International relationship Canada has with the United States and the rest of the world.

   Let's hope they do a great job of reporting so that we know where we stand in Afghanistan, something wider in scope than we might think.  Once, Canada was kind of behind the scenes, but that has changed and we're growing with her.