Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Daily Digest October 10, 2007



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - Clear changes on the hill

CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - Another round of debate over harmonized tax

HALIFAX NEWS - Changes in air for youth-crime law

HALIFAX CHRONICLE HERALD - Opening the gateway

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Kandahar is no place for politics

         Political courage needed on accommodation

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Harmful impressions

NATIONAL POST - God save us from 'practical men'

        The Caledonias keep coming

         Goodbye to record companies

K-W RECORD - Keep the gangs out of this region

WINDSOR STAR - Supreme Court: Right ruling on police

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Sport is not charity

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Afghan mission more important than photo-ops

CALGARY HERALD - Stelmach's star rising
Premier's tough talk earns respect from Albertans

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Doping scandals speak more to our culture than to failings in sports

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Rethinking how we vote

PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN - Pine beetle crisis still just a murmur

        Paying up to cry wolf

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - Drug policy offers same old failures
'Fresh approach' continues enforcement focus despite decades of costly, futile efforts


Canada-trained Afghan army unit strikes out on its own

Canadian soldier threatened with execution

Instant experts

Coderre heads to Afghanistan, mind tightly closed

Put tax reform back on agenda

We can't just blame China for unsafe goods
Cutthroat importers and retailers, along with bargain-hunting consumers, helped create thriving market for substandard products

The U.S. economy is on a slippery slope

From Washington to war in Waziristan

Saskatchewan goes to the polls November 7

E-word becomes campaign issue

Williams rides winning wave
Newfoundland warm to Premier who delivers

Offshore deal with N.S. angers Williams

McGuinty's Liberals win majority

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Referendum on electoral reform a 'unmitigated disaster'

Throne speech timing will cut off critics, opposition says
Scheduling it for 6:35 p.m. breaks with tradition

PM says royalty scare could hurt federal coffers

Out of Afghanistan in 2009: Dion
Canadian troops can pull out of Afghanistan in 2009 with no dishonour and without abandoning the Afghan people,
 Dion laughs in face of crisis
Liberal leader is either brave or ill-informed

Grits' national director steps down

Liberals set to fight if necessary, Dion says
Blame Harper if election called: Liberal leader

Embattled Dion aims to avoid fall election
Liberal Leader may tell MPs to sit out confidence vote but will not allow Parliament's role to be reduced to a 'rubber stamp,' he says

Provincial votes won't hinder PM

Public complaint over greeting cards lands PM in hot water

PM sees an opportunity for easy majority win

Dion a liability; A November election loss would give Grits a chance to dump their leader

Election talk's in the wind

Spending Power On Agenda
Throne Speech; Conservatives will limit federal role, Cannon says

The no-policy takeover policy

Ottawa, Nova Scotia agree on offshore
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Revamped tax plan angers business

New federal oceans funding "drop in the bucket"

Global warming not just about heat

From Chatelaine, a condescending rant by yesterday's feminist

Why academics like Stephane Dion are unsuited to the world of politics

Poverty means more than mere statistics


Duceppe annonce une offensive sur le français à la Chambre des communes

Le premier ministre Harper tente de recoller les pots cassés en Atlantique

Les citoyens de la Saskatchewan iront aux urnes, le 7 novembre

Stéphane Dion tente de séduire l'Alberta, plus favorable aux conservateurs

Le DG du PLC démissionne

Dion n'hésitera pas à renverser le gouvernement

Soutien aux pays pauvres: le Canada fait bonne figure

Les Canadiens célèbrent une victoire de l'armée afghane

Dion se dit prêt à livrer bataille

Élections provinciales ontariennes - Un cadeau à Dalton McGuinty

Québec presse Ottawa d'aider davantage l'industrie forestière

En bref - Danny Williams réélu

Une enquête soulève des inquiétudes

Du trafic de réfugiés au Canada


        No BELOw (30).  With the Speech from the Throne coming up shortly I decided to take the opportunity provided by the following interchange with a person
         unnamed  because permission to use the name has not been requested.
        There are three parts to what to this point you have chosen to receive on as daily a basis as other responsibilities I have allows.
        (1) "The DAILY DIGEST: INFORMATION and OPINION from ST. JOHN'S to VICTORIA." and indeed farther afield as the BBC and Asia Times are checked
        every day and others from time to time.  The selection is made of all judged to be of some interest to some receiving the Digest.
        (2) My editorializing in this section between BELOW(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)30)(30) and «¤»¥«¤»«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤» . The views expressed
        are mine and mine alone.  They are posted as often as not with the purpose of opening issues to discussion. They are not only open to rebuttal but such is
        most heartily encouraged.       
        (3) Below (30) where there is an opportunity to state opinion, ask questions, debate issues of the day and of long range concern.  No post has ever been
        modified without the agreement of its author.  In the eight years or so under 10 personal statements have not been posted because of content (though at
        times some have been misplaced).  Suggestions have been made to state a limit of length.  I've not implemented these nor will I though it's something those posting
        might well keep in mind (Stratos excluded since his posts serve well the purpose of point and counterpoint)
        What follows was an all too human reaction: to request removal because ideas are presented that are the antithesis of our own. What came about through  dialogue was not only agreement to stay but an excellent statement of position and most of all this - an articulation of the purpose I hope we share.

 After all, a healthy exchange of ideas is what democracy is all about. If I get my share of the space, and a chance to defend those ideas, then it's worth it.

        There are those receiving the Digest who are undecided.  Their role is to bring forward questions they have. So differing viewpoints on them can be expressed.
        Well its another late night here in the Eastern Time Zone.
        There will continue to be views expressed with which you may personally disagree.
        It's your call.  Present your case or request your address be removed from the list.
                 I sincerely hope you choose the former.
        ----- Original Message -----
From: Joe Hueglin
Sent: Monday, October 08, 2007 11:39 AM
Subject: A QUESTION ASKED: "Would Harper stoop that low?"

         Remove me from your list please. I don't share your ideas nor do I wish to have my inbox stuffed with them.
. . . your call.

        My ideas are the response to those I assume you hold.

        The invitation is made to present counter arguments to
        those ideas I present.

         Respectfully, were all those receiving the Digest sharing
        your views to follow your course the many who are among
        the UNDECIDED  would not be presented with opposing
        thoughts to mine.

                 Best regards,

Perhaps. But it's too easy to sit there behind cover taking cheap shots. Yours are not my views at all. I think of myself as an enlightened Conservative. I am in favour of social      and fiscal policies that are on the whole fair to the population, but that don't bankrupt the nation or dictate to us what's best for us, as most Liberal or NDP policies do.
        Kyoto is dead, but God-forbid anyone dare to say so. Let's spend around a third of our GDP on reducing CO2 domestically during the next 5 years to please the EU and David      Suzuki and Al Gore. We'll have a few million more unemployed and civil strife everywhere, but hell, we'll reduce CO2 by 2 or 3% here only. Meanwhile, China, India and the US   will make up for that with 10 times the problem.
        And especially, I resent the notion that we should cut and run from Afghanistan. Two million girls are being educated there now, up from ZERO under the Taliban, and that's     who we're fighting against. Not to mention a free pass for Bin Laden and his buddies to regroup and attack again. And next time, it could well be us, as well as the US or      Australia or the UK.
        As for the Rock, Danny Williams might win a landslide, but you don't get your people anything when you call the PM a liar and work for his removal. I'm all for the Newfs getting       their just rewards after 50 years of being everybody's butt end joke, but having your cake and eating it too went out with Marie Antoinette. If Newfie's can't figure out that they've  been subsidized for 50 years, and that those times are over thanks to offshore oil and nickel, then they're either really dumb or really greedy. And that's what Williams projects.
        Other than the mostly far left-wing voters (so-called intellectuals, environmentalist extremists, 20-somethings who haven't experienced any hard knocks in life yet), in our 3  urban centres (TO, Mtl, Vcr), most of the country is ready to hand Harper a majority, though he hardly needs one to govern. The Liberals are afraid of being wiped out in the next      election, especially here in Quebec, the NDP might gain a few seats at the L's expense, and the Bloc is finally aimed towards extinction as they deserve. Hard-working  "average" Canadians appreciate a straight-talking PM, with balls, and with an ear to the ground on issues of concern to them:
        Get Tough on crime-----YES. We want safer neighbourhoods! We're tired of Liberal judges freeing multiple repeat offenders.
        Stand up in the UN with courage---YES. Tell the world that Canada is not a patsy anymore, or sucking up to third world dictatorships in order to get their business.
        Support Israel---YES. Support a fair deal for the Palestinians---YES. But constantly prop up and support despots who would eliminate Israel, NO.
        Share the wealth of the nation---YES. Let those who have it under their soil or near their shores keep it all to themselves and also get handouts---NO.
        Pay down the debt run up by mostly Liberal governments---YES.
        Lower taxes instead of setting up insane new costly programs like national daycare---YES.
        Protect our environment---OF COURSE. But do it at a cost that will put the country into recession---NO NO NO!
        Those are my views. I'm no fool nor am I a naive idiot who things that Harper is some angel. He's a controlling and stubborn leader who needs watching and the occasional       kick in the butt reality check. But he and his party are a lot better than anything we've seen in a very long time.

. . . excellent.

        Will you stay on to see whether others respond to your forthright views,
        some of which I share and which I'll say so?

        Certainly hope so.


         Sure. After all, a healthy exchange of ideas is what democracy is all about. If I get my share of the space, and a chance to defend those ideas, then it's worth it.

Precisely what BELOW (30) aims at.