Friday, September 28, 2007

Daily Digest September 27, 2007



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - Let there be light

CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - City slickers down on the farm


MONTREAL GAZETTE - Forest industry turns a pretty shade of green

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Don't tar them all

         Intellectual development

TORONTO STAR - Speed up funding for GTA transit

NATIONAL POST - The cost of Kyoto

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Seeking truth in free speech

CAMBRIDGE TIMES - Make sure the best person wins

WINDSOR STAR - The referendum
What Ontarians need to know

SUDBURY STAR - Voters not impressed

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Sealing the lie

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX -  Ahmadinejad distracts world from real threat

REGINA LEADER-POST - A new best friend
An increasingly competitive labour market is a harbinger of improved opportunities -- and wages -- for women workers.

CALGARY HERALD - Rights must trump religion

        Good hygiene is crucial

Loonie math still doesn't make sense for shoppers

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Junta cannot escape democracy

EDMONTON SUN - Canadian army belongs on campus

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Fighting secrecy

PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN - The policeman's boot

VANCOUVER SUN - Secretive governments should take a refresher course in democracy

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - B.C. judges should stop trying to act like social workers

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - Tighten privacy rules now


Alberta Metis to defy provincial hunting restrictions this fall

Man arrested for violent clashes during native occupation in Caledonia, Ont.

Legal hammers, human nails

Afghans call for 'death to Canada'

Engineers look for trouble on Kandahar roads

Canadian military close to running on empty

Canada faces lawsuit from ExxonMobil, Murphy Oil, over Newfoundland oil

Premier says he will fight Big Oil's lawsuit over Newfoundland resources

Plans for ExxonMobil, Murphy suit adds to long list of legal disputes under NAFTA

U.S. senators want border security boost

Canucks face shortfall of money moxie: Report

Credit crisis 'made in Canada'

Nine protesters dead as Myanmar violence continues

Are we turning a generation of young women into guinea pigs?

Terror trial proceedings troubling
Bizarre allegations about Toronto 18, unorthodox decisions are raising questions about Crown's case

Stop bogus refugees before they get in

What are your views regarding our local transportation network? Where are there problems and what are your solutions?

Health, education rank highest for voters

McGuinty shifts gears, portrays chief rival as another 'Mr. Harris'
The Liberal Leader warns that John Tory will decimate health care, even as a carefully scripted event in a hospital goes sideways

Momentous choice for voters

Parties unplug debate on privatized power system

Who can rescue seniors from property tax trap?

Harper takes election-style swing at Liberals in defending $13.8B surplus

Federal debt lowered by $14 billion last year, Harper says

Ottawa pledges tax cuts as surplus soars

Tory on $14B federal surplus: more money needed to fix fiscal imbalance
Mr. Tory said the federal government should be sharing some of its $14B surplus with lower levels of government.

Surplus under Tories draws Liberal comparisons

Harper hints at tax cuts

NDP warns government of election after 'undemocratic' surplus announcement

Liberal help for Tory majority
Dion could inadvertently boost Harper;

Cash-strapped Quebec Liberal wing warns of closing

Liberal rift erupts over Dion aide

Harper and Tory strategist reveal dark side

The truth behind war of words

Even in Quadra, parties' search for candidates can be tricky

Bordering on silly

Tories thwart probe into access-to-information delays for media: newspaper group

Solberg pours water on child-care pledge

Tories perpetuate access roadblocks: Newspapers

Knocking Kyoto off its perch

Private Corporate Takeover of Canadian Government?
Can It be True? A View From the Street

Tory insider issues on-air apology to the GG

Mom was shocked when she lost her job after maternity leave - and angry when asked to cough up $8,000

First-past-the-post isn't the problem

Social conservatives move on to next marriage debate

Sovereignty would hurt - not help - the future of French
Immigration to a separate Quebec would plummet

Canada needs immigrants and an inclusive society

Submarine purchase gives navy that sinking feeling


Harper attaque les libéraux en défendant son surplus de 14 milliards $

Les partis d'opposition critiquent l'utilisation du surplus fédéral

Les conservateurs se préparent pour le prochain débat sur le mariage

Des députés du Québec demandent le départ du directeur général du PLC

Dion laisse une porte entrouverte; Duceppe garde le cap

Des demandes d'accès à l'information bloquées par le PC?

Deux Canadiens blessés


Can It be True?
Sometime early in the year someone receiving the Digest suggested Kelly Richard then of Calgary, originally from Markham e-mail me.
        Why? I've no idea. Asked to do what could be done calls and were made and e-mails sent to lawyers in Calgary, journalists all over, M.P.s,
        MLAs and various Commissions.

        What was prepared and sent was a verifiable tale about which you may well ask, as others have, "Can it be true?

        This morning this post was received:

        From: Scout Finch
        To: <>
        Subject: From Kelly

        Hi Joe, How are you?  Hope all is well.  Would you consider putting a link to our story in your Daily Digest? The first in a series of stories
        being done about our    situation can be found at , currently the first story, entitled "Private Corporate Takeover
        of Canadian Government"...
        I would really appreciate you considering doing this for us, Kelly
The response was swift:

        To: Scout Finch
        From: Joe Hueglin <>
        Subject: To Kelly


        Private Corporate Takeover of Canadian Government?
        Can It be True? A View From the Street

May I urge you to read the tale that begins on the 8th paragraph of the article.

        It is a submission to

        Paul Kennedy,
        Chair, and all members,
        Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP,
        Post Office Box 3423, STN D,
        Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6L4

Should you be considering as you read this "Shall I bother or not?" let me say this, please do.

         "Can It be True?" is not at question. The answer is yes, fully supported by evidence.

        The question to ask yourself is "Could this happen to me?"

I believe it could and has to others than Kelly - but as always judgement is yours.



From: Ron Thornton

Hi Joe:

I have discovered my pet peeve as of late is all this nonsense regarding Kyoto and all the hand-wringing that somehow this plan in any way addresses concerns regarding climatic change.  I'm no expert, but I am bright enough to be able to question anything that lacks logic.

If there are sharks in the water, paying someone at another beach that also has sharks in the water to gain credits/permission to continue to swim in your own shark infested water while encouraging them to do the same, doesn't make a lick of sense. Yet, this is what Kyoto is all about.

If we face such a major problem, and I say "if", then allowing you and I to continue to add to the problem by paying others on the other side of the world for permission to do so, while assisting them to also continue adding to the problem, has to rank right up there as one of the dumbest irrational illogical world-wide phenomenons ever!  So, if there is no benefit to the climate to be found, or damn little, then who gets the main benefit?

I understand Al Gore can ignore the rules he is trying to set out for everyone else because he buys credits (permission) to continue to do so...from his own company.  I think this provides us with a major clue as to where the benefits might actually be going..and it sure isn't to the planet.  It would seem that some of the wealth redistribution envisioned by Kyoto is earmarked for those who are already wealthy. 

Many of these folks acquired their wealth in the first place, not by innovations that have proven beneficial to their fellow man but, by taking advantage of suckers. We really should not be surprised if history is allowed to repeat itself.

As for climate change, geological history tells us it is always changing.  200 years is just a blip on that record, and our yet imperfect weather science, still somewhat in its infancy, has demonstrated that we can't predict what to expect next week, never mind next decade or century.  I mean, give me a margin of error of 6 months either way, and even I can predict snow in Yellowknife.

Are the seas rising?  Yes, they have been doing so since the peak of the last glacial advance, about 18,000 years ago.  Do greenhouse gases accelerate melting?  Yes, as they did more than 600 million years ago when it is theorized to have caused what was basically an "snowball" or "slush ball" earth to melt over the span of 1000 years, no doubt advancing the diversification of life.  Is the climate changing?  It is always changing, with glaciers advancing and retreating 20 times during the Cenozoic period, which began 70 million years ago and continues to this day. At times earth has been completely (or nearly so) covered in ice, at others it was ice free. What we basically should be talking about here is, not a phenomena that has always been but, -1- looking at how we might best adapt to these changes.

If the future means, for example, a loss of water sources through drying rivers and glaciers, what exactly are we doing to address the actual problem?  Well, it would seem the answer to that question is "nothing." 

We are too busy trying to undermine our own economies, assist those who can insulate themselves from the problem to become even wealthier, to send glorified aid packages to nations who remain backward due primarily to their own missteps and disorder, all the while tilting at windmills like modern day Don Quixote's as we ignore real solutions to real and perceived concerns,

Until such time as logic; instead of graft, ignorance and general stupidity; makes an appearance, I'm afraid all I hear is a drone of nonsense that I am finding easier and -2-easier to ignore and dismiss for what it is.

(-1-Yea,verily.  -2- Never completely )
From: Caspar Davis
Subject: Surplus result of government deficit

Dear Sir:

I am astonished to hear that you have a $14 billion surplus when you are unable to fund any of the operations of the Department of the Environment or to provide proper support for the health system, let alone build proper facilities for our homeless people.

I guess it is easy to have surpluses when you don't do anything.

Caspar Davis
Victoria, BC

From: Keith Coghlan. Belleville Ontario

HI Joe:

           Thanks for all the good work on the Digest always interesting and sometimes makes me wonder if I live in the same Canada as some of these other people. Anyways I have a few comments on the Referendum on Oct 10th in Ontario. Would be love to have them in the Digest if possible.



In Ontario on Oct 10th voters will have a chance to change the way candidates are elected to the provincial parliament. In my lifetime its the first time to have been asked any question on how we govern this province. Since the current system dates back to 1792 in one form or another I think maybe its just time for a change.

I dont see the option of Mixed Member Proportional as a ending but the begining of a process to change and make the system better. Sure there are parts of the new MMP system I dont like but there are parts of the present system I dont like either. One of which is handing over power to one leader for 4 years without any chance of taking notice of the public.

In Canada and Ontario we have had many examples of governments once elected that have push forward laws and taxes that the vast majority of the population has opposed. But with the current system we turn over all the power to one party and in some cases on man.

Whats wrong with having a few different voices in the provincial Parliament and maybe just a little power remaining in the members of that parliament.
Its interesting to note that all the people opposed to Mixed Member Proportional or any change to the system repeatly bring out all kinds of possible problems. Two many parties , too difficult to get stable government, too much cost and too difficult to understand.

Right now we have soldiers fighting for the term "DEMOCRACY" in Afghanistan. That democratic system they are fighting to build in Afghanistan is nothing like our "FIRST PAST THE POST SYSTEM" here in Ontario. In Afghanistan they have a parliament with many parties and many different views.

Just why is a system like that bad for Ontario but ok for Afghanistan.

Its time for change its time for more voices and its time to have elections and Parliaments that reflex the actual votes parties received in those elections.

So on Oct 10th I will being voting for the start of change and for moving elections and democracy in this province into the future.

I would ask that all others at least review what the Ontario Citizens Assembly has suggested and vote out of knowledge not fear.

Keith Coghlan
Belleville Ontario



At last, a short interlude that allows me to snipe ...
Stratos ("Take no mercy, give no prisoners!")
U.S. Congress investigation finds Canadian border a danger
Senator Blacklung, R-Spotsylvania: "And all that atmosphere above us ... It's NO BLOCK to space invaders! Am I the only one who's seen V, Battlestar Galactica, and Independence Day?"
U.S. Homeland security chief says personal information needed on travellers
Indeed. How many MORE times must we risk getting picked up by federal Senators in airport toilets? I mean, sure, the guy's from out west, but with globalization NO ONE's safe!
Harper takes shot at Bush administration
Focus on nationalism hurts economic ties: PM
Bif! And a one ...

Remove internal trade barriers, Stelmach says
Bif again! And a two ... Hey, does anyone think that our Alberta boys are in tune with each other, what with them giving all the old one-two?

Researcher creates concrete with pine beetle wood
And I'd never thought I'd see the day when deals would be cast in wood, not stone (sort of).
Soaring loonie aside, consumers still see double with dual U.S., Cda pricing
Well, actually, we've been seeing double for a while now. Or at least twice as many Americans in Canadian shops than back in the early 90s, anyway.
Canada files WTO complaint over European trade restrictions on seal products
Sure, mukluk sales were small anyway. But it's the PRINCIPLE of the thing! And who knows .. them Norwegians might stop eating whales long enough to savour our good seal-flipper pies. (<== There really IS such a thing. Made in Newfoundand-Labrador, no joke)
Six tips from an expert to help temper the temper
Uuuhhh ... plunge back into the fire? Oh ... we're NOT talking metallurgy. Never mind.

Automakers sued over car price disparity 48 min. ago
Pretty precise timing. Plus, how did they know when I'd be reading this? Hhhmmm ....
all 98 news articles
Ninety-eight articles, reduced to one short list:
   - elections are coming up;
   - Tories shriek;
   - Liberals mumble;
   - Knee-dippers bark.
Kinda says it all, eh?
Lesson for Ontario
Votez Bloc h'and treaten da federall gawvernmint too.

Leaders should tackle all issues
(On religious controversy): Santa for everyone! (Booo from the left of the audience) ... Uh, OK ... Santa for NO ONE! (Boooo ... from the right) ... OK ... SANTA FOR SOME, BUT NOT FOR OTHERS! (Yaaaaayyyy ...) (We have a winner).

Tory unbuttons, out on the stump
Tendentious claptrap. He was behind a bush the whole time ... What's being implied here?

Divisive schools issue splits Tories
Conservative leader John Tory's faith-based school funding proposal may not have been the right strategy to win him a breakthrough seat in Ottawa
Ottawa, political capital that it is, wants presents, dammit! But if we're talking Santa again ...

Harper snubs annual press gallery dinner, no reason given for no-show
Hey, Steeeeve! Say somethin' stoopid for us. We want to laugh when you say somethin' stoopid. Huh huh huh ...
(What, the GG's not into it this year?)

Dion keep door open to supporting the Tory government's throne speech
Well, he DOES have the perfect excuse, a la Flip Wilson: "Da BLOC made me do it! (Oh, and the Knee-dippers, too)". Old classics are always the best.

Liberals keeping powder dry, but preparing for electoral battle
Strange metaphor. Seems to me that you keep your powder dry when anticipating battle, not despite of it. Back to typing school for this b'y.
New Democrats criticize federal government over plans to militarize the North
Makes sense. I mean they ARE out to socialize it instead, right?

Dion fuels election talk with throne speech conditions
"I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll BLOOOOW myself up!"

Vote would return minority, PM predicts
But critics say Harper's comments show he may be warm to the prospect of a fall election
To tell you the truth, this stomping on the Opposition while being a minority is starting to agree with me. I mean, THINK of what we've seen and of the potential for more comedy ...

Canada should cease combat as NATO test, Liberals say
Dion says troops must withdraw in 2009 even if no other country will take over
Good Gawd. Can you believe that I actually thought of something like this as a test leading to Canada's and the US' departure from Europe? Dang .. must be from living in Stephie's riding ... Still, let them Euro-sods take care of the Russkies on their own! (<-- I jest. Bad idea.)

Dion's a failure as Grit leader
Dog bites man. Guess they didn't have enough two-headed-chicken stories to fill in page D-37.

Duceppe is making demands Harper could never accept
It comes down to the Liberals whether or not we have fall election
"I'll huff. And I'll puff. And I'll HOOOOLD my breath and turn blue until Quebec gets justice!" Or something like that ...

Canadian television in peril
From schlock, boring shows, and low production values? Zzzzz .. And now, back to As The Stomach Turns (or Burns, whatever) ...

Exports main cause of greenhouse gas growth, says study
Yeah! So let's switch to imports, dammit. Uuuhh ... but wait ... our imports are someone else's exports ... Uuuhhh ...

Efforts to protect land in North from development failing: report
This phrase cobbled together in Klunk-O-Rama. Oh wait, it's one of them b'ys again .. Must be local dialect. Still, don't they teach them how to write good over there?

Getting rich by going green
Scott Brison, National Post
"These $20 bills are my policies ...".
Go, Gore, go
Former VP could use his possible Nobel Prize as launching pad for his new bid to become president
To paraphrase our very own JC un-enthusiasts ... Go, Al, Go ... PLEASE! Not since the Gush-Bore debates has a preening politician irritated me so!
And as concerns JC: I mean Joe Clark, NOT the other JC. And not Jean Chretien. And again, not the one who was the original Chretien. Or the one before Augustus. Or ... (this could go on and on ...)
Who will replace the baby boomers in the workplace?
I dunno. Baby bangers? Boppers? Bashers? Maybe they'll use grown-ups. Or they'll automate the thing ...
"Je ne comprend pas"
Harper priv de 17 d put s ?

The PLC requires of the DGE to prevent them from voting on the speech from the throne
Ottawa -- The liberal opposition in Ottawa invites lections Canada to press the step in its investigation into the doubtful electoral expenditure of the preserving Party in order to obtain a verdict on its intrigues before the next poll. If the Director general of the election applies the sanctions envisaged to the electoral law as the liberals wish it, they are 17 deputies of the government who could see themselves prohibited to sit and to vote with the House of Commons.
I don't have the original, so I'll try to decipher the translation.
Harper deprived of 17 MPs? The Liberal opposition in Ottawa asks Elections Canada to speed up (presser le pas = step up the marching pace) its investigation of the questionable election expenditures of the Conservative ("preserving" hahahaha) Party, in order to get a ruling on its intrigues/machinations/behaviour before the next poll. If the CEO (Director General?) of Elections Canada imposes the sanctions prescribed by electoral law, as the Liberals wish it, 17 government MPs could see themselves themselves prohibited from sitting and voting in the House of Commons. (Yow!)