Friday, September 21, 2007

Daily Digest September 21, 2007



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - The numbers game

HALIFAX NEWS - Doing the right thing

         Byelections no bellwether

HALIFAX CHRONICLE HERALD - Afghanistan's uneven load

         Newcomers needed


OTTAWA CITIZEN - Promises to keep

TORONTO STAR - McGuinty foes fail to deliver

         Ghostly Afghan army

         Withering of the Bloc is great news

NATIONAL POST - John Tory's common sense

        Dalton McGuinty: creating a culture of educational profiling

TORONTO SUN - Game, set and match to McGuinty

        Great causes lose out to climate fight

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Good ruling on a bad law

K-W RECORD - Tory, Hampton score in debate

WINDSOR STAR - Refugee claims
A problem we can't afford

SUDBURY STAR - Real differences exist in party platforms

        Missed opportunities; Stephane Dion has not taken the lead when he had the chances to do so

        Canada shouldn't accept objectors

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Adopted in error

        Sand in the gears

REGINA LEADER-POST - Accountability the key
Transparency about casino revenues and how they are spent is key to the success of a new gambling agreement.

CALGARY HERALD - Return to sender

         Seeking a fine balance

CALGARY SUN - Royalty row unfolding as it should


EDMONTON JOURNAL - John robs Peter to pay Paul?

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - On royalties and more

         Government asleep at the wheel

VANCOUVER SUN - As dollar rises, there's more to setting prices than meets the eye

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - Loonie's rise should make Canadians feel rather proud

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - Loonie's gains a threat to B.C.

         Forestry plan long overdue 


PM should apologize to aboriginal victims

Veterans awaiting an ombudsman

Moral duty to help Afghans: envoys
'Live Up To Pledge'; Withdrawal would 'betray' allies, UN diplomats say

PM's troop trip-up
What is that wily fox Harper up to?

Major clash in south Afghanistan
Heavy fighting has taken place between US-led forces and Taleban militants in southern Afghanistan.

Taliban speak in many tongues

Canada-U.S. tax treaty to increase investment, trade: officials

U.S. lobby group slams drug trade with Canada
American Election Issue; Canadian study warns of possible fraud, disruptions

U.S. company sues Canadian agency following recall of packaged carrots

Wireless market challenged

Canada's largest labour group calls for interest rate cuts after loonie soars

Key industries take bruising
Agriculture and forest products pay price when loon soars

Flaherty sees silver lining for manufacturers in dollar's rise

Global forestry sector catching up to Canada

Tourism industry fears slump

Currency not alone in rise against U.S. dollar
Run-up no made-in-Canada success story

Canadians feeling fleeced by U.S. pricing
As our dollar hits par, consumers' association urges buy-direct tactics

'Sink the loonie!'

A black day in our economic history

US Resumes Blackwater Convoys in Iraq
US Embassy Resumes Limited Convoy Movements With Blackwater Protection

Junk-food ban leads to black-market trade in sweets

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Ontario election 2007:

Ontario Election 2007 blog

A couple of losers but no big winner

McGuinty too soft on crime, rival Tory says as debate-night attack carries forward

Ken Gray . The first casualty

Grits accused of privatizing power supply

All but called a liar, says McGuinty
Leaders' Debate; Tory, Hampton hammer Premier on credibility

McGuinty owns up to broken promises


He still has time to heal after Tory-Hampton attack

School plan may cost Tory core support

Tory's private health policy blasted

McGuinty rips Tory attack ads

McGuinty, Tory clash over school funding

A real argument against funding faith-based schools

Chances of a fall federal election are now 50-50
Tories don't want one, but opposition could force it

Wheat Board director joins Liberal team

Dion pledges to get personal

Dion takes the blame for by-election losses

MacKay assails Europe for not sharing burden
New Defence Minister lashes out at Liberals for sending Canadian troops into battle without proper protection

Dion launches foreign-policy attack

Ex-Bloc voters the key to NDP win

Harper, Dion might both want a fall election

Dion admits image needs makeover

Harper foreign policy amateurish, Dion says

Liberals should put away the knives at Dion's back

Even for a guy with a no-fun job, Dion has had a bad week

Dion must change policies to appeal to Quebec

Going beyond Dion

Ottawa halts $1.6B upgrade of aging aircraft

Fear of lawsuits led Ottawa to go slow, official says

Doer brings law and order plea to Ottawa

GST a 'fair tax,' says chamber
Conservative government urged to break election promise and not cut tax

Take this idea and flush it

Federal body accuses government of inflating its climate-change plan

Taliban terror could hit at home, warns McKay
MacKay says Taliban threat will follow Canadians home if mission in Afghanistan is not completed

Northern conservation could be paralyzed during Environment Canada review

Registered charities bankroll terrorism: RCMP

U.S. researchers discover air pollution can trigger blood clots

Don't take $2B more from oilpatch
Energy firms are the major contributor to the current Alberta boom

Demand moratorium on takeovers

Trade, manufacturing jobs key election issues

Leaders share misfortune

Pressure rises to address economic impact of high dollar

Harper zaps feminists

American mythology

Slim hopes for sanity
Skinny models send out the wrong message to women, particularly teens

Liberals, Bloc losing relevance in Quebec


Une autre bavure de l'OTAN

Le dollar US a le teint vert

Dion fait son mea-culpa

La médecine conservatrice fait ses premières victimes

MacKay rencontre Gates

Afghanistan: MacKay réclame de l'aide

L'ambassadeur afghan estime que les Canadiens comprennent mieux la mission

Bernier chahuté

Envolée du dollar: Ottawa n'interviendra pas

Déversements dans l'Arctique: une loi ne fait pas l'affaire des Inuits

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