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Daily Digest October 1, 2007



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - Protecting privacy


TORONTO STAR - Electoral reform a backward step

SUDBURY STAR - Taxpayers deserve a break

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Al Gore: from Nobel to White House?

CALGARY HERALD - Make penalty fit the crime

         Intolerance unleashed
        Quebec women's group off base with call to ban religious attire

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - MPs dragging their feet on anti-terror legislation

        Stiff laws needed on drunk driving
        Current use of roadside suspensions amounts to decriminalization of the offence


Taliban spokesman rejects Karzai's offer of talks

Canadian air drops 'save lives', avoid risky Afghan roads

Dion may be down but not out

Tories put up roadblocks to Afghan visit: Coderre

Taliban peace deal possible, says Karzai

Co-operation with Taliban must come with conditions: MacKay

Afghan troops play key role in new strategy
Canadians will isolate insurgents instead of triggering battles that take a toll on civilians

Canada's man in Kandahar
Quebec-born diplomat is proud of French Canada's role in world affairs

New passport rules could stall firefighters at border
Long-standing tradition of helping in emergency might come to an end

UN envoy meets Myanmar's opposition leader

Doctor says disorder must be seen 'as a medical illness'

Liberals fall short of full slate in N.L. election

Williams's popularity rides high, even on Newfoundland's 'forgotten coast'

A provincial Conservative Party would give anglos an option
English-speaking Quebecers feel trapped into voting Liberal

Tories haven't flunked out on school issue, Tory insists
Conservative leader shrugs off poll results that show party trailing

Faith-based proposal dominates all-candidates debate in key Toronto riding

On the heights of excellence

Myths of Catholic education

Economy right off the radar

Dion supporter urges Liberal leader not to force fall federal election

Review takeovers: McGuinty

Tories plan get-tough national drug strategy

Al Gore: 'The planet has a fever'
Al Gore tells 1,400 in Victoria: Governments must act to reduce our carbon footprint

Coming clean on fossil fuels
SFU Prof. Mark Jaccard, a leading mind on the environment, no longer ardently believes that renewable energy is the only answer to climate change
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Man on emission
From the UN to Washington, Harper's preaching green. But just who are his climate-change allies?

Thousands gather on Parliament Hill for 30th annual memorial to fallen officers

Hemophilia community awaits Monday's verdict in tainted blood trial

NATO members need to step up

Trickle-down this, buddy
Booming economy benefits rich, while middle class treads water

Gov't urged to make cuts to pay debt
Instead of boosting spending, Tories should return surplus to taxpayers

Wake me up when eastern Canadians stop driving their cars
Provocative book on pollution issues takes myopic view of Alberta

Obsession with disaster is making us miserable


La GRC n'atteindra pas ses objectifs en terme de recrutement

Le verdict sera rendu lundi dans le scandale du sang contaminé

Ottawa se penche sur l'utilisation des herbicides par les Forces canadiennes

Les talibans rejettent l'appel au dialogue

L'ambassadeur afghan réclame des excuses

Élections: un député presse Dion de ne pas forcer le jeu

Harper devra s'engager à respecter Kyoto

Drogues illicites: «La fête est finie», dit Tony Clement

Ottawa devra assumer les surplus de coût des Jeux 2010

Gilles Duceppe dénoncera l'approche du gouvernement Harper


From: Jacob Rempel
Subject: the MMP prescription

I replied to Sheila Copps as follows,
but the server bounced it back to me.
Dear Sheila Copps,

The party leader appointed the successful nominee in your riding in your party and you lost your place. That was worse than the MMP prescription, and it happens regularly in the Liberal Party and the Con Party, probably also in the NDP. Then a minority of the voters usually sends that leader-appointed nominee to the House of Commons.

Re-read the specifications for MMP until you understand it.

... Jacob Rempel, Vancouver
cc. Joe Hueglin

From: Ron Thornton

Hi Joe:

Two quick comments regarding the Saturday Digest.  First, I wrote down the pros and cons of supporting the Conservative government.  On the pro side, I wrote down "Stephane Dion does not belong to this party" and "Voting for this party might keep Stephane Dion or Jack Layton from ever becoming Prime Minister."  After viewing the pros, I saw no need to seek out any cons.

In regards to the childcare questions, I was reminded that parents are the primary care givers, as I have been for the past decade.  There was no more to add there, either.  I mean, my kids, my responsibility. 

Nothing more to add.


From: Phyllis Kaffko

Hi Joe,
Some excellent arguments were made why we should not have the MMP system.
One of which was all the fringe parties that could elect some fool and then our serious government would have to consider making deals with these people to get their own agendas passed. How scary is that?
Another point is that these MMP are answerable to their own parties and not the electors and last but certainly not least, do we want to add 39 more salaries and their entourages to our overtaxed selves. 
We the readers of this blog understand a bit more than the average voter.  We need this message to get out to the public before they go to the polls.  We shouldt be flooding all the papers, letters to the editor to make this point.  Most people do not understand the system, and when it is expressed that this was a recommended solution, this makes it confusing to the average Joe. 
The public must be informed.  So WRITE THE NEWSPAPERS, PEOPLE.  START RIGHT NOW.

. . . . . pursuant to our conversation.

Dear Supporters,

In the final week of the campaign expect to hear our message in radio ads in the Ottawa area (CFRA) the Toronto area (CFRB) and the London area (BOB-FM).

As well, we have received another batch of coloured "sample ballot" flyers that could be priority posted to you early this week, if you give us a mailing address by posting to | Reach us at NO MMP <> And you can still download flyers and signs from for instant delivery.

It is important to hit the streets and concession roads this week ...  working with your Area Teams or individually. We have a good message that has to be conveyed to our potential voters.

In your conversations, repeat the words "existing system."  That is the part of the ballot where we want people to make their mark.

The polls indicate that there is still a huge group of undecided voters. We can't afford to let any of our potential voters abstain from the Referendum vote because we haven't explained it to them.

Keep up the good fight,

Michael Ufford and all the NO MMP Directors and Area Co-ordinators.

From: Jacob Rempel
To: "Editor DAILY DIGEST" <>
Subject: paying down debt

Peggy Merritt writes:
"...but thank God we have some responsible people at
the helm who are looking to make Canada's future a financially
secure one!" ... Peggy Merritt
On this specific item, you must thank God for Paul Martin too, Peggy.

...Jacob Rempel

From: Jacob Rempel
To: "Editor DAILY DIGEST" <>
Subject: Section 36

Robert Ede writes:
Section 36 & Dalhousie Law Journal article:
"My personal view predicts the article is a flawed
 extrapolation ... - anything else and everything else
 is being read-in by activists and agenda-pushers....
-- Robert Ede
My reply to Robert Ede:
Robert Ede, I think you are also an activist with an agenda,
though you apparently do not like Canadians of other
opinions to be activists for their agenda.
I did read Section 36 myself and accepted the article's interpretation.  
As well, I remember the "agenda" of all the parties and provinces since
the 50s. Not one  had the Manning/Harper and Parti Quebecois/Bloc
agenda (and apparently your agenda) of cutting loose all the provinces
as autonomous states loosely linked in a league called Canada.
No, they all recognized the massive changes in Canada between
1867 and 1935/1982. They all(except separatists) wanted the new
agenda, all demanded it, all contributed to the negotiations, and all
applauded when they reached their consensus on Sec 36 in 1982.
Some of them: Diefenbaker, Stanfield, Davis, Douglas, and Trudeau.
(But not separatists and Preston Manning, Stephen Harper, and you.)
(And Queen Elizabeth signed on cheerfully, as usual!)
Hence we now have the equalization principle, social transfer payments,
joint programs, federal social programs, and regular special assistance
to provinces when special circumstances require it. We are after all one
nation, thanks to John A. Macdonald, George Etienne Cartier, George
Brown, Charles Tupper, D'Arcy McGee  and many others who all wanted
a more centralized government capable of maintaining an independent
Canada against the continuous pressure from American expansionists.
We now have a very decentralized federation as a result of some bad
decisions of the British Privy Council when they were still our supreme
court. I wish our present court could reverse those decisions.
...Jacob Rempel, Vancouver

From: Rory J. Koopmans

So the Liberals were 0 for 3 in the byelections. I cannot exactly say I'm sorry about that Joe. I'm just sorry they weren't crushed by bigger margins!

Thank you Jack Layton, thank you Gilles Duceppe!


From: Robert Ede
Subject: pluses and minuses

Well the first on is the magnificent(ly rushed) softwood lumber deal that fixed the old problems and created a few new ones.
I just cannot decide which column to put it in
Minus I guess
Robert Ede,

From: Robert Candy

"This is a poll of sorts I reckon, but with no leading questions."

You have started this "poll" with a leading question by prefacing it with an article by a socialist commentator who is determined to see the end to "the Harper regime."

. . . "Election fever on the rise" might better have been free standing,

Patterns of action (citing sources) is long ingrained in my m.o.


Yes, I've noticed.

From: "Suan H.Booiman" <>
Subject: poll

writing down the good, bad and the ugly would take some time when a
simple answer is available, under the pressure of the Red Tories,
Harper and his silent soldiers over extended the attention to Quebec
(like all Central Canadian desperate politicians have done in the past)
and with that ignoring the rest of Canada. (56% of the budget for Quebec)

From: Robert Ede
Subject: perhaps not for DD -- you decide

Currency Cold War, minus the missiles
Diane Francis, Financial Post
There is a sinister reason why the U.S. dollar is falling against all currencies, pushing the Canadian loonie to parity in value.

There is a Currency Cold War being waged by Russia, Iran and various allies such as Venezuela.

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to force the use of euros as a reserve currency instead of dollars for oil and other transactions, then eventually the ruble. This is simply a monetary version of the old Cold War, minus the missiles. . . .

From: "Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Terrorists will not change our way of life?  No, our governments will!

Big Brother Britain: Government and councils to spy on ALL our phones

Officials from the top of Government to lowly council officers will be given
unprecedented powers to access details of every phone call in Britain under
laws coming into force tomorrow.

The new rules compel phone companies to retain information, however private,
about all landline and mobile calls, and make them available to some 795
public bodies and quangos. . . .

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