Thursday, February 22, 2007

Question for Real Canadians

North American Union / North American Integration / SPP

RE:  February 23, 2007 Meeting in Ottawa of SPP signators.
Today, there is no Political Party in Canada that is willing to indicate review by our politicians is necessary prior to implementation. Does that mean that all of our Canadian elected politicians are corrupt and should be held liable for treason for not representing their constituents?  That is a question that each of us have to present to our elected riding MPP.   Remember that a survey taken here was overwhelming supportive of a distinct Canadian society.

If the answers are not appropriate, then review of alternative actions must be taken.  Search within the riding the candidate or party  that indicates Canadians come first prior to a select few.   If a party or candidate is not available, then it is important to select one now.  CANADA should not be lost to the interest of the elite nor politicians that betray their constituents.

John Halonen