Friday, February 02, 2007


Joe Hueglin wrote:


         PANDEMIC, TERRORISM and GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE are all pressure points.  Each has a continuing flow of info
        that for some, many, a few have the effect of creating anxieties.
        The UN has issued a report that Global warming is ``very likely'' caused by humans, Climate change unstoppable, Climate change 'unequivocal,' ,
        climate change paints a gloomy picture of rising CO2, and Warming to worsen droughts, floods, storms this century depending upon the headline.
        There is a Biblical "three score years and ten" which I will hit in less than a week.  What I've acquired in my span is a sense of skepticism when such words
        are used.

        Buying in gives a sense of purpose to some, changing our ways of life to prevent more gas being put on the earth wide fire.  Or, in my mind more sensibly,
        laying plans to accommodate anticipated negative changes.

        Accepting or not is your choice.

        The following links offer antipathetical views.

        Included in the articles below the line is one relating to the Great Terrorist Bust that occurred in the GTA last June. Needless to say, given
        my skepticism, it makes me even more interested in what the outcome of the trials will be when they come about.


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Terror informant wanted $14-million
Police reportedly paid him at least $500,000

Global Warming Very Likely Caused by Humans, UN Says (Update5)
Feb. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Global warming is ``very likely'' caused by humans, and world temperatures and sea-levels will increase by the end of the century, the United Nations said in its most comprehensive report yet on climate change.

Climate change unstoppable, say scientists

Climate change 'unequivocal,' scientists say in Paris report

Scientific report on climate change paints a gloomy picture of rising CO2

Warming to worsen droughts, floods, storms this century: UN panel