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Daily Digest February 8-9, 2007



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - It's going to be a rocky ride

CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - The economic sense of good stewardship print this article
It makes sense to invest in green farming methods

HALIFAX HERALD - The last laugh

HALIFAX HERALD - Circling the PCs’ wagons

MONTREAL GAZETTE - It ain't easy being green

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Respectful dialogue the right approach

OTTAWA CITIZEN - The age of accountabilit

OTTAWA CITIZEN - The UN's limitations

OTTAWA SUN - Israel's true friend

NATIONAL POST - Anti-HPV vaccine for all

TORONTO SUN - Harper a true friend of Israel

LONDON FREE PRESS - Give cities the power they need

K-W RECORD - Kyoto targets are impossible to meet

K-W RECORD - Probing our military

WINDSOR STAR - On the run: Fugitives dodge warrants

WINDSOR STAR - Afghanistan: A fair hearing for our troops

SUDBURY STAR - We hardly knew ya =

SUDBURY STAR - On being Canadian; Quebec town's "norms" merely articulate what it is to live here =

SUDBURY STAR - Protect children from smokers =

WINNIPEG SUN - PM hedging his bets

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - On trial in China

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Green agenda worth backing despite motive

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Charging mom unsound notion

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Germans duck carrying share of Afghan load

REGINA LEADER-POST - The patients' needs, before the police's
The job of health-care workers is to treat patients, not serve as law officers.

REGINA LEADER-POST - A just verdict for reckless acts

CALGARY HERALD - Out-of-town care a viable Band-Aid
Health worker shortages will take years to cure

CALGARY HERALD - Passport policy is fee-rocious

CALGARY HERALD - Free spending headed for a fall
Serious belt-tightening needed in face of declining resource take

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Alberta must join Harper's Ottawa on climate action

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Instead of tax cuts, give Canadians more cause to save

EDMONTON SUN - Election ready

VANCOUVER SUN - Governments should get the lead out to take advantage of mining boom

VANCOUVER SUN - Civilian probes would boost confidence in police

VANCOUVER SUN - Rejecting strippers' money is wrong

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - We still need a fully independent police complaints system

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - Ending a career with e-mail

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - Police watchdog badly needs help
When police are accused of wrongdoing, the complaints must be properly reviewed


Aboriginal non-profits on brink of financial crisis
Groups still await 2007 federal funding

First Nation threatens to block massive land removal
Natives argue B.C. failed to consult them before signing deal with forest company

New Clothes, Same Old Canadian Thinking

Defence plan: Canada first, or Afghanistan first?

U.S. pushing for NATO offensive in Afghanistan

Afghan women? Their place is in the burqa

Story of abuse a distraction from key issue

Detainee whistle blower's 'agenda' attacked
Naval officer tried to intimidate him, law professor says

Military makeover

'War, as we all know, is hell,' and this glimpse proves it

Deal afoot on U.S. contract rules
'Improvements' expected in policy barring dual nationals from military work

Accountability for lakes urged

Our shameful silence

The productivity puzzle

Canada to help Mexico with security and jobs

Canada-China row intensifies over terrorism charges

Harper warns China against economic threats

Canadian Taxes Help Pay for Illicit Organ Trade

Screening fears

Health-care renewal: no clear picture

Health care: How to get what you need
A new book is a practical guide to dealing with things as they are in the imperfect Canadian medical system

Wait times guarantee a work in progress: Clement

Internship program `changed my life,' immigrant says

Babies in the balance
Should they be deported too?

Immigration hearings aim to sort fact from fiction

Romanian 'Gypsies' go directly to trial

Premiers planning team effort on climate change

New premier warns Eastern politicians not to tax Wild Rose resources

N.B.’s two solitudes and the new premier

Charest enters the fray
Names panel. Premier cites examples of 'unreasonable accommodation' of newcomers

Charest likely to rush Quebec into winter election

Kyoto bill may force election
Government would be tied to stringent targets

Tories to blame for justice reform delays, say opposition MPs

Dion proposes Canada purchase overseas Kyoto credits

Ballot boxes could soon be in bloom
Changing climate gives rise to serious talk of a spring election

Emerson mulling run at re-election

Newest Liberal takes on Tories
Newest Liberal takes on Tories

Senate-term 'filibuster' blasted

Bid to reform British House of Lords picks up steam

Accommodation debate out of hand, MPs say

Appointees notable for ties to Tories

Breaking up not so hard to do

Liberals set to bar men in some ridings in bid to boost female candidates

More bull than pit?

Baird softens tone on Kyoto, but not on emissions targets

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Kyoto would ruin economy, Baird warns
Environment Minister compares fallout of compliance to post-Communist Russia

Flaherty says income splitting not ruled out

NDP's economic plan targets 'prosperity gap'

Ideological compass still eludes Liberal party

Turner now Liberal red but he's no Red Tory

Clement won't set date on health care guarantee

Ottawa warns of quick effect for environment rules

New trade pact will deal blow to B.C. shipyards

Carbon tax plan rejected

Feds hand forestry sector $128M to help it compete
Focus on innovation, opportunities. Competitors have faster-growing trees, cheaper wood and labour, minister says

End the chill
Published: Friday, February 09, 2007


Warm lessons from the North

The future is not more deserving
Doing the math behind pro-Kyoto argument

Kyoto would kill economy, critics say

Supporters say emission targets are 'doable'
Environmental groups say sharp emission cuts needed

Green schemes, pipe dreams

There are rewards in environmental economies

Emissions report card puts Canada last
Country has 'no plan' to fulfill pledge from G8 summit, U of T researchers say

Canada Finds No Cases of Deadly Bird Flu in Survey of 12,000 Wild Birds

A most fitting tribute to an icon of public service

Dead Centre's thesis a little off the mark

Far-off war injures politicians at home

A Harper majority would cripple Ottawa

When it comes to the news, speed kills

Hunger strikers must be heard

Stop tolerating Russia's tyranny

University students are fortunate their tuition is as cheap as it is

Widening public debate

The benefits of landmines

In the shadow of a scandal
No, it's not the Somalia affair, but the military must get to the bottom of the alleged abuse of Afghan prisoners to retain the trust of Canadians

All this over a few bruises

Oh, the shameless hypocrisy of politicians

Not just cost keeping poor out of university

Now that we all agree on climate change ...
Partisan wars must end and an all-party plan cobbled together quickly

Time for the NDP to make a choice
Getting into bed with the Conservatives hurts party, which should either revert to its left-wing roots or throw in its lot with the Liberals

Put money on kids

Wait-time guarantees an impossible dream

If the Senate mattered ...

L'opposition reproche aux conservateurs de reculer en matière de bilinguisme

Bourse du carbone
Baird dit non

Élections Canada
Nouveau directeur général

Pas question de respecter Kyoto même avec une loi, dit le gouvernement

Climat - Nouveau ministre, nouveau style, même approche

Registre des voyageurs - Stockwell Day veut que la lumière soit faite sur les failles

Commandites - La mascarade se poursuivra

Trois bloquistes claquent la porte dans Louis-Hébert

Stephen Harper, commentateur politique

Les Canadiens parmi les plus tolérants des Occidentaux

Le gouvernement Harper pourrait-il tomber?

La juge en chef de la Cour suprême favorise les débats



Wadda ya do when the caregiver can't care give? You go and sub for a couple of days - so the Digest was interrupted yesterday, though articles were
collected and are posted above.

Somewhere, probably through a Google Alert this petition came to my attention. I filled it in. You might find it interesting to read the comments. You may even consider adding one of your own.


Petition to Demand that Garth Turner Resign from Canadian House of Commons


Charles Tupper

Subject: Help stop NAFTA before it abolishes the USA

Dear Daily Digest:

With the utmost respect to all who are bleating. ruminating, and cogitating on the environment and 'global' warming in recent BELOW 30 postings, I suggest that we must pay far more attention to the insidious implementation of the NAU...

My firm belief is that once the NAU is firmly entrenched - make no mistake, the bricks and mortar are at the ready - we will no longer have any power to make effective change with respect to continental or global environmental policy. This NAU business is by far a greater threat to Canada and it's citizens in the short term, than global warming. Please, let's pay attention to that first. The life and future of this country depends on it.

See article (letter) included below... and review again, with a more critical eye, the attached PDF ...which was dispatched reservedly (judging by Joe's preamble which accompanied it) to the Digest list last month.

Charles Tupper

Help stop NAFTA before it abolishes the USA [and CANADA]
Last updated: Wednesday, Feb 07, 2007 - 07:02:03 am PST

(NAFTA or SPP ?)
Jim Erkil


Range of actions is finite: Stop burning fossil fuels, especially in the upper atmosphere. Stop cutting more trees than the forest can produce each year.

Effect on our way of life is a problem: Mr. X who lives off his shares in Wayerhaeuser or United is going to be affected differently than Mr. Y who farms canola. Or Mr. Z who dumpster-dives. Or Mr. W who sits in the legislature. Each believes his own survival mechanism is truly "our way of life."

Tim Ball is a paid schill for the petroleum industry (see Globe & Mail article on him).

Our job as Progressive Conservatives is to conserve the natural environment, which includes reducing the amount of toxic wastes entering our airshed and waters.
As Margaret Atwood noted, "... the economy is a whoLly-owned subsidiary of the environment."

(Send the Globe article if you are able)
Latif Mirza

Hi, Thanks for the good work. May be you can include this too in your daily digest

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Scholar's views on imams 'absurd'

Brad Thomson


Stéphane Dion made a terrible decision in allowing Garth Turner to join his caucus. For the first time in anyone's life, someone should have listened to Jack Layton. Floor-crossing is wrong. Dion had a chance to set himself apart from the likes of Harper, but failed to seize the opportunity. He should have stated from the day he won the Liberal leadership that no member of parliament shall cross the floor and join the Liberals. Then come the next election this fact could have been used to attack the Cons. Any counterargument to the effect that Brison and Stronach did the same thing could easily have been refuted by pointing out that such a thing has not and will not take place under Dion's watch. Now it is just the same old same old.

The Ottawa South Liberals are holding their AGM this evening. No thanks.

Brad Thomson
disenfranchised progressive conservative

Ian Berg

There was a country which prioritized full employment and equal
opportunity ahead of the corporate bottom line. The government
carefully planned the country's economic growth in order to balance it
with social progress. Public transit and bicycling were emphasized
ahead of automobile ownership. Indoor plumbing and incandescent lights
were a luxury. Many people grew their own food though it was illegal
to grow too much and hoard it for yourself. The Soviet Union in the
1950s had a Kyoto-esque plan fifty years before we did plus a vast
network of bureaucrats and secret police agents to ensure results.

Ian Berg
Calgary AB

Don Keir

Hj Joe:

You do have some interesting friends. My congratulations to Rob Shanahan for telling like it is in a very colorful way.

The message; "All who read this better start doing something immnediately if not sooner to remedy the situation if they expect their children to have the opportunity to acquire the age they are now enjoying."

Don Keir

Stratos Psarianos

Interesting stuff ... but take note of the last line!

The changing climate
Heating up

Feb 2nd 2007
A gloomy UN-backed report is published

"That the IPCC should end up with a range that vast is not surprising given the climate’s complexity. But it leaves plenty of scope for argument about whether it’s worth trying to do anything about climate change. "

Subject: Banzaaaaaiiii ....

Just for once, I'd like to see a candidate admit that he's in it:
1. to become more visible (i.e. I to do some self-promotion);
2. to ensure that important issues get brought up and debated (i.e. I to do some self-promotion);
3. is on a seeming-suicide mission because anything can happen .. after all, dead people DO get elected (i.e. I to do some self-promotion that may pan out).

Rudy Giuliani confirmed he was entering the presidential race. Although he did not make a formal declaration, the former mayor of New York filed the usual campaign papers and told a TV interviewer that "I'm in this to win".

Subject: Secrets of the Universe

In "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", the answer to "What's the universe all about?" was ... uh, 42.

Now, technology may give us deeper understanding of what that may mean. But I, for one, will be skeptical if the more-detailed answer turns out to be "Chairman Mao". Hahahahaha

The design for a 40km (25-mile) atom smasher that will cost $8.2 billion was unveiled at a meeting in Beijing. Physicists want to discern one overarching set of laws that govern the universe and say the machine will help them make the discovery. The International Linear Collider, as it is known, will not start up until 2019 at the earliest and could be built in America, Japan or Switzerland.

Subject: Surprise, surprise. Holier-than-thou Europeans squabbling when anti-pollution measures end up costing them ..

Europe's car emissions

Setting the target

Feb 8th 2007
From The Economist print edition

National lobbies are trying to outrun the Commission

YOU know a row has turned venomous in the European Union when the squabblers resort to national name-calling. The current fight pits Europe's carmakers, notably from Germany, against the European Commission, which wants to impose sharp reductions on the amount of carbon dioxide that new cars sold in Europe from 2012 may pump out. The lobbying has been ferocious. When it comes to cars, national passions run deep.

Brian D. Marlatt

Subject: A familiar debate with the usual populist uninformed views. &

What should happen to the House of Lords?

What should be the balance between appointed and elected peers?

Jack Straw has told MPs his plans are the "best opportunity" to reform the House of Lords for "many decades".

Mr Straw, who wants 50% of peers to be elected, said MPs would be given the final say on what proportion of peers should be elected in a reformed Lords.

He said reform would increase Lords' legitimacy and "strengthen democracy".

Do we need an upper house? What would you change if you had the chance? Would a fully-elected upper house be a good thing?


Robert Ede
To: nationalpost <>
Subject: Charter misunderstood at 25

Dear Natpost Editors,

Why should we imagine that "the Charter" might be comprehended after a 1/4 century, when its legal underpining, the BNA Act 1867, is so widely and totally misunderstood after 140 years?

If nobody knows who/what the Crown is, nor what the duties & powers of the Governor General are, and no one seems to care that the legislative order of government performed in 1940, a bloodless coup to usurp the Executive powers that the original BNA was expressly designed to keep from their grasp!

Why would the spoiled-brat populace of the most appropriately-structured government system in the western world, bother to dirty their baby-soft political hands or muddy their TV-tainment brains by actually studying the greatest monkey-wrench ever thrown into the workings of their country's foundational documents?

Robert Ede
Thornhill Ontario

John Parsons


Your X – Y axis covers in simple terms, the breadth of topics to be covered.
John Parsons

James Carson-vancentre

Dear Joe,
I welcome the invitation to move this debate from whether GW exists to what to do about it.

There are sceptics. As a short aside; I refuse to use the 'denier' term as it is a cheap pejorative that harkens an implied connection to Holocaust Deniers and vestigial Nazi sympathizers in post-WWII culture. Use of this pejorative in this debate is disrespectful to the millions who died in that Holocaust and War, and does NOTHING to enlighten us in this debate.

There are sceptics who point to the fact that GW and Man's role in it are not proven. Fair enough. Now before the entire Kyoto crowd goes off on me for this, allow me to point out that nobody has proven Einstein correct either, it just seems that his theories tend to work in our experience.

There are Kyoto enthusiasts who contend that there is enough circumstantial evidence available to convict Man as the sole, or major cause. The Sceptics point out that the major proof is a picture of one lonely polar bear on an ice flow. My scientific instincts tell me its somewhere in between. While many say that it is impossible for any one person to have enough knowledge to truly understand the issue, I contend that whatever the minutia of evidence bits, or possible trends postulated, or even broad consensus reached at global conferences, there are but a limited number of outcomes possible;
1) Man is the sole/major source; therefore the sole/major solution; result is same as
2) GW is real but the activities of Man has no/little GW effect; thus even draconian reductions will not abate it; the climate will continue to heat and a climactic Armageddon will wipe out life as we know it.
3) GW is a mirage and Earth will right itself naturally, whatever we do; the earth will begin to cool.

Now I'm no math major, but do have at least a couple of degrees in science, and if I was paying any attention in class at all then I may be able to move the debate forward. Please try my logic on GW. Whether Man is the cause, a cause, or no cause; either serious reduction in per capita AND total usage of fossil fuels on Earth in the near and medium term MUST be undertaken or we are all just discussing the re-arrangement of deck chairs on The Titanic (post ice berg).

Global Warming was not occurring in the '70's, or so we thought, because the net effect of global cooling due to particulate pollution belching into the atmosphere (smog) was masking the effect of CO gases warming it. Now that we have wrestled smog to the ground, we discover to our horror that GW is actually accelerating !

Kyoto is based on the premise that if Nations cut back on fossil fuel use then GW can be Stopped, and The Earth will cool...., No it won't. If Man is The Sole Cause, and thus the sole solution, then it would require the total cessation of use of fossil fuel to 'stop it'. Whatever one thinks of the Sceptics like Tim Ball etal, one has to admit that their graphs showing the effect on future temperature 'with Kyoto' and 'without Kyoto' are pretty compelling, and statistically valid.

The fatal flaw in Kyoto is that it expects GW to be 'stopped' by having Nations/economies representing less than 1/3 of the fossil fuel usage, by somewhat reducing their use of FF (Canada included) to slow down, then stop and then reverse a phenomena that is at this point in time accelerating ! And Only If Man is The Sole Cause. (If natural causes such as ocean vents, sunspots, etc, have some, or most influence then we are truly nearing a climactic Armageddon that we can not stop.

At this same time the economies of India, China, Brazil, and Mexico will be increasing their use of FF by an expected 50% by 2050, thus not only offsetting the entire deceleration effect of the first third but providing enough new CO to at least maintain the increase in temperature over unit/time. Our consolation at that point will be that 'its not our fault'. The acceleration of GW will slow, everyone will shout Hurray, but the World temperature will continue to climb, albeit at a nearly constant rate (year over year).

The main problem at some point most be discussed; In short too many people using up The Earth's resources, including FF. When I was in grade school it was believed that the 'carrying capacity' of Earth was 3.5 Billion. By my college days it was said to be at 7B mostly due to increased use of fossil fuel based fertilizers and genetically modified grains that could produce more per acre. The sad fact is that we are over the carrying capacity of Mother Earth, so any cr#p you hear from Jack Layton or Stephen Dion about 'sustainable development' or such is just proof that they don't understand the dimensions of the problem. There is no such thing as 'sustainable' in this current scenario. It would require a reduction of the population of humans on Earth to below 3.5 billion and a return (nearly) to a pre-industrial revolution, agrarian based existence. Or the immediate cessation of fossil fuel use by all countries, economies and citizens. And probably reducing population by one couple-one child methods.

Sad but true, and I certainly respect the offers made on this list to whittle down one's energy use, but the fact is that for Canada to meet its Kyoto commitments then every person, business, enterprise and activity would have to Immediately reduce its FF usage by 20%, AND We would have to further reduce it by 10% per year if we are going to continue to welcome 300,000 new immigrants per year. Simply buying 'Kyoto credits' off shore is, as Ron Thornton points out in a previous post on this list; beyond a joke. I would also add that Kyoto credits even existing is proof that the framers of Kyoto consider the whole thing a farce anyway and thought they would throw in a way to make themselves rich in the process. And Jean Cretien and Stephen Dion signed us up for this hoax. Whatever you want to say about George W. Bush, at least he was smart enough to figure out the fatal flaw in Kyoto, and not sign his country up for this scam.

Or..., I could be completely wrong on this. Does anybody have any links to any realistic math models as to what would be the effects of Kyoto on climate change? Can anyone prove my math is wrong; that 1/3 of the world can save the world even if the other 2/3 increase population and FF usage? I sure hope so, I don't like Heat.

carpe diem, James Carson -vancentre

Jacob Rempel

Subject: The 'Surge' by Felicity Arbuthnot. Global Research Feature Article

The 'Surge' by Felicity Arbuthnot.
Global Research Feature Article
URL of this article:;code=20070207&articleId=4716

John Halonen

Subject: North American Union / North American Integration / SPP

Global Warming must be now accepted as reality. .

It is time for our Politicians & mainstream Press to get their heads out of the sand, take their blinders off and start discussions on what is best for Canada as time evolves.

How can the "Vancouver Sun" publish an article "Integration negotiations require public scrutiny"
when our supposedly national newspapers do not even consider it to be a topic of concern? We need action, not avoidance of a topic that involves all Canadians!

Will a North American Union/Integration be best for us in the next century, or will Canadians need their natural resources to survive. The elite of today in Canada, will no longer be the elite of tomorrow if they cannot adapt to our changing world. They live in the same world as most and should consider what is best for all Canadians, rather than the profits of entities, that may never survive an uncertain future.

John Halonen

Rosalie Piccioni

Subject: Re: Rucus over Israeli Excavation

Hi Joe - Re the rucus over excavations in Jerusalem.

Every time the Israelis do exploration, exciting discoveries are made proving not only more recent Jewish history but Biblical history, all of which is of interest to a great many people.

Surely, to put the Dome of the Rock, and/or surroundings, in jeopardy would be against the interest of the Israelis as well as the Muslims. In the past, if there were any question of such, the Israelis made it public, so I don't put much credence on any accusations being made to hold up the present "dig."

Discoveries of past and lost historical facts in this excavation would be exciting. I hope the publicity being given the excavation will also let the public know about those: i.e. facts.


Charles Tupper

Subject: NAU----North American elite plotted 'evolution by stealth' + Banff documents

For Immediate Release
Jan 29, 2007 Contact: Press Office

Judicial Watch Releases Pentagon Records from “North American Forum” Meetings

Defense Secretary, Senior Military and Staff Met with Mexican & Canadian Officials over “Continental Prosperity in the New Security Environment”

(Washington, DC) Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released documents obtained November 2006 under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) from U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM). The documents concern the participation of NORTHCOM Commander, Admiral Timothy Keating, NORTHCOM Political Advisor Deborah Bolton, and Plans, Policy & Strategy Director Major General Mark Volcheff in a meeting of the “North American Forum” at the Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Canada on September 12-14, 2006. A similar request for records concerning forum participation by then-Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and his entourage is still pending with the Pentagon.

The records include:
1) Proposed comments for Admiral Keating’s speech to the North American Forum;
2) Presentation outlines with handwritten marginal notes and comments from Ms. Bolton;
3) Policy papers;
4) Biographic sketches of participants; and,
5) Notes from Major General Volcheff.

The North American Forum presentations discussed immigration and border enforcement; full economic and energy integration including infrastructure and transportation; a North American investment fund; and common customs and duties. The idea of a carbon tax was raised as a means to combat so-called global warming. References to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) occur throughout the documents.

The notes for the presentations document the need to overcome popular opposition to North American integration: “To what degree does a concept of North America help/hinder solving problems between the three countries?…While a vision is appealing working on the infrastructure might yield more benefit and bring more people on board (‘evolution by stealth’).”

“It is not encouraging to see the phrase ‘evolution by stealth’ in reference to important policy debates such as North American integration and cooperation,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “These documents provide more information to Americans concerned about the Security and Prosperity Partnership. The more transparency, the better.”

to read NORTHCOM Cover Letter
to read Forum Opening Remarks
to read Bolton Agenda and Notes
to read Volcheff Agenda and Notes
to read more about the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP)