Saturday, February 03, 2007

Daily Digest February 3, 2007



MONTREAL GAZETTE - This is no time for panic, denial or cynicism

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Indifference is no option

OTTAWA SUN - Red-light green plan

TORONTO STAR - Leaders must act on climate change

NATIONAL POST - What's in a 'consensus' ?

TORONTO SUN - OK, what's this gonna cost us?

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Seeking a planetary maintenance engineer

LONDON FREE PRESS - Act before it's too late

K-W RECORD - Undeniable proof of a warming world

WINDSOR STAR - Climate change: The reality we live with

SUDBURY STAR - Cross border culture; United States and Canada need to understand each other better =

WINNIPEG SUN - OK, so what's this going to cost us?

CALGARY HERALD - Alberta must seize climate reins
Proactive CO2 reduction plan could curb federal meddling

CALGARY HERALD - Vaccines don't alter values

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Watershed on global warming

EDMONTON SUN - Laying blame

VANCOUVER SUN - Flu vaccinations aren't a one-shot protection plan


AFN looks at secure status card for US/Canada border crossing

We've lost sight of the mission's purpose
Driving out terrorists and rebuilding the country were the reasons Canada first went to war in Afghanistan,
but things have changed and Canada is now committed to a fight it doesn't really understand, says James Travers

Kandahar cops making progress in street-survival skills, says RCMP

Conservatives to boost Arctic defence
Promised port, armed icebreakers not in new plan

Defence minister hails $3.4B cargo plane deal as 'new era' for military

U.S. rules reach into Canada
A rash of cases. Companies knuckle under - it's the cost of doing business with nervous neighbour

U.S. gets most of military planes' economic lift
Canadians eligible for less than a third of spinoffs

U.S. may consider passport alternative

U.S. farm bill 'positive'
But proposal failsto go far enough: Strahl

Don't panic, but our productivity just shrank

Global problem will hit hard at home
Businesses that need snow and cold are already suffering through warm winter

Havens for everyone
Offshore low-tax centres, such as Barbados, boost the Canadian economy by providing a cheap conduit to the world. That aids our competitiveness

Hard times for Big Three auto makers

New UN agency to manage environment

Can this man save Europe?

Were the lotus-eaters right?
Every communist country we fought by force of arms is still Communist

Alberta to introduce legislation that would set mandatory emission targets for industry

Poll suggests minority government on the way

Tory takes aim at bad plea bargains

>Bickering while the world burns

Seat in danger as Tories feud
Watson faces fight within party

No cappuccinos for 'Harper's Canadians'

>Tories 'struck' by climate report
'we must accept what experts say,' says Baird, vowing to regulate emitters

r, Dion cite Canada's secular values

>Green party's finances rising along with concern about climate change

>Stephen Harper, build a carbon market now

>Harper vows to ‘stabilize' emissions

>A green light for political action?
The Liberals might yet regret the PM's new-found interest in the environment

>Layton calls for climate-change legislation

>Getting warmer ...
Stephen Harper's environmental conversion continues as he recognizes the `enormous' threat of global warming. But emission cuts? Not so fast

>Out of the red, into the green
The environment issue is to the Tories as the deficit battle was to the Liberals

>For Tories, Kyoto still ‘fantasy’

Quebec's aerospace industry slams Ottawa over Boeing deal

Review proposes slashing 300 prison-guard jobs
Cuts would worsen conditions inside jails, weaken Tory anti-crime agenda, critics say

Tobacco processors to get tax break

No fast-tracking of citizenship for children of WW II troops

MPs can't rush passport

Warning on warming

Forecast for Canada: Like nothing we've ever seen before

Report prompts a question of ethics
Humanity must weigh civil liberties against the public good

Climate changes to 'bake' Windsor
Killer heat waves coming

Report spurs worldwide calls for speedy action
But U.S., Australia remain wary of greenhouse-gas emission caps

Climate report predicts major consequences for Canada Video: Julie Van Dusen reports for CBC-TV

Canada to warm more than U.S., experts say

Environment starts in your own front yard
Canadians should not look to governments and business to save themselves from polluting the planet.
The responsibility begins with the choices we make as individual consumers

The real climate debate is moral
Are we ready to do what needs to be done?

Chirac calls for 'new industrial revolution'
Harper changes tune on issue. 'I think there is a political will' growing to tackle environment, Charest says

'We live in a secular world'
A Quebec village has placed a ban on stoning women to death. Commenting on the rule, Liberal leader Stephane Dion tells Juliet O'Neill that Canadian multiculturalism cuts both ways: the majority must be open to minorities and minorities must be aware of our secular society.

Lies spread like viruses in blogland
Politicians forced to defend themselves against outrageous stories hatched online

The blunt talk that got MP next job

Keeping some advocacy groups out of court
Political bias in ending federal subsidy program?

Tips on spotting that mendacious politician

The perils of anonymous sources


 Stéphane Dion annonce les principaux points de son programme

Jacques Chirac lance un appel à une vaste mobilisation internationale contre la crise écologique

Gilles Duceppe présente son ambitieuse révolution énergétique

Layton presse le gouvernement d'agir au sujet des changements climatiques

future ONUE
Charest veut réserver une place pour le Québec

Environnement: Harper contredit Baird

Ottawa couperait 300 postes d'agents correctionnels d'ici 2009

C-17: le Québec ne recevrait pas les retombées attendues

Le Canada privé de retombées de 1,6 milliard

La Terre est en danger de surchauffe


        Sure and the Digest is green t'day and St. Valentine's Day must be got through before the celebration of the Patron Saint of Ireland is upon us.
        The word chiliastic entered into my vocabulary some years ago.  It relates to 1000 years as mentioned in Biblical prophecy.  It comes
        to mind whenever that figure is mentioned otherwise than at the turn of the millenium - and it was in the UN Report.
        Ah yes the millenium!  In 1999 approaching 2000 it wasn't terrorism or pandemic or  climate change that was foremost in mind but Y2K.
        "Year 2000 problem" states "The total cost of the work done in preparation for Y2K was $US 300 billion."
        Some argue the money was well spent - others it was a boondoggle.  It certainly was the flavour of the day in either case.

        Who was right we'll never know. What I do know, however, is that there was a great scare about anthrax and that a microbiologist who
        criticized the government response was penalized for doing so. There was no terrorism involved yet the response was based upon that premise.

        There may be those who agree with the first post below I received in response to PRESSURE POINT SPECIAL  To you my answer is the
        same as sent with no response being received.
        There may be others who like myself believe in considering very carefully why we're leaping and the nature of the leap that's proposed.

        The information passed on in the second post below was brought to my attention by a person receiving the Digest, for which much thanks.

        It is presented to you so that you have at your disposal what the Subject line reads:
Climate change: An alternate science based perspective.


For the most part, Joe, you are an ostrich  with your head in the sand. You are part of the problem. We are already decades behind in protecting the environment but I think I hear your Exxon shares talking instead of a person worried about the future for our children.
Take me off your mailing list. You are simply missing the point here as you have on other issues.

. . .would I were a share holder of anything!

Rather than dropping off please consider
stating your views.

        Best regards,



From: Joe Hueglin <>
Subject: F.Y.I.: Climate change: An alternate science based perspective.

The concluding statement in the reaction of the The Center for Science and Public Policy to the United Nations final draft of the UN’s fourth five-year report on climate change is as follows:

                                            Though the mass media are now well-programmed to focus on the more alarmist aspects of the
                                            report, the halving of the sea-level projection is in effect a declaration, from the heart of the
                                            “consensus”, that the consequences of warmer worldwide weather will be minor and may be
                                            beneficial, that the worst scenarios are no longer probable, and that the panic is officially over.

No brief is held for the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report 2007 to be found at No more than for the UN report, for
both deal in variables beyond my ken.

This link provides articles relating to the Center = .