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Stronger parental authority is key to shaping mature behaviour



Harper announces $200 million more for Afghan aid

Arctic sovereignty patrols don't just rely on men's 'eyes and ears'

Lives lost, lessons learned

Canada embarking on arms race with Taliban, report warns

Afghan progress 'painfully slow'
paper: Harper given German report that details rebuilding efforts

Cheney makes surprise visits to Afghanistan, Pakistan

Tories have also had hand in shortchanging military

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Alberta pumping $400M into oilsands region for housing, clinics and water

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'It's a waste of time,' and taxpayers' money, argues Conservative-turned-Liberal

Bains to keep pressing Harper for apology
PM's comments on Air-India case were shocking, MP maintains

Would-be Tory candidates could run afoul of elections law

April audits may bring Grits shame

Trudeau bid spotlights Liberal infighting

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Ex-NDP aide slams Green leader as a sellout

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         Kingsley expects next federal election 'any time soon'

         Conservatives say Dion's image in 'free-fall,' TV ads helped target his credibility: Hill

        Dion's whipped anti-terror vote 'divisive,' should be free: Liberal

         Environmental lobby pushes for Kyoto targets, despite resistance

The Earth or the Economy?
Lorrie Goldstein and Paul Berton square off on global warming, Kyoto and Canada

Climate draft allows spike in oil-sands emissions
Ottawa low-balling future development, environmentalists say of proposed plan

CRTC's main objective is telecom deregulation, chairman says

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Pensioners miss out

Security certificate system to be revamped: Day

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CLIMATE CHANGE, Part II: Carbon offset programs seem to be the new rage -- but are they ethically correct?

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Mackenzie Valley proposal like 'razor slash' on Mona Lisa

Flaws found in Tory climate-change draft plan

Nepean team quits soccer event after girl told to take off hijab

Lessons from The Iron Lady
Margaret Thatcher seized her moment, transformed a country

Women resist call of politics

What business can learn from government
It's often claimed that bureaucracies should be run in a more businesslike manner, but increasingly in today's complex economic environment, the reverse is true


 Ottawa annonce 200 millions $ de plus pour une aide à l'Afghanistan

Ottawa suspend son projet de loi pour le retour au travail des employés du CN

Passeport obligatoire: Washington fait montre d'ouverture

Les inquiétudes de Washington


Subject: Global Warming, Take 2
From: John Anderson

                                      Hello Joe:
                                      A couple of quick replies to some of the points raised in response to my earlier rant on global warming:
                                      1. "Burning hydrogen raises the level of water vapour in the air, and water vapour is one of the most
                                           important greenhouse gases"  Two responses: (1) Burning oil and gas also produces large amounts
                                           of water vapour -- along with all of the other pollutants; 2. I proposed that the hydrogen be produced
                                           by electrolysing water, so that in the end there is no net increase in the amount of water in the
                                           environment.  (If there is a net increase in the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere as opposed
                                           to liquid water on the surface, this is due to atmospheric warming which allows for an increase in
                                           absolute humidity.)
                                      2. Let's be clear: Ethanol and methanol are also hydrocarbons; they also produce CO2 when burned. 
                                           Using these fuels instead of oil and gas is not going to reduce the levels of atmospheric CO2.
                                      3. If we do not KNOW what is causing global warming, THEM MAYBE WE HAD BETTER FIND OUT
                                           because, however it is happening, our way of life is being seriously threatened.
                                           The only thing that I guess that we can say for certain is that humanity's consumption of hydrocarbon
                                           fuels has jumped by, I would guess, several orders of magnitude over the past 150-200 years.  It is
                                           intuitively logical to make the connection between this fact and the fact of global warming.  But if there
                                           is, in fact, something else going on, THEN WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE STAND UP AND EXPLAIN IT!!
                                           Best Regards, John A.

                 Unable to answer John I googled, this link will take you to "causes of global warming", 6,770,000 articles.
                 BELOW (30) is the wikipedia consideration of Global warming. Bestest I can do is provide data which will probably reinforce
                 the views of those holding them strongly one way and the other and leave the rest of us still wondering .
                 What other factors than human activities may be playing a part in what is transpiring is John's question as I understand it.
                 Responses to it will be welcomed.





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