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Daily Digest February 17, 2007

Joe Hueglin wrote:


CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - Why the delay in announcing good news? Post a comment  print this article
It appears the premier and the health minister sat on this federal money for too long.

HALIFAX HERALD - Find quality time

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Just penalty for an abhorrent crime

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Driving lessons

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Wartime prayers

TORONTO STAR - Harper hits out from the gutter

TORONTO STAR - Passport for 10 years

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Give priority to new infrastructure

WINDSOR STAR - Judgeships: Selecting the selectors

SUDBURY STAR -   A $10 minimum wage good for everyone =

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Mudslinging real scandal of trust affair

CALGARY HERALD - Kids playing HIV roulette
Reckless sexual attitudes heighten risk for teens

EDMONTON JOURNAL - It's action that counts on climate


EDMONTON SUN - It's time to stamp out Canada Post

VANCOUVER SUN - Lunar New Year concentrates on family, food and the spiritual

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - Harper is quite right to want judges who are tough on crime

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - We'll need help with emissions
Provinces should not set vehicle standards -- it's a national issue, so Ottawa must act


Canadian 'lost tribe' hoping to collect U.S. government payout

Afghan spring will be deadly, Harper warns

NATO presence enough, for now
Defence minister 'pleased' with allies' Afghan contributions

U.S. move means Canada stuck in Afghanistan
We have no excuse after Bush commits more troops to war

'Integration' talks spark fierce debate

Ambassador worried over U.S. plan to require passports at land borders

Wilson pushes Cuba connection

To defeat a bill

Border jam responsibility lies elsewhere

Harper chided for silence in U.S.-Iran standoff

The rush to re-arm

Senior U.S., Canadian judges spar over judicial activism

Kidnap victim picked for judges' committee

Appeals sought for refugees on run

The new happy couple
The Stephen Harper-Jean Charest union the latest in the province's politics

The fight begins: Leaders come out swinging
Pollster consensus on election is 'anything can happen'

Royalty review panel draws criticism

Trust ads 'a lie': Grits

PM clashes with Goodale over attack ads

General draws Liberal fire
Chief of defence staff denies blunt talk about past budget cuts is too political

Tory MP links action on climate change to suicide

Terror vote sparks Grit revolt
MPs' threat of mutiny won't change Liberal stance, Dion vows

CWB vote to help in potential court battles: Agmin

Showdown over military's direction rankles top general

To sell Canada on war, try `hope' but not `liberty'
Focus groups advised Harper not to echo Bush

There is no longer any doubt
It's time to act on global warming

Unwise attack on judicial independence
Harper's moves at home run counter to aims in Afghanistan

Harper does it my way

Public-private partnerships save money

Dirty little secret no more
Professional sports forge cosy relationships with gambling industry

Renewable energy strategy offers Stelmach a needed green light
Freshman Alberta premier doesn't see the political potential yet, but he'd better

Things will get worse at the border
Passport lineups a symbol of inconvenience and dubious benefits

Five reasons why poker-faced PM wants spring vote

Does Harper have just cause?
Harper wants to appoint hard-on-crime judges when crime stats are down

Crazy kids; North Korea just wants to fit in with all the others in the class =


Le gouvernement Harper sera la cible de 2 manifestations

Hillier soutient Harper, accusent les libéraux

Les forêts dévastées plus vite que prévu

Harper ne reculera pas


Continental integration talks spark fierce debate in U.S.

        Next week an SPP meeting will be held in Ottawa the aims  of which are " to build a safer, more secure and economically dynamic North America"

        Unlike the last meeting relating to these aims the media are aware of it. 

        An SPP/NAU SPECIAL is in preparation.  You can familiarize yourself with the official view of what is transpiring through the links below.

        Some posts have been received regarding this initiative.

        Others are welcomed.



About the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America

The Security Agenda

The Prosperity Agenda


The three leaders of North America agreed at a meeting on March 31, 2006 in Cancun, Mexico, to advance the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) by focusing on five priority areas. These include:
Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America Report to Leaders August 2006

The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America?

Is the SPP an international agreement similar to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)?

How does the SPP work?

What do Canada and its partners achieve through the SPP?

How does the SPP affect Canadians?

How does the partnership affect the terms of NAFTA and other agreements that define Canada’s relationship with the United States and Mexico?

Does the SPP diminish Canada’s sovereignty, laws, rights or culture?

What are some of the SPP’s results to date?

What consultations have guided the establishment and day-to-day activities of the SPP?

Working Groups

Initiatives under the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) cover areas as diverse as border security, the environment, e-commerce and pandemic influenza management. A broad range of expertise is required to address such complex issues. The effort is divided among a number of inter-departmental Working Groups, which in turn guide the efforts of a number of federal departments and agencies involved in the creation or revision of policies, services and agreements related to each initiative. Each Working Group is responsible for a specific facet of the SPP's undertakings. The objectives of these groups are updated as initiatives are achieved and others added.

The Security Agenda is being dealt with by 10 working groups addressing 10 goals:

    * Traveller Security
    * Cargo Security
    * Border Facilitation
    * Aviation Security
    * Maritime Security
    * Law Enforcement
    * Intelligence Cooperation
    * Bio-protection
    * Protection, Preparedness and Response
    * Science and Technology

The Prosperity Agenda is being pursued by nine different working groups:

    * E-Commerce and Information and Communications Technologies
    * Energy
    * Environment
    * Financial Services
    * Food and Agriculture Regulatory Systems
    * Health
    * Manufactured Goods and Sectoral and Regional Competitiveness
    * Movement of Goods
    * Transportation