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Daily Digest February 15, 2007

Joe Hueglin wrote:


ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - AG reveals a sad old truth

HALIFAX NEWS - Environment fuels chances for election

HALIFAX HERALD - Guarding the coast guard

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Belated but welcome change on terror laws

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Where people disappear

OTTAWA CITIZEN - The terror pipeline

OTTAWA SUN - Harper must resist urge for snap vote

TORONTO STAR - Undermining judiciary

NATIONAL POST - Much ado over Canada's judges

K-W RECORD - Keep politics out of judicial process

WINDSOR STAR - Passports and security

SUDBURY STAR - PM must explain his intentions =

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Getting the job done

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Tories wrong to copy Liberal spending habits

CALGARY HERALD - An inconvenient youth

CALGARY HERALD - Calgary to debate outdoor smoke ban

CALGARY HERALD - Anti-terror law must stand as is

Warkentin, other MPs might soon be on the trail

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Anti-terrorism powers should be renewed

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Process mustn’t be poisoned

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - Vancouver mayor's drug plan provides the wrong fix


Day suggests RCMP migt take larger role in Afghanistan

Bush chides allies over Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Winning or losing?
Sharp disagreements over the conduct of the war against the Taleban in Afghanistan emerged at a seminar in London timed to coincide with a visit to Britain by the Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Canada's Arctic sovereignty claim 'tenuous,' Pentagon adviser argues

Bush urges all-out effort in Afghanistan as officials assuage Canada

Military experts urge Ottawa to protect Arctic

Fair trade deals urged for sector

When terrorism succeeds – and fails
Dissidents undermine their legitimacy by resorting to mass killings and extortion.

North Korea clear winner in talks over nuclear weapons program
Successful nuke test gave Kim Jong Il leverage with U.S.

Murderers, violent attackers among thousands to have criminal records set aside

Pardoned cons' records kept 'separate and apart'

Senior finance bureaucrat charged with criminal breach of trust

Court orders release of suspected terrorist on hunger strike

Ontario claims greenhouse gases reduced

Forget al-Qaida, Liberals provide the biggest threat to our oilpatch

Feds' meddling in Quebec election won't fly
Boisclair: Many expect Ottawa to announce $1.5-billion payout that would largely solve province's fiscal imbalance

Tension in the Quebec family

Atlantica a 'myth' that will degrade environment, rob resources: report

None of the parties in shape for a spring vote
The buzz drowns out voice of reason

Any rush to polls is full of pitfalls as Tory support stalls: observers

"Extremist elements" in Liberal party making Dion soft on terrorism: PM

Tories set campaign wheels in motion: report

Tories prepped for March campaign
Party has airline, bus contracts in place, plan to play Harper's image as strong leader

Arrogant Conservatives ignore Commons
Harper evoking echoes of Mike Harris by trying to persuade voters who equate toughness with stewardship to re-elect his government

Quebec Liberals gather in Quebec City to plot out election campaign

Tories reject 'joke' bill
Conservatives unmoved after opposition unites to demand Kyoto Accord plan

Harper says he'll respect Kyoto bill, but adds it's meaningless

Agenda on judges draws fire
PM wants law-and-order judiciary,
but Ignatieff calls that `un-Canadian'

PM says he'll pick judges who are tough on crime
Ignatieff warns Harper comments raise concerns over separation of powers

Liberals appointed partisans
Tory judicial advisory selections follow pattern of previous government

Harper defends Tory bias in judge selection

Kyoto program `gutted' by Tories

Dion says income trust charge exonerates Liberals

Dion won't respond to Tory attack ads

Day urges Liberals to heed former colleagues' advice on anti-terror measures

Tories offer counter-proposal to limit senators to 10-year terms

Kyoto and Canada: a Primer

Forces of green pressuring Tories

The new bootleggers: A U.S. climate alliance pushing a 'cap and trade' emissions regime is lined with cartel-creating firms that get money for nothing

Reduce and replace: how to curb greenhouse gas emissions

The Creeping Fascism of Global Warming Hysteria

All guns must be regulated
Is it time for a crackdown? Yes: loopholes for assault weapons must be closed

Guns are overregulated
Semi-automatics are unfairly vilified

Margaret Trudeau's anti-marijuana stand should re-ignite drug debate

A better way to deliver the mail

Anti-scab bill a flop

Nothing fair about the Wheat Board barley vote

Feds back Forces By GORDON O’CONNOR

The dawn of complacency

Busted: The online narcotics dealers


Bush cite des pays œuvrant en Afghanistan et oublie le Canada

Les conservateurs offrent maintenant un mandat de 10 ans pour les sénateurs

Le Bloc demande des changements pour aider la lutte contre les gangs de rue

Goodale blanchi, un fonctionnaire accusé

Harper veut des juges qui pensent comme lui

Flaherty attend les commentaires des banques

Harper respectera le projet de loi pro-Kyoto

Harper invité à ranger ses lunettes roses

La fin justifie les moyens, admet Harper



Reckon the Washington website extolling our close and growing relationship has had little impact. Guess we just gotta "Get used to it", eh?

Canada's Arctic sovereignty claim 'tenuous,' Pentagon adviser argues

Bush urges all-out effort in Afghanistan as officials assuage Canada


Andy Rutherford

Subject: A good question

Dear Pierre
My French is not what it should be so I shall pose my question in English.
For some time now I have been curios about the monetary system in the world and particularly in Canada. I have made inquiries about this subject for quite some time but never get much of an answer. Some of my inquiries have been made to MPs who tell me that they don't know much about this question and dismiss it as if it were not important. My question is why does the Bank of Canada not creat enough money to pay off the national debt and eliminate the payment of interest to private sources? It seems to me that the acrued interest would sooner or later dissipate the national debt and leave more money to do the necessary things that we need to make this a better place for everyone to live .
>From Rene Moreau;
re; Diane Francis' 9 points

When one takes in to account Diane's pro corporate American stance and her dual citizenship, one can allow for the proper context of the article.

1. Like Sherry Cooper, again dual citizen, who also tells Canadians what to do through the ultra-right -wing National Pest paper, we are being lobbied to accept their corporate view.
We already have the ('Ontario'?) Power Authority, which claims to be a government body but apparently also shills or advocates for American corporate. When we hear them saying, in all the media they can fool, that The Canadian taxpayer must pay to upgrade and enlarge our use of nuclear energy, we know why. We know, for instance, going by past performance, that they will, as soon as this power source is paid for, by the taxpayers, tell the government that they MUST PRIVATIZE the energy sector, and since NAFTA says, 'thou shalt not discriminate against American corporate' the neighbours get to run OUR energy system! Neat eh?

So Diane is only joining the chorus of foreign lobbyists.

She does of course neglect to say that we could stop using very high sulphur American coal.

2. On the subject of using nuclear power to process the Tar Sands, the CBC did a mention of that on 'the Current' and the last person interviewed said that the Tar Sands people are in negotiations with Energy Alberta who they hope will pay for the nuclear project! Sound familiar, the Alberta taxpayer this time, foots the bill while foreign oil companies reap the profits. They will probably succeed too, since those people can even put their own people into our government through the wonders of 'dual citizenship! and facilitate from the inside.

3. Who gets to pay for the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline? Taxpayer. Who uses it, American Oil companies and refineries.

4. Who gets to pay for the grant for foreign made hybrid cars? Same guys. It's called milking the Cash Cow, and the cow is us!

Now, if we got the guts to make our own hybrid car, perhaps, eh?

Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

Roger Buxton
Subject: `Democracy Derailed' - The breakdown of government accountability in Alberta ....

This one should be a best seller but I bet most people, in Alberta, will keep their heads in the sand a continue to vote Tory!!
Also check the web site: "What a great glimpse into the nitty gritty of how democracy works in Alberta."
Sheila Pratt, Edmonton Journal

In Alberta’s most recent provincial election, the Tories received less than half the popular vote. Yet, Alberta is often viewed as a virtual one-party province. For decades, the Tories have methodically tightened their grip on power­dodging accountability, manipulating public opinion, and stifling dissent.

In his new book, Kevin Taft, best-selling author and leader of Alberta’s Official Opposition, weaves a groundbreaking, first-person account of how Alberta’s Tories derailed democracy, and what we can do to put it back on track.

This website gives you a sneak peek at the book, and allows you to explore further into the issues it raises. You can also get directly involved by taking our fun and informative democracy quiz, by signing our guestbook, or by meeting Kevin at an event.

Click here for excerpts from Kevin's speech at the official book launch.

Background research for Democracy Derailed was financed by Grant Dunlop, Doug Lynass, Lloyd Mildon, Francis Saville, Darryl Raymaker, and Bill McNally. Without their support, the book and website would not have been possible.

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Robert Ede
To: nationalpost
Subject: Where there is no vision, the people perish

Only with an defined objective, can we manage-backwards FROM that objective and set in motion the steps required to achieve the predetermined end. (Mis-quoting Myron Baloney, the seemingly indefatigable, Rt Hon, political influence)

I chanced upon the National Post this morning and found a common thread through these articles:

Canadian Citizenship also has a price;
AudGen Report -Old Problems not fixed;
West squares off on emissions; BC version
West Squares off - Alberta version
Charter at 25 - Special Interests;
Mish Mash Tax Plans.

Canada's leaders have no vision.
As a result the country, if not actually perishing, is not flourishing as it might.

They are NOT leaders, they are followers.

Canada's leaders are keeping themselves in power (or attempting to) by running to the front of every perceived parade.

Ed Stelmach quote in the Alberta version above, nails it - "... Referring to the federal environment file as a 'runaway train' with 'every political party trying to get ahead of each other' on cutting greenhouse gases ..."

So let's start there
- why is Kyoto about 1990 levels?
- why does everyone seem to be confusing pollution and greenhouses gases?
-How can both BC (lets jump on board with both feet) and Alberta (emission-credit trading is stupid and purposeless) be right?
-If one of them is wrong, which one? and how will the wrong one atone for their wronged-ness when their error is discovered? the money mis-spent following the wrong course and therefore NOT spent on something else (or is that double-accounting?)

Tax Code
-is too complex BECAUSE every item in the code IS a special-treatment i.e. a direct or indirect subsidy.
Can no one see that simplicity here (broadening the tax base to EVERYTHING) would reduce tax rates .... and that the current high rates that everybody is complaining about are a result of the special-treatments, that EVERYBODY enjoys in some aspect of there life in Canada.

Citizenship & Taxation
Author summarizes the Canadian mish-mash of world-wide taxation & benefits best in his last paragraph "Although the federal and provincial governments tax absentee Canadian residents on their worldwide income, they will not extend medical coverage during extended absences from the country. At the same time, however, we will readily provide rescue services to non-resident citizens who do not pay any Canadian taxes. Thus, there is no coherent tax link between the cost and benefits of being Canadian. In order to be fair, non-resident citizens should contribute toward the financial benefits of holding Canadian passports."

Problems that don't seem to get fixed
Passports/Coast Guard/ SIN/ Federal Buildings
The Auditor General can spot these management and stewardship problems AFTER the fact ... what we need is a reinstatement of the Comptroller-General's Office to nip problems BEFORE they happen.
Damn the 1962 Glassco Royal Commission report that suggested we "let the managers manage" - they've blown there chance. Revive supervision over Cabinet/Departmental spending.
NB this is the role of the Treasury Board and Privy Council ... or rather WAS the role until 1940 when Wm L M King took over the Privy Council under cover of war.

The Conditional Charter of group rights and justicible (thereby provisional) freedoms
Tasha (destined to be the first woman to be Prime Minister for more than a few months) Kheiriddin ties together all she hates about this 25 yr old millstone with a marvellous outline of the 'vision' that caused it's creation.

NB visions aren't always correct, popular, do-able but without one, NOTHING coherent gets done.

It's rare that I grant too much credit to he late Mr Trudeau, but I do believe he knew exactly where he was going when he de-criminalized the sex-practises of his comrades in anything-goes sexuality (why else did the FLQ manifesto call him a tapette? -alliteration?)

This fellow had a vision of a fabian/socialist central government dreamland (which we are as poised as ever to become) but he was wise enough to keep it to himself.

Vision - we need one.
One that (this time) we know about and agree upon.

For ONE practical reason.

Only with an defined objective, can we manage-backwards FROM that objective and set in motion the steps required to achieve the predetermined end.

Robert Ede

Rob Shanahan

Subject: Joe, why do "You" let crazy Harper slam-dunk an IMMINENT MAJORITY? ...Hit NOW or forever hold your peace!

Hey Big Man,

How tuned in, how high up, do you keep your political antennae? ...Why and how in god's (?) name has OUR yokel, Jersey milk nut bar Harper earned Canadians' ~36% approval (TRUST) rating? Mon sacre bleu, oui!

By contrast, Monsieur Dion and our other pack animals -- even Honest Jack and lovely green Missy May -- veritably PALE, bomb out, against the Rt. Hon. Alberta Hardwood head. Christ, Harper has done more flips, more flops, more 180s, more tumbling than a svelte, Romanian virtuoso floor-exercising gymnast. ...Second-rate Olympians, eat your soft hearts out!

So Joe, just how damned dumb, how blindly ignorant or how DARK Blue-brainwashed can Canada's electorate (still!) get? ...Did we not just buy their draconian Party book, swallow their blue bait -- hook, line and sinker -- once for all time? God forbid, will Canadians wolf down these neo-Cons' stale, Christmas candy canes for a SECOND STRAIGHT TIME?

Hook up your antennae and pick up the Con Party's latest signal. Our loco Court clowns seem awfully cocksure that their Bush-league, rump has a beachhead on, a stranglehold around, a MAJORITY. The Con artists have just locked a looming electoral triumph in their blunderbuss sights. ...Go figure, Canadians!

How cursed demoralizing, how desperate, can politics' sober second thinking sink for pure leine political animals like us? ...Well, for you anyway, my Uncle Joe.

I find this wildly scary stuff, Sir Joseph. --Do you? ...If so, then what the hell do "you" fix on doin' about it, against Them and HIM, hawk Harper? We either cut the creeps off now at the Pass or else the Clingons will sit in the catbird's royal blue seat for the next FOUR YEARS, man. Can you live with this, Joe? The turkey buzzards could claim carte blanche command, uncontested POWER, over our nation's (our TAXPAYERS') purse strings. YIKES! Do you need another nightmare scenario?

ACT FAST, Joe! ...Can you rally and mobilize your Blue Light Party champions? Canada's fascist vultures comfortably perch on the verge of declaring outright war. Should the Cons assume our throne, say bye-bye, Democracy! ...So long mainstream, compassionate-progressive human justice! Is it not to weep, Joe?

Your right Hallowe'en SPOOKED Rob Shanahan,
Hamilton West

(Never been a weeper)
Norman Greenfield
Subject: Gun Lobby
To: Joe Hueglin


Can someone tell me how it will, violate and jeopardize public safety if someone gets a hold of the data that does not include names or addresses of the guns' registered owners, nor even model numbers, but do list the first two characters of their postal codes, held by the Canada Firearms Centre? By having just the first two digits of the postal code gives you a hold sector of a city like Edmonton, that could be near 40,000 people living in it.

The data released to the Citizen list more than 929,000 firearms with no model numbers.

The auto registries are always selling statistical data to marketers, and it has not led to the theft of one car.

Do you really think the average criminal mastermind will take the statistical data and use to knock on doors of 10,000 to 20,000 homes to see if they have a gun?

If the gun owners were storing their firearms in the way prescribed by legislation or the training they get from rod and gun clubs, then the firearms cannot be stolen can they?

If they can, then the law should he changed to make sure the guns are stored in a safe and secure place, just like poisons, tobacco products, drugs, and fertilizers should be if they are dangerous to the public safety.

We should not be having a bunch of gun nuts telling the rest of the country that we can not carry on business as we have, simply because they have found yet another boogey man under their beds.

And yes I do not own a gun, never will, but do not expect others to not own a gun or hunt. I have seen the damage they do up and personal. And yes guns do kill, it takes a person to hold, aim and fire it. We legislate against potential harm from inanimate objects all of the time. It is why we have speed limits on our highways. Cars do not kill, nor does speed. Combine the two with a human, and you can get death.

I have yet to be persuaded that a person living in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, or Montreal needs to have a gun in their homes. If they are being stored properly they would be useless in a break-in.

Check the lobby group doing the whining? It is the National Firearms Association, a group that advocates for freer gun laws. The source should tell you the value of the whining and cause it to be ignored.

Thank you

Norman Greenfield
Edmonton/Calgary, Alberta, Canada

From: "Mark-Alan Whittle"
To: "'Joe Hueglin'"
Cc: "John Tory (QP)",
"Stephen Harper - M. P."

Hi Joe, feel free to share this communiqué,

Like my friend the Right Honorable Stephen Harper told comedian Rick Mercer not that long ago, I was elected to lead, to get the job done, whichever way.

But watching Dion flounder in his own “cooking pot” over Kyoto, the biggest hot-air “Ponzi Scheme” known to any man or woman with half a brain, even the half-dead ones.

The foundations are shaking for those of us hitting the big five Oh, Joe.

We all talk a good game about the environment but in order to please Dion, and the rest of the lefties who should take a pill, we will need to get rid of our retirement cars, a tons worth each gone automatically, just to start.

That should devastate Dalton’s and Ontario’s economy just speaking of such a subject in a negative light will scare investors.

Stupid move.

Throw in the derailment of the oil sands and Dion is DOA at the ballot box just like that.

The prospect of him at the helm would get me ready to vote, even tomorrow if necessary.

And Dalton will be the icing on the cake in October. The perfect storm called Kyoto, the dog that won’t hunt nipping at Dalton’s heels.

Buzz Hargrove is bleating already’ striking fear into even the coldest heart, or one with an auto sector job and plethora of spin-off feeding on this sector’s economy.

Corporate Canada has to pull up their socks first and set a good example amid their obscene profits compared to our fixed incomes, before giving you and me the hoop, especially “double-dealing” Dalton McGuinty, when Ontario’s economy implodes like a "Deon Death Star".

Are you watching the “Devils Brigade” on the history channel tonight, go Dad go.

That was something eh, and Stephen remembered exactly what our flag is really about, something worth defending, like my dad Bert said after he helped liberate Holland and came home in one piece, except for that testy shrapnel in his Derriere, excuse my French.

What a Dad I had, you where there too, right Joe?

Then our heating and electrical costs will skyrocket to meet the crisis the Liberals and NDP would have us tied to like a boat anchor, or millstone around our necks, and follow up with much sacrifices to our present quality of life and personal wealth, little that may be.

Nobody in their right mind can honestly support Dions weasel words and cozying up to the NDP and Separatists to hoist their own Kyoto Petard.
Altar of Kyoto.

In a word, draconian. Gilding the lily (la fleur-de-lis) non-withstanding.

That Senate Clause is the Elephant in the room ready to squash this toothless dog, mongrel legislation in a dog’s world.

Will Stephen prod the beast?

Force people like us on fixed incomes to take sub-par public transportation and turn down our thermostats including selling our comfortable and safe Crossovers and SUV’s.

To heck with that my learned friend, we have to stabilize our emissions first, then we’ll see. ~ MAW

(No. Wasn't there but remember the war years and rationing)