Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Daily Digest February 14, 2007

Joe Hueglin wrote:


HALIFAX NEWS - Gov. Gen. Jean makes deep impression

HALIFAX HERALD - Among friends

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Hard questions for a hard war

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Time for a 10-year passport

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Nuclear bombast

OTTAWA CITIZEN - An informed choice

TORONTO STAR - Refocus Canada's Afghan debate

NATIONAL POST - Chasing Branson's prize

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Alarmists spreading malaria fallacy
Climate change is being blamed for outbreaks of malaria in Africa.
But scientist Paul Reiter says that claim is deceitful and ignores history and science.So much propaganda, little science around climate change debate

WINDSOR STAR - The CAW (II): Fair trade and autos

WINNIPEG SUN - Time for NATO wake up call in Afghanistan

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Patronage prospers

CALGARY HERALD - Resource betrayal?: Harper's ex-confidante opens door to revenue grab

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Going backwards on judges


What's missing in Senate report
To win 'hearts and minds,' the corrupt and incompetent Karzai regime must be reined in

Sobering second thoughts

Transparency needed in military planning

U.S. brigade ordered to Afghanistan instead of Iraq

Taliban flee battle using children as shields: NATO

U.S. group wants Canada blacklisted over piracy

Passport law to top agenda

Canadian-made 'holy grail' of biofuels may be lured abroad without federal funds

Labour board delays hearing on CN strike

Privatizing postal service is a bad idea
But as passport rush continues, there should be limits to rural subsidies,

Foreign investors flock to Canada
Investment doubles: But total would be even higher if not for tax laws: study

Mish-mash tax plans: A House committee call for tax breaks for manufacturers will only benefit accountants and lawyers. It should be relegated to the dustbin

Tax-revolt TV

Ottawa reins in TV rebels
Minister hits back: CRTC threatens to change law to force firms to pay fund

We're still not ready
We learned hard lessons with SARS, but the health system and individuals in Ontario are far from prepared for the next outbreak

Tories deny goal is to stack court system
Minister dismisses outcry over judges, suggesting it's prompted by sour grapes

Harper admits he's picking judges to advance Tory 'objectives'

Harper wants judges who think like him

Harper throws oil on fire

Tories can't use committees to influence the courts

Flaherty criticizes Ontario's spending

Union, parents protest cuts in child care

West squares off on emissions
B.C. vows to implement aggressive measures

New rules threaten proposed coal projects

Alberta ready to fight economic limits

Canada's Conservatives, Liberals tied in new poll

Tories put election engine in gear

Harper and Charest launch gamble for votes

Tories fail in last-ditch bid to kill opposition Kyoto bill

Liberal MP's Kyoto bill passes, but faces uncertain future

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Conservatives unveil green-vehicle initiative

Heritage minister wants payment to TV fund

Federal environment minister says he didn't misrepresent Al Gore

Judging Liberal bias

Conservatives 'running scared, not us:' Grit

French ad disses Dion as a cut-out

Tory attack ads return, maintenant en français

Tories' Quebec ads pounce on Liberal leader
Sponsorship scandal a target

Cheeky ads risk hurting Charest
Conservative attacks might confuse voters, political veterans say

Gun-crime bill on 'deathbed,' liberals say

Dion's sinking fortune

Bloc in a box: Harper's $350 million for climate-change projects here means Duceppe can't vote against budget without hurting Quebec

Dion says Liberals will back term limits of 12-15 years for senators

Harper admits he's picking judges to advance Tory law-and-order aims

Visit by renowned British economist could be Kyoto embarrassment for Harper

High-profile Liberals contradict their leader on terror measures

Auditor warns of security gaps

Closer watch on offshore deals urged

Alert system would identify 'unbalanced' gun owners

Canada's oil facilities on al Qaeda hit list

Global Warming? Journalism? Don't Make Me Laugh!

Maybe it's time we looked seriously at ending man-made global hysteria

Exploding a few of the sharing myths

Predicting impact of ethanol is difficult


André Boisclair accuse Stephen Harper de s'immiscer dans l'élection au Québec

Des libéraux bien en vue contredisent Dion

Menace d'Al-Qaeda: le niveau d'alerte reste faible

Projet de loi pro-Kyoto: les conservateurs vaincus

Les libéraux limiteraient le mandat des sénateurs

Harper veut des juges qui pensent comme lui

Les vrais débats se feront après les élections, dit Bachand

Les 25 ans de la Charte canadienne des droits et libertés - Un arbre capable de grandir et de s'adapter

Harper jette de l'huile sur le feu

Ottawa favorise l'achat de véhicules plus verts



As to the differences between the English and French ads, Mr. Bernier said there is a separate culture in Quebec and party ads must be specific
to that province. "We did that during the last campaign and we're doing that today, right now," he said. "I think it's important to have a campaign
in Quebec that is in line with the Quebec reality."

M. Bernier is correct. There is a separate culture in TROC, The Rest of Canada, English-speaking Canada. One where this slogan would not fly.

Avec les Conservateurs, le Québec prend des forces. (With the Conservatives, Quebec grows stronger.)

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