Saturday, February 10, 2007

Daily Digest February 10, 2007

Joe Hueglin wrote:


ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - Get the message?


HALIFAX HERALD - Passport problems

MONTREAL GAZETTE - U.S. stirring pot in Somalia

OTTAWA CITIZEN - China has role in Darfur

OTTAWA SUN - Minimum sense
There's a lot of silliness going on in the debate over whether to raise Ontario's minimum wage to $10 an hour that needs to be shot down now.

TORONTO STAR - Stop clawing back children's benefit

NATIONAL POST - The folly of Kyoto

TORONTO SUN - What about wait times, Stephen?

LONDON FREE PRESS - Looking for candidate with clear Iraq plan

K-W RECORD - Equality, yes discrimination, no

WINDSOR STAR - The economy: A blueprint for the future

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Healthy Mexico vital for Canada's trade

REGINA LEADER-POST - The science of tough choices

CALGARY HERALD - Who asked for an election?
Canadians would punish party that engineers Parliament's fall

CALGARY HERALD - Banning men wrong way to get women into politics

CALGARY SUN - Tired of waiting

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Ignite debate about democracy

VANCOUVER SUN - Passport bureaucracy frustrates captive travellers with its incompetence

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - Hiding the facts about health care
Instead of coming clean on a critical letter, the government misused FOI laws


Canada wants to buy German tanks

Afghan war blooms in spring
Taliban and NATO brace for renewed conflict

Afghanistan a different beat, but it's still a political story

Third probe of detainee treatment
Complaints official to look into actions by military police in Afghanistan

Inquiries appear headed for clash

Breaking the passport myth
Windsor bars forge US$40,000 alliance to set record straight

Lumber from another world
Fir from a flooded valley will be used for Dockside Green

Mexico's not too dangerous to visit: Tories

A sobering look at the private hell of alcoholism

Ministers deny focus on five priorities hurts other health careareas

How long is too long to wait for surgery?

Victims focus of fed crime law overhaul
Ombudman creation next on Tory list

A little something for all the political parties
But a few warning signs also in the by-election results

Campbell's green plan
Tuesday's throne speech to call for emission targets to tackle global warming

Tories to flout vote
Ignoring Opposition bill 'coup d'etat,' critics say

Federal spring election gets cold shoulder: poll

Tory flyer campaign angers Winnipeg MP

Conservative Party of Canada Rejects Nomination Bid of Well Known BC Social Conservative
Harper challenged to stop allowing "outrageous muzzling" of right of social Conservative to participate in process

Tories reassure oilpatch on green agenda

Anti-terror powers set to expire
Tory motion to extend them: Liberals withdraw support for provisions of law they enacted

Is Harper turning green?
There is considerable debate over whether Prime Minister Stephen Harper has truly found religion on the environment. But history shows there is a precedent: his defence of medicare

Dion's aggressive tone raising eyebrows
Liberal leader's new partisan posture more like Harper's, less like the man party members chose at their convention

Dion's missteps leave some Liberals worrying

Liberal strategy may be divisive
Dion wants more female candidates

Fairness for all goal of trust changes
'There was a rapidly growing trend towards using income trusts as a tool of corporate tax avoidance' Jim Flaherty

Finance minister's logic faulty on income trusts
Flaherty's analysis of BCE, Telus tax threat overlooks actual situation

If the Greens can't win a seat now. . .
Strong leader, big public interest and money give the party its best chance

Release of barley prices fans flames of wheat board debate

Another Kyoto? Canada opposes mercury pact

Purchase of Boeings raises share of questions

Data to justify trusts tax attacked

Canadians blast Ottawa over treatment of Saskatchewan

Feds push crime bills
Gangs, guns on the agenda

Can this billionaire stop global warming?

The green fervour
Is environmentalism the new religion?

Kyoto is economic suicide as is
Liberal adherence makes no sense unless all countries are signed on

The government's plan to assess the risks of environmental substances on humans is way overdue

Canada up a notch in the food chain
But that Stephen Harper is still no Patrick Swayze

Encoding Trudeau's statist spirit

Sexist hostility isn’t about sex

An ethnic smorgasbord

What do the growing number of working poor need to hear right now? Talk of loan guarantees and rent subsidies for those most in need


Harper refuse de donner des indices sur d'éventuelles élections

Le Bloc lève le nez sur les régions

Ottawa viendrait d'embaucher 300 employés additionnels à Passeport Canada

La juge en chef de la Cour suprême favorise les débats sur l’accommodement

Une enquête sera menée sur la police militaire pour de présumés méfaits

La GRC interroge des nationalistes québécois

L'impérialisme montréalais à l'égard des régions a nui au Bloc

André Arthur trop bavard pour le Bloc

Rob Nicholson maintient la ligne dure

Le Canada veut acheter des chars allemands

La Défense nationale défend sa politique de bilinguisme

Loi antiterroriste
Les libéraux changent leur fusil d'épaule