Saturday, January 13, 2007

F.Y.I.: Alternate realities of Afghanistan

Joe Hueglin wrote:

What to believe?

The latest report of action from Afghanistan has one point of agreement: a clash occurred. The numbers of insurgents killed are at issue NATO claims dozens dead in battle ranging from 50 to 150 on the NATO side with a Taliban spokesman calling the claim "a complete lie."

This report is indicative of there being two views of reality in Afghanistan.

Both the  THE N.A.T.O. REALITY and an ALTERNATE REALITY follow:

Afghan Security Forces Becoming Competent, Capable, General Says

British troops winning conflict with the Taliban, commander says

Afghan National Army fearless but still needs mentoring by Canadian troops

Latest campaign a success, Canadian commander says Brig.-Gen. credits Intelligence From Village Elders

Latest offensive in southern Afghanistan disrupting Taliban: Canadian general

Pakistan to get 'blunt talk'
MacKay to meet with Musharraf in bid to stem cross-border flow of Taliban

Fighting corruption in Afghanistan
MacKay pledges $10M to boost police salaries

Pakistan and Afghanistan must unite
UN official: Former Canadian envoy says 'war of words' must end

MacKay talks tough on Pakistan
Safe haven for Taliban exposes 'weak underbelly' of security in Afghanistan


Taliban walk right in, sit right down ...

How the Taliban keep their coffers full

The Taliban's fire spreads

Relief worker makes waves
Former Sask. resident living in Afghanistan has military brass mad

Afghanistan 'sliding into chaos'
Analyst says NATO mission doomed
Jalaluddin Haqqani

Strange code of ethics
Elaborate sense of honour has kept Pushtun tribes almost unconquerable in Pakistan, Afghanistan

Pakistan's "truce with the Taliban is an abject surrender, and al-Qaeda has an untouchable base of operations in Western Pakistan which will only expand if not checked

Pakistan's uncertain year ahead
'The key issue is what political alliances Gen Musharraf will broker'
Pakistan is moving into a new year that will be critical for the country's future political direction.

Musharraf, the army and 2007

Will Pakistan's fence plan work?
Few people expect Pakistan's proposal to control militant infiltration into Afghanistan by fencing and mining their joint border to be a workable solution.