Sunday, January 07, 2007

Do you really feel more secure and prosperous?

Joe Hueglin wrote:


Both Working With Babies
that which DINKs (Double Incomes No Kids) become upon one or more pregnancies.

        Betcha didn't know a new acronym has been coined and is on the internet (see above).  If you are a DINK  plan for when you are a BWWB.
        If you were a DINK and have become a BWWB you are aware of the lifestyle change.
        Should you be a parent of a DINK who has become a BWWB then you appreciate what Aase and I will be doing because the usual "care giver"
        is on an extended vacation and there are Grandbabies to spend time with over the next week.

        It's not babysitting - it's having the opportunity to see the little ones develop.  Actually much more than we were able to do with their parents.
"A WHOLE WEEK WITH NO DIGEST? Worse than when  gave up ___________ JOE HOW CAN YOU BE SO _____________?"

        some might say.

        Well uncaring (or whatever) I'm not. 
        Go to Canadian Daily Digest - there you will find past Digests you can roam through - and if all goes        as planned something new each day as well.

        Now you know me well enough by now not to expect something political for you to consider.  The American Editor in the piece below asks a couple         of questions of his readers.  Consider he's asking them of you, please.  Information on just what he's talking about (as are many Americans but few     Canadians) is at .

        Well, "she who must be obeyed" is patiently waiting.  I was given until 2:00. It's now 2:09 so see ya!



Do you really feel more secure and prosperous?

Psst! Do you want to know a secret?

The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America is attempting to join the United States with Canada and Mexico in a tri-lateral union that could spell the virtual end to U.S. sovereignty.

“Hey, that’s not a secret. I’ve already heard about that.”