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Daily Digest January 31, 2007

Joe Hueglin wrote:


ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - We should have seen it coming

CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - No need for cellphones in the classroom print this article
Kids don’t need the added distraction created by the array of today’s communication devices.

HALIFAX HERALD - Reinforcing NATO mission

HALIFAX HERALD - A piece of the pie

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Layton's bank-bashing is pure demagoguery

TORONTO STAR - Another side of the issue
Rather than a few more pennies, people need new policies to help them move on from low-end jobs

Hérouxville bienvenue

WINDSOR STAR - What's new is old again

SUDBURY STAR - Dion's history not green; Liberal leader should explain his poor record as environment minister =

WINNIPEG SUN - Truth and lies on wait times

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Attack on plan for Afghanistan lacks credibility

CALGARY HERALD - Cellphones have no place in school
Boards need to set strict limits on when students can make calls

Politics gets more brutal as environment profile rises

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Work rewards should be more than pay

Prince George Citizen -Afghanistan needs more

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - Racial paranoia the worst way to cope with ethnic diversity


Fight over fees not expected to delay residential schools cheques: minister

Filling the holes
NATO strategy in Afghanistan faces key obstacles to success

NATO considers options to bolster Afghan border police: Canadian commander

NATO doubts Taliban can mount a major spring offensive

MacKay says Afghanistan Compact balances mission

Forces want to scrap gear, save for new
Aircraft, destroyer, refuelling ships to be eliminated under defence plan

Inflation on wheels: Groceries could soon overtake energy as the biggest pressure on rising prices, say observers

The right way to help the working poor

Hard to do good

How Canada can make a difference in the Middle East

Ban smoking in cars with kids: MDs

Young females advised to get HPV vaccine

No obligation to disclose HIV status in Criminal Code

Immigrant docs still held back from medical jobs
Action demanded: Why are trained newcomers earning minimum wage when 150,000 in B.C. lack family MD?

Looks like a seismic shift is happening in Quebec

Ontario eyes east-west power grid
Greenhouse-gas solution

Auditor general grilled over Gelinas firing, denies political pressure

Feds could face lawsuit over Gelinas firing

Hot air melting climate cure

Harper replies to critics with promise to attend climate-change conference

Tories miffed at Dion joke about Prime Minister Harper being overweight

What Harper said about Kyoto in 2002

Kyoto letter controversy: Attacking Harper with his own words is old hat

Kyoto letter has come back to haunt Harper, Liberal MPs say

Tories defend Harper's Kyoto-bashing

Harper sought money for 'battle of Kyoto'
Plans to kill accord set out in 2002 letter obtained by Liberals

Will PM feel sting of old rivals' barbs?
Liberals have lots of material if they choose to respond to new Tory ads
High-tech Tory election lair will help party bypass national media

Ads show Tories fear Dion

Turning green with nausea

Tory green seen as jaundiced - Dion also fails to impress

'New' Clean Air Act is bad--for Dion
NDP accuses Liberals of stalling

Four citizenship judges not screened for job, committee hears

Appointee dodged screening, judge says

Last gasp of debate on broken promise
Minister budges not an inch on trust flip-flop

Income trust tax breaks pledge, says Klein

Shining a light on income trust tax
Hearings into the Tories' controversial plan is far more than the political grandstanding described by the finance minister

Bad news for the Bloc
Polls show the Liberals and Conservatives are gaining in Quebec at the expense of the

MP wants Cannon to explain airport  security lapse

Responsible management
The relationship between senior federal bureaucrats and their political masters is changing under the new accountability rules

Ottawa and CWB to square off in court again - this time over CEO's salary

The minister intends to open the market with the foreign companies more

MPs urge swifter action on Arar 'leakers'

Arar payout raises concerns for MPs
Some constituents unhappy; others say implications still murky

The time for change is now
Climate change an issue that can no longer be ignored

Just how viable is nuclear power really?

Training the conservatives of tomorrow

ATM fees prey on the poorest

Same-sex couple alleges discrimination by Saskatchewan marriage commissioner

'Birth-giving machines' a booming business

The Conservatives' Hidden Agenda For Public Broadcasting And Cultural Sovereignty
Contradictions between 2006 election policy statements of Stephen Harper's Conservatives and their past comments on public broadcasting and cultural sovereignty have grown more pronounced since coming to power.


# Les conservateurs se débattent pour expliquer les écrits de Harper sur Kyoto

# La blague de Stéphane Dion ne fait pas rire les conservateurs

# Le congédiement de Mme Gélinas n'avait rien à voir avec ses rapports

Le mystère persiste

Béchard salue le changement de cap d'Ottawa

Un embarras nommé Kyoto

Après la téléphonie, Bernier s'attaque aux télécoms

L'OTAN souhaite consolider et augmenter la police frontalière afghane

Les Canadiens doutent de la teinte verte des partis politiques

Les conservateurs ne la trouvent pas drôle

Harper tente de contrer les attaques sur ses écrits anti-Kyoto

L’ étude du plan vert des conservateurs s’annonce ardue



Stratos did not agree that  "The chief shame is that attack ads, whatever the political source and target, tend to lower public regard for all politicians. "
writing "
Let the truth peal from every steeple ..."

Frances Russell's column to-day begins with these sentences :

        'WE'LL spend as much as it takes to drive our message home," Calgary Conservative MP Jason Kenney told reporters at the launch of his party's   attack ads on Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion's environmental record.

        Kenney and Prime Minister Stephen Harper may want to review history.

As you ought to be aware if you aren't there are many Canadians who somehow associate the PC Party with the Conservative Party of Canada.  One of these sent this the other day.


        Mr Harper-I know you will see this.I voted for you in the last election,I thought here was a different politician.Boy,wasI wrong,your recent attack ads on the liberal leader   are about as mean spirited and unnecesary as it gets.Count me out.

One voters view, true.  A view not shared by party partisans, true.  A potential problem of considerable proportions, however, should historical precedents cited by Russell in "Mudslinger can end up eating dirt" be repeated.

On balance is the anticipated outcome worth the risk? 

Yet to be decided in this instance, though the cartoon below must be added to the "not worth" side.

The image “ 


John Halonen

Subject: Re: Conspiracy theorists given a free run at continental pact

    I am forwarding a reply from Barbara Yaffe to the original response by myself regarding  "Conspiracy theorists given a free run at continental pact". witten by  Barbara Yaffe, Vancouver Sun.

    You may wish to include with info previously supplied today as it does show some interest in getting to the truth.

byaffe wrote:
I am including your well informed view in an upcoming column

John Halonen wrote:
  Your article is well written, factual and to the point.
It has one major flaw however, and that is within your last statement.
With all the time and effort going into this worthy project, it's unbelievable that someone hasn't figured out the importance of hiring a PR agency and scheduling some media briefings to inform the public and combat the conspiracy theorists.
Canadians have always expected that the media would inform them of what is happening.  There are hundreds of documents on the Government web-site that are directly related to the Security and Prosperity Partnership.  Is that not enough for the media to inform the public of Political and Canadian business people leanings or directions?  Your writeup is one of under a handful that has ever been written on the subject in Canadian mainstream press publications,  and because of this, that is a major reason on why Conspiracy theorists exist.  If the public are not receiving information on such an important issue, the media are to be blamed, not excused.
Also, there is an inherent right that  all Canadian citizens  be allowed to voice their opinions, not just 10 prominent business leaders from each country. 
John Halonen
401 Wentworth St. W., Unit 54
Oshawa, Ontario

(Can't always access Barbara's columns. Perhaps someone in Vancouver will do so for us)
Robert G. Gauthier,
Ottawa Ontario


fy perusal.

take care,
January 31, 2007
Letters, The Ottawa Citizen.

RE: "Green Party has earned a spot in the TV Leaders ' Debate,"
         by David Chernushenko, The Ottawa Citizen, January 31, 2007.

Canada has a constitution that provides for freedom of expression and participation in the political process without limitations.

The Canadian Constitution is the supreme law of the land and any law (rule or procedure) that overrules any provision of the Canadian Constitution is of no force or effect.
No one person or group - not a Speaker of the House of Commons, a Chief Electoral Officer, a CRTC, nor, especially, a small group (clique) of ordinary citizens who happen to be journalists (in the privately-owned Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery Corporation), calling themselves a "Broadcast Consortium" has the authority to disregard any provision of the Canadian Constitution.

One of these priceless democratic provisions provides for participation in the political process without limitations on information.
In the last Federal Election in Canada, the fundamental rights of not only the leaders of some 10 registered political parties but also the rights of more than 22,000,000 registered voters were violated with impunity resulting in an invalid election.

If the television coverage of federal politics in Canada provides several days for various political party conventions, not only is it the law in Canada, but it can and must allow the Leaders of ALL the registered political parties to also participate in televised debates without limitations, even if it takes a long time. It is the choice of the viewer to decide whether or not to watch. It is not the choice of the Broadcast Consortium to censor essential information during a federal election in Canada.

These are public airwaves to be administered by public officials in conformity with the Supreme Law of Canada.

Nowhere does the Law stipulate having a sitting member of Parliament as a prior requirement.

The Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery Corporation is clearly abusing the privileged access to the substantial publicly-funded resources provided by the House of Commons for the media.

Mr. David Chernushenko, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada, with over 300 registered candidates in all 10 provinces and the 3 territories should not have to beg for fundamental rights guaranteed in the Canadian Constitution that are being violated, not by the Government, but by the media, with the approbation and indifference of the irresponsible government officials failing to enforce the Law.

Each and every Canadian, especially the Government Officials and Parliamentarians who enforce them, must learn and understand our valuable and irreplaceable rights and insist on enforcement of the provisions in our Constitution. If we don't know our rights, we may as well not have we have experienced!

We must not allow a repetition of what happened in the last Federal Election when the Fundamental Right of millions of Canadians to participate in the political process in Canada without limitations on information was violated by the Broadcast Consortium with impunity.

Robert G. Gauthier,
Ottawa Ontario

Barry Blackman, CD
Tumbler Ridge, BC
Peace Region

Re:  CALGARY HERALD - Stay out of church's beliefs;
refers to an article about a law about to be passed in the U.K. IRT a law to force Catholic social service agencies to adopt out children to gay couples.
In response to the post made by Rosalie Piccioni, "religious principles of all religions are the primary basis of ethical behaviour"  is a pretty obtuse observation.
"Faith", n.  Belief without evidence in what is told by one who speaks without knowledge, of things without parallel. [quote by Ambrose Bierce]
Firstly for the record... I'm Hetro and not an atheist...

I've lived through very strong religious experiences myself and I can say with authority, through pain [both physical and emotional] comes wisdom...
I believe as well in the teachings but the rampant ignorance we are currently living through in IMHO is all a direct result of these very same imposed ethic's by unethical people, within the Church, Mosque, Synagogue or any type of Temple of significance...
Cleave a (piece of) wood: I am there. Raise up the stone, an ye shall find me there ...A church doesn't make a religion nor is a house of God a building which sheep congregate in, but is us and it is through us and through what we leave to the next generation that matters most... we are caretakers of the divine garden...
When religion forces ethics and morals on others it ceases to be ethical and moral...  for one persons vision of heaven is another's hell...  one persons morals is another's nightmare... there are many paths to enlightenment but there is only one highway... all have the right to chose... all have the right to life... all have the right to decide what they can do to there bodies... education is the key to the door of the future...
The greatest injustices that can be made to a child is not by isolating from the principles with the Church that rears them but emanates from the home where role models and ethics begin... empathic people no matter the race religion creed or orientation is what children need... the world doesn't need more Osama Bin Laters
Empathic people are naturally about living a good, honourable, loving, giving and sharing life, as its about empathy for our fellow beings... to do no harm and to treat all with the same respect and convictions that we our selves expect...
Western nations had religious persecution in the past (e.g..) Protestants against Catholics... today it's fundamentalists against individualist's... with intrusions into science, health, research... pro-life, pro-death, ad nausea... and is cause of great trouble to me...
when will people matter
Barry Blackman, CD
Tumbler Ridge, BC
Peace Region

Ian Berg
Subject: Re: Daily Digest January 30, 2007

When the competition's production is subsidized the answer is not to
figuratively and literally handcuff our producers with a legislated
monopoly. The CWB could be a nationwide voluntary co-operative for the
benefit of farmers coast to coast rather than an agency which punishes
Prairie farmers who would otherwise market their own barley.  I
believe the current plebisicite should have had only two questions but
apply them to wheat farmers as well as barley farmers:  keep the
status quo or permit producers to opt out.

Ian Berg
Calgary, Alberta

Subject: Re: Daily Digest January 29, 2007

   Connie Fogal, leader of the Canada Action Party, had made a compelling argument that she is not a conspiracy theorist until she wrote, "Ambassadors and Consuls General  are working in secret creating a North American Fortress and Conquering Empire that will  harvest and exploit our national resources, our strategic geography, and our labour/military force...". The diplomats in question work for the democratic governments of Canada, USA and Mexico.  It's the voters' fault in each country that a majority in each keep electing governments that support harmonized trade policies and better relations between the three countries, in public or secret meetings 
   Canada has publicly and proudly diminished its national sovereignty as a founding member of the United Nations, NATO and Kyoto Protocol. It can be said these three entities exploit our resources, geography, labour and military. But I assume Connie Fogal supports Canadian membership in both.  Membership in the United Nations ensures we are not compelled to follow the USA in its so-called "Conquering Empire" activities ie. the Iraq War.  NATO allies were not forced to support the Iraq War and likewise the USA can not make us resign from the Kyoto Protocol
Ian Berg
Calgary AB

Caspar Davis/Roger buxton

Subject: TILMA the not-so-thin end of the US wedge

Corporate Rights Deal to Make Us April Fools

TILMA will strip our ability to set local limits.


Harper and Campbell: Backing the deal

By now most Tyee readers will have heard of TILMA, the corporate rights agreement signed by Gordon Campbell and Ralph Klein in April of last year. The agreement -- the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement -- was first pitched as a deal that would create a western "powerhouse" of the two fastest growing provinces.

But that populist bromide didn't last long when it was discovered this fall that TILMA is actually being peddled to every province in the country and is backed heavily by the Harper government.

What TILMA is actually intended to do is to advance another, much larger agenda, the one often referred to as "deep integration" and now a formal agreement between the three NAFTA partners. It's called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP). The SPP will see Canada effectively harmonize virtually every important area of public policy with the U.S.: defence, foreign policy, energy (they get security, we get greenhouse gases), culture, social policy, tax policy, drug testing and safety and much more.

John Brine

Subject: read what i posted on garth

Hi Garth. Those Conservative ads are amazing! I used to be a Progressive Conservative for 30+ years. I joined the federal Liberal party in 2006 because of things like this. You say that Dean Del Mastro (Conservative M.P. Peterborough) has the office beside yours in the Justice Building in Ottawa. Well, how would you like to be like us in Peterborough and have him for a federal member? I need some slack to help folks in dire local political need. I am not a member of the membership committee of the Peterborough Federal Liberal Association. However,locally there are many frustrated conservatives that have walked away from Dean. If these frustrated Conservative haven’t made the move and we all know they are out there, I am around to help support with their political transition. Call me, I am not hard to find! John Brine, Peterborough, Ontario

Don Keir
Hi Joe:

This is a note to James Carson. My, my James, you sure are full of dictionary definitions. But you seem to be a little short on practical observations.  Sometimes certain well organized groups use undisclosed methods to accomplish ends that are detrimental to the general public. As an example I suggest that you view the DVD titled Loosechange. Now you might call the activities described in it a conspiracy. You might even describe those who were responsible for those activities as “nuts”.

But now if you really insist that everything is what it appears to be, then do I have a deal for you. Now I have the inside track on a large resort property on the south shore of James Bay. It’s a steal at $150.000. Unfortunately the owner is very eccentric, and will only allow me to show it at high noon on a sunny day during the last week of July, at high tide. Whadya say huh ?

Don Keir
Tory ads too negative
experts: Likened to style of U.S. Republicans.
'They must be scared to death of Dion to be attacking him now like this so vigorously'

Ahem ... how to comment on this and not seem nasty? Here goes. First: the style isn't US Republican, it's US political, period. Democrats are just as bad as Republicans when it comes to campaigning. As soon as things aren't going well, out come the attack ads, no matter what the trailing candidate's affiliation is.
Do the nation a favour. The next time a Canadian tries to link Conservative political style to that of US Republicans, ask them one thing: which party overtly claims bonds of philosophy and affection with a US party? Answer: the Liberals. All three opposition parties are united in condemning the Conservatives for "obvious" sympathy with US Republicans, even though the CPC has always kept itself at a discreet distance from them. But the Liberals have often let it be known that they prefer the US Democrats (remember Jean Chretien's saying that having US Democrats in power is better for Canada?), to the point where they invite their "luminaries" (note: quotes for irony ...), namely Howard Dean, to speak at their conventions.
Note to Liberals: US politicians don't give a hoot about Canada, no matter WHAT their stripes.
Civility kicked out as Tories air attack ads
Super Bowl spots kick off next election campaign

"Civility"?!? After years of Liberal-Bloc-NDP "the CPC is organized evil" insolence, you'd think that reporters would think twice about using such words.
Attack ads risk blighting Tories' green strategy

Uuuhhh ... how?!?
Welcome! Leave your customs at the door
Quebec town posts cultural code

Yup, some of we Quebecers are retarded that way. (<-- No irony!). Just like everywhere else. Gotta respect people's feelings, though, and try to understand them.
Policy by Stealth: The Harper Conservatives are bypassing Parliament and changing Canada

Bypassing Parliament? What, like when the Liberal$ went about setting up federal foundation$ that the government pays into but that Parliament can't oversee? I'm no fan of bypassing Parliament when that's illegitimate, but scribblers writing this for their Liberal-sympathetic editor-masters makes the old blood boil. (Hhhmmm ... I'm getting partisan in my old age at 43. But darn it ... Liberals really ARE detestable).

The chief shame is that attack ads, whatever the political source and target, tend to lower public regard for all politicians. Winning or maintaining power by getting voters to stay home or vote against your enemy doesn't seem a very good way to boost voter enthusiasm for the democratic process. And it makes it very difficult to complain when the enemy takes the safeties off its own weapons of rhetorical destruction, and starts returning fire.

Uuuummmm ... seems to me that the video clips had been publicly released when Mr. Ignatieff slagged Mr. Dion during the Liberal leadership debates? Or am I just imagining things? See things on the positive side: the next time Liberals open their yaps, they'll have to keep future consequences in mind. (Plus, Mr. Ignatieff was right ...).
Plus, consider what the ads really are. They show Liberals beating up on each other, and the video clips are NOT taken out of context. Let the truth peal from every steeple ...