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Daily Digest January 28, 2007

Joe Hueglin wrote:


ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - Can we stop brutality?

HALIFAX HERALD - Justice delivered

TORONTO STAR - $10 minimum wage is a moral imperative

TORONTO SUN - Harper must have a better year

LONDON FREE PRESS - Still room for improvement

SUDBURY STAR - Dalton vs. Jean; Ontario premier isn't following in footsteps of predecessors =


Native success stories

Fresh Canadian troops depart for Afghanistan

Nato 'to step up Afghan support'
Nato foreign ministers meeting in Brussels have agreed to step up their military and economic assistance to Afghanistan, officials have said.

Inside Afghanistan: The battle for Kajaki
The war in the open spaces of Afghanistan is very different from the one being waged by the Americans in the streets of Baghdad. But for British Royal Marines engaged in daily firefights with the Taliban, it is no less dangerous

One year on, Helmand is a bloody failure

The winter of the Taliban's content

Softly, softly in the Taliban's den

WASHINGTON, Jan 26 (IPS) - Despite growing domestic opposition to his plans for escalating U.S. military intervention in Iraq, U.S. President George W. Bush is calling for a sharp increase in Washington's economic and military commitment to Afghanistan.

What is value of ‘retribution’?

Armed forces
Pub shock to recruit

US elevates Pakistan to regional kingpin

Is Pakistan serious about Taliban fight?
Musharraf disparages Canadian troop losses and denies his country is backing Afghan militants while deadly cross-border attacks continue

ATM fees are only one way they manage to reach record-profit levels on your backs

Imperial presidency

Doctors propose using Afghan opium as NHS pain-killer

Ont. NDP leader says election may be 8 months away but campaign is already on

House work
With the environment, wait times, child care and more on the menu, this could be one of Parliament's most productive sessions in years

There's no big green machine
Voters unimpressed by Tory, Liberal and NDP policies

Why the next election will be fought on the environment

Tory team to deliver tax cuts, other plums
Conservatives will be tested early and often, with Liberals holding slight edge in polls

Layton's three-pillar plan

Conservatives to push for momentum in Parliament

Ignatieff pledges to come out swinging


CTV's Question Period: Pollster Allan Gregg
CTV's Question Period: Michael Ignatieff, House Deputy Leader
CTV's Question Period: MPs discuss the issues's%20Question%20Period:%20Pollster%20Allan%20Gregg&clip_id=ctvnews.20070128.00180000-00180498-clip1&subhub=video&no_ads=&sortdate=20070128&slug=parliament_returns_070128&archive=CTVNews

Income splitting looms as next big child-care policy battle

Public Works launches investigations into leaks of government information

Who's still cool on global warming?
Naysayers: From conservative bunkers, they plan on sowing enough doubt to derail action

Dirty Canada failing global test
CLIMATE CHANGE: Smart nations move as Canada's record worsens

It's now easy being green
SUSTAINABILITY: Corporate world is jumping aboard movement to care for the Earth

The false promise of nuclear power
Atomic energy is not the way to a clean environment

Canadians must all help fight 'poverty and exclusion,' says governor general

Canadian Government Seeks to Throw Grain Farmers to the Corporate Dogs

How to turn Canada into a green society
Transforming ourselves from consumers into conservers requires an ethical overhaul that transcends politics, says Thomas Axworthy

Doesn't due process apply in politics?

United States stands resolute

Maybe we shouldn't treat addicts as victims

Canada earns medal for being tight-fisted

Chinese grapple with West's influences
The fight over Starbucks is a sign of a cultural inferiority complex


Plus de 120 militaires ont quitté le pays en direction de l'Afghanistan

Pub choc pour recruter

Harper engage les hostilités contre Dion

Human Rights Watch sermonne le Canada

Lutte au terrorisme: la SCRS suggère la modération

Enquête sur les fuites de renseignements à Ottawa

Ottawa réitère sa décision

Le SCRS prône la modération

Get more *&%$#@! Venting



But McGuinty clearly rejects Ontario's historic role as the honest broker of Confederation. He declines the mantle of John Robarts, Bill Davis, David Peterson and Bob Rae. =

Never heard of "fiscal imbalance" in Ontario prior to this 15 minute conversation:


J. Duddy

Subject: Fwd: North Americans Against the Security and Prosperity Partnership Petition

Hi Joe.
Can you send this to all your readers?

To:  The Honourable David Emerson, Minister of International Trade:C/OThe Prime Minister of Canada's Office

1.)I oppose the Security and Prosperity Partnership, also known as the North American Union.

2.)I oppose the NAFTA Highway proposal and/or construction.

3.)All North American citizens must be adequately informed of any past,present and/or future proposals,signing of documents, and/or any other information pertaining to the Security and Prosperity Partnership/NAFTA Highway put forth by their respective governments, past,present and future.Transparency of our governments is of utmost importance to me.

4.)I strongly urge that the matter be put to a national referendum in Canada.


The Undersigned

John Dowson

The On-Line People Parliament sounds like some idea from the old BBC TV program "Yes Prime Minister" Sir Humphrey would be horrified, look how many civil servants this would put out of work. Ordinary people don't know anything, ever four years or so some new politicians sit on the government benches, but the people who run the country are the civil servants, and they wouldn't stand for ordinary people running things. They have enough trouble trying to keep the politicians in their place.
John Dowson

Rosalie Piccioni

Joe:        Re:
  CALGARY HERALD - Stay out of church's beliefs
One of the greatest injustices that can be made a child is to isolate him/her from the principles with which the Church rears them.  Many have turned to the faith and learnings given within those teachings when life has given them unbearable turns.  At those times, the despair is life defying - the teachings a life line.  No human, particularly God-less (note that I use a capital "G"), Christ-less people can fill that role.
To try and deny the Church, not only that "right" but its very foundation, is the height of arrogance.  When a (true) Christian talks about "the" Church, they are talking not about an organization based on human understanding, but they are talking about "God's Church," - for Christians, His very personality instilled into it through Jesus Christ of Nazareth, God Himself incarnated to make it possible for all men! 
May it never be that the power is given to the human arrogance that thinks it can outdo God in denying children that blessing!  Thank you Calgary Herald for bringing this situation to the attention of the public.

(Religious principles of all religions are the primary basis of ethical behaviour)
Jacob Rempel
Iran to begin large-scale uranium enrichment: UN
Last Updated: Friday, January 26, 2007 | 12:13 PM ET
CBC News
My email response to the CBC:
I regret that Iran wants to emulate the madness of all
the juvenile nuclear power nations. Like all the younger
nations,  Persia will be adding to the nuclear radiation in
the earth environment by causing more extraction in the
mines, transporting the ore , processing the ore into many
kinds of radioactive isotopes, setting up electric power
plants that have accidental radioactive releases, possibly
use depleted uranium waste to harden bullets and mortars
and bunker busters using American technology, perhaps
arming rockets with nuclear warheads, perhaps competing
with other nuclear powers in the nuclear weapons market .
....The rest of the world has learned so much from ancient
Persia, why must Persia now emulate us in our worst mistakes? 
.... Jacob Rempel, Vancouver

(Zoroaster's theology is still how Western religions view our worldly struggles)
Zoroastrian teachings
John Morand

Good Evening or Morning Joe:
 I have just unretired to take the position of VP and COO of Global Emissions Systems Inc. We in fact have a good part of the answer to emissions at a sustainable cost. One of our first /early adopters is a Petroleum company who is marketing it to its clients.
The recent poll spells good news for us.

 Peggy Merritt

Hi Joe: Do we learn from history? Never!  History depends on biased
interpetation. I noticed that your article did not talk about
terrorism.  Surely that is the new element that has been introduced
to equation. Were zealots in the past willing to blow themselves up
to promote their cause. The difference between the wars of the past
and todays wars is that the dependance on military strategy is not
the sole reason for the lack of resolution. The emotional fury
exhibited by the terrorist to my mind will never be controlled by
military might. Today the victims of war do not trust anyone and the
only way to stop the carnage is to convince them that we are there
to help and not for empire building.  I think the Canadians in
Afghanistan are making an outstanding effort to do this and
hopefully the UN will expand their support to make the current
operation successful. Cheers Peggy Merritt

Brad Thomson
    Very interesting analysis of history. There are parallels between the American and the Athenian invasions to be sure. But there are crucial differences as well.
    I would argue that the invasion of Iraq was not a response to terrorism in any sense. Afghanistan was, but not Iraq. Saddam Hussein was no terrorist, at least not internationally. Indeed bin Laden loathed Hussein, considered him an infidel, and even offered his vast al Qaeda to Kuwait when Iraq invaded many years ago. There were never any links between al Qaeda and Hussein, quite the opposite.
    Of course, the Americans lead the world to believe that its invasion of Iraq had to do with the war on terror, but this was a typical American lie. So what was the real reason?
    It seems to me that there are two. First, as always when western nations attack Arabia, oil. But secondly, and this is the most important reason I believe, the invasion served the needs of what Eisenhower termed the military-industrial complex. Billions of dollars worth of munitions were used up. And so guess what? Well, I suppose we need to buy some more.
    If the Americans don't start wars, they don't need to buy more weapons. But if they don't need to buy more weapons, then the vast arms industry is out of business. Can't have that.
    The war on terrorism was a pretext. The need to perpetuate the military-industrial complex was the real reason.
Brad Thomson

Robert Ede
To: <>
Subject: "Compensation for mistreatment by the Crown"

Dear Editor,
The headline above a summary of 8 recent government compensation awards, caught my imagination (Among those awarded compensation for mistreatment by the Crown, A6, Jan 27/07)
Who or what exactly IS 'the Crown' that is making all these dastardly mistakes that causes the public to pay compensation after compensation award?
This Office/ Thing/ Person that we blithely refer to as 'the Crown' in Canada, certainly needs some better advisors, but first I think we need precisely know who/what we are describing!
Robert Ede
Thornhill ON