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Daily Digest January 21, 2007

Joe Hueglin wrote:


HALIFAX HERALD - Nuclear resurgence

MONTREAL GAZETTE - An idea not worth contemplating

TORONTO SUN -  We've got questions about Kyoto

WINNIPEG SUN - 'Milk cow' udderly offensive

CALGARY SUN - Revenue-shearing plan

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - A trail of broken promises and secrets

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - When Big Brother is a computer
Technology that watches our every move can make us safer -- but at what cost?


Canadian troops in Afghanistan as 9/11 'retribution

Troops involved in 3-hour gunfight with Taliban

Communists are still a grave threat

MacKay concerned about West Bank barrier's route

Crackdown shows tide turning against two-tier care

Will Ed keep his word?

Premier's India, Pakistan trip verges on ludicrous

Sask. finance minister slams equalization plan

Dion and Harper are similar yet so very different
Dion disaster looms
Liberals' gaffe-able misleader has two left feet

Government heads in right direction with eco politics

Critics slam tax on Tory child-care benefit

Strahl poll to offer 3 options on barley
'Either-or' vote clashes with Tories' CWB 'vision'

Conservatives give homeowners tax credit for making homes energy efficient

Minister stonewalling on aid to Afghanistan

Flaherty unsure on trust tax procedure

Federal funding for malaria bed nets scaled back

David Suzuki issues global warning

Cut the bull

Big industry polluters cash in on credits; schools, hospitals, get hosed

Is society drinking itself to death on fossil fuels?

Racism vs. reasonable accommodation of minorities sparks debate in Quebec

Social sometimes a study in propaganda
'Instead of thinkers, we turn out people who are, at best, opportunists and, at worst, parrots.'

Racism not limited to West
Canada's founding culture has created diverse, peaceful society

Wanted: living wage

Ethnically diverse, Canada is now more divided -- but also more interesting

Quebecers racist? Poll didn't tell story
Emphasis laid on parts of the responses puts surveys' credibility into question

Percy Paris’s problems may just worsen


# Le gouvernement Harper fête son premier anniversaire au pouvoir
# Harper annonce du financement pour des sources d'énergie propre

Jack Layton veut réduire l'écart entre les riches et les pauvres

L'affaire Khan: les libéraux ont vécu des expériences semblables

Les Québécois voient le drapeau fleurdelisé comme celui de tous les Québécois

Ottawa retient des informations critiques

Et de trois

        As always I listen to the opinion of my old friend and long time associate Alan Heisey.

         Consequently rather than CAN/AM relationships, though I'm please another four of you have visited and the total is now
        over 50, the machinations surrounding the future of the Canadian Wheat Board will receive attention.

        What will be the wording?  Who will be franchised to vote on whether or not barley should be marketed through the Canadian Wheat Board or by application of
        the Personal Property Principle? It will be interesting.

        To make it more so past questions are presented to you courtesy of the Regina Leader-Post

        Past questions The Leader-Post
        Published: Saturday, January 20, 2007
        Here's a look at what farmers have been asked in the past and also what they have said about the future of the Canadian Wheat Board:      
Minister Strahl to Announce Barley Plebiscite Question and Voter Eligibility Criteria

OTTAWA, Ontario, January 19, 2007 - The Honourable Chuck Strahl, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and Minister for the Canadian Wheat Board, will be in Red Deer on Monday, January 22, to announce the barley plebiscite question and voter eligibility criteria. Minister Strahl will be available to speak to the media following the announcement.

Media representatives will be able to listen to the Minister’s address and media availability by calling 1-888-265-0464. No questions will be taken by phone during the media availability.

To listen to Minister Strahl’s address online, please go to the following link:

Address and media availability

Monday, January 22

2:00 p.m. (local time)

Red Deer Lodge
Red Deer Room, 1st Floor Courtyard
4311 – 49th Avenue
Red Deer, Alberta


alan heisey

j, you are rarely so far ahead of the parade as in your preoccupation 
with some union with the excited states. i read the 4 t.o. dailies 
reasonably well and the nyt better and i don't seem to see it get a 
column inch among the truss ads as the saying used to be!

James Carson-
Vancouver Centre

Re; NAU and related Anti-American conspiracy theories
    I have always been somewhat amused by these xenophobic anti-American rants that DD posts on occasion. The argument, to me seems flawed to its core since it is based on wholly incorrect first premises. 1) that America (viewed as one giant monolithic mindset like the Borg on 'Star Trek- Next Generation')  secretly covets Canada's Natural Resources and is implementing a long range master plan to incrementally achieve that nefarious end. [ cue maniacal laughter and background music- cut to commercial]. The major problem is that it assumes the Americans actually have a long term 'plan'.   If they do it may be a first. Now, don't get me wrong, I like Americans, America, American Football, Hollywood, Vegas, lots 'a stuff. But, let's be honest. Long range thinking/ planning has never been their strong suit. Especially their current Oval Office Tenant. ;/)

     2)the argument is premised, I believe, on a totally false assumption; that co-operation and managing the flow of goods, services and ideas across borders while protecting against the evils that attempt to infiltrate along with the good (drugs, thugs, pugs, suicide bombers,  drug lords, child pornography and murderers, etc) is a defacto diminishing of a nation's sovereignty. But the premise is false, since by extension of their logic any nation that restricts communication and trade with its neighbours and the world is making itself more 'sovereign'. Thus North Korea would be the Most Sovereign Nation on Earth !!

   The real truth is that National Sovereignty is a function of National Solvency. Nations that fritter money away and borrow from foreigners to finance their spendthrift governance soon end up having to sell their national resources and companies and real estate, and pay higher borrowing costs to continue to finance their national debt. Their currency devalues and they end up with more and more of their economy owned, controlled by foreigners. This is what happened to Canada in the seventies under Trudeau's 'Just Society'- nearly bankrupt society more like. Canada has been struggling ever since to return to fiscal prudence and National Solvency- Sovereignty. So if you don't like the level of foreign ownership/control on the Canadian economy; blame Trudeau, not George Bush. And we returned to solvency by freeing our economy,  and signing the Free trade Deal with USA, and now Mexico which accelerated our GDP growth in spite of our punitive levels of taxation; no easy trick. By any objective standard Canada has been a clear winner in the FTA (mad cows not withstanding) with Canadian industry and companies expanding into The States far more than the reverse. Our federal deficit is gone, our currency has strengthened and MOST of us look to the future with optimism and confidence that Canada and Canadians can compete, and Win in the global economy. The Anti-American Xenophobic Conspiracy theorists think otherwise. But they are dead wrong.

  carpe diem, James Carson- Vancouver Centre
John Halonen

North American Union
Ah, some logic behind the madness.

Packard argues that a driving reason Bush has embraced the idea of creating the North American Union is to secure natural resources -- Canadian water as well as oil and natural from both Canada and Mexico. Regarding water, Packard notes that "Bush declared that Canada’s water was part of the United States' energy security." As evidence, he cites "mega-projects" proposed by the U.S., such as a "Grand Canal" that would transport "plentiful water from Canadian rivers and lakes to the Great Lakes." Regarding oil and natural gas, Packard comments that a North American Union would "guarantee a relatively cheap flow of oil," making the idea of creating a single North American space suddenly "not so ludicrous."
President Quietly Creating 'NAFTA Plus'

Seems to me, that Canadian Citizens should be involved in whatever happens!

John Halonen

Mark Hendriks



I've been thinking about George Bush's plan to increase troop levels in
Iraq.  It just didn't seem realistic.  In order to meet current troop
levels, the US has already raised the maximum age of recruitment,
initiated the "Stop-Loss" program (which reduces the number of soldiers
who are eligible to leave the service voluntarily,) reduced recruiting
standards (criminals now okay,) and increased duty tours.  Conscription
would be political suicide for the Republicans (the war in Iraq is
growing increasingly unpopular in the US,) but it's the only thing left
in terms of being able to increase troop levels.

So how are the Americans going to increase troop levels?  My first
thought was that George Bush was simply on crack (cocaine, that is.)

I just had this thought.  The Caspian Sea oil reserves have turned out
to be as large as originally thought, several years ago.  (The Taliban's
refusal to allow American oil companies to build a pipeline through
Afghanistan had prompted the American government to make military
threats, even before 911.)  With the Caspian Sea oil reserves not being
so large after all, Iraq is now much more important to America's oil
strategy than Afghanistan.

Mark Hendriks

Jacob Rempel

Subject:  Christian Wingnuts Push for 'End Times' War with Iran 

As Bush's War Strategy Shifts to Iran, Christian Zionists Gear Up for the Apocalypse
Is Bush pushing for a second war or a Second Coming?

Nuclear Armageddon?
The Rapture Cult--Path of Death by Carol Wolman