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Daily Digest January 18, 2007

Joe Hueglin wrote:


ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - Process this

HALIFAX NEWS - Intentions good, but freedom assaulted

HALIFAX HERALD - Democracy let down

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Close those campaign loopholes

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Adapting to a world economy

OTTAWA SUN - Save our seniors

TORONTO STAR - Professions must heed court ru

NATIONAL POST - RBC is just playing by the rules

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Ontario could fall into a recession this year

K-W RECORD - The time to change

SUDBURY STAR - Unfunded debt $1.6 trillion =

SUDBURY STAR - The green mantra; Stephane Dion seeks to take the lead in environmental politics and policy

WINNIPEG SUN - Driven to distraction

REGINA LEADER-POST - Economic future looking good

REGINA LEADER-POST - Just answer 'yes' or 'no'

CALGARY HERALD - A promise that must be kept
Resource revenues ca
nnot define equalization payments

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Crossed by a floor-crosser


LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Feds should take issue with U.S. treasury

ER SUN - Royal Bank shortchanged Canadians by caving in to U.S.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - New technology needed to stop credit-card fraud


Property rights needed to elevate First Nations

Tribal tribulations in Afghani

Doubts over Pakistan peace deal
A peace deal between pro-Taleban militants and Pakistan's government is in the balance after an air strike on an alleged militant camp on Tuesday.

What the Iraq Study Group said about America's 'other war'

U.S. urges 'fivefold expansion' in Alberta oilsands production

U.S. will release d
etails on its deportation of Arar, attorney general says

Bush's Canadian 'Clone' in Jeopardy
The political decision by American voters on Nov. 7 – flushing away Republican control of the U.S. Congress – is reverberating north of the border where Canada’s hard-line Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper may become the next ally of George W. Bush to be washed away.

Trade deals are priority, Burney says
Ex-ambassador says Canada slow to adapt globally

Bouchard says competition will force unions to be more flexible

Laggard Canada being outpaced

Ottawa set to resume aid to the Palestinians

U.S. buildup in the Gulf may be repeat of history

Has Canada Got the Cure?        
Publicly funded health care has its problems, as any Canadian or Briton knows. But like democracy, it’s the best answer we’ve come up with so far.

Scientists find key to 1918 flu

Premier steps into India's hot-button trade debate

Charest won't relax until amount is announced
Equalization payments

Stelmach takes equalization stance

Federal Tories soaring in Alberta, stalled everywhere else: poll >
Four parties avoiding a vote

Liberals back away from forcing election

Tories pave the way to '07 campaign trail

Tories scramble to play green game
Late converts on environment trumpet spending

A year later,
PM's promises not worth much

Green party turns its focus to poverty fight

Trust probe may call Flaherty
Finance committee to look at whether move was justified

MacKay dismisses equalization rumours

A fond farewell

Khan backed Arab plan to revert to '67 border
MP offered views contrary to PM in Ramallah interview

Baird raises doubt about tax breaks
Clean technology cash: Minister 'can't explain' Liberal program to kick-start oilsands

Dion names shadow cabinet

Full list of appointees

Green party leader knows shades of difference

Defence seeks $37B a year
Planning paper calls for doubling of forces' budget

Public service to check for hiring bias against minorities

GST workers receive lay-off notices

Ottawa hails nuclear energy for oilsands

Fake fir flies

Even terrorists deserve good lawyers

For a grain boom, end the monopoly

The Pentagon's energy-protection racket

The increasing use of e-mails - which don't often leave a trail - will make it more difficult to chronicle the history of scientific discoveries, a U.S.
academic says.


# Dion comptera sur ses partisans et rivaux dans son cabinet fantôme

# Day et Chertoff duscutent de sécurité aux frontières

# Déséquilibre fiscal: Ottawa va honorer son engagement, assure Bernier

Crise en vue pour les syndicats, prédit Lucien Bouchard

# Trop facile de n'exiger que des concessions, disent les syndicats à Bouchard

# Sondage: les conservateurs plafonnent dans presque toutes les provinces

Ottawa prend son virage vert timidement

Déséquilibre fiscal: Ottawa va honorer son engagement, assure Bernier

Khan voudrait qu'Israël retrouve ses frontières d'avant 1967

Ottawa s'affiche en vert


        One of the headlines under CANADIAN FORCES today speaks of "America's 'other war' ".  For us as Canadians it's Our War not our 'other war'.
        The Digest brings you to-day three articles most would be unlikely to access o

         Increasingly the "DD" is going beyond its heading in searching out articles affecting Canada and Canadians.

        Should you have sources you regularly visit - please pass them on to me.



        Joe you know I can't let the comments by Robert Ede go unchallenged.
        First stop calling my marriage a "Homosex' marriage it's ignorant and unbecoming the import information that the daily digest provides us all.
         Second:  W
hen you compare US statistics it would be responsible to pro-rate the information based on the population difference of the two countries. 
        Third; The Liberals didn't change the marriage definition they ran for cover while the courts did it. 
        Finally, just stop.  I'm married and your not going to change that.  Let the country get on with talking about important issues like troops in a war zone or Canadian aboriginal        education system that is obviously a form of apartheid.
        Cal MacKinnon

         (Last post on the subject)

Joe--an interesting note from J Remple.  I have a different take on the GW fiasco.  Don't forget Martin signed the first draft of the NAU and I have no doubt that Harper will continue.  BUT--Global Warming is the red herring to keep our minds off the NAU discussions.  The US is head and shoulders above us in discussing the NAU--they are not bogged down with the stupid GW 'debate'.  No matter the Liberals or the CPC winning a majority, we are destined to be treated like mushrooms re the decimation of our sovereignty until NAU is a done deal--and the GW scaremongers are doing a fine job of aiding and abetting the traitors to our country.

John Halonen

North American Union - Security and Prosperity Partnership

Joe:  Thanks for your efforts to bring this subject forward for Canadian citizens

In the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America Report to Leaders it is stated as below: ( page 20 )

Creating a Sustainable Energy Economy for North America:

• Creating a sustainable energy economy for North America is in the vital interest of all three countries. Reliable, affordable energy is critical to the prosperity and security of our peoples. We are taking action to create a policy environment that will promote the sustainable supply and use of energy in North America.

Canada as we know exports more than it imports!  Our use of Oil, Gas and Electricity is far exceeded by exports to other Countries. Does this statement mean that our natural r
esources will be pooled to meet North American needs? Canada also has 20% of the world's fresh water supply, will this emerging prized resource now be that of a North American commitment. Canada has the second largest know Oil reserves in the world.

 In many of the documents the breadth of those involved are astounding and include such names as Mulroney, Chretien, Turner, Harper, with ministers of all eras and even today Stockwell Day our Minister of Public Safety, Maxime Bernier our Minister of Industry and Peter G. MacKay our Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency all being deeply involved.

 Setting up the  North American Competitiveness Council includes the most influential individuals from ScotiaBank, 
Manulife Financial, Power Corporation of Canada, Ganong Bros. Limited, Suncor Energy Inc., CN, Linamar Corporation, Bell Canada Enterprises, Canfor Corporation, and The Home Depot.

A critical position missing is readily apparent. Where is "Joe Public", the very Canadian citizen that has voted in Federal Government members of Parliament to represent themselves and the best interests of Canada?

What can we do as citizens?  The Canadian mainstream press have already signed on to this commitment and the current elected Political representatives of today are not representing the public's need to know.

John Halonen

Mark Hendriks

In response to Ian Berg

> I'm not a scientist but I am
aware there are still plenty of skeptics
> out there.  For example, "Colorado State University's own Dr. William
> Gray, recognized as the world's leading hurricane experts, said,
> 'Global warming is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the
> American people.' "  

Is this individual also claiming that the unprecedented melting of the
north polar ice cap, and the south polar ice shelves, the melting of
glaciers, and rising sea levels are all a hoax as well?

Climate change denial represents a tiny minority view.  Global warming
is a view shared by thousands of climate scientists, backed by hundreds
of studies.

It's important to keep in mind that the denialist view is well funded.
Exxon alone has been estimated to have spent 18 million on denialist
propaganda.  Many of the most widely cited deniers have direct
connections to the oil industry, or ea
rn money directly from the oil
industry.  Meanwhile, legitimate scientists must go begging for money
from governments being lead by politicians whose campaigns were heavily
financed by the oil industry.

There are no sceptics, really.  There are the liars, and those that have
been taken in by the lies.

Mark Hendriks

Stephen Berg

Re: Ian Berg's:

'I'm not a scientist but I am aware there are still plenty of skeptics out there.  For example, "Colorado State University's own Dr. William Gray, recognized as the world's leading hurricane experts, said, 'Global warming is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the American people.' " ' >
Dr. Gray may be a leading hurricane expert but he's no climatologist.  He has a meteorological background.  The difference between the two is that a climatologist studies long-term weather patterns and a meteorologist studies individual weather systems (i.e. the difference between climate and weather).

This is something that "skeptics" like Richard Lindzen try to play with in order to confuse the general public.  Lindzen, as well as many others (such as Tim Ball), have said junk like "if they can't forecast the weather a week from now, how can they predict the climate years in advance?".  This statement is so blatantly misleading as weather models and climate models differ enormously in their formulae and output.

Also, Dr. Gray was not the one who said 'Global warming is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the American people.'  That dubious quotation belongs to the Republican Senator from Oklahoma, a J
ames Inhofe, who has received great gobs of campaign financing from the fossil fuel sector.

As for the article in the Coloradoan, the following is complete claptrap:

"World-renowned scientists who believe the computer models are flawed and the sampling metrics skewed include award-winning Harvard astrophysicist Sallie Baliunas; Ph.D., Robert Balling, Ph.D., director of Climatology at Arizona State; Patrick Michaels, Ph.D., past president of the American Association of Climatologists and professor of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia; Frederick Seitz, Ph.D., past president of the National Academy of Sciences; and Tim Patterson, Ph.D., professor of paleoclimatology at Carleton University, among many others."

These are some of the most infamous "skeptics" who are part of the disinformation/misinformation campaign of ExxonMobil.  The tactics are the same used by the tobacco industry in their fight to deny the connection be
tween smoking and lung cancer.  See the following for a through investigation into this travesty of science:

Here is a citation from the PDF article which relates to Frederick Seitz:

"Another notable case is that of Frederick Seitz,
who has ties to both Big Tobacco and Exxon-
Mobil. Seitz is the emeritus chair of the Marshall
Institute. He is also a prominent solid state physicist
who was president of the National Academy
of Sciences (NAS) from 1962 to 1969.88

In an example of the tobacco industry’s efforts
to buy legitimacy, the cigarette company R.J.
Reynolds hired Seitz in 1979.89 His role was to
oversee a tobacco industry­sponsored medical
research program in the 1970s and 1980s.90 
didn’t want us looking at the health effects of
cigarette smoking,” Seitz, who is now 95, admitted
recently in an article in Vanity Fair, but he
said he felt no compunction about dispensing
the tobacco company’s money.

While working for R.J. Reynolds, Seitz oversaw
the funding of tens of millions of dollars
worth of research. Most of this research was
legitimate. For instance, his team looked at the
way stress, genetics, and lifestyle issues can contribute
to disease. But the program Seitz oversaw
served an important dual purpose for R.J.
Reynolds. It allowed the company to tout the
fact that it was funding health research (even
if it specifically proscribed research on the health
effects of smoking) and it helped generate a
steady collection of ideas and hypotheses that
provided “red herrings” the company could use
to disingenuously suggest that factors
other than
tobacco might be causing smokers’ cancers and
heart disease.

Aside from giving the tobacco companies’
disinformation campaign an aura of scientific
credibility, Seitz is also notable because he has
returned from retirement to play a prominent role
as a global warming contrarian involved in organizations
funded by ExxonMobil. Consider, for
instance, one of Seitz’s most controversial efforts.
In 1998, he wrote and circulated a letter asking
scientists to sign a petition from a virtually
unheard-of group called the Oregon Institute
of Science and Medicine calling upon the U.S.
government to reject the Kyoto Protocol. Seitz
signed the letter identifying himself as a former
NAS president. He also enclosed with his letter a
report co-authored by a team including Soon and
Baliunas asserting that carbon dioxide emissions
pose no warming threat. The report was not peer

reviewed. But it was formatted to look like an article
from The Proceedings of the National Academy of
Sciences (PNAS), a leading scientific journal."

Seitz certainly cannot be called an expert in climate science as his background is in solid state physics.  The atmosphere is a gas, not a solid.  Seitz also seems to have little sense of morals as he seems to have no problem misleading the public for his own personal gain.

As for the CO2Science site cited in the Coloradoan article, none of the scientific advisors for the site are world-renowned and they likely have a very limited peer-reviewed publication background.

Stephen Berg
Winnipeg, MB

Crisis in sight for the trade unions, predicted Lucien Bouchard
January 18, 2007 - 06h49
La Press
Malorie Beauchemin

The former Prime Minister for Quebec, Lucie
n Bouchard.

The working relationships in Quebec will be confronted with important upheavals in the next years, estimates the former Prime Minister Lucien Bouchard, who acts as negotiator in various conflicts between owners and employees.

Situations where the employers request wage concessions from their employees will become increasingly frequent, believes lawyer. One of the reasons, according to him, is wild Asian competition.

“When one finds oneself in sectors where China for example produced and delivers his products here to costs from 20 to 40% low, there is not a company which can last”, Mr. Bouchard affirmed, in margin of a conference on the negotiation and the mediation, presented in front of more than 200 students in right of the University of Montreal.

“Traditionally, after the first stages of negotiation, the trade union deposits its requests. The employer answers it of best than it can, that which expla
ined was a Prime Minister for Quebec of 1996 to 2001. There, that will be the opposite. Before even as convention does not finish, sometimes, you see the employers calling the trade union to ask concessions. The employer finds himself in request. That will be difficult. The trade-union leaders and the workers do not want to give up assets.”

According to Mr. Bouchard, the trade unions must start a reflexion to know as they will react to a situation which will become increasingly frequent. Part of the solution advanced by lawyer is side of the innovation: “Crenels should be created where one will be able than the others.”

But altogether, he, it say is the trade-union culture which will be called “with changes”. On the other hand, it does not estimate that this news gives will make increase the number of conflicts of work. “It there of be less if one see come the thing and if one find some way to circumvent these problem
”, have it conclude.


In addition, the former Prime Minister criticized the many recent surveys on the Québécois company, which it regards as “very scientific steps”. It is more important, according to him, to look at the real figures of the number of hours worked by the Québécois and of their productivity to draw up a true portrait, rather than “to create news starting from the impressions of people, who can be influenced by all kinds of prejudices”, he underlined.

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