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Joe Hueglin wrote:


ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - Job shortage a big worry

HALIFAX HERALD - Eyes on the road

HALIFAX HERALD - Untangling a Khan game
THE Wajid Khan saga simply does not add up.

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Mideast report should be public

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Each province a laboratory

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Fund cities properly

OTTAWA SUN - Buttheaded decision

TORONTO STAR - Follow California lead on clean fuels

TORONTO STAR - Give U.S. allies a break

NATIONAL POST -  Everybody's a little bit racist

TORONTO SUN - Stinks of double standard


WINDSOR STAR - In Mexico: Vacations and questions

SUDBURY STAR - McGuinty should call off expensive PR campaign =

SUDBURY STAR - More hypocrisy; By crossing the floor, Wajid Khan stole the votes of people in his riding =

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Tories ready to surrender Saskatchewan

CALGARY HERALD - Former terrorist begs questions
Feds need to reopen file on self-professed reformed killer

CALGARY HERALD - Ease income trust pain

CALGARY HERALD - New lesson plan: Israel bad

CALGARY SUN - Stereotype turfed


Prince George Citizen -China deal could help area grow

VANCOUVER SUN - No-fly list won't thwart any terrorists

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - Getting smart on drugs


Ottawa fights decision on residential school legal fees

Archeological finds on disputed Ont. land strengthen claims, natives say

Thousands rally in support of Gagetown troops

All patrols are cancelled this fiscal year, sources tell CBC News
Navy cancels fisheries patrols, enacts cost-cutting measures to save money

Navy patrol can go ahead, O'Connor says Video: Rob Gordon reports for CBC-TV

Canada's navy downplays cash shortage Reuters

5-hour wait greets applicants
Passport deadline for U.S. air travel just 6 days away

Bituminous sands
To extract more for the United States

Job needs in technology confound the experts

Adaptability, pliability are key for future workers

Group warns of two-tier retirement system

Conference Board says Canada needs to cut red tape

Flaherty vows to raise rights issues in China

MacKay presses Mexico over teen's death

Oil-for-food scheme sees charges laid

Cancer finding hailed
Causes disease to regress: Molecule could treat lung, breast, brain cancers

Clinic's 'reservation' fees draw ire
Government, opposition agree that planned charges of Yaletown family clinic would break extra-billing rules

Ruling on journalist expected by April

Canada's invisible foreign aid

An unfair grab at immigrants' money

Should Canada do more to help immigrants integrate into society?

Tighten up on immigration: Poll

One official's 'refugee' is another's 'terrorist'
IRB criticized for dissimilar rulings on similar cases

Remedy to fiscal imbalance will benefit all province: Quebec premier

N.L. blocks plan to drill into Hibernia South

Liberals clinging to a slender lead, latest poll shows

Voters will forgive PM for ignoring Kyoto
poll: Climate accord only one way to go, 59 per cent say

Federal government announces $230-million clean-energy initiative

Tories unveil vague environment plan

Day says those using American bank accounts will have to follow U.S. rules

Royal Bank changes U.S. dollar account policy

Students grill Dion on environment, Quebec separation, fiscal imbalance

NDP's Layton presses Conservatives to heed Manitoba's wheat board vote

Harper heading for showdown with premiers

Tories' reported plan for equalization provokes backlash
N.L. premier, Sask. minister say including natural resources would break campaign pledge

Ottawa accused of 'sacrificing' western resources for Quebec in equalization

Oil-rich provinces unite in battle with Ottawa

Alberta joins equalization fight
Saskatchewan Conservatives 'fed up' with NDP premier, minister

Tory equalization plans becoming more suspect

Dion guarded on fiscal gap

Flaherty tells Saskatchewan not to expect equalization money

Parties squabble over Khan's campaign debts

PMO won't divulge whom Khan met in Mid-East

Liberal MP wants Khan on carpet

Harper learns his lesson

Day defends axing prison tattoo program

Dion touts clean coal for power

Battle brewing over wheat board plebiscite

Manitoba vote backs wheat board

Tories promise vote on wheat

Wheat marketing systems differ

Special trust hearings seen likely

Airlines to demand ID from all children who look 12 or older
Without documents, even 10-, 11-year-olds could be grounded

Canadians aren’t afraid of change

Six myths about Muslims

Poverty: 'The dirty secret nobody talks about'

A blueprint for our health-care system

Kenney calls for vigilance against racism in Canada

When feminism and gay rights butt heads

Of fat cats and men
It will take most of us the entire year to earn as much as the top CEOs made in the early hours of 2007. We need to re-examine how we value work.

Saving the world is not for the faint-hearted

U.S. politics will be a factor for Canada's export economy
Journalist predicts Republicans will at least keep the White House

Why don't we do it in our sleeves?


Sables bitumineux
Extraire plus pour les États-Unis

Restrictions bancaires
RBC recule

Des audiences en février

Ottawa mise sur l'énergie propre

Le sérieux de Khan en doute

La CCB veut retrouver son droit de parole

L'exportation fait peur

# Le déséquilibre fiscal devra être réglé à l'avantage de tous

# Le gouvernement conservateur tente de donner un aperçu de son côté vert

# Québec s'apprête à donner le feu vert à une hausse du coût des médicaments

# Harper refuse de faire la lumière sur la mission au Moyen-Orient de Khan

Jim Flaherty entend parler de droits humains avec ses hôtes en Chine

Dion dévoilera son cabinet fantôme jeudi

Léger avantage pour l'opposition libérale

Ottawa accorde du financement supplémentaire à la marine

Paul Martin veut régler les problèmes des autochtones

Deux milliards pour le Québec - Harper veut financer sa réélection avec le pétrole de l'Ouest, accuse la Saskatchewan




Consumers who are banking in U.S. dollars will have to follow rules set out by the United States and how they're applied by Canadian banks, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said Wednesday.


Not every Canadian can be trusted to handle sensitive U.S. technology, as 24 workers at the Bell Helicopter plant north of Montreal have just found out. The Americans trust most of Bell's 2,000 employees. But a few are just too foreign for comfort.

The 24 Canadians are dual citizens. As a result, they were denied clearance to work on Bell's $850 million order for U.S. Army helicopters.

Why? Because they ran afoul of complex U.S. rules known as the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). The rules were created to thwart spying, and were toughened after 9/11. They bar citizens from 23 countries including China, Vietnam, Cuba and Haiti from working on U.S. military contracts abroad.


Under the Passenger Protect program, airlines will be required to screen the names of all persons "who appear to be 12 years of age or older" against the no-fly list before issuing a boarding pass. If there's a match, passengers must produce government-issued ID that shows their name, birth date and gender.


. . . the document, which is by-product by the Canadian ministry of the Natural resources, recommends to the governments Canadian and Albertan to simplify the process of environmental approval for the energy projects.


Gordon Stewart

Subject: Insults

Good day Joe, very good read the "Alternate Realities" posting thank you.

It's refreshing to know that there are still a few reporters out in the field gathering the News I wish we could read more of their reports in the Free Press, that is if it is ever free again. I've pretty much given up reading what the embedded (groupies is what we are calling them) are reporting!

Now something that seems to be a growing trend with the Officer Corps these days is the Affront to past generations of Soldiers. This year I've read in the Globe & Mail that we are no longer the UN Boy Scouts we once were. I know that standing between two hate filled parties isn't as glamorous or news worthy as Afghanistan, it certainly didn't pay as much. The Air-Born did a fantastic job defending Nicosia airport from invading Turkish air and land forces in the early seventies. Now they where hero's! But in to-days thinking still UN Boy Scouts.
More recently' in the Globe & Mail I read an article by a reporter Bill Graveland ( I believe that is his name) statements from Brig. Gen Grant and Lt.Demaine on how much better the new soldiers are compared to the soldiers of the past. Who joined the military because they couldn't find work and where poorly educated to boot. When I joined in 1965 my PL Sgt "Spike" Marshall was a WW2 and a Koran War Vet. all are Jr. NCO where Koran War Vets. Spike retired that year. These men where able to pass on to us uneducated louts a wealth of battle field knowledge that no books or present day training could hope to. They didn't teach from training pams but from their collective experiences in combat. They had a respect for those that they fought against and that war is what we do when all else fails and should not be taken lightly. These men were SOLDIERS and I can't express how much I respect them all, they where not stupid louts!

 This fall I found out from are Col. who was comparing to-days Army to the Army of the post WW2 Army. That the Warsaw Pack was never a threat and that our presence in Germany wasn't all that important.

I am proud of my 42 years of service and this February when I finally call it quits I'll wish the very best to those who now carry the torch.

Gordon R Stewart

R. Gagne
Subject: Debbie K. Niwa et al


For the Digest

Joe, you certainly have a knack for posing provocative questions, as evidenced by the material by Debbie K. Niwa you posted on January 16th.

I read this.

My take on it is that is little more than an unusually articulate protectionist diatribe, of the kind most of the chattering classes in this country would attribute to the so-called Far Right in the US (witness the article on education), but which is in effect most often put into practice by the Democratic Party in the US.  Essentially, what all this calls for is the creation of a kind of "Festung Amerika," again, usually attributed here to the Far Right.

Interesting, yes.  To be taken seriously?  Yes, in the sense that it is quite probably a template for the protectionist legislation that can be expected out of Washington now that the Democrats control the Congress.


Neal Ford

Subject: Re: Emerging North American Union NAU_Timeline1

I have always thought that this was the ramblings of  over imaginative and paranoid minds. Free (r) trade has been the mantra of the last 20-30 years, but lo and behold, the US has a trade deficit that is borderline catastrophic. It is inevitable that they will HAVE to start moving towards some protective tariffs, ESPECIALLY with regard to the PRC and India.
On the other hand geography dictates that Mexico, Canada and the US are intertwined in many ways, and trade facilitation is the order of the day.
Then, I have always thought that for Canada, anyway, free trade with Chile makes more sense than with Mexico. First of all Canada-Chile trade  is more developed, and secondly, Chile's economy is closer to par with Canada's than Mexico.
For the US, a deal with Mexico is a necessity.
I have no problem with trade agreements, per se, but I , and most others in all three countries are opposed to ceding national sovereignty to anyone else.  It was reassuring to see that Jimmy Carter forsees global political union based on the EU model within 100 years. reassuring, because, Jimmy Carter is almost always wrong on almost everything!
Ian Berg

I'm not a scientist but I am aware there are still plenty of skeptics out there.  For example, "Colorado State University's own Dr. William Gray, recognized as the world's leading hurricane experts, said, 'Global warming is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the American people.' "
Ian Berg
Calgary, AB
Robert Ede

Subject: Statscan on Marriages - 55.9% of HomoSex marriages performed for non-residents

Notwithstanding the typo in the text accompanying the chart on B.C.
marriages, it seems that of the 774 HomoSex marriages performed in 2003
(i.e. 3.5% of total), 55.9% of the people being married were non-residents.

Great for tourism I suppose, but not indicative of a tremendous "pent up
demand" for this "right" from locals.

Why did the Liberals bother?


The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:

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John Feldsted

Subject: Harper heading for showdown with premiers

This clash is long overdue. I want the provincial Premiers to get their hands out of my pockets.
Equalization money comes from the federal treasury.  Provinces are not accountable for how it is (mis)spent.

For an overview of the plan, see here:

 John Feldsted

 Harper heading for showdown with premiers
Provinces waiting for federal budget to see how Conservatives reach solution on squabble over equalization payments

Andy Lang

Subject: RE: Emerging North American Union NAU_Timeline1

I now have a little more time to read through the politics and causes that
seem to abound out there. Moved slightly north of the big smoke and am
enjoying freedom 53. After scanning said publication I note reference to a
bill passed by GWB, called the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative,
allowing peoples of the western hemisphere to travel continentally with
only a drivers license, well here's an update, you'll need a passport to
get into our largest trading partner within weeks. Another point, we are so
homogenous now and intertwined with North American (and indeed all of the
Americas) that we are slowly losing our regional grip and control of our
freedoms! Gosh the authors don't make any update about the wall that's
going up between Mexico and the USA, wall and open are not synonymous.
 Thanks for sharing some mind blowing (that's hippy talk, and probable
reference to what their smoking) much a do about nothing, don't these
people have a real job, or life for that matter? So much research and so
many pages......I'm reminded, time for a walk along the river one last time
before the sky falls in? down? out? I don't know but I've got to be scared
of something don't I ?

best all

Andy Lang

Robert Shkuratoff

Subject: RE: Emerging North American Union NAU_Timeline1

Hi Joe;
            I knew about this a few months ago. I wouldn't call them elite participants. They should more correctly be called traitors and terrorists. I am a patriot and I love my country. I will not see it joined or amalgamated into the North American Union. Much like free trade this will not benefit Joe Blow Canadian. It is purely designed as a resource grab and to further stifle our freedoms.

    This is no longer the rantings of conspiracy theorists. The Bilderbergs  with Belinda Stronach as their cheerleader are doing their best to screw us over for  a percentage. I was labelled a neo con by someone in Ontario when I attacked dear little Belinda during the leadership convention.

    Joe, I suggest you have a look at:
Some of it seems a little wacko. Once you research people such as Tony Blair and Bill Clinton who came literally unknown from the political hinterland then attended a Bilderberg meeting and are suddenly in high office less than 24 months later it does seem a bit unsettling. The super rich have let their wealth go to their heads. Money does not buy or automatically grant entitlement. Just follow the money.

    For example: BC Hydro was able to bill it's customers for decades without a problem. Suddenly, invoicing customers is  a losing money and we have to subcontract to an American company based in the Bahamas? Give me break. I am a businessman and the customer pays at some point  for all of this.

    Example 2: Medical Services Plan of BC suddenly has the same predicament. Guess what? An American company is now invoicing for MSP and the American Government has access to our medical and personal info.

    I can go for hours but until you and many others conduct the research it will appear I am just another ranting Looney. Act before it's too late. Defend Canada for Canadians, not Americans, not Mexicans and definitely not the over paid rich bastards.

Rob Shkuratoff

(Just because a person's paranoid doesn't mean no one's doing what's feared)
Jacob Rempel

Subject: The Emerging North American Union [NAU]

Debra Niwa has a certain interesting American interpretation of the deep integration process, but the Vive le Canada timeline is easier to read and understand because it's more focused on the real process, without Debra Niwa's phobic rhetoric about the UN and world government taking over the USA....

....Jacob Rempel, Vancouver
The Emerging North American Union [NAU]
(PDF Download for IMMEDIATE Distribution)
URL Source: 
Published: Jan 12, 2007   Author: Debra K Niwa   Post Date: 2007-01-13  
Timeline of the Progress Toward a North American Union
Canadian, U.S., and Mexican elites, including CEOS and politicians, have a plan to create common North American policies and further integrate our economies. This plan goes by various names and euphemisms, such as "deep integration", "NAFTA-plus", "harmonization", the "Big Idea", the "Grand Bargain", and the "North American Security and Prosperity Initiative". Regardless of which name your prefer, the end goal of all of these plans is to create a new political and economic entity that would supercede the existing countries. Advocates refer to it as a "North American Community", but it is also known as the North American Union (NAU). Theoretically, it would be similar to and competetive with the European Union (EU). The individual currencies of each country would be replaced by a common currency called the "Amero" and everything from environmental regulations to security would be brought in line with a common standard.

Vive le offers the following timeline as a resource to educate the general public about the progress of the three countries toward a new North American Union (NAU).

Vive le opposes the creation of the North American Union (NAU) because we believe it will mean the loss of Canadian sovereignty and democracy and hand over more power to giant, unelected corporations. We also believe that unlike the EU, the countries joining the NAU are not roughly equal in size and power, and that this means the U.S. will most certainly be setting policy for all three countries. Considering the unpopularity of the Bush administration and its policies in the U.S., Canada, and around the world we believe that erasing the borders between our countries and adopting U.S. policies at this time is a bad idea and will create economic, political and military insecurity in this country. We hope that raising awareness about the plan to create a North American Union (NAU) will create opposition and encourage debate in all three countries, but especially in Canada.

Note: This timeline is a work in progress and will be updated as events progress. If you notice a correction that needs to be made or an event that should be included, please email

_______________What follows is limited to 2006 and projections for 2007


  •                           .                         .                          .
  • January 2006: Conservative Stephen Harper is elected Prime Minister of Canada with a minority government.

  • March 31, 2006: At the Summit of the Americas in Cancun, Canada (under new Prime Minister Stephen Harper) along with the U.S. and Mexico release the Leaders' Joint Statement. The statement presents six action points to move toward a North American Union, aka a North American Community. These action points include: 1) Establishment of a Trilateral Regulatory Cooperative Framework 2) Establishment of the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC) 3) Provision for North American Emergency Management 4) Provision for Avian and Human Pandemic Influenza Management 5) Development of North American Energy Security 6) Assure Smart, Secure North American Borders. Read the full statement at: Leaders' Joint Statement

  • April 2006: A draft environmental impact statement on the proposed first leg of the "NAFTA superhighway", the "Trans-Texas Corridor" or TTC, is completed.

  • June 2006: Tom Tancredo, R-Colorado. demands superstate accounting from the Bush administration: “Responding to a report, Tom Tancredo is demanding the Bush administration fully disclose the activities of an office implementing a trilateral agreement with Mexico and Canada that apparently could lead to a North American union, despite having no authorization from Congress.” Tancredo Confronts 'Super-State' Effort, June 2006,

  • June 15, 2006: U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez convenes the first meeting of the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC), the advisory group organized by the Department of Commerce (DOC) under the auspices of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and announced by the leaders of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico on March 31, 2006.

  • July 2006: Public hearings on the proposed "NAFTA superhighway" begin in the U.S.

  • July 25, 2006: The article "Meet Robert Pastor, Father of the North American Union" is published. See: Meet Robert Pastor: Father of the North American Union

  • August 21, 2006: An article titled North American Union Threatens U.S. Sovereignty" is posted to information

  • August 27, 2006: Patrick Wood (U.S.) publishes an article titled "Toward a North American Union" for The August Review. See: Toward a North American Union

  • August 28, 2006: A North American United Nations? by Republican Congressman Ron Paul (Texas) is published. See: A North American United Nations?

  • August 29, 2006: Patrick Buchanan (U.S.) criticizes a North American union in his article "The NAFTA super highway." See: The NAFTA super highway

  • September 12-14, 2006: A secret "North American Forum" on integration is held at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. Elite participants from Canada, the U.S. and Mexico are present. It is ignored by the mainstream media. See the Vive le article for the secret agenda and participant list: Deep Integration Planned at Secret Conference Ignored by the Media

  • September 13, 2006: A Maclean's article on integration notes that according to Ron Covais, the president of the Americas for defence giant Lockheed Martin, a former Pentagon adviser to Dick Cheney, and one of the architects of North American integration, the political will to make deep integration of the continent happen will last only for "less than two years". According to the article, to make sure that the establishment of a North American Union will take place in that time, "The executives have boiled their priorities down to three: the Canadian CEOs are focusing on 'border crossing facilitation,' the Americans have taken on 'regulatory convergence,' and the Mexicans are looking at 'energy integration' in everything from electrical grids to the locating of liquid natural gas terminals. They plan to present recommendations to the ministers in October. This is how the future of North America now promises to be written: not in a sweeping trade agreement on which elections will turn, but by the accretion of hundreds of incremental changes implemented by executive agencies, bureaucracies and regulators. 'We've decided not to recommend any things that would require legislative changes,' says Covais. 'Because we won't get anywhere.' " See: Meet NAFTA 2.0

  • COMING IN 2007: Construction is set to begin on the "NAFTA superhighway".

  • COMING IN 2007: Another trilateral meeting, to be held in Canada. The six actions towards creating a North American Union (NAU)aka a North American Community as set out in the Cancun Leaders' Statement will have been taken in part or in full. Regarding regulations, according to the statement: "We affirm our commitment to strengthen regulatory cooperation in [food safety] and other key sectors and to have our central regulatory agencies complete a trilateral regulatory cooperation framework by 2007."
Sources aside from articles provided within the timeline:
Vive le, FAQ, Sovereignty vs Deep Integration
North American Forum on Integration, NAFTA Timeline
North American Union/Testimony, Publications and Reports, Sourcewatch, a project of the Center for Media and Democracy, North American Union/Testimony, Publications and Reports
Free Market News Network Corp, N. AM. UNION TIMELINE
Wikipedia, various entries,

Also, wherever possible links to the full text of various agreements have been provided.

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