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Having had a successful week in obtaining all party support on Monday night for recognizing the Québécois as a nation and obtaining "concrete actions by
Alliance members" in support of Canada's commitments in Afghanistan, action was taken on a third front yesterday. It came late to the news. Interestingly
(with some prescience perhaps in that I'm certain the Free Press e
ditor did not read the Digest) the same words are used in the accompanying editorial.

Two sets of articles follow for your perusal: one dealing with the CWB, one with the "nation" question as seen by casual readers the world over.

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The federal government has threatened to fire the president of the Canadian Wheat Board for not toeing the Conservative line
on ending the board's monopoly.

Vote not legally binding: Strahl

Strahl said farmers will have a say on the future of the wheat board's monopoly over barley marketing early next year. He won't specify
which farmers will vote or how the question will be worded and he added that the vote results wouldn't be legally binding.

Editorial - More chafe on wheat

Fri Dec 1 2006

WITHOUT doubt, Federal Agriculture Minister Chuck Strahl is many things,
but a deft politician is not one of them, as news Thursday that he will push Canadian Wheat Board President Adrian Measner out of office attests.

Mr. Strahl must know that if, as he claims, ending the CWB's monopoly to sell western Canadian wheat is a move for the better, then he must get wheat producers to not simply buy into the idea, but to embrace it with confidence, not trepidation. But most everything he does has the effect of eroding confidence and encouraging trepidation.

It started when he was appointed minister. Mr. Strahl is a logger, which is not to say that disqualifies him from being agriculture minister, but it is to say that he is not a farmer. So when the logger agriculture minister declared in October that the CWB was prohibited from "advocating (for) the retention of its monopoly powers" many more took it as a sign that he was dogmatic than took it as a sign that he was doing a pragmatic thing -- preventing the board from undermining
a policy objective that the government believes to be progressive. Then he refused to say whether he would hold a plebiscite to give farmers an opportunity to voice their opinion on the CWB monopoly on wheat and barley, when he could simply have said, "Yes, of course." Then he agreed to a monopoly on barley, which he expects to win, but refused to extend it to wheat, a stance that promotes cynicism. He changed the voting rules for CWB elections in line with the CWB's own recommendation, but after the campaign began, creating the appearance that he was trying to rig the outcome. Given that the level of voting in the election has been tepid, he appears to have created unnecessary controversy that serves only to deflect attention away from what's needed -- an examination of how "choice" might be better.

He seemed to have recognized the error of his political ways Nov. 24 in Regina when he declared he had no plans to remove the CWB monopoly on wheat in the foreseeable
future, a useful move that appeared likely to refocus the debate on things that matter in the long-term.

But then he sent Mr. Measner a notice of termination. It could not have come as a surprise to Mr. Measner that his tenure as president of the CWB was precarious. He has been saying provocative things, including dismissing the minister's actions as ideological and un-Canadian. The two paragraph notice says only that Mr. Strahl is "contemplating recommending" that Mr. Measner be terminated and it invites his response. What is Mr. Measner to do? Deny what he clearly believes?

Increasingly, that appears to be the only option Mr. Strahl is willing to countenance. My way or the highway is no way to build support. It is, however, the route Mr. Strahl follows most every time.


Wheat board hurts farmers

Time out on CWB timely

CWB refuses order to remove website document
Document defies federal cabinet order, Strahl letter claims

Fired by fax . . .

Federal gov't to sack wheat board head: letter

CWB Preside
nt and C.E.O. in Danger of Losing Job

On dismissals

Wheat Board Director Election Voting Ends on Friday

Farmers denied democracy

The Canadian Wheat Board's Last Stand?
Farmers fear that proposed changes in the CWB will mean that farmers lose out and transnationals cash in

Conservatives Intimidate CWB President and CEO

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative

From: Joe Hueglin
Subject: F.Y.I.: Québécois or Quebec nation? QUEBEC hands down.

A review of headlines clearly indicates the media focus both nationally and internationally has largely been on Quebec rather than Québécois, creating reactions by many who have been misled.

It is to be hoped that the intent of the resolution be made clear: that of recognizing Les Québécois as a community of Canadians with unique historical roots rather than the inhabitants of a political land area.

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