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Daily Digest December 9, 2006

Joe Hueglin wrote:



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - A point about appointments

CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - Tougher justice will require more cash
The province is right to go after the feds for more funding.

HALIFAX HERALD - Now logging on

HALIFAX HERALD - A good day for tolerance

MONTREAL GAZETTE - RCMP need top-to-bottom overhaul

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Spiritual homes

TORONTO STAR - Dion's citizenship

NATIONAL POST - Iraq's deadly meddlers  


HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Christmastime, cherished time


SUDBURY STAR - The same, but different; Tories who think Dion is easy prey should think again before they gloat

WINNIPEG SUN - Bloody wake-up call

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Management must start earning pay

GRANDE PRAIRIE DAILY HERALD TRIBUNE - Zaccardelli had to go - Top cop’s decision to step aside was proper one

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - A reminder to the U.S. about Afghanistan


Vancouver treaty gives aboriginals special tax deal, seat on municipal board

Island treaty worth up to $500 million

Time out from a siege

No deal on Afghan border security

'Friendly fire' death is probed

Afghan 'civilian shooting' probed

Pashtuns want an image change

U.S. warned over Arar affair: Harper

Diversity: once required, it's now an advantage

The energy-efficiency challenge

65, and working: Mandatory retirement ends in Ontario

Canada cattle confined after suspect feed case

Canada pension surplus projected for 2010: BoC

Exit strategy

Duel of the shadows

System fails again

Relief as cops out of danger

Fast-tracking program for workers to expand

Calvert, Harper at odds over equalization  

Sask. premier charges Harper is reneging on promise to revamp equalization

Calvert ire on equalization justified

Provincial health ministers want federal dollars to meet wait-time guarantees

Liberals enjoying `bounce,' poll shows

Graph: Liberal party support on the rise (.pdf)

Canadians confused over "Québécois" (Dec. 9)

Harper takes shot at Liberal leader

Harper suggests Governor General set precedent on dual citizenship
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Harper's ace in the hole

Critics assail Tsawwassen treaty signing
Pact goes against 'basic tenets,' MP says

Harper faces rising caucus discontent

So how do you attack Dion?

The Dion dilemma

Stephane Dion, unmasked

Dion plays old game of vilify the Tories

In which nerds rule the world – and Canada

Republicans push tax and trade bill through Congress as they exit power

Amended accountability act unanimously waived through Commons without vote

Conservatives cracking down on toxic chemicals Video: Margo McDiarmid reports for CBC-TV
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Canada to say soon how big trusts can grow

Canadians could be sacrificing their privacy when they travel

Arar vows to seek answers

CLIMATE CHANGE : Kyoto Gets a Slap in the Face from Canada

Time is the jihadist's ally

Why is it always about Israel?

Canada's culture of begging

Decentralize national institutions

War has not and does not define us

Endless anxiety
Why excessive caution can make our lives more difficult.

Dion revigore les libéraux

Des actions demandées... et obtenues

Harper égratigne Stéphane Dion

Maher Arar veut des noms et des excuses

Dion contre Dion

Dion ne serait pas le premier dirigeant à avoir la double nationalité

Un homme de Winnipeg est accusé d'avoir ouvert le feu sur trois policiers

Stephen Harper lance discrètement une flèche en direction de Stéphane Dion

Ottawa élimine ou réduit des tarifs sur certains tissus importés

Forte hausse pour les demandes de passeport

Tout baigne pour Stéphane Dion

Harper s'en prend à la double citoyenneté de Dion

Les substances toxiques plus surveillées

Harper s'en prend à la double citoyenneté de Dion

Forte hausse pour les demandes de passeport

Dion tendra l'oreille à ses prédécesseurs

Maher Arar attend toujours réparation

Canadiens et Britanniques s'échangent des munitions

Les conservateurs veulent bannir les produits chimiques toxiques

La définition de la clarté viendra seulement après un éventuel OUI


Rosalie Piccioni

Joe -   Through you to C. Schnurr

Re my comments on SSM, they are not based on bigotry but reality.  There will be problems in the future not presently thought of.

Re my comments on the Status of Women, they did the job of creating an awareness of the importance of women in our world.  I don't think I have to say more.  By the way, I'm not a feminist.

Re Dion's dual citizenship.  We'll see.

Norman Greenfield

Marriage issue is over, this time for good
Unfortunately what has gotten lost in the loud and acrimonious debate over the issue of same sex marriage is that the churches that have entered into the debate forgot something on the way in.
No church has ever been forced to do anything with-in its walls if the actions are based in their theology, doctrine, or dogma.
The problem that has occurred in the evolution of the marriage rite, is that many churches have taken over the role, or added the role, of being marriage license issuers.
This is where they may be tripped up if at all in the issue of whether they perform same-sex marriages or civil unions.
Let the churches perform all of the marriages they want, and let the province and its registry offices do the issuing of the marriage licenses.
If the church wants to stand firm on the notion of a separation of church and state, then it is an issue and principle that swings both ways. They must stay out of the state's business.
If the churches return all that is Caesar's, including the administration of justice and government and be content in doing just what they are good at, the teaching and practice of religion, then all will be right.
An officer of the court, or an agent of the government, which the local registries office is, must operate according to the law, and process applications and such according to the regulations, laws, and directives approved and passed down to them by the provincial, federal, or civic governments.
That is what a democracy is all about, and anything else makes us no better than a tin pot dictatorship.
Thank you

Norman Greenfield
Edmonton/Calgary, Alberta, Canada

(Is this dual citizenship?)
Brian D. Marlatt

Subject: Greens benefiting from "Uniting the Right".

FEDERAL POLITICS Greens re-jig platform to lure Peninsula votes
The Green Party is looking to throw down federal roots on the Peninsula. details

John Halonen

We as Canadians all have our own perspectives, and for this we are truely fortunate:

Mine, could be considered as against many values that Canadians share. I Truely believe
that all Canadians should have the choice of their future. Many believe that that is the
right of elected officials to determine our direction.

When it has been thought that our Elected Officials believe it is their choice to determine
the direction of where Canada should go, I have some negative feelings.  I really believe
it is our choice, as Canadians to make that determination.  I really do believe that we as
Citizens of Canada should be a able to provide input as to if we want to be part of a
North American Union or not.  Our elected represenatives to the Federal Members of Parliament
do not really consider this an option as they have been elected by Individuals within the
Canadian electorate and it now becomes their choice and really the choice of what party
they have been elected to represent.

Perhaps I am wrong, but whatever, I still would like that choice.

John Halonen

Mark Hendriks


First it was the word 'nation' and now it's 'Quebecois:'

Confused over Quebecois? You're not alone, poll shows

I'm sensing a trend... maybe the way to undo the damage caused by Harper's ill-conceived legislation is to have a debate over the word 'recognizes.'

Mark Hendriks


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