Saturday, December 30, 2006

Daily Digest December 30, 2006

Joe Hueglin wrote:


ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - A to-do list for 2007

CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - Veteran leader seeking new mandate
Pat Binns may lose some teammates, but not his touch

HALIFAX HERALD - Winning year for surprises

HALIFAX HERALD - Self-inflicted pain

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Leadership needed on climate change

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Free speech in action

OTTAWA SUN - Tax relief for all

NATIONAL POST - A good year for Canada

TORONTO SUN - Fitting end for a tyrant

LONDON FREE PRESS - U.S. finally waking up to global warming

K-W RECORD - The year of living environmentally

WINDSOR STAR - Justice system: Bill encourages openness

SUDBURY STAR - PM to go green; Expect new climate-change package to be unveiled early next year =

REGINA LEADER-POST - MP needs to rethink position on wheat board

REGINA LEADER-POST - $800 million: Deal or no deal?

REGINA LEADER-POST - Tory tax talk really taxing

CALGARY SUN - Grain of truth

What will 2007 hold in store for us?

EDMONTON SUN - Glowing future?

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Rural-urban divide real; hillbilly cliches not

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - New polar-bear scare is a classic case of blinkered thinking

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - New year brings new opportunities
Prosperity lets us tackle local priorities in 2007: Health, homelessness, growth, climate change


New program allows natives to carve out business plans

Taleban 'say no' to tribal plan
Fugitive Taleban leader Mullah Omar has dismissed a proposal to hold cross border tribal councils as a "trap", in a message attributed to him

Karzai lambasts border mine plan

UN criticises Pakistan mine plan

South Asia's conflicts - what next? By Paul Danahar, BBC South Asia bureau editor, Delhi
Nothing concentrates the mind of a politician like a body bag. And in 2006 they stacked up across the subcontinent by the truckload. The consequences of that will decide the shape of the year to come.

Taleban 'admit commander's death'
The Taleban are reported to have confirmed the death of a senior commander who the Americans said they had killed in Afghanistan last week.

As Canada's military looks to expand the size of its force, upgrade its equipment and increase its budget in the coming years, critics of the Canadian Armed Forces are worried that such moves would compromise the nation's traditional role as a peacekeeper and erode Ottawa's international stature as a middle power interested in promoting peace.

How to really get along with the U.S.
Allan Gotlieb reveals his strategy for getting Washington to listen

Canada log export rules spark NAFTA complaint

They won't butt out
A Canadian tobacco firm threatens a landmark $206-billion deal

Parents, seniors to save most from changes in tax structure

Canadians will see tax savings in 2007 - some much more than others

More turmoil expected in Eastern Canada forestry sector as it becomes leaner

The war for civilization:George W. Bush stays firm in confronting the contemporary barbarians

CHALLENGES 2006-2007 : The Year of Living Dangerously in the Middle East
Following the execution of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, almost four years after the U.S.-led invasion and occupation of Iraq, the Middle East stands at a crossroads.

Chickenpox vs. shingles

Why you think you're wonderful
Your brain lies, cheats and distorts -- but only because it loves you

Pharmacists seek power to prescribe in some cases

Detox diets to lose weight trouble many medical experts

Dramatic drop in Supreme Court rulings fuels questions

Feds accused of immigrant passport hassle

Ontario Conservative leader John Tory has introduced a private member's bill aimed at opening up the justice system and providing taxpayers a snapshot of its strengths and failings on an annual basis.

Advantage: Charest
2006 was a good year for Quebec's premier. 2007 may be even better

Canadian presence in Afghanistan prominent in Harper, Jean new year messages

Text of G-G's New Year's message

Text of PM's New Year's message

Daytime drama
A look back at the 2006 moments that proved Parliament can be worth watching

Will We Get Good Government From Either Harper or Dion

2006 was good for Canadians

Conservatives fess up to undisclosed donations

Questions emerge as Kingsley quits Elections Canada post

Elections Canada head resigns
Timing raises questions: recent dispute over Conservative political donations

Tories deny rift pushed Kingsley out
PM's old letter calls Electoral Officer 'dangerous'

Harper long opposed Kingsley

Glad he's gone

Harper was scathing in criticism of elections boss who's now resigning

PM tosses environment adviser

Harper Tories' vulnerable flanks
Afghanistan, environment: After nearly a year in power, 'Canada's new government' appears destined for relaunch to repel anticipated two-prong attack

Dion gives Grits reason to hope
New Liberal leader's earnest image, message about global warming resonates with Canadians

PM must earn voters' trust

A step backward for Tories

The Gang that (again) Promises to Shoot Straight

Tories use Grits' silent-night tactics

Environment, Afghanistan could be biggest challenges for Harper in 2007

Is that all there is, Stephen?

Vic Toews' unfinished business

Flaherty gets dubious nod from media
Income trust shocker voted top story of the year

Taxpayers get fuzzy PM speech for their money
A trip to Vancouver to repeat pledges cost $75,000, documents show

Experts slam fertility board for ignoring other voices
Social conservatives dominate panel that will decide reproduction policy

Ottawa eyes expanded benefits

Quebec ski resort gets millions in federal cash

Maher Arar is a victim of 'immoral' U.S. policy

Climate Change RESOURCES

Here they come again

Expect political ads to take the low road

Thanks for all the wheat
Success of Prairie grain production due to wheat board policies

Churchill was right: Afghanistan is a quagmire

What a sad new year for the Americans
A country once so proud of its place in the world starts 2007 lost and reviled

From bad beginning, 2006 didn’t improve

… and a sleepier New Year

Rétablir la paix et la sécurité en Afghanistan ne sera pas facile

Démission du directeur d'Elections Canada

Harper critiquait vertement le patron démissionnaire d'Elections Canada

Prévenir le déclin de la population

L'année en revue

Les défis de Harper en 2007: l'environnement et l'Afghanistan

Les écolos pirates

Horoscope politique - Que réserve l'année 2007 à nos politiciens fédéraux?

                 'Prend's le temps'  is the title of the attached slide show.  You may not be able to open it.  You may not comprends all the words.

                 The message for me is this, to be in control of our time, to do what we choose to - rather than be swept along.

                  "Thus, though we cannot make our sun  Stand still, yet we will make him run. " , words written by a
                 young man to one he would love, are applicable here.  Let us direct the manner in which our time is spent.

                 Needless to say developing the Digest and interacting with those responding to it is, for me, time well spent in many ways.