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Daily Digest December 2, 2006

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Russian thuggery hits new lows  

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Meaty decisions  

TORONTO STAR - Foreign takeovers deserve scrutiny

NATIONAL POST - NATO's future is now in doubt  

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Grits need more than new leader

WINDSOR STAR - Drunk driving: Vigilance must increase

SUDBURY STAR - No emperor, no clothes; Paul Martin brought about his own undoing by treating others badly

CALGARY SUN - Starting on the long road back

EDMONTON JOURNAL - NATO allies deaf to pleas from Canada

EDMONTON JOURNAL - GG a hit in Africa

VANCOUVER SUN - Emergency kits are inexpensive insurance to protect your loved ones


Canadian tanks deployed in Panjwaii district

Deal with B.C. a 'win-win' says private clinic

Difference of opinion not always career suicide

Minister brushes off warnings on media


Quebec separatists, Tories and NDP have trouble hiding joy at Dion victory

Idle attempt at gallantry triggered events that made Dion Liberal chief

DION WINS: Puts Harper on notice

Dion tells Liberals to think about next election

Dion:`Good social policy is good economic policy'

Dion: Unlikely winner

Convention notebook

Tories, NDP take shots at Dion

Full convention coverage

Ibbitson analysis: Dion can savour sweet victory

Blog: Globe's politics reporters look at the race

Rick Mercer: Comedian's take on the race

In Pictures: The hoopla Popup

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Dion profile: Straight shooter looks to lead

Dogged, relentless Dion has outperformed expectations throughout career

A timeline of the events that led to Stephane Dion's victory

Dion's organizers credit slow and steady campaign to the top

Memorable quotes from the Liberal convention in Montreal

Chrétien to PM: 'Can I call you Steve, like George W.?'

Directors oppose firing

Blown away: NOAA was totally wrong in its predictions of catastrophe in this hurricane season

Anti-terrorist systems designed to make planes 'hijack-proof'

Boeing's anti-terror system to shut down hijackers

Ottawa proposes no-fly list

How the CRTC killed Canadian drama

Stop the presses: Liberalism doesn't work  

Jean Chrétien écorche Harper

Stéphane Dion attendu de pied ferme

Stéphane Dion est le nouveau chef du Parti libéral du Canada 

Stéphane Dion surmonte tous les obstacles pour devenir chef du PLC

Chronologie des événements ayant mené à la victoire de Stéphane Dion

Plusieurs libéraux du Québec sont sous le choc de l'élection de Dion

Le PC et le NPD accueillent durement M. Dion, le Bloc ne le sous-estime pas

Le nouveau vilain

Les conservateurs accueillent avec joie la défaite de Rae

La carrière d'Ignatieff au PLC pourrait être courte

Les conservateurs de l'Alberta appelés à se choisir un chef

Des musulmans ont prié pour la victoire de Dion



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Back to the future with Stéphane Dion
02 December 2006

Old Liberal policies, the old Liberal way of governing

OTTAWA – Today, the Conservative Party of Canada responded to the selection of Stéphane Dion as leader of the Liberal Party.

“Last election, Canadians voted for change,” said Conservative Senate Leader Marjory LeBreton. “With the selection of Mr. Dion, Liberals have ignored the Canadian people and have reached into their past to plot their future.”

“Mr. Dion was part of the Chrétien Cabinet during the sponsorship scandal and was in Cabinet as successive Liberal governments presided over the multi-billion dollar HRDC and gun registry boondoggles”, commented President of the Treasury Board, John Baird.

Mr. Dion was a failure as Environment Minister. During his time in office, he presided over a 34.6% increase in greenhouse gas emissions along with a precipitous decline in overall air quality, with Canada dropping to 27th out of 29 nations in the OECD. Dion’s record was so bad, he earned a sharp rebuke from the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development. The Auditor General said that, under Dion, ``the federal government (was) not organized to manage its climate change initiatives effectively.”

“Mr. Dion’s lack of respect for provincial jurisdictions will make him a very hard sell in Quebec, where Liberals are no longer the federalist option,” said Public Works Minister Michael Fortier.  Mr. Dion also marks a return to the old Liberal way of directionless government, admitting candidly during the leadership campaign, “do you think it’s easy to make priorities?”

In Prime Minister Harper, Canadians have a leader who knows who he is, knows where he stands and gets things done.  In Stéphane Dion, the Liberals have a weak leader with a failed record who admits to having difficulty setting priorities.

Canadians want a leader who will get things done for all of us. Stéphane Dion is not that leader.



Liberal delegates have selected former Chrétien and Martin cabinet minister Stéphane Dion as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.


Stéphane Dion was first elected as a Liberal MP in 1996 and served in the Cabinets of Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin

Summary of Cabinet Posts:
  • appointed to Chrétien cabinet on 25 Jan, 1996 as Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and President of the Queen’s Privy Council (Jan 1996 – Dec. 2003)
  • dropped from Cabinet by Martin (Dec. 2003)
  • re-appointed to Martin Cabinet as Minister of the Environment (July 2004 – Feb. 2006)


Scandal in Cabinet

Mr. Dion was part of the Chrétien Cabinet during the sponsorship scandal. Mr Dion was also in Cabinet as successive Liberal governments presided over the multi-billion dollar HRDC and gun registry boondoggles.

As Environment Minister

The 2006 report by Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Johanne Gélinas, was highly critical of the Liberal government’s approach to climate change and GHG emissions under Dion’s watch:

"Climate change is upon us and no matter how you look at it, the stakes for Canada are high," said Ms. Gélinas. "With its resources and powers, the federal government can make a big difference. But our findings show that it has not been up to the task so far.

-The Commissioner's Perspective
Office of the Auditor General of Canada
September 28, 2006


: We didn’t get it done (on the environment).

DION: This is unfair.  You don’t know what you speak about.  You don’t know what you speak about. Do you think it’s easy to make priorities?


DRYDEN: Stephane, the point is that we didn’t get it done.  It’s not anybody individually. We didn’t get it done collectively.


Stephane Dion

    “Which candidate is most likely to give Stephen Harper fits in an election that suddenly seems winnable? The answer is not Dion . . . Dion is now such a potentially generous gift to Conservatives . . .”
    – James Travers, Toronto Star, 14 November 2006

The New Leader’s Biography

    * Born 1955 in Quebec City
    * Academic at the University of Montreal from 1984 to 1996.
    * In 1996, he was appointed to cabinet without having been elected. He spent over nine years in the Liberal cabinets of Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin.
    * Was dropped from cabinet by Paul Martin 2003.
    * Was appointed Paul Martin’s Environment Minister following the 2004 election.
    * Dion was supported by “Harper Liberals” Bryon Wilfret and Charles Hubbard who voted against extending marriage equality under the Charter and Paul Steckle who has “Simply put, I oppose abortion.”

Stephane Dion’s Record

    * Environmentalists criticised Dion’s record as Environment Minister for relying on voluntary measures to reduce pollution.
    * The federal environment commissioner said “[Dion’s plan was] not up to the task of meeting the Kyoto obligations.”
      - Report of the Environment Commissioner, Overview, page 9, 28 September 2006.
    * Canada received a Fossil of the Day Award in December 2005, while Dion was the host to the climate change summit in Montreal.
    * Dion voted with the Conservatives against banning scab workers from federal workplaces
      (22 October 2003 & 13 April 2005)
    * Dion voted with the Conservatives against mandatory fuel efficiency in cars
      (22 February 2005)
    * Dion voted against improving benefits for the families of fallen firefighters
      (26 October 2005)
    * Dion was absent for the vote on the Liberal bill to implement the Kyoto Protocol
      (4 October 2006)
    * Dion was absent for the vote on the Liberal bill to implement the Kelowna Accord
      (18 October 2006)

Stephane Dion in his own words

    " . . . we don't want to second guess [the mission in Afghanistan]. It's a very important mission, and we want to be there."
    - Stephane Dion, Ottawa Citizen, Tuesday, March 14, 2006

    “I will allow any private practices that made sense to Canadians to have better access to the service… what is being said to do in Quebec made sense. [Quebec has amended their Health Act to allow increased privatization]”
    - Stephane Dion, CBC Sunday web transcript, 12 November 2006,

    "This is how the problem should be put: 'Are we too decentralized?' I do not think so. Can the decentralization process be improved? I think so."
    - Stephane Dion, Hansard, 17 June 1996

    Dion says he'd be open to discussing nuclear energy as a source of power for Alberta's oilsands. “I wouldn't close the door to it, but I'm always concerned about what do we do with the nuclear waste . . . If [Alberta PC leadership frontrunner Jim Dinning] has a solution, I would be very pleased to hear about it. I'd want to be able to look Canadians in the eye and say I know what to do with the waste of nuclear energy. I will work with (Dinning) if he wins and I win too, but I will not go ahead unless we have a strong solution in place."
    – Stephane Dion, Edmonton Sun, November 13, 2006

    “Liberals, we need to go back to power as soon as possible.”
    - Stephane Dion, Liberal leadership forum, Toronto, October 15, 2006.