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Daily Digest November 15, 2006

Joe Hueglin wrote:


ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - Please release me

CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - Area 24 fishermen earn victory at sea

HALIFAX HERALD - Keeping one’s word

HALIFAX HERALD - Eyeballing crime

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Multiculturalism has its limits

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Debate about Kyoto 'action' fuelled largely by hot air

OTTAWA SUN - Garth's sideshow

TORONTO SUN - Begging for cash isn't news

LONDON FREE PRESS - Climate challenge

K-W RECORD - A better way to choose judges

WINNIPEG SUN - An absolute mockery of justice

CALGARY HERALD - Christmas comeback

If you listen to Tory insiders, it’s not Ignatieff

EDMONTON SUN - No justice!


Aboriginal rights bill rejection tarnishes our rep: critic

Crucial phase begins in Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan

Canada says NATO has not found needed troops yet

Defence minister says lack of Taliban leaders likely making things more quiet

Awakening Afghanistan's 'old mujahideen'

Veterans call for better benefits for returning Afghan soldiers

Canada looking to buy more high-tech howitzers for Afghan mission

Think tank refutes oil supply shortage
Researchers claim 'peak' theory wrong

Canada faces debt crunch
Surpluses won't meet costs of ageing population: report

Tories toss lifeline - give Bombardier $350-million

Agriculture industry in midst of big changes

Grass growing as potential fuel

No scientific evidence bottom trawling is damaging, Clearwater chairman says

Minister criticizes China's human rights record

China snubs Canada for bilateral meeting at APEC conference in Hanoi

Canada won't change policy on human rights for China

Is the U.S. willing to pay the price?

In search of new health-care model

Booming Canada relaxes rules for foreign workers

Grits ahead of Tories: poll

Goodale attacks Tories' wheat board approach

Ambrose brings Canada’s political dirty laundry to conference

Ambrose blasted for making partisan speech

Ousted MP Turner resigns from Conservative party

Turner attacks 'old boys' club'

Dion sure bet not to be next Liberal leader

Liberal contest gets nasty on YouTube

Liberals work to avoid `train wreck'
Graham brokers talks on Quebec issue
Wording sought so resolution can pass

Emerson: Canada pushing for free trade with Asia-Pacific

Strahl kicks off major policy talks

Canada wants deregulated Internet phone service

New climate-change goals unlikely

Drawing the line

Ambrose tells UN conference Kyoto Protocol being used to divide Canada

I Support Stephen Harper Firing Garth Turner

Veteran Sun columnist suggests it's time to abandon Geneva Conventions

Chief justice should keep out of politics

Board fans have faith, not facts
Numbers just don't support case for Canadian Wheat Board

Ottawa's proposed CWB reform is not economically viable

Morality test in ethics course a reality check
After displaying passive dishonesty in accepting unearned mark, student assails truth

Remembering the night of broken glass

Canada ignores Quebec at its peril


Harper se prépare à des élections au printemps

# Ambrose au Kenya: le Protocole de Kyoto est utilisé pour diviser le Canada

Le discours d'Ambrose est scandaleux, dit Steven Guilbeault

Rona Ambrose muette à l'égard du Québec

# André Boisclair estime que le ministre Claude Béchard doit quitter Nairobi

# Greenpeace juge décevant et scandaleux le discours de la ministre Ambrose

Ottawa aide les employeurs à répondre aux pénuries de main-d'oeuvre

Ottawa veut munir l'armée de nouvelles pièces d'artillerie

Harper reste ferme face à la Chine

Le PLC devance le PC pour la première fois en un an

Les fédéralistes ont plus que jamais le fardeau de la preuve

Le prestige de l'indépendance

Federal Byelection

Tough week on by-election front 968350116467

Campaign trail gets crowded

Turner to help Greens
Turner to aid in London by-election
But rules out joining the party himself

Banished Liberal communications adviser Dave Burghardt apologizes for an embarrassing blog he wrote.
Intrigue in cyberspace


         Firstly an article raising a question well worth considering:

         Secondly though several days past the most appropriate date "A Tribute For Our Fallen Soldiers"  sent to me by Gilbert Schramm. Worthy of
        being seen and listened to whether the particular mission is being supported by you or not.

Lastly who to believe?

        The Minister of Defence is on a cross country tour on during this recess week seeking to build support for the Afghan Mission to which our men and women
        are committed.

         "NATO needs another 1,500 troops for its Afghanistan mission and so far does not know which members of the alliance will supply them, Canada's  defense minister said on Wednesday."
Another 1 500 hundred and it's clear sailing is what Canadians are expected to believe.

         Weigh this against the view of -

        Michael Scheuer served as the chief of the bin Laden Unit at the CIA's Counterterrorist Center from 1996 to 1999. He is now a Senior Fellow at
        The Jamestown Foundation, where this article was originally printed.

        Overall, the increasing pace of the Taliban-led insurgency in Afghanistan suggests it is only a matter of time until the commanders of the U.S.-led     coalition are faced with telling their political leaders that a decision must be made to do one of two things: (1) Heavily reinforce coalition forces.
        (It appears that more than the 120,000 men Moscow deployed to Afghanistan in the 1980s would be necessary); or (2) Admit defeat and begin       preparations for withdrawal.

        The current path, fighting a growing Taliban insurgency with the current troop level, is simply unsustainable.

Scheuer can not be correct!  He simply can't be. How can there be a "growing insurgency" when Minister of Defence O'Connor states

         "In Operation Medusa, when they assembled between 500 and 1000 Taliban and tried to take us on in a conventional manner, not only did they
        have a lot of casualties, but they lost a lot of their leadership," O'Connor said. "They're trying to re-form now."

As an aside before stating Scheuer's opinion the figures "between 500 and 1000" are usually those quoted as the body count, not those assembled.

        Now it's not likely anyone receiving the Digest will be in a position to question the Minister concerning the alliances he sees as in process.

        But if any one is it'd be interesting to know if he's aware of the players mentioned in the article Awakening Afghanistan's 'old mujahideen'
because he is most certainly by what he has said ignorant of the plays.

        From all observables, the Taliban insurgency is spreading from its deeply rooted base in southern and southeastern Afghanistan to provinces in the      west and east. In addition, several Islamist insurgent organizations active during the 1979-89 jihad against the Soviet Union's occupation of   Afghanistan -- the "old mujahideen" -- have allied themselves with the Taliban.

As always, we'll have to see what develops over time to determine which if the two is the more accurate.



Matthew Wensley

Barry Golson: Stop U.S.-Canada Immigration Now!
The editor of pens a satirical take on U.S.-Mexico border relations, envisioning a scenario in which “Minute Mounties” protect the Canadian border from Americans desperate to fill jobs that our neighbors to the north are too rich to perform.

Glenn Harewood

Subject: Oh dear -- Al H  is still "blind to the "occult nature"  of the Neo-Cons."


I've been out of touch for three months, and probably that hiatus has allowed many DD readers a sigh of relief. .

Naturally, I don't know what dialogue Al Heisey has spun during my absence. However, I am surprised that Al is still trying to encourage you to give up the worthwhile struggle for real progressive conservatism. Who would want to associate with a party whose leader and party brass muzzle, as Garth Turner said tonight on Channel 11 TV, every MP in that party. Garth went on to say exactly what many of us, PCers, predicted would happen after the 1993 ''take-over'' by the Reform-Alliance party: MPs in that party cannot and do not represent the people who elected them, but are silenced in conformity to the CPC.

As Riding President, I experienced the dictatorial attitude first hand in my own former PCPC riding. Example: to date, I never signed or approved the seizure of the remaining assets left on the riding's bank account. Those funds were donations by PCPC members, as well as some funds left over from the Candidate-of-record in the 2000 federal election. However, the new Neo-con Calgary-driven brass and party found some way to seize the funds, close the Bank of NS account, without ever communicating with me. To date, one could consider those funds illegally seized. This is merely one example of a plethora of dictatorial high handedness which the Reform-Alliance Conservatives practise. It will become worse if they ever obtain a majority.

But wait,  we think  this culture of  muzzlement and secrecy is bad? Just wait to see Harper unleash his sledge hammer of muzzlement on ALL of his party's MPs, should he ever get a majority!

Harper  seems to believe that Canadians are stupid sheep. You can promise them the ultimate at election time, and then hide all information from them while he secretly tries to engineer and manipulate government departments so as to ensure a majority in the next election.   He does not have a majority government, and constantly  intones that he is " doing what  Canadians  elected him to do." Well,  some  60 percent of Canadians DID NOT VOTE for his minority government. Let him push the electorate a bit more by killing all the legislative measures that the Liberals brought in over the 12/13 years that they were in power. Surely, the electorate must have thought that the Liberals were doing things that they liked: if not, why would they have elected them for three/four consecutive terms? Harper will see, as the American electorate did with George W. Bush Republican Conservatives,  how quickly the electorate will turn on him and the Neo-cons.

It is true that the Liberals became arrogant and complacent after 13 years in power. However,  at least  the electorate and the press were able to get information, and ask questions of ministers and MPs. Can one imagine a Sheila Copps being muzzled as the ministers in Harper's government are?

I hope the former mayor of LONDON loses badly. Many of us can't wait to see this minority government fall before it continues to gnaw away at the bureaucracy,  and change the democratic rule of  government in Canada to a benevolent dictatorship -- a dictatorship that may perhaps may resemble  Franco's fascists, or even Hitler's Nazis parties.

Is this the type of party to which  Al H wants you to "come over? I would prefer to belong to no party rather than associate with such secretive close-mindedness. After all, what is the origin of the word "Parliament?"  From the French verb "parler - to talk."

Excerpt from the G&M ...

"But Mr. Hunter shares with the other candidates in this race a desire to see Mr. Harper thumped, and thumped hard.

Well, all of the candidates except Dianne Haskett, the Conservative.

Ms. Haskett, an ex-mayor, would presumably like to see the fortunes of her party increase in the riding where it stood a not-so-distant second after the votes were counted last January. Her views are a matter of speculation, however, because she would not grant an interview."

Glenn Harewood, Ph.D. KC.



Harper prepares with elections in spring
Joel-Denis Bellavance

The Press


Taking into account the quarrelsome tone of the three parties of the opposition to the House of Commons, the Harper government believes inevitable the behaviour of general elections in spring 2007.

The conservatives indeed expect that the liberal Party, the Québécois Block and the NPD links their efforts to reject the next budget, thus sealing the fate of the government Stephen Harper.

Besides the preserving strategists think of delaying the deposit of this budget of a few weeks, in order to maximize their chances of re-election. By depositing a budget in March instead of doing it in February, the elections would take place at the time when the Canadian taxpayers fill their income tax returns, in April.

Reason? A great number of tax credits announced by the Minister for Finance, James Flaherty, in its first budget, in May, will be perceptible only when the taxpayers assoiront themselves, calculator in hand, to determine how much they must in the State… or how much the State owes them.

In general, the Minister for Finance deposits the budget in February. Historically, this important financial year was always a weapon of choice at the disposal of a government which wants to be made re-elect. It will be all the more true, this time, that the preserving government Stephen Harper is minority with the Communes.

“It is not very probable that the next budget is adopted, dropped an influential strategist from the Harper government, under cover of anonymity. Then, the watchword was given to the troops to prepare for elections in spring. It may be that the budget is precisely delayed because several tax measurements will be felt only when people will fill their income tax returns.”

In its first budget, Mr. Flaherty announced the fall of a point of percentage of the TPS, entry into force on July 1, and a series of tax credits. Most important is the Canadian credit for employment, into force since July 1. It is about a tax credit of 500$ which reduces the expenditure related to an employment. This credit must pass to 1000$ on January 1, 2007.

The minister also announced a new subsidy of 1000$ for the apprentices for the first two years of their training course. He offered a deduction of tax of 500$ for the professionals for the purchase of tools before beginning a new employment.

The Harper government created for the students a tax credit which can reach 80$ and which relates to the cost of the textbooks. It also decided to exonerate the totality of the incomes of and improvement grants of the pupils of level postsecondaire.

The Québécois Block and the NPD clearly let know that they would vote against the next budget, unless obtaining major concessions of the Harper government. The Block requires that Ottawa regulate tax imbalance by sending a cheque of 3,9 billion in Quebec during three next years. For the whole of the country, the sum required by the Québécois Block rises to some 12 billion - a sum which the conservatives reject.

“The position of the Québécois Block seems to be run in the concrete. Then, we prepare according to elections in spring and we recruit candidates according to this electoral calendar”, explained the preserving strategist.

The NPD, on its side, requires that Ottawa put an end to all the subsidies poured to oil as of the next budget, and that it invests this evaluated sum with 1,4 billion in creation new technologies.

And the liberal Party intends well to respect the role traditionally reserved for the official opposition as a voter against the budget of the government. And that, even if the new chief of the party, which will be elected at the beginning of December in Montreal, is with the orders only since three or four months.

“To vote in favour of the budget does not form part of our options”, already let know the parliamentary leader of the liberal Party, the deputy Ralph Goodale.

Result: the Harper government has few chances to survive the vote of confidence which will relate to its next budget, to less than one spectacular reversal of last minute. All the parties thus prepare their troops according to spring elections. It would be about the third poll in three years.

The Minister for Finance must make his economic and financial update before the powerful Standing Committee of finances of the House of Commons, on Thursday November 23. He will benefit from the occasion to specify the width of the surpluses to come during next years, of which that of this financial year, which ends on March 31, 2007. He should as give more details on the means as he intends to use to regulate tax imbalance.